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this is bbc news. i'm reeta chakrabarti. the headlines at two. the family of harry dunn, who died in a collision with an american woman who then fled to the us, are flying there now, hoping for a meeting. borisjohnson is briefing the cabinet about the brexit negotiations. talks have resumed in brussels between british and european union officials. the snp conference is getting under way in aberdeen. nicola sturgeon says she'll request government consent for another referendum on scottish independence before the end of the year. hundreds are reported to have escaped from a camp in northern syria holding family members of islamic state fighters, as an offensive by turkey continues. scotland have been knocked out of the rugby world cup. they were beaten 28—21 byjapan,
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who are through to the quarter—finals for the first time. and at half past two, a bbc wales investigation into the puppy farm industry. good afternoon. the family of 19—year—old harry dunn, who was killed in a motorbike accident, are on their way to the united states in the hope of a meeting the woman involved in the crash. ann sacoolas, the wife of an intelligence officer, left for the us after the accident in northamptonshire. police say that they are liaising closely with the foreign office. here's andy moore with the latest. on her way to the states, harry dunn's mother. she now has an apology
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from the woman who killed her son. but she said sorry just wasn't enough. harry's father is on the same flight. the parents want to lobby politicians and raise the profile of their case in america. they also hope to meet anne sacoolas, who now has agreed to a meeting. in a statement, through her lawyers, she said... harry dunn was riding his motorbike when he was hit by mrs sacoolas, reportedly driving out of an american base on the wrong side of the road. she initially cooperated with the police investigation, before getting a flight to the us the next day under the protection of diplomatic immunity. this is an incredibly tragic case, and the foreign secretary has been working with his american counterparts and been in touch with the us administration on this. the fact of the matter is right now, it very much seems that the lady in question wants to start cooperating with the discussions
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and obviously the investigations. and i think we should support that. now that mrs sacoolas is back in the us, the government here has confirmed that diplomatic immunity no longer applies. well, everybody knew that all along. diplomatic immunity only applies when you are in the host country, in this case the uk. it never applies once you go back to your own country. and i think it was the threat of the dunns hauling her into court in america that has actually brought forth this suggested meeting. the family of harry dunn are hoping mrs sacoolas will return voluntarily to the uk to face justice. if not, she could face extradition. andy moore, bbc news. the bbc has discovered three british orphans trapped in a camp for islamic state families in syria. they are believed to be from london. their parents joined the islamic state group five years ago and were subsequently killed in the fighting. there are thousands of children
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in camps across the region whose parents supported is and most of their countries don't want them home. quentin sommerville has this report. you might find some of these images distressing. beyond this fence are the lost children of the caliphate — thousands locked up and abandoned in camps across northern syria. their only sin — their parents supported the islamic state group. they came from across the globe, leaving schools and homes and safety behind and are now stranded on syrian soil. countless childhoods violated and put on hold. their parents died fighting for is. this group are all orphans. it is here where we found amira, a little girl who almost forgot who she was. this is her brother, hamza. here is her sister, heba.
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amira was taken from britain when she was just five years old. now ten, she struggles to write in english. the words "london", "the uk", do not come easily but the memories of the life that she had taken from her shine brightly. go to a park, i go to a funfair. i go to a centre and go to my grandmum's house. her kurdish guardian says amira is british. but after the trauma of the last five years, she can't even remember her grandmother's name. this is no place for children. they need to be rescued. many are sick or injured. amira's sister heba is eight years old.
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her body bears the marks of an almost unimaginable horror. it is too upsetting for them to describe. the mental scars of the last days of the caliphate in baghuz run even deeper. when we were in baghuz, we were living in tents. and there was not that much food. and they bombed. they bombed one tent. and we were told to get out before our tents caught fire. the onslaught in baghuz saw hundreds die as coalition bombs set off is weapons stores. the children cowered in shallow pits. amira lost her mother and father in the onslaught, as well as two sisters and an older brother.
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we were going to pack our stuff and get out. the aeroplane came and bombed. my mum died, my lttle brother and my sisters. after that, it was all going on fire, so we just got out. there was a little house and a big mountain and behind it, everybody stayed there, everyone not killed. i saw my brother, he was walking up, running across as my mum was dead there. there were bombs and guns. yeah, he just ran and went down. when he was running, the little house broke and that is when i think he died. the children in this camp face another risk. there are many women here who still cling to is ideology.
