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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 13, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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european commission says a lot of work remains to be done. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm holly hamilton. coming up on tonight's programme... kenya's brigid kosgei shatters paula radcliffe‘s16—year marathon world record. we'll be live in chicago with more reaction. heartbreak for scotland, joy forjapan. the hosts‘ victory in yokohama ends scotland's rugby world cup, as they go top of the group. simone biles becomes the most decorated gymnast in world championship history. two more golds in stuttgart takes her career tally to 25. also coming up in the programme: valterri bottas storms to victory
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injapan as mercedes take the constructors title once again. hello and welcome to tonight's programme. thanks very much for watching. they say it's a marathon, not a sprint. the lines between the two are becoming somewhat blurred. another time barrier has been broken today following eliud kipchoge‘s incredible feat in vienna. the women's marathon world record has now been smashed. kenya's brigid kosgei recorded a time in chicago of two hours, 1a minutes and 4 seconds, eclipsing paula radcliffe‘s record set in 2003. our sports editor dan roan is in
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chicago. there had been whispers all week that brigid kosgei was in the mood to try and finally break that 16 year long record that paula radcliffe has held since the 2003 london marathon, and as you have said, she managed to do it. it was on from quite early on. and there was a concern she may have got off too fast, may blow up, but she didn't. she maintained and managed to get that time, knocking an extraordinary 81 seconds off of radcliffe's world record. would you believe only 22 of the many men's race did better than that? consider her nearest rival came in almost seven minutes slower than brigid kosgei, so an absolutely staggering performance. and as we know, eliud kipchoge yesterday, a fellow kenyan, in vienna became the first human to run a marathon distance in less than two hours.
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it was not an open competition. this most certainly was, and i have heard people saying here in the last couple of hours that this achievement by brigid kosgei is perhaps more impressive than kipchoge‘s yesterday. funny enough, afterwards, she did a press conference and believed a woman could do... at 25, she believed there was no reason she isn't a woman to do that. staggering force here. i think i believe her as well. we should talk about mo farah. his greek is going from bad to worse. “— his greek is going from bad to worse. —— is weakest. recording in chicago his worst marathon time. that's right. his worst since switching to the marathon from the track. he trailed in in eighth place in the men's marathon instead, and i think he will have to now consider whether or not he goes all the way through to tokyo olympics, trying to keep going,
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keep persevering at that distance or perhaps return back to the five, 10,000 metres, where he would be very much regarding among the favourites for gold in tokyo. disappointing day for him. a lot of attention on him, a lot of pressure, since last week, when his former coach alberto salazar was banned for doping violations. no suggestions of farah guilty of any wrongdoing. he was not implicated in that report following the investigation. he was asked about it at a press conference on friday evening and he will perhaps say that played a role. we have not heard anything from him yet but a disappointing performance from him. dan roan speaking to me earlier there in chicago. now to some heartbreaking transfers scotland at the rugby world cup. —— rack heartbreaking news for scotland.
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they were knocked out byjapan in theirfinal group game in yokohama. gregor townsend's side needed four more points than the hosts but, despite mounting a comeback in the second hand, they simply fell short. 0ur coorespondent andy swiss was there. just a few yards from the stadium, a reminder this was no ordinary rugby match. amid the flood water, it was somehow game on forjapan in scotland, but those affected by typhoon hagibis were soon in everyone‘s thoughts. after the silence, though, came the roar — first from scotland supporters as finn russell gave them the perfect start. but cheered on by the cherry and whites, japan seemed utterly inspired. some of the most dazzling rugby this tournament has seen, including two tries for the clinical fukuoka. they raced to a 28—7 lead. surely scotland were heading home? or were they? two tries, including one for xander fagerson, gave them hope, butjapan would not be denied. in extraordinary circumstances, an extraordinary night. very pleased for the japanese, it was a fantastic game and a great atmosphere. but, yeah, a little bit disappointed for scotland. you are very happy? very happy!
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all japanese very happy! well, this was a night of high emotion and drama. disappointment for scotland, butjapan are through to their first world cup quarterfinal in thrilling fashion. andy swiss, bbc news, yokohama. better news for wales. they beat uruguay this morning. the win sees them avoid england in the quarterfinals. it looks like it would be a co mforta ble it looks like it would be a comfortable victory but only led by a single point at half—time. lauren gatlin made 13 changes to the team that beat fiji and it took them a while. —— warren gatland. they eventually ran out, 35—13 winners, and they will play france in the last eight.
