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tv   Newswatch  BBC News  October 18, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm BST

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on what the duchess of cambridge was wearing and harked back too much to the duke's mother, princess diana? the frenzy of speculation and anticipation over borisjohnson‘s deal with the european union finally came to an end this week, only to be replaced by the new uncertainty of whether that deal will get through parliament. here's assistant political editor norman smith talking to victoria derbyshire just after the breakthrough had been announced on thursday morning. we are heading for one humongous showdown on saturday. 0k, stay with us, because i'mjust getting this from the dup. they say, our earlier statement still stands in response to news that a deal has been reached. 0h! 0k. so, we're in the strong—arm territory, then.
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but, amid all the excitement among political journalists, some viewers felt there wasn't enough basic explanation of what exactly had been agreed to. here's what one caller, steve, had to say. every bit of talk is about northern ireland. i would really love to know what the rest of the deal actually involves, how the relationship with europe will be after this deal has been concluded. it would be really nice notjust to constantly hear about dup and irish backstop. what is the deal? be lovely to know. 0k, just some feedback. thank you. well, bbc news has certainly made attempts since then to explain exactly what is in the agreement — particularly online — but the detail may have been drowned out by the rhetoric of those applauding or decrying the deal. and there was some literal drowning out on wednesday, when the news channel was again broadcasting live from college green outside the houses of parliament. replacing eu systems... shouting drowns out speech
7:47 pm that remains to be seen how well that works. well, regular newswatch viewers will have known that was coming, and that such noises oft annoy many members of the audience. and it was no exception here, with mike burgess reacting like this... the distractions aren'tjust verbal, of course, but visual, too. the holder of this "leave, then negotiate" placard managed to get in shot several times as the bbc continue to pursue interviewees down the street.
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and while that perhaps was unavoidable, some argue that the frequent appearances of a placard waver from the other side of the argument are encouraged by those live broadcasts from college green. here's the activist in question, steve bray, doing the dance of the camera shot behind huw edwards and laura kuenssberg a couple weeks ago. and borisjohnson still says he wants to have a general election, but at this moment, the opposition parties aren't going to back that. and when it comes to the big quagmire they're all in politically — how we sort out the brexit mess — well, it doesn't necessarily change that much immediately either. laura, we'll talk a little bit more about that later on but thanks very much for that. laura kuenssberg there, our political editor, with more analysis a little later. julian punch emailed us after watching that. and chris bolton also wondered...
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we asked bbc news for a response to this complaint, and they told us... on thursday, the action was very much not in westminster but in brussels. huw edwards was dispatched to the belgian capital to present
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the news at six and news at ten, and that gave rise to another objection we've heard several times before on this programme — voiced here in a telephone message from carol cumner. why is it necessary to have them in brussels? with all these video things, they can talk to the people in europe via a link. you've got the lovely katya adler, who's your european correspondent. it's just not necessary to have the london people go over there, wasting money when the bbc‘s constantly saying it can't afford this, it can't do that. well, we also asked bbc news for an explanation for this practice of sending london people over there. they told us...
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and if we've been down that road before, what about the thorny issue of what our prime minister should be called on air? a couple of weeks ago, we mentioned mrjohnson being referred to as boris on the news at six — and your thoughts about that. here's europe reporter gavin lee speaking on the news channel on thursday afternoon. the music yesterday from the likes of steve baker and the other brexiteers from the european research group suggested that they had faith in boris. there will be no caveat today. there will be no sense of, we give a thumbs up but you have to get a deal, boris, in westminster on super saturday. he will be asking for the eu to categorically say that there should not be an extension that they will give. so if boris asks for it, they will say no. other eu leaders will be thinking, hang on, it's not about boris,
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it's about the entire parliament. maybe we just have to deal with that. that repeated use of boris produced this response from sonya reed. and that was echoed by this telephone caller. i'm ringing to complain about, yet again, we had the use of the word boris, and frequently we hear nigel. why do we not hear the names farage and johnson when we always hear corbyn? if you have any decent attempt at neutrality, surely they should be addressed in the same manner. do let us know your thoughts on all those points, or on any aspect of bbc news. details of how to contact us at the end of the programme. now, the brexit deal wasn't the only story covered on bbc news this week, though it might have seemed like it at times. there was also coverage of the visit
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by the duke and duchess of cambridge to pakistan, including a report from secunder kermani on tuesday's news at six. this tour has an added emotional significance for prince william, as he traces some of his late mother's footsteps. many here remember her fondly. there's been praise for the duchess of cambridge‘s outfit. some have been comparing her look to that of princess diana, who made three visits here during the 1990s. having watched that, a twitter user called sam posted this. and sarah parker added...
