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tv   BBC News at Nine  BBC News  October 29, 2019 9:00am-10:00am GMT

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines. a damning report into the grenfell tower disaster. london fire brigade's response is described as wholly inadequate you're watching bbc news at nine and lives could have been with me, annita mcveigh. saved if the building had the headlines: been evacuated sooner. a damning report into the london fire brigade, clearly, the people running the grenfell tower disaster — the london fire brigade, london fire brigade‘s response is described as wholly inadequate clearly need to learn the lessons and lives could have been and apply the lessons of this saved if the building had been evacuated sooner. fire and previous fires. boris johnson will try again today to win support for a december general election despite mps rejecting his plan yesterday. the government says the focus now is making sure it can call an election. the london fire brigade, clearly, the people running the london fire brigade, need to learn lessons and i hope that opposition party members themselves will also apply the lessons of this fire and want to trust the public, previous fire. let the public have a say. boris johnson will try again they've seemed determined not today to win support to deliver on the referendum, for a december general election but i think it is time at this stage despite mps rejecting his plan yesterday. to make sure we can deliver security minister brandon lewis says the government will push ahead on brexit and let the public of the united kingdom have a say. with trying to win over opposition. he's tried to move on from his own failure, i hope that opposition party members his die in the ditch date of the end of october,. themselves would also want to trust 0k. themselves would also want to trust the public, that the public have a he's tried to distract the public... i understand that. say. they seem determined not to ..with an election and is trying to
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deliver on the referendum but i feel disenfranchise all those students. so december 9th would be more acceptable to you than december 12th? that it it certainly would. deliver on the referendum but i feel thatitis deliver on the referendum but i feel that it is time, to deliver on residents flee parts of los angeles brexit, to have the general public as some of the city's of the united kingdom have a say. wealthiest areas are residents flee parts of los angeles threatened by wildfires. as some of the city's wealthiest areas are threatened by wildfires. and, prince harry hosts a special two british men have been event to announce the team for next seriously injured in a shark attack in australia — yea r‘s invictus games. one lost a foot in the attack. beware of the boks — jonny wilkinson is urging england not to get over—confident ahead these are live pictures coming to of the rugby world cup final, you from central london, where the saying south africa are incredibly dangerous. coming up in the programme — british team has been announced. we prince harry will be hosting are expecting, in fact, he is there. a special event in london, to announce the team for next yea r‘s invictus games. he has arrived, actually. we will our royal correspondent talk to our corresponding to said it jonny dymond will be there — and i'll be speaking to him at 9:25. was due any minute and there he is, talking to the service men and servicewomen who will be taking part in next years invictus games tournament, which is in the hague. time now for the morning briefing, where we bring you up to speed on the stories people are watching, reading and sharing. limited edition 50p coins, good morning, and welcome dated to commemorate
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to the bbc news at nine. brexit on october 31st, are going to be melted down the london fire brigade has been condemned for systemic after the latest delay. failures in its response the royal mint had to the grenfell tower fire, in a report into the disaster been asked to produce up to ten million new coins. which claimed 72 lives. but the 50p has now been the inquiry found that fewer people scrapped after the uk agreed an extension untiljanuary. would have died in the disaster a treasury spokesman said a coin injune 2017 if the west london would still be produced once brexit has actually happened. building had been evacuated sooner. the full report will be published tomorrow, but the bbc has seen its conclusions. as you can imagine, there's been a lot of twitter reaction. our special correspondent 0ne described the plan as a "literal brexit meltdown." lucy manning reports. another said, "if this was a script, the families of those you'd send it back to the writer who died at grenfell, for being too on—the—nose." and the survivors, have waited more than two years for this report, while a third imagined an antiques which heavily criticises roadshow 100 years from now, the london fire brigade. as someone displays one of the 50ps it says its preparation and planning and says "my great—grandad for a fire such as grenfell was wholly inadequate. was working at the royal mint at the time of the very first it concludes that if the fire brigade had made an earlier decision annual brexit extension." to evacuate the building rather than telling residents to stay put, 420,000 people have liked this next tweet it's likely more lives by donald trump of a dog. would have been saved. the us president wrote: "we have the report praises the extraordinary declassified a picture courage of firefighters of the wonderful dog — on the night, but name not declassified —
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identifies many failures. that did such a greatjob in capturing and killing the leader there were serious deficiencies in command and control, inadequate training, of isis, abu bakr al—baghdadi!" problems dealing with 999 calls, basic information on the he said on sunday that building was missing and the communication systems the "beautiful" and "talented" dog had pursued the is leader didn't work properly. into a dark tunnel where he blew himself up with a suicide vest, killing himself and three children the london fire brigade and wounding the dog. general mark milley said the dog commissioner, dany cotton, is fully recovering. is personally criticised. the report says her evidence that she would not change anything 0ne story that has affected a lot about the response on the night of people is the toddler in india, showed remarkable insensitivity, who died after being stuck and suggests the fire brigade in a narrow well since is at risk of not learning friday. the lessons of grenfell. two—year—old sujith wilson the report also concludes fell into the bore well the cladding on the outside while playing, slipping down of the building failed to a reported depth of 100 feet. to comply with regulations. rescue operations began, the second part of the enquiry as prayers were held in temples, will investigate the failures of the building materials mosques and churches across the state of tamil nadu and refurbishment. the london fire brigade said it for the toddler's safe return. would be inappropriate to comment but today rescuers saw until the full report is published tomorrow. and recovered his body. our special correspondent lucy manning reporting, there. the general secretary of the fire brigades union matt wrack accepted the scrutiny
