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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 16, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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that's it. newsnight is beginning on bbc two. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. have a very good night. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm gavin ramjaun. six arrests so far and bulgarian police say more are likely — as they look to identify those that racially abused england's black players. manchester city's women fail to take the advantage, against the spanish champions, in european competition tonight. and after a long wait, katerina johnson—thompson tells us how sweet it was, to win a first world hepthalon title.
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hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm gavin ramjaun. bulgarian police have identified the suspects responsible for the racist abuse directed at england's black players, in their win in sofia this week. six have been arrested. several more are under investigation as uefa's call to wage war against the racists begins to take effect. tyrone mings making his england debut was among those to hear the abuse, which he described "clear as day". with bulgaria manager, krasimir balakov now apologising to "english footballers and to all those who felt offended". bbc news correspondent daniel sandford has more from sofia. the bulgarian football union might have been caught out by events on monday night that things have been moving at blistering speed. technical. first of all the —— first
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for the resignation of the head of the union. they have identified 15 people on cctv pictures who they believe are involved in the racial abuse or the nazi salutes which were witnessed here on monday night. they have identified nine of those 15 people and worked out who they are and have really got six of them in custody. it is now up to prosecutors what should be done with them but they will be dealt with either they say under the criminal code prosecute for criminal offences or debt with under the football hooligans act which is a specific legislation for dealing with misbehavior in football stadiums. the mood has shifted slightly here in bulgaria from first of all people saying the english are being unfair and criticising the english newspapers of the coverage to actually bulgarian starting to say they want to put their house in order. the bulgarian president for example today suggesting darkly that politicians should stop using people involved in football hooliganism for their own particle ends which is
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adding to this suggestion that perhaps what was going on on monday night was quite organised and might have had some particle backing behind it for sub —— their own political ends. daniel sandford reporting there. a late equaliser denied manchester city, a first leg win over spain's atletico madrid at the academy stadium this evening, in the last 16 of the women's champions league. city led in the first half, and held off the spanish champions until the closing stages. our football reporter jo currie was watching. manchester city have had to settle for hr and this last 16 first leg. they have lead for the majority of the game but suffered a weight equaliser as they shared the spoils. they threaten to open the scoring in the fifth minute when the breslin striker was brought down on the edge of the area. city goalkeeper save the resulting safe free kick and palmed the rebound shot onto the bar for the england striker now playing for the england striker now playing for atleti co for the england striker now playing for atletico madrid formally of the city parish five yards out when she
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really should have scored. minutes later it was city who took the lead. their canadian strykerjanine later it was city who took the lead. their canadian stryker janine becky in the last 12 minutes question on to keira welch sponsor paul and executing a relaxed finish to settle their nerves early on. city will to be heading for victory against the spanish champions until the 80th minute when they equalise. a simple finish to draw her team level and the city defence caught napping. atla ntico could be the city defence caught napping. atlantico could be have what might bea atlantico could be have what might be a vital waypoint as they head into that second away leg. be a vital waypoint as they head into that second away leglj be a vital waypoint as they head into that second away leg. i thought we dominated peer. i think we dominated periods in the game and we wa nted dominated periods in the game and we wanted to try to keep the amount of time to put passes together and possession starts. we had possession, created chances not many clear chances. i think we probably proved to ourselves tonight that we did not play well enough last year but we also know we can play a lot
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better. please with the performance but we always knew it would go down toa but we always knew it would go down to a second game. on the second leg, the away leg for manchester city ta kes pla ce the away leg for manchester city takes place on october 30. before that they have two very difficult games there are way to manchester united at the manchester derby in the leaky cup before travelling to arsenal the following weekend in the women's super league. tough fixtures for city keep coming but against a tea m for city keep coming but against a team at sweatt acoma trade who knocked them out of the champions league last year. they will be happy that their european title is still very much alive for of —— athletic code that beat them last year. the two other british sides involved in the last 16 both recorded away wins. wsl champions arsenal beat slavia prague 5—2. vivianne miedema scoring four of those. and glasgow city beat danish side brondby 2—0. a record attendance for a women's match in the uk could be set after england announced their wembley friendly against germany has sold out. the game on the 9th of november
