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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  October 11, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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the 2019 season and is expected to cause widespread disruption. and finally bbc online are covering the story that the children's show seasame street is to tackle drug addiction. it's introducing a new muppet character, called karli, whose mum is a recovering opioid addict. with me is kulveer ranger, senior vice president for strategy and communication at atos, the it services corporation. good morning. the financial times, it says something that, as soon as there is one set of talks between there is one set of talks between the british and irish prime ministers and we get talk of maybe this could turn into a deal rather than, it is not good enough. a glimmer of hope. yes. it is hoped
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but people are searching for hope and people want to find some kind of resolution that shies away from no deal. a real western mike about what no deal could have. —— a real?. people something to be working towards this. a chink of light, people grasping onto it but it is the words of the irish prime minister leo varadkar is interesting. he has used the word construct give. after the detailed three—hour discussion, he said he thinks it is possible to come to an agreement. they carry significant weight, those words. talks about the customs union. we do not know what
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was discussed between borisjohnson and the irish prime minister but something has moved and the question is how does that get reflected between the british government and the eu. now is the next phase. he also did stay, in his own style, leo varadkar, where there is hope, it can easily be extinguished. it is why the british press seem to be giving a unified view that there has been some movement and what, let's been some movement and what, let's be honest, 3.5 years of discussion of getting to this point but it has a lwa ys of getting to this point but it has always felt like it would be at the crunch time when things would start to move and we seem crunch time when things would start to move and we seem to be getting there. we are now 3.5 weeks to the deadline and the pressure is really on this conversation a vital one because the eu has long said that it
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would look to ireland to see whether the irish department is satisfied with what is on the table before the eu froze its weight behind getting a deal done and that is reflected in the daily telegraph which highlights the fact that, even with ireland's warm words about the making of a deal, it still needs to get the support of the eu 27 members. deal, it still needs to get the support of the eu 27 membersm does but, as you quite rightly say, the eu is looking for a signalfrom the eu is looking for a signalfrom the irish. the ability to keep peace in the region, we know the history at the border, not to start to destabilise that, to make sure there is consistency around the customs union, these are the challenges the eu said need to be satisfied for the irish as much as for the british so if the irish and british can come to an agreement all eyes will be on the
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eu to say let's move on. the focus on the summit of the eu leaders next week. why is it seen as the last chance to get a deal agreed, signed and delivered 7 chance to get a deal agreed, signed and delivered? although everyone holds up the date as the 31st of october, i do not think we will be sitting down on the 30th of wondering what will happen. crunch time will be this council meeting next week. let's shift our focus to other matters. the arab news leading with turkish assault to what anger says it is to create a safe zone in northern syria where it can resettle some of the refugees and the millions who fled across the border to turkey during the eight year war
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but concern is growing about whether this is rapidly turning into a humanitarian crisis. it is shocking, absolutely shocking. there are many challenges we face around the world where people get caught in the middle of this kind of conflict there is, the irony of creating a safe zone by bombing the hell out of a certain group of people does not fly. we understand the us and president trump has changed its policy, the withdrawal of us troops has left this region now into this situation. the turkish government is doing what it wants to do but international condemnation is coming through but, at the moment, it feels a bit like not enough, warm words of condemnation rather than actual international action to say, let's not go down this route of bombing
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these people to move them out of this place. there needs to be a better way of doing this. it is utterly shocking. let's look at the japan times, one of the strongest storms for many decades and people bracing for that. already precautions being taken with rod world cup matches being cancelled. by. world cup matches being cancelled. -- rugby. since 1958, this seems to be the biggest storm to hit, according to the scientists and weather forecasters. i will lighten the mood a little on this one because there is a reasonable joke going around that typhoon hagibis should qualify for the quarter—finals of the quarter cup with four teams not playing. is it scotla nd with four teams not playing. is it scotland that are worried that, if the game gets called off... those