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of the london fire brigade, but said government ministers need to take responsibility at number one on the bbc news app as forfailings too. the brain illness and cath lighters, spread by ticks which have now reached the uk and public health you find that grenfell tower there england say not to be too worried about that but obviously there is a area you find that grenfell tower there are a whole list of failings of fire device to be had if you want to know what to look out for. number three safety provision within the building, so firefighters operate on is brexit. boris johnson the basis that the assumption that what to look out for. number three is brexit. borisjohnson to make a the basis that the assumption that the building will act as it was fresh general election bed. i'll draw your attention to what's at designed to act, and clearly what happened to grenfell tower, it did number eight, narcissists are horrible people but happy and we are not operate in that way. the warning going to be talking about that story sign at lakanal was another file injusta going to be talking about that story injust a few going to be talking about that story in just a few minutes' time. looking compartment agent broke down and the at the most watched number one, it's coroner alerted the secretary of the story of the captain of the dale state, eric pickles, of the need to youth amateur boxing club which used address those issues. our concern was that that was not followed to be in the basement of grenfall through thoroughly. do you think tower and of course this story, a lot of you are looking at, in london fire brigade and others have learned enough about what happened advance of the official report being at cranfield, so if we were in a published into the disaster. he often used to sleep in the club so position like that it would not happen in the same way? clearly the we could train late at night or early in the morning but on the
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night of the fire he had gone home. people renting jon running the he was not there. he's talking about london fire brigade need to learn the lessons of this fire and the publication of the independent previous fires. —— clearly the people running the london fire enquiry helping the bereaved brigade. we alerted government families to some extent, but only ministers about the need to act quickly on altering or reviewing the partly. this film also looks at issue of state perch, for example. another boxer who was preparing for his first professional bout and government ministers have failed to act on that. let's scrutinise london inspired by his friend here, and the fire brigade and its management, but money from that is going to be why is nobody holding to account the donated to charities linked to fire minister or home secretary all, g re nfall tower. for that matter, the prime minister donated to charities linked to grenfall tower. that's our most watched and that's it for today's... who was of course previously in charge of the london fire brigade sorry, we have one more video to show you before we finish the morning briefing from last nights himself. matt wrack from the fire brigades union. premiere of the good liar. the first is this the day mps vote for a december election? time helen mirren and sir alan borisjohnson will give them mccallu m time helen mirren and sir alan mccallum have starred together. a the chance to do so later today, and unlike previous attempts con artist meets his latest mark on which have been rejected, this time he only needs the support a website. let's take a look. of a simple majority of the commons to get his way. the liberal democrats and the snp support the idea, secrets between you, god, the devil. so that ought to be possible, and the dead. but disputes remain over the exact date of the poll.
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here's our political i mean, the whole point of a good correspondent, jessica parker. swindler is that they are believable the ayes to the right, 299. and they are charming. and they do it really, really well. the noes to the left, 70. it was not third time and that's why they are successful. lucky for boris johnson. if we could tell that they he didn't get the numbers were lying, you know, and trying to cheat us, for a snap election, although i have to say some so he's trying again today. of the politicians we have in the world today are very, the government will give notice very clearly lying. of presentation for a short bill for an election on the 12th of december so we can finally get it's so obvious. brexit done. but there maybe there's a section of the public who actually loves being lied to. crucially this new measure requires it's a form of entertainment. a lower threshold to pass — just over 50% of mps. it's the game. the adrenaline rush. but opposition parties, what if it is? like the lib dems and snp, aren't yet on board. it involves you in the story. if you're just having there's still some haggling over what date to go for a story told to you, in early december. to people falling in love, well, cut out of it. we put forward a very clear plan, which would have a general election but if both of them or either of them have got an ulterior motive, on the earliest possible date, which would prevent then you, as an observer, the prime minister having any wiggle room at all to force as an audience, can be aware of that and feel emotionally involved. his bad brexit deal through i think that's how it works. the commons before an election. 0n the other side, of course, the government says it it's like doing a crossword. it's a puzzle. won't try to bring its brexit deal back ahead of a snap poll,