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at the 90,000—seat stadium could beat the previous record of over 80,000, for the 2012 olympic final between united states and japan. the crowd will exceed the current england record for a home match, 115,000 against germany at wembley five years ago. we have all been so excited for this wembley game, and to play against germany one of the most famous fixtures in the world, and speaking on behalf of the girls come i think we really deserve to go and play in one of those types of stadiums in front of them types of people that are coming to watch us, and we need to put on a performance as well. let's have a look at the rest of the day's headlines. emily nelson won britain's first gold medal on day one of the european track cycling championships in the netherlands. the 22—year—old claimed victory in the scratch race, ahead of ireland's shannon mccurley. jack carlin, jason kenny and ryan owens had to settle for silver though as they were beaten by the netherlands in the men's team sprint. and there are plans to move next year's olympic marathon and race walks to sapporo next year. temperatures on the northern island
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of hokkaido are significantly cooler than the host city tokyo. the spanish football authorities are looking to reverse the fixture between barcelona and real madrid later this month. the first el clasico of the season is scheduled to take place at camp nou in ten days' time. catalan groups and political parties are preparing a demonstration in barcelona on that day following the sentencing of nine separatist leaders by the spanish supreme court. authorities want the match played in madrid instead, but it's expected that barcelona will reject the request from la liga. el clasico is more than a football game. it is something more political. precisely on saturday the 26th of october there will be a big demonstration in barcelona rejecting the sentence of the spanish justice. it isa the sentence of the spanish justice. it is a hot point. yesterday we saw
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many riots in the centre of barcelona and the demonstrations on the 26th will be one that will be making history in catalonia. i think it was in 2002 that barcelona had the real el clasico, there was a home thread where someone from the pass organisation... they still existed but i don't remember el clasico being put back. i think before changing the location of the game of course, many questions will be asked i think that in the end el clasico will be played if there is nothing exceptional. —— the basque organisation. katarina johnson—thompson is heading to greece on holiday soon before getting back into training next month. the heptathlon world championjoined us in the studio earlier speaking with olly foster about her gold in doha. she told him, the victory was all the more sweet because of her previous failure to win the medal.
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ido i do appreciate it more. it is sweeter probably because i could've done without the hard years but they at the same time help me achieve this and become the person and athlete i am today. without that i would not have moved to france and change my life in order to try to get better. i'm glad it is paying off but it has been a journey. get better. i'm glad it is paying off but it has been a journeylj suppose off but it has been a journey.” suppose making such career sacrifices, wife sacrifices knowing that you needed a change to stop always being the also—ran going to france. —— life sacrifices. and for it to pay off as well as so satisfying. for sure and everyone's your knee is differentjust because your knee is differentjust because you have a couple of bad days doesn't mean that it is not quite a work—out for you in the future. —— everyone's journey. this work—out for you in the future. —— everyone'sjourney. this past year actually gave me the confidence and brief myself and i had that support around and just have patience. now
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you are going towards the big d, tokyo not far away. do you approach that different now because of the target on your pack going in as a world champion? i don't think so, i feel like the last four years since i moved to france after rio have been about tokyo even this world champ he chose was a dress rehearsal for that and i am glad i'm champ he chose was a dress rehearsal forthatand i am glad i'm in the position i am in now. it will deftly give me confidence going for that i am able to win, it has been done before but i have to keep the same energy going into this winter and train hard. it's sport, anything can happen but i'm just going to put myself in the best position which i am ina myself in the best position which i am in a pretty good one now. maybe in12 am in a pretty good one now. maybe in 12 months' time, we would try to work out what the delhi chamber chips were, i would say dean asher smith, katerina johnson thompson, the clouds were a little bit rubbish and in the middle of it, we had the doping scandal with alberto salazar.
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