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when i grow up, i'm to get fruits from the tree. amira wants to come home. she dreams of having her own garden. i like to get watermelon. i'd like to get strawberries. i'd like to get cherry. i like to get blueberries. apples, oranges and bananas. these children who have been through so much face a new threat — they are not far from the turkish lines. if their citizenship can be proved, these children may be rescued. we have not been able to find any of their relatives but surely somewhere in london there is a grandmother waiting, not knowing if they are alive or dead. the bbc has informed authorities of the plight of these children. what of the thousands of other children here stranded in syria? who will give them sanctuary? they too are victims of the islamic state. quentin somerville, bbc news.
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straight to aberdeen now, ian black foot is opening the snp conference. counsellor for this foot is opening the snp conference. ... counsellor for this great foot is opening the snp conference. counsellor for this great city, who won her seat... applause jessica won her seat in a by—election just ten days ago. i am going to say to conference, a stunning new poll from the sunday times show support for independence up times show support for independence up at 50%. cheering the snp is projected to make gains right across scotland, and the clear majority is believing that the scottish economy will be better off with independence! cheering
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conference, on a deeply serious note, we gather here today during one of the most turbulent times in modern political history. when we last met in edinburgh, way back in the spring, i warned that within months, we could face borisjohnson becoming prime minister, a real nightmare scenario. well, conference, we are now living that nightmare. the uk government is in crisis, pursuing a policy of economic and social disruption. being led by a prime minister who lies, who makes racist comments, and aspires to be his own it only on version of donald trump. the liars and the cheaters of the vote leave campaign are pulling the strings of power in downing street. vote leave
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is now in command of the uk government and the brexit fan boys have taken control of the tory party. —— aspires to be his own etonian version of donald trump. the brexit trump has taken over and they are desperate to drive us off the brexit cliff edge. make no mistake, a no—deal brexit would be an economic catastrophe for the people of scotland, but the tories simply don't care about the cost of brexit, the cost ofjobs, the chilling threats to the supply of food and medicines that are contained within their own yellowhammer document. we can see that no price is too high for the brexit fanatics. they are out of control. we now have only 18 days away from when the uk is set to leave the european union. but instead of applying the brakes, borisjohnson is instead of applying the brakes, boris johnson is taking instead of applying the brakes, borisjohnson is taking us closer to that unprecedented catastrophe. with
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no plan to protect our economy, or the rights of citizens across scotla nd the rights of citizens across scotland and the rest of the united kingdom. he is risking thousands of jobs, and putting us as the uk's chief medical officer has said in a situation where lives are literally on the line. conference, lives being on the line. conference, lives being on the line. johnson and his cronies should be hanging their heads in shame! applause in scotland, we are offering something different, we know it doesn't have to be like this, we know that there is a way out, contrast the dysfunctional dangerous administration in london with our snp government in scotland. a government in london, stagnant, checkmated in parliament, delivering nothing for the people with our
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government, working harder than ever, for the people of scotland. applause a scottish government that is putting our nhs first, delivering for our young people, taking action on the climate emergency, and working to protect all of our citizens from the pain and the hardship of the tory austerity agenda. conference, the snp, leading the way for the people of scotland. applause we are winning elections, having had the best ever election result to any european election just a few short weeks ago. the scottish government has introduced new policies, providing care for those that need it, delivering new benefits to young families, building new homes, creating jobs, and protecting our environment. the contrast in
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westminster, the tories are doing nothing. we have seen our country grow, and thrive under the outstanding inspirational leadership of our first minister, nicola sturgeon, and her strong united cabinet team. applause ican cabinet team. applause i can tell you because i have the privilege of working with the first minister, day in and week out —— day m, minister, day in and week out —— day in, day out, week in, week out. he has a tremendousjob, in, day out, week in, week out. he has a tremendous job, leading in, day out, week in, week out. he has a tremendousjob, leading our government, leading our country, but she has been there as a friend to the westminster group, offering friendly advice, giving us the platform where we can work with the scottish government to make sure we are ourjob to stand up for the people of scotland. the person that makes that happen is our first minister, my friend, nicola sturgeon. applause
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london, we see a government that is chaotic, incompetent, riven with infighting. leaving the united kingdom plagued with inequality, rife with uncertainty, facing economic catastrophe. to put it simply, friends, the scottish government under nicola's leadership is getting on with the dayjob, while the tory government in london has shut up shop, so obsessed with achieving their fantasy brexit dream. 20 years on from devolution, it cannot be denied that the scottish parliament, the scottish government, has made scotland a better place. westminster continues to let us down. conference, we cannot allow the uk government to hold us back any longer. applause we need more powers to protect our