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but trust is low in this place. i love thrillers of this kind. a pre—christmas election might be on the cards but it's not a done deal. jessica parker, bbc news. sir ian wood callan and helen mirren. that's it for today's morning briefing. some news coming to us from number our assistant political editor norman smith is in westminster. ten. sources who say they would accept an snp lib dems amendment to norman, it is a new day, and apart allow an election to take place on from changing the sort of maturity he needs to get his election plans december the 11th. so one day earlier than the date borisjohnson through, does boris johnson is proposing and, as you know, is he needs to get his election plans through, does borisjohnson have any other good reason to believe that going back into the commons today to today might be different yesterday? try for a fourth time to get backing a girli for a december election but number today might be different yesterday? a girl i think he does, because ten sources now say they would crucially the liberal democrats —— accept an snp lib dems amendment to micro i think he does, because allow an election to take place on crucially the liberal democrats and december the 11th. we will keep a snp have indicated they are up for close eye, of course, throughout the an election. they have given up on day on what happens with all those developments in the house of securing a second referendum in this commons. sport now, and for a full round up, parliament and believe further delay would provide mrjohnson with more from the bbc sport centre, time to get his withdrawal agreement here's sally nugent. i think you're starting with a rugby through, so boris johnson and jonny wilkinson, a man who knows time to get his withdrawal agreement through, so borisjohnson will try to reel them in by tabling a bill and jonny wilkinson, a man who knows a thing or two about the highest which will nearer the bill they level games, they would be wise to
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themselves published for an election listen to him, i expect? i imagine they are all listening to him at the yesterday with one crucial moment because he's in a word of warning for england rugby players concession which they had demanded, this morning. mainly that mrjohnson will take off there is a word of warning the table his brexit bill, and for england's rugby players this morning from a man who knows just what it takes to win a world cup final. jonny wilkinson kicked england otherwise —— in other words he will to glory 16 years ago. now he says in saturday's final, eddiejones‘ side will go up against not try to ram it through the incredibly dangerous opposition. commons. there is a dispute over the wilkinson says england will need a whole new gameplan to avoid date, but a pretty narrow dispute, losing to south africa. the lib dems and snp say december i think south africa are an incredibly dangerous opponent. nine, borisjohnson says december i think what is even more dangerous is the fact that people might read 12, it is not impossible to see how into that display that there has they might compromise over december been some kind of representation they might compromise over december of what they are capable of. the 10th or 11th. labour are still i think what it showed is what they did, that's it. south africa know what's coming. hanging turf in that they are saying they need to come back they are concerned that no deal has and hit south africa again with that kind of, not taken off the table and are just with whatever the game plan is and whatever the energy. i feel like they are capable of it concerned about students being but this is the challenge of rugby. disenfranchised if universities are there's going to be plenty of build—up and mind games going home, but interestingly the from the england camp shadow international trade secretary in the coming days. barry gardiner did not completely south africa though have played slammed the door shut on a winter in two rugby world cup finals and won them both, election. most recently back in 2007 the first thing i think would be when they beat england in the final. to ensure that students are not
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going to be disenfranchised the springboks' coach by the date of the election. though says they feel so you could vote their own kind of pressure. for december 9th then? again, that is precisely the physicality that england brought what borisjohnson has tried to do. he's tried to move to new zealand was just next level. on from his own failure, his die in the ditch date it was a long time since i have seen of the end of october,. an england team with that 0k. amount of physicality, he's tried to distract the public... they must be brimming i understand that. ..with an election and is trying to with confidence but we feel the pressure and we find our ways disenfranchise all those students. so december 9th would to handle it. be more acceptable to you than december 12th? it certainly would. and they would have the upper hand in terms of eddie's experience meanwhile, some former conservative but certainly saturday will be a big mps and labour folk are looking at test for us to see if we can fo that last step. earlier, ben curry, twin the possibility of maybe trying to of england forward tom, bring back boris johnson's joined me on breakfast. he also plays professional rugby the possibility of maybe trying to for tom's club side sale. bring back borisjohnson‘s deal, he has been give special with a confirmatory referendum attached to it as a way of, if you dispensation by his boss to travel to japan to watch his brother play like, getting round the move to have an election, with former chancellor in the world cup final. philip hammond this morning suggesting it was actually boris they've been absolutely amazing johnson blocking brexit because his about it. i sent him a text message. i was going to try to do it in brexit deal got through its key person about going to japan, and i second reading vote in the comments
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was like, yeah, i'll explain the on mr hammond suggested if the prime minister had carried on with age, he situation. it's a once—in—a—lifetime thing. go for it. absolutely could have got brexit turn and delivered possibly by the end of this month. incredible. i can't state my i personally believe that parliament gratitude towards him. lots of has to resolve this issue. people trying to get tickets. how last tuesday, parliament signalled very clearly that it was willing many does he get as a player for to progress this bill. it is the government that has family? two free ones and then you blocked it and the government should now stop blocking brexit, get a ccess family? two free ones and then you get access to quite a few but you allow parliament to get on with the brexit bill and deliver have to buy them. he doesn't know what you but he's bought mine. brexit by the end of november. laughter what a good brother he is. the build up to saturday's rugby world cup dominates norman, do you think philip hammond the back pages. has a point, or is this push for an the guardian — with election really a sign of boris eddiejones‘ response to warren gatland suggesting that johnson saying i don't think i have england had played their "world cup final" in the win over new zealand. any room for manoeuvre in parliament jones' told gatland and wales should enjoy the third place play off. and even if i was to continue with the withdrawal bill, there would be the times says referees will start using var pitch side screens in the premier league — amendments which would change it there has been criticism of the use of the var so far this season. beyond recognition?” amendments which would change it beyond recognition? i think he has a point but i suspect he has left it too late to make it, because to and the mirror has arsenal defender hector bellerin is pleading with fans to give