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monday night's football match in bulgaria saw england players subjected to racist abuse, and that story was leading the bbc one news bulletins 2a hours later. tonight at ten, bulgaria's football boss resigns and the country faces disciplinary action after racism blights their match against england last night... janet munro contacted us after watching that to say... and later in the week, june davis made a different point.
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finally, on sunday night, quentin sommerville reported on three children the bbc had found in a camp in syria who are believed to be from london, and whose parents had been killed in fighting afterjoining the islamic state group. his powerful report had a big impact on those watching. as turkish forces advanced on the camp, security was breached today and hundreds escaped. british women and children may be among them. the whereabouts of amira, hiba and hamza, and the 21 other orphans, is unknown. syria was never a safe place to take detainees, especially children. now, they may be lost forever. and somewhere in london, there's a grandmother waiting, not knowing if they're alive or dead. the following day, quentin sommerville reported that the three siblings he'd featured in that report had
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been rescued and were with the save the children charity, prompting chris lindsay to tweet... and lucy hancock described the reporter as... thank you for all your comments this week. please do get in touch with your opinions about what you see on bbc tv news online or bbc social media. you may even get to appear on our programme. you can e—mail... or you can find us on twitter... you can call us on... and do have a look at our website... that's all from us. we'll be back to hear your thoughts about bbc news coverage again next week. goodbye.
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hello. although there have been some heavy showers commit downpours, it's not the whole weather story, because there have also been some dry moments, pleasant with some sunny spells. a view from cumbria earlier today. it's a mixture of weather conditions associated with this low pressure. yes, heavy downpours, and it stays with us into the start of the weekend. it also we are seeing some drier, brighter areas out there. overnight, cloud and rain pushing further south through scotland, to the central belt. if you showers still going elsewhere. some of these will still be heavy in places, temperatures dipping down into sickle figures but also some dry, clear spells out there with perhaps the odd mist and fog patch developing. into tomorrow, this area of cloud and rain pushing away from scotla nd of cloud and rain pushing away from scotland and on towards parts of northern england. north of that, look at the wind aeros. some strengthening northerly winds in scotland. south of that, in mild
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south—westerly, temperatures here into the mid—teens. that wind is not as strong as it's been. low—pressure is weakening, as by sunday, it's heading out into north sea. not com pletely heading out into north sea. not completely losing its grip. northern england likely to see some cloud in the bit of rain. elsewhere, the odd shower possible. plenty of dry weather to the west. a northerly breeze taking that cooler air further south across the uk and at this stagejust single further south across the uk and at this stage just single figures. going into monday, this is a ridge of high—pressure in. every of low— pressure of high—pressure in. every of low—pressure inference looks threatening. although many of us are going to start the week on a dry note, as you can see, not necessarily everywhere. for many of us, it is a quieter looking picture on monday. still on the cool side, mind you. a few missed fog and
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patches. that's how we start the week. mainly dry, with high pressure to start the week, but as we go deeper into the week. things will start to change and i think particularly by wednesday, more of scotla nd particularly by wednesday, more of scotland and northern ireland will start to see a brakes of rain. —— outbreaks of rain.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 8. a race against time, as the prime minister tries to rally enough support ahead of tomorrow's crucial vote on his brexit deal. what matters is mps coming together across the house tomorrow to get this thing done. the vote — tomorrow afternoon — is looking extremely close. the government hopes to persuade backbench conservatives — and some labour mps too. what i hear on the ground and what i see on the telly, people getting interviewed, it is time they get on with it. it is a very difficult decision, it is one each one of us will make, thinking very carefully. masked demonstrators clash with police in barcelona, following protests over the jailing of separatist leaders.


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