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watching closely, the japanese have done fantastically well. this would be one of the biggest games in their history. for those who are interested in this book up and if the sporting administrators, why is there not a spare date for these games? we have had cricket world cup, with weather affected sports, there are spare days. the rules say they cannot move them yet they also say they have been exploring all options. a slight contradiction in this but in the context of this, let's play the game on another day, i would say. i am sure people will be trying to rearrange it if they can. finally, from bbc on line, ‘sesame street‘ tackling the very,
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very topical issue of opioid addiction. it is a massive thing in the state but the question is right for a children‘s tv programme? the state but the question is right for a children's tv programme? 192 people a day in the united states overdosing from this particular drug so overdosing from this particular drug so massive impact on families and it seems a lot of children are effect by this and then there is a conversation about ‘sesame street‘. from those of us from a certain generation, when there were only three orfour generation, when there were only three or four channels to watch, we watched ‘sesame street‘. i remember it teach me how to count from one to 12, the alphabet, but tackling serious topics like this is an interesting way to go. if it is having such an impact on so many children‘s lives, why not try to find a way to help people understand
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more about this. i guess this is a way things can be addressed and what children and parents are going through, and i suppose it is a gentle way to approach the topic. under the subject of ‘sesame street‘, i was talking to friends recently and i was saying what type of bird is big bird? it is something that stays in your history as a child but it is a warm and fuzzy feeling when you think about him. sorry to put you on the spot like that. thank you very much indeed and thank you for watching. hello. so far october has been a very wet
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month for some of us. now, as you can see in this forecast, it takes us all the way through the weekend, we‘re not done yet. and during friday there will be more heavy rain across parts of england, wales and scotland, especially in the west with heavy showers here mostly to the north of glasgow. let‘s take a look at the big picture, the set—up takes us through the weekend. this weather front, hanging around parts of england and wales for much of the weekend. a feed of showers running into western parts of scotland. then we go on through into sunday, this weather front will eventually start to pull away, but we‘ll see more heading in from the atlantic. yes, it is staying unsettled even into next week, as well. this is how we start friday, you can see the areas of heavy rain into parts of england and wales, further heavy showers than into western scotland. a dry start to northern ireland with some sunshine, very blustery up there as well. i just want to focus in on some of the wetter areas, greater risk of disruption and the met office has yellow weather warnings in force for rain for much of wales, the peak district into the pennines, higher totals here to higher ground, quite widely15—30 millimetres, difficult driving through that. and the showers rattling into western scotland, north of glasgow, giving fairly high rainfall totals again,
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especially for the higher ground, some difficult travelling conditions. giving an indication of where we‘re going to see some of the stronger wind gusts as well, this area of heavy rain feeding further south across england and wales, quite squally in nature as the day goes on. brightening up for some, north wales, northern england as the day goes on, sunny spells, the odd shower for northern ireland, one or two reaching into eastern scotland, it‘s not a washout everywhere! this is the picture friday night into saturday morning, still the cloud and some outbreaks of rain. the further south you are in england, still the chance of a shower in northern ireland, or especially in northern and western parts of scotland. the lower temperatures will be where you do have some clear spells. now, as saturday begins, we still have this weather front close to parts of southern england, but elsewhere, there will be some sunny spells to be had, yes, there‘s a chance of catching one or two showers, but it‘s not going to be a disaster of a day. there will be lighter winds than we have had recently, temperatures mostly in the mid—teens, but it looks like later some of this rain towards south—west england, maybe south wales as well
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will begin to turn heavier, certainly more persistent, too. so that‘s how saturday is shaping up. as we go into the second half of the weekend, overnight heavy rain across parts of england and wales, rain falling into the north sea. it looks like another area of raining cloud was spreading from the western zone more of scotland wetter on sunday. some uncertainty about the detail, though, so keep on checking back if you‘ve got weekend outdoor plans. that‘s your forecast.
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good morning — welcome to breakfast with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. our headlines today: brexit hope ahead of more talks today as boris johnson and the irish prime minister say they‘re on the ‘pathway to a deal‘. mps urge the bbc and ministers to cut a deal to restore the free tv licence for the over 75s still a safe alternative to smoking — the e—cigarette industry launches a campaign to reassure millions of vapers in the uk, despite concerns in the us. the future for british carmaking. dyson gives up on electric cars — saying he can‘t make them financially viable, while nissan
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warns a no—deal brexit


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