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citizens, to grow our economy, to build a wealthier nation. we need the powers to deliver lasting change, conference, scotland needs independence. applause you know, tomorrow, and morally bankrupt tory government, with no mandate, with no majority, and with no right to remain in office, which does not have enough support to pass a single piece of legislation will seek to distract parliament from holding them to account over their secretive brexit negotiations by bringing forward a queen's speech. friends, let's be clear, this is a speech that will not be a bad government, no matter how many bills it contains, but about simple electioneering. conference, i promise you this: every single snp
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mp will stand in the way of this gerrard, and we, unlike boris johnson, we make a promise and we will deliver on it. this government's time is up, this prime minister has failed, and we will not let scotla nd minister has failed, and we will not let scotland continue to be frozen in this failure. —— stand in the way of this charade. if the queen speech ever comes to a vote, the scottish national party will vote it down! applause and i say to the labour party, and to the liberal democrats, if they wish to have any credibility left, then they must stand with us. where do they stand, with us, the real opposition, or, with this bankrupt tory westminster government? conference, we will not be distracted, we will not let boris
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johnson pull the wool over the eyes of scotland, over brexit. boris johnson's half baked brexit proposals are even worse than those of theresa may! they are unacceptable, unworkable, undeliverable, and more importantly, they have been designed to fail. applause you know... these proposals would ta ke scotla nd you know... these proposals would take scotland out of the european union, out of the single market, and out of the customs union, against our will. they will put industries at risk, jeopardisejobs our will. they will put industries at risk, jeopardise jobs and opportunities, and see hard—won rights sacrificed in trade deals with donald trump. that is unacceptable! the snp, you're snp mps, will stand firm in speaking up for scotland, and in respecting scotland's vote to remain, and never backing any attempt that will take us backing any attempt that will take us out of the european union against
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our will. applause — your our will. applause —— yoursnp mps. our will. applause —— your snp mps. the prime minister knows he cannot get his proposal approved and he doesn't care because the truth is, this prime minister is not interested in getting any deal. marching to the tune of the liars and the cheaters of the brexit fan club, the prime minister is behaving like an emperor with no clothes. breaking the rules and undermine the law at every opportunity, saying there thinking no one can see what he is up to, obsessed with delivering brexit and brexit at any cost. conference, he did not reckon with the snp. every move he has made, we have been there, every trick he has pulled, we have been there. every lie and full cert he has pedalled, we have been there. conference, we will always be there!
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—— every lie and falsehood. with the snp, scotland knows that our voices are strong, and our right to remain in the eu cannot and will not be ignored. we have sought compromise across the house of commons and we have sought to build consensus, we have sought to build consensus, we have defeated the government time and time again, borisjohnson has not won a single vote yet! stuart jose has worked with others to take over the business of parliament and put the government in its place. stephen geffen is, negotiated with others, to secure the benn act, to make sure that no deal is not an option. and in the courts, joanna cherry and a team of snp mps delivered an historic defeat to this prime minister. —— stewart hosie. forcing the tories to respect the rule of law, and to reopen parliament! applause
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friends, let me be clear, if boris johnson does not comply with the benn act, or seeks to frustrate our effo rts benn act, or seeks to frustrate our efforts to block no deal, we will be backin efforts to block no deal, we will be back in court and we will be ready and waiting for them! conference, this perpetual cycle of court cases and parliamentary defeats, while it is effective, is no way to run a country, we should not have to rely on the coach to solve problems on an arcane westminster set of procedures to find ways to block the government, we should not be tolerating this tory government in office at all. we must face this dangerous tory government out of office and let me tell you, the snp is primed and ready to do that. the snp have prepared a vote of no confidence! applause
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cheering applause so, today, iwant applause so, today, i want to set out very clearly the snp position. we have worked well with other opposition parties, but, friends, our patients has limits. excuses after excuses from the liberal democrats. the new leader seems more interested in filling their ranks with poor tory politicians then getting a tory government out of office! —— seems more interested in filling their ra nks more interested in filling their ranks with tory politicians. let's not forget, and remind the people of scotland, that the liberal democrats voted for austerity, they defended cuts to income support, they tripled tuition fees, and they promoted the punishing universal credit system. and, friends, it was the liberal