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a better result for scotland in the football. a 6—0 win over san marino ona football. a 6—0 win over san marino on a rather soggy hampton park this afternoon —— hampden park. john mcginn scoring his first hat—trick, the first scottish player to score a first—half trouble since 1952. the free kick from stuart armstrong added elite sticks. they can still get to the final lecture via the euro 2020 play—offs which begin in march. they can get over kazakhstan, who lost to belgium earlier, and cyprus, who lost to russia. wales are in action tonight in the next
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few minutes. they take on croatia and cardiff, but with aaron ramsey rolled out, he is injured. that match getting under way a quarter to 8pm. arsenal's perfect start to the wsl season has been ended by chelsea after a thrilling late comeback this afternoon. it was 1—1 going into the last 5 minutes — until substitute maria thorisdottir curled in a stunning winner to take unbeaten chelsea above arsenal and into second. and manchester united recorded back to back wins after a 3—0 victory over tottenham hotspur in london. goals from kirsty hanson and jane ross came either side of an ashleigh neville own goal to seal the win. reading beat everton 3—2 in a thrilling match at adams park. it was 2—2 at the break, but lisa—marie utland popped up with the winner for the royals 20 minutes from time. elsewhere, liverpool were held at home to a 1—1 draw by bristol city and
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west ham beat brighton 3—1. returning to japan — and mercedes set a new standard in formula 1 at the japanese grand prix as they secured a record—breaking sixth world championship double. valterri bottas‘ victory in suzuka sealed the constructors‘ title with four races to go — and with third place for lewis hamilton, he's not quite world champion yet, but only his team—mate bottas can catch him. michael redford was watching. bright sunshine at suzuka after a disrupted race weekend — typhoon hagibis now a distant memory, just a bit of a breeze to deal with. qualifying was made to look a breeze by ferrari early in the morning, sebastian vettel on pole position — his first since june. team—mate charles leclerc just behind him. their advantage was soon blown away, a stuttering start and valtteri bottas took his chance. max verstappen tried to follow him — not as successfully. a crash with leclerc, an incident that would end verstappen‘s race. leclerc dealt with the loss of a damaged front wing and a lost wing mirror.
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from 16th to sixth, not close enough to impact on the front of the race. team—mate sebastian vettel was frustrating lewis hamilton, the world champion unable to pass and would finish third. it was the fastest lap for lewis hamilton, giving him the extra point. combining that with a victory for valtteri bottas meaning mercedes sealed the constructors championship for the sixth time in a row. the world champion will also come from mercedes for a sixth successive year. the first time that has happened in formula 1. michael redford, bbc news. there is a record—breaking theme to this programme. simone biles became the most decorated gymnast in world championships history with two more golds this afternoon. the american surpassed the overall medal record held by vitaly scherbo by winning on the balance beam. success as well for britain's joe fraser as he claimed great britain's first ever gold medal on the parallel bars. david mcdaid is in stuttgart.
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the final day at these world gymnastics championships certainly did not disappoint. it was history for simone biles, 25 career medals meaning she is the most successful gymnast in world gymnastics history. but it is not often simone biles is overshadowed. certainly from a great britain point of view. we got another gold medal, in the form ofjoe fraser in the parallel bars. that was one we weren't expecting. yeah, we knew he had the potential. we were hoping he could sneak a medal, but as you watched the final going through and he just kept staying in that first position, and the last two gymnasts, we were nervously watching and they both made mistakes. you know what? you can only beat who is out there and absolute credit tojoe to go out in this final and perform like he did and get that world title. and you can see what a popular medal it was with his team—mates as well. it is the end of the championships. how would you sum up of the championships from a great britain point of view?
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amazing. they came here to qualify for tokyo, both men and women. that is completed. max got back his world title, the individual medals and today, joe taking that world title. i don't think we could have asked for any more. you mentioned tokyo there. what did we learn going forward? it is only ten months away now? for a lot of the gymnasts, it is going to be about consistency now. they have probably got the difficulty in there. they're going to go back to the gym and work hard, and we know for next year, there's only going to be four gymnasts in each team, so they are fighting for those spots. i mentioned simone biles earlier, now the most successful gymnast in world championships history. is there much more we can say about her? give it a go. it's difficult. every day, she has been breaking history. you run out of words. she is incredible. she is amazing. she seemed so relaxed at these championships. yeah, hats off to her. what an amazing girl and i cannot wait to see what she can do. that is the end of these world championships. the 25th career medal at the world
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championships for simone biles. thanks to david and beth in stuttgart. 0nto tennis. there's been disappointment for british number two heather watson. she's been beaten in the final of the tianjin 0pen by rebecca peterson — the swede winning in straight sets, 6—4, 6—4. it's the second title of peterson's career — with her other title coming just last month. we will and on another record. coco gauff being the youngest to win a wta tour title. that's all from sportsday. now on bbc news, it's time for click. bye from me.
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hello, and welcome to a special edition of click. not top gear, although there are shades of that, i have to say, but this week, we're not talking about petrol cars like these. we're talking about electric cars like these. not hybrid, not hydrogen or anything else. this week, it is pure electric. sure, there are other ways to power your car which are good for the environment. go check them out by all means but this is the year that all—electric has really taken off. more people are thinking about evs than ever before so in this show, we're asking, is now the right time to switch? we'll look at the cost of buying and running them, how far they can go and ask if they're as clean and green as they might seem. 0k, dan has been to see europe's all—electric fight—back at this year's frankfurt motor show.
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there was really only one big question for the big execs of the huge german car companies at the world's biggest motor show. why are they 10 years behind tesla in offering us an all—electric car? we are not each time the fastest or the earliest but if we come, we come very strong. tesla, a company that has been solely focused on electric vehicle production, you have to give them credit for blazing the trail, but if you look at other entries on the marketplace, from other companies that also do normal cars, so to say, this is really the first time you're getting long—range, fully usable, everyday usable electric vehicles coming from mainstream manufacturers. right, so they wanted to ace it. well, the stakes are high. electric may only represent less than 3% of all new car sales last


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