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bring the withdrawal bill back, backbenchers would have to seize granit xhaka a break. control of the order paper and then have a vote in the commons, and the club captain reacted badly when he was booed off by home events a re fans in arsenal's draw have a vote in the commons, and events are now moving very, very swiftly indeed. at 12:30pm today, with crystal palace on sunday the debate on borisjohnson's now after southampton were beaten 9—0 by leicester city on friday night they might‘ve hoped election bill will begin. i think for an easier way back to form. well they probably won't get that events may be running away from against manchester city tonight. those who want to try to bring back the saints meet the premier league champions in the carabao the withdrawal bill. as for the cup at the etihad. question of amendments, that too is they also play them again at the same ground in the league on saturday. a risk for boris johnson question of amendments, that too is a risk for borisjohnson when he brings his bill back, there are the city manager though is expecting a different southampton side tonight signs that some labour mps wants to than from four days ago. table some very problematic amendments such as extending the franchise in any future election to include 16 and 17—year—olds, which it's not easy, of course, but at the same time, they are professionals. would take months and months and months to arrange and in the view of the manager will be sad for a downing street would be a wrecking moment, for one night, of course, amendment designed to nobble the but after that, they have to move idea of a december election, so it forward. the players are is not a given that borisjohnson is professionals. they are going to try absolutely going to get his december to do their best. there's different
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election, but things are now competitions, trying to face good beginning to move in place for him games. there are five fourth round fixtures in the competition tonight. to succeed. norman, let's see what last year's semi—finalists burton albion face leicester the day brings, thank you very much. at home, hoping to avoid being 9—0 victims themselves perhaps. two under pressure managers meet at almost 200,000 people in california have been ordered to leave their homes, goodison when everton face watford. as emergency crews battle a huge wildfire. haringey borough and yeovil town a state—wide emergency has been declared, with strong winds making "want the real winner to be it difficult to stop football" in their fa cup replay the flames from spreading. this evening after the original here's our los angeles game was abandoned amid allegations of racial abuse. correspondent, sophie long. the fourth qualifying round tie was halted when the haringey boss this is the latest blaze that took his team off the field. quickly became a terrifying inferno, two men were arrested on suspicion sweeping through hundreds of acres of racially aggravated common assault and later in just a few hours. bailed without charge. win, lose or draw, of course firefighters battling the getty fire we are interested in the result in los angeles now have a short window of favourable conditions and of course we want to win, and a draw would be fantastic to try to contain it. for the football club, daylight means they can spray retardants from the air to slow but i would swap all of thatjust the burn and stop the fires reducing for the game to pass off without any more multi—million homes to smouldering debris. incident of any sort of abuse, hours ago, this was someone's home.
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any sort of person coming it bears little resemblance now onto the pitch and to what the people living anyone getting hurt. here left behind. and the 55—year—old boxer nigel benn in the early hours of the morning was due to fight for the first time the fire, propelled by strong winds, since 1996 next month, swept up the hill. but that bout has now been called people living on the other side of the canyon were lucky, off because of injury concerns. but you can see just how narrow their escape was. benn was due to meet sakio bika some who've lived here for more in birmingham in a heavily than 50 years have never seen it so bad. criticised comeback fight, but now the former world champion well, when i saw that says it won't happen sky completely red, because of shouldre problems. just massive red sky, benn said on instagram that with a heavy heart he's and lot of smoke, i was concerned. hanging up his gloves. that's why i went to the fire line to see where the start of it was. that's all the sport for now. murray stayed last night but now he's preparing to leave. the wind is going to pick up again, do keep up with everything throughout the day here on the bbc increasing the risk of more fires and the rapid growth news channel. sadly, thank you very of those already burning. much. they may have a poor meanwhile, thousands of firefighters reputation among their peers — but a study has suggested narcissists are likely to be continue to try to contain happier than most people. researchers at queen's university the kincade fire in sonoma county. belfast have been studying it's been burning for a week and has a perceived rise in narcissism swept through over 70,000 acres in modern societies. of california's wine country. they defined narcissists as being sophie long, bbc news, los angeles. likely to engage in risky behaviour, hold an unrealistic superior view
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of themselves, be over—confident, show little empathy for others, the headlines on bbc news: and have little shame or guilt. a damning report into the grenfell tower disaster. but despite these apparent negative london fire brigade's response is described as wholly inadequate traits, researchers found such and lives could have been saved people are less likely to be if the building had been evacuated sooner. stressed or depressed. psychotherapist and life coach katarina valentini boris johnson will try again joins me now via webcam. today to win support for a december general election despite mps rejecting his plan yesterday. thank you very much for coming along residents flee parts of los angeles to talk to us. do you think that as some of the city's wealthiest areas are threatened by wildfires. narcissism is on the rise in society and, if so, why? good morning. yes, ido and, if so, why? good morning. yes, i do believe narcissism is on the in sports, england must be aware of rise in society because today's society values fame and fortune and power and success, also we live in a the boks. jonny wilkinson described south africa is incredibly dangerous opponents ahead of the world cup culture that is very individualistic final injapan. opponents ahead of the world cup final in japan. haringey opponents ahead of the world cup and competitive, so everybody has to final injapan. haringey borough edge 0val town are urging togetherness when they replay their do his or her very best in order to fa cup tie later. the original be acknowledged and to succeed.