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democrat minister in the coalition government that pushed through the increase in women's pension wage. they should be ashamed of themselves. applause the liberal democrats have been tory light ever since they set foot in the rose garden with david cameron, and it seems like old habits die hard. —— tory—lite. and labour... laughter sometimes, i feel like laughter sometimes, ifeel like we laughter sometimes, i feel like we need to remind labour that thejob of sometimes, i feel like we need to remind labour that the job of the so—called opposition is to oppose the tory government, not for labour politicians to oppose each other! applause every day that labour mps fight with themselves, and run scared from a general election is another day that we are suffering from the tories
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being in power. applause colleagues, we know that this government is prepared to defy the benn act, quite extraordinary, that a government is repaired to break the law. a prime minister prepared to stop at nothing. so, instead of sitting back, and letting boris johnson hold all the cards, we, the opposition, must remove the deck from his hands! applause there is no more time for squabbles, or putting party or personal ambition before the interest of the country. we have a job to do and the people of scotland expect us to do thatjob. so, my clear message, to the labour party and to the liberal democrats, is this: the snp is not in the business of propping up a
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tory government, nor should you be. the excuses for... we must take the power out of borisjohnson's hands and put it back in the hands of the people. i can announce today that the snp have prepared a motion of no confidence in boris johnson the snp have prepared a motion of no confidence in borisjohnson and his government, we will not play boris johnson's games and give his demands. after years of brexit chaos, the only option, the only option that truly puts a stop to this chaos is to call a general election. applause so, conference, it's time forjeremy corbyn and forjo swinson to step out of the sand pit and step up to thejob, so, let's come together, let's back a vote of no confidence,
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let's back a vote of no confidence, let's get rid of borisjohnson, secure that extension, give the people back the power, and let's do that with a general election. jeremy, jo, the clock is ticking. the snp is ready to act; are you? applause conference, scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the european union, a majority of scotland's mps have voted against a no—deal brexit, that is how the majority of msps will vote, but despite that, scottish wishes have counted for nothing as the uk government goes on ahead, taking a closer to the cliff edge of no deal. it's clearer than ever that the conservatives simply don't care what scotla nd conservatives simply don't care what scotland thinks. they have imposed
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cruel and callous cuts on income support for the sick and vulnerable, they have robbed women of their state pensions and implemented the rate close, they have created a terrible environment, forcing hardship on immigrants, ripping up families, and they are preparing to trade away our rights, our protection is essential services. i can tell you now that in the general election that is coming, the snp will stand firm against all these things. applause awinfor things. applause a win for the snp in any election will be a win for the rights of immigrants to live and work in scotland, the place they call home. applause it will be a win forfair and it will be a win for fair and decent pensions, a win for the right to help and support when you are sick
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and out of work. it will be an end to austerity, once and for all. and, it will be a win for a society where each and every citizen should be treated with dignity and respect, because we know that society is only ever as strong as its weakest link. that is the platform that we will stand on, and the platform our magnificent mps and candidates are already taking to every doorstep across the country. but that is not all that we stand for. we have already seen, in the latest polls, that support for independence is growing. as is support for an independence referendum. the same polls show that a majority of people across the uk, notjust scotland, believe that we have the right to determine our own future. and, conference, we have won that right,
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we have the mandate. we have the majority. we have absolutely got the momentum. and, conference, no one, not boris johnson, notjeremy corbyn, not anyone, has any democratic right to block that decision from being made! applause if the tories are so scared of putting scotland's future into the hands of scotland's people, if they are determined to play the part of dictators, preventing the democratic will of the people of scotland, then the right to decide scotland's future will be at the heart of the next election campaign, and i say to borisjohnson: bring next election campaign, and i say to boris johnson: bring it next election campaign, and i say to borisjohnson: bring it on! next election campaign, and i say to
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boris johnson: bring it on! applause studio: we are going to leave the snp conference they are, that was the snp's lead in westminster, ian blackford, with a fighting speech, we will go to our correspondence, andrew kerr is at the conference in aberdeen. trying to paint a picture of brexit chaos as he put it, put forward by the government in westminster, no price too high for brexit fanatics, saying he was contrasting that with the progressive views of the scottish government, here led by nicola sturgeon and he went on to make his key point, to cheering and applause from the audience, that he wa nted applause from the audience, that he wanted boris johnson, applause from the audience, that he wanted borisjohnson, the emperor with no clothes on, out of power, wa nted with no clothes on, out of power, wanted to call a vote of no confidence at westminster, and called on the other opposition parties in the so—called rebel alliance tojoin parties in the so—called rebel alliance to join in with him, parties in the so—called rebel
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alliance tojoin in with him, labour and the liberal


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