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fourth round tie was abandoned amid also, social media plays quite an important role, i think, because allegations of rachel appears to they dominate our lives and permeate haringey players. after losing 9—0 every aspect of our lives and people on friday, southampton travelled to are becoming increasingly self champions manchester city for the obsessed and self absorbed and do efl cup. city boss pep guardiola believe themselves to be very says he will notjudge them on last important. so are narcissists born week because my performance. more on those stories are just after 9:30am. or do they adopt these traits? does society conditions them to be that way? i believe nobody is born narcissistic because if you look up more now on the latest brexit developments — the most dominant narcissistic boris johnson will try for a fourth traits, that are not well accepted time to secure an early general election, after mps rejected his plans last night in parliament. the prime minister will publish in society, they are traits that are learned. of course, somebody can be a bill proposing a poll on 12 december that would only need more and more of an extrovert and a simple majority to succeed — not two—thirds as required has a tendency to potentially become in previous attempts. a narcissist, but nobody is born a i'm joined now by george aylett, a labour activist and former parliamentary candidate. narcissist. narcissists are raised and basically society is the thank you for coming along to talk environment they live in which shapes them. do most people who are to us, george. labour, of course, did not support the idea for a 12th narcissists recognise that of
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themselves and are they happy to be of december poll in the vote like that? this study shows they yesterday, gq think they should? of december poll in the vote yesterday, 60 think they should?” tend to be less depressed, they think they should have supported it handle stress better. 0r yesterday, i think they should have tend to be less depressed, they handle stress better. or do they supported it in september. i think have some degree of self—awareness which says they need to adapt? well, they should supported, we have seen nine years of harsh austerity, narcissists actually put on a mask. rising homelessness, rising poverty, crumbling resources and a broken a narcissistic mask when they are in education system. labour need to make the case to the country as soon society. deep down they feel very as possible, whether that is on the insecure, they believe themselves to ninth or 12th of october, it does be unworthy of love. they have a not matter as long as labour support that election. we have heard jeremy terribly poor self—image. they are corbyn say that no deal has to be fighting an underlying depression, and that is why they assume some off the table, isn't that a kind of a different persona when reasonable point? absolutely, but they are in public and what we see as their arrogance and haughty the eu have granted an extension until the 31st of january so i behaviour and their need for praise the eu have granted an extension until the 31st ofjanuary so i think no deal is safely off the table, so and adoration is actually a different... so they are putting on labour mps need to get behind jeremy a big front because this study corbyn and rally towards a general highlights two types of narcissism. election. hopefully he will be able the vulnerable type and the grandiose type. do you think society to win and appeal to swing voters. needs people like this? well, if we
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off the table untiljanuary 31, but is he looking further ahead and, if somehow managed to harness the so, is that the wrong sort of reason positive traits narcissists have and not to go for an election scene? use them for a common good, then i hopefully voters will put a spanner think we would all be better off. in the works and on december 12 able but narcissists unfortunately use all of their positive qualities only to scupper boris johnson's in the works and on december 12 able to scupper borisjohnson's plan to ta ke to scupper borisjohnson's plan to take us out of the eu with a no—deal to serve their own interests and not the interests of the general public brexit. i don't think most of the country would want that. i think all the people around them. that's people want genuine solutions to really, really interesting to talk to you. thank you very much. let me problems facing them right now and i think brexit has dominated the political debate for so long, issues just bring you a piece of breaking like education, the climate news from the office for national emergency and welfare have been statistics. it says about the gender sidelined for so long that people pay gap for full—time workers in the wa nt to sidelined for so long that people want to talk about that again, uk has increased from 8.6% to 8.9%, jeremy corbyn offers the right solutions. what do you make of his very poor relations in many polls? so the gender pay gap, the merger between men's and women's average public opinion can change so much in earnings has increased from 8.6% to a general election, we saw that last time. i think there are three reasons why labour can do well this 8.9% according to those latest statistics from the office for
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time, right now, compared to the national statistics. it is 9a8a the headlines on bbc news. 2017 election, labour are in a stronger position. labour were around 21 points behind them. boris johnson is heavily divisive and less popular than theresa may. as is a damning report into jeremy corbyn, let's face it. the the grenfell tower disaster — london fire brigade's response is described as wholly inadequate third point i was going to make is and lives could have been saved if the building had that the british election study been evacuated sooner. found that around 50% of voters boris johnson will try again today to win support for a december general election right now are floating voters, that despite mps rejecting his plan yesterday. is unprecedented in british history, residents flee parts of los angeles as some andi of the city's wealthiest areas is unprecedented in british history, and i think myjeremy corbyn can are threatened by wildfires. appeal is he offers the right the long—awaited public inquiry policies, heavily popular policies report into what happened like public ownership of rail, water on the night of the grenfell tower fire will be officially and energy, scrapping tuition fees released tomorrow. and energy, scrapping tuition fees and a living way. what you think it details leaked to the media this morning suggest the fire service has been heavily criticised will do for labour a is a vote for for its response. before the publication, this election in december which graham satchell spoke to families of some of the victims labour has either abstained or voted against, in other words, about their concerns. labour has either abstained or voted against, in otherwords, if labour has either abstained or voted against, in other words, if they have not taken a poverty?” yeah, hello, hi, the fire's in grenfell tower. against, in other words, if they the first emergency have not taken a poverty? i think labour should support it today.“ call of the night. quick, quick, quick, quick. they don't have the vote is in they're on their way.
9:19 am
favour of an election today, how as the fire took hold, residents who rang 999 might that impact how labour were told to stay put. performs? it would not look too i mean, my uncle lived on the top floor of the tower. great at labour, some people have and he called the fire services said having an election in december on a number of occasions that night. is quite uncommon, and it is. if the he was calm, collected, because he was told to stay where he was. motion passes today, this will be they knew where he was the fifth election in british and they were coming to get him. history held in december, at the and then, eventually, the smoke came last one in 1923, the outcome of into his flat and he... that was a labour government, ..he died, you know. fingers crossed they will do it again. sorry, we are nearly out of time, one final question, will they you know, they didn't need to be an electoral pact in do enough, i feel. could the fire service certain areas for candidates to win have done more? normally fires in tower blocks who are either supportive of are contained in one flat. remaining or another referendum, do residents are told to stay you think that needs to happen?” put because it's safer than trying to get out. think we should have labour your full name? danielle amara cotton. the public enquiry was told there was an early need representatives in as many for a total evacuation. constituencies as possible. i think a labour majority is very possible. but at grenfell the stay put policy was kept in place for almost two hours. george aylett, thank you very much for your time today. i wouldn't change anything we did two british people have been on the night, i think...
9:20 am
seriously injured in a shark the head of london's fire brigade attack in australia. the men, who are thought to be stunned residents when she told the enquiry she couldn't have in their 20s, were in the water off planned for the fire and wouldn't the coast of queensland have done anything differently. when it happened. do you stand by everything one of the men had his foot bitten off and the other you said at the enquiry? so clearly a lot of things i said suffered wounds to his calf. both are said to be in a stable at the enquiry were based condition in hospital. on what we knew on the night it is understood that the two and our response on the night. patients were on a day—cruise vessel speaking at the london assembly two out at airlie beach, and they were snorkelling weeks ago, dany cotton said at the time. lessons had been learned. today if there's a fire in a building with cladding both patients are male the advice is to get out and both in their 20s. and stay out. they are believed to be british those buildings need to be evacuated immediately. and by the time we get there, backpackers visiting the area. the wait and watch people should be one of the male patients taking the steps and we go was attacked first and the shark is believed to have and assist and evacuate. if you had your time returned and come back and attacked again, you would have the second patient. abandoned stay put earlier? so if i was able to know about the building what i know now, 0ur sydney correspondent clearly w'd have to. we didn't know that about the building. phil mercerjoins me now. no building should ever have behaved like that. it let the people of grenfell down. what is the very latest update on but there were warnings from history. the condition of the two men? we most recently at lakanal house in 2009, a refurbished tower know they are 22 and 28 years of and south london where fire spread up the outside. age, in hospital suffering some again, people were told
9:21 am
pretty serious injuries. as you can to stay put and died. imagine, it would have been a we all compare lakanal house terrifying experience for these two because there was a public enquiry, it made recommendations, english backpackers enjoying the scotland listened and tropical waters snorkelling near scotland implemented those recommendations but we didn't. and had we have done we probably would never have been in this airle beach at a place called hook situation we are in today. the public enquiry‘s first report tomorrow will focus largely on the response of the fire service, passage in north—eastern australia. they were thrashing about in the questions about cladding, water, having a good time, before the local authority, early they were attacked. the upshot of regulations will come next year. some are worried firefighters they were attacked. the upshot of the incident in australia is one man has had his foot bitten off and will be made scapegoats. another has some very serious cuts what have fire ministers done ever to his lower leg. they were taken by since lakanal house? in my view, absolutely nothing. boat, on an organised tour back to they've allowed flammable cladding to continue to be put on buildings, the shore, they were transferred to they've created that situation, and it is completely unfair a hospital by helicopter, that is in to target firefighters when the real culprits are corporate interests and politicians. a hospital by helicopter, that is in a town about 600 miles north of the queensland state capital, brisbane. every month the grenfell tower there is a silent march. so because they were on an organised the most poignant moment when residents pass tour, assistance was given quickly, the local fire station. which may have been crucial in there is no doubt firefighters acted
9:22 am
saving their lives. is the area heroically on the night. where they were attacked known for a but the fire service does have shark population, are sharks questions to answer. frequent visitors? it is, in the graham satchell, bbc news. last year there have been five shark in a statement, the government said attacks in the whitsun waters. a keeping the public safe is their top priority, and they are doing all they can couple of attacks in september last to ensure a tragedy year prompted the authorities in like the grenfell tower fire can never happen again. queensland to install what are known as tramlines, traps with baited some young muslims in the uk are turning to speed hooks that catch sharks in sensitive areas where swimmers, surfers and dating to find love. they say they've tried other things including apps — but like the idea of meeting people snorkellers go. as far as the third of their own faith in real life. stage given to these two young anisa kadri — from the bbc‘s asian network — joined a speed british men, we understand there dating event for muslims in london. we re british men, we understand there were two international paramedics on the tour boat who were able to three minutes to make an impression — that's how long you get with each administer pretty proficient first person before its time to rotate aid, you would have to imagine, so at this speed dating it could have been far worse. these event for young muslims. yeah, there's definitely many two men transported via helicopter toa two men transported via helicopter different types of muslims so for me to a hospital in queensland where it would be good to ask questions they are still receiving treatment like your boundaries in terms today. phil mercer in sydney, thank of having a relationship,
9:23 am
it would be important you. to know their personal an infectious disease that can harm the brain and is spread by tick connection with god. bites has been identified in insects in the uk for the first time. if they pray or not. the tick—borne encephalitis virus has been found in east anglia and close i'd say if they're practising or not practising, all information that's to the hampshire—dorset border. quite important to help decide symptoms of the disease include what kind of person. seizures, hallucinations and memory problems, but public health england the organisers say the event at a london cafe's alcohol free, in line with the religion's beliefs. says the risk is very low. i think real life meets for us was the biggest draw. the us house of representatives there are ways, apps now, is to hold its first vote on the impeachment inquiry so many different platforms to meet into president trump on thursday. the democrat—led proceedings people for muslims and other faiths, are into claims that the president but it was the real possibility put pressure on foreign governments of being able to meet people in real life and have authentic connection to investigate his political rivals. and have the choice and the options, which sometimes muslims might not have the access to. the team for next year's invictus games will be announced this morning, for the people who come to this at a special event in london hosted by prince harry. islamic speed dating event, around 500 wounded armed services they say it's the chance for them personnel and veterans from 18 nations will take part to meet someone on their own terms. in the tournament. you never know, one introduction the prince founded could lead to another and, the competition in 2014. yeah, just taking it
9:24 am
0ur royal correspondentjonny dymond as it is, you know? joins us now from central london. i would like someone that's muslim, but it's not necessarily a deal—breaker. if they're open to how i am, with every tournament, the invictus i'm quite open to how they are. games grows and grows in terms of as for whether there's love in the air here, its significance, its name organisers tell us there recognition. tell us more about what were some matches. anisa kadri, bbc news, in london. is happening today? you can see the australian singer and actress behind me i think, this is the uk 0livia netwon—john has revealed more than 500 items of personal movie tea m behind me i think, this is the uk team that will go forward to the and music memorabilia, invictus games that will be held in to be sold at auction this weekend. the hague in may next year, 65 men the star of films such as grease and xanadu — and women, wounded, injured and sick who also topped the music charts service men and women both serving in the 1970s and 80s — is raising men and women and veterans. they money for her cancer centre. gareth barlow has more details. # you're the one that i want. we re men and women and veterans. they were selected from 350 competitors # ooh—ooh—ooh, honey. who took part in trials in sheffield it's one of the most iconic outfits of the silver screen worn thisjuly. this who took part in trials in sheffield this july. this is who took part in trials in sheffield thisjuly. this is not the well‘s by 0livia newtonjohn bigger sporting tournaments, by any when she played sandy in the film grease. means, it is nothing like the this is the sandy outfit that i wore commonwealth games or the olympics, at the end of the movie but it has taken on a weight, whenjohn and i sang you're the one that i want together. symbolism and importance way beyond and this jacket and pants, its numbers. it was borne out of a the pants have a broken zip
9:25 am
long journey that prince harry took and i had to be stitched into them. coming back from afghanistan, coming soon it will be on sale alongside back to britain, where he was on 500 other items owned by the grammy award—winning singer and actress. board with injured servicemen and he was gripped from that point with his desire to do something and for all it took quite a few months to read through boxes the many troubles that we may have and storage containers, heard about over the last few weeks and months that harry has had, it is but it was a fun venture. it took a lot of time. when he meets the invictus 0livia newtonjohn is battling competitors, when he met them in breast cancer for the third time syd ney last year competitors, when he met them in sydney last year when i was with and a proportion of the auction's him, when he meets them today, he is proceeds will be donated to her cancer wellness and research expected in about five minutes, it centre in australia. is their new sehic come alive, in the hospital, we have music because this has been one of his therapy, art therapy, missions and it has been hugely group sessions, yoga. successful in the creation and we have a recording studio where patients can write music. maintenance of the invictus games. i mean, it's really a wonderful part of the centre. absolutely, however, the trouble # you're the one that i want. that you mention, how much do you think every engagement he is # ooh—ooh—ooh, honey. involved with will to some extent be all that's left now ahead of saturday's sale, is people seen involved with will to some extent be seen through the prism of the recent to decide which item is the one that they want. interviews, talk of a changing gareth barlow, bbc news. relationship with his brother, prince william, and so on?” relationship with his brother, prince william, and so on? i think the engagements will be tainted by he couldn't really end that report
9:26 am
that, certainly. listen to what he with any other line, could he? had to say. every camera he sees, every flash, every photographer, he this thursday it's halloween, which is a huge event in the united states. preparations are well is reminded of his late mother underway at the white house, which has been specially decorated, diana, princess of wales. it is complete with pumpkins, enchanted trees and vines. difficult now to escape from that. president trump and the first lady melania have also been handing out for those of us following that in treats to some very well behaved local school children and military some time, it has been very families, who were invited noticeable that he does not like to the white house on monday. cameras, he turns away from cameras, now it's time for a he does not embrace them in ways look at the weather. that other members of the royal here's simon. family are used to. at the cameras 0n on thursday for halloween, you may are not the focus of the event, they get wet actually because we have some rain moving in across the uk, are not the focus of the event, they are not the most important thing to but in the short—term, the weather, him or the audience, instead it is broadly, the same as yesterday for the complete —— the competitors, and many of us. blue skies in it is to them that he pours out nottinghamshire. this high pressure isn't easy as an defection. that he is dominating things for many of us but we've still got this weather front across the south and pours out enthusiasm and affection. south—west and you can see from the there will be the cameras to look at satellite image here, more cloud and the participants at the event he associated with that. it's edged its way further north into parts of wa nts to and the participants at the event he wants to go to and the causes he wales, the south midlands but wa nts to wants to go to and the causes he elsewhere, not some clear skies and wants to promote. thank you very
9:27 am
much, jonny dymond, our royal some sunshine. today, a few showers across eastern england, north—east correspondence. let's look at the weather forecast with simon king. of scotland, showers in london, essex and kent, and rain in the far south—west of england. 0therwise, though, it's looking like a dry some cloud entering keeping afternoon and there will be plenty of sunshine around with maximum temperatures temperatures getting up to 9—12. up, in some places a cold and frosty starch, hats and gloves needed, but tonight, clear skies. 0ne another mostly dry and sunny date temperatures getting up to 9—12. tonight, clearskies. one or temperatures getting up to 9—12. tonight, clearskies. 0ne ortwo showers around eastern areas. they for most of us because high pressure is in charge of the weather for most will have the cloud continuing across southern areas, edging its of us, it is just the weather system way further northwards, so still rain in the far south as well and across the far south bringing the cloud and outbreaks of rain which thatis rain in the far south as well and that is going to act as a blanket to will continue through this morning. keep things milder across southern you can see from the satellite imagery that there will be clear areas. 8—10 compared to northern skies further north, that is why it parts where we see the blues. 0nce has been so cold and frosty. fairly again, a frost into wednesday similarto has been so cold and frosty. fairly similar to yesterday through the morning. temperatures, for many, day, there will be closed, patchy getting close to if not below freezing. this high pressure is rain in the south—west, more showers across the south—east, may be moving gradually eastwards but is quite stubborn so during wednesday, showers across north—eastern england and the north—east of scotland. for a few weather systems out towards the west and they will try to move most, the emphasis is on another their way in but i think throughout
9:28 am
sunny day and temperatures about wednesday it's only south—west england, south—west wales which will nine to 12 degrees. through tonight, see any rain throughout the day. a not a great deal of change, it is a lwa ys bit of cloud across the southern not a great deal of change, it is always across the southern areas that we keep the cloud jameson areas in general but further north, patchy rain. some showers coming in it is dry and sunny and pretty across eastern areas, the cloud in the south acts like a blanket which chilly. temperatures around 9—11. 13 could keep temperatures above celsius in plymouth, a sign of freezing, 8010 celsius in the milderair celsius in plymouth, a sign of milder air starting to move in. clearer skies, where it will be during thursday, the area of high pressure continues to move away and coders. —— eight to 10 celsius. a we make a few more inroads with this weather system pushing in from the stingy wednesday in some northern west and with that, i mentioned milderairand parts. it will stick around on west and with that, i mentioned milder air and here it comes. the wednesday because no pledges to oranges start to take over from the areas, weather systems trying to blues we have had over the last few push in. that willjust mean some days, so much milder through the end of the week but as i said on cloud and rain across the far south and south—west of england, may be thursday, we will see the rain moving eastwards but it will be south—west wales too. further north quite patchy but certainly cloudier for many of us. by friday, the rain and east, dry, sunny again, a frosty still around and temperatures you will notice is around 14—16. bye starting northern parts, temperatures about eight to ten, maybe 13 celsius in the south—west. bye.
9:29 am
signs of milder air pushing aim. during thursday we will see the weather system make inroads across the uk, it will be slow—moving but will bring some rain across many parts, but also some milder air. i mentioned that earlier. that will push north eastwards, taking the blues away, bringing those temperatures up a bit to the edge of the week. there will be more cloud around thursday and friday, some outbreaks of rain as well, so if you enjoy the nice, dry, sunny but cold days, make the most of it over the 00:29:36,652 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 next couple of days. hello, it's tuesday, it's ten o'clock, i'm victoria derbyshire.
9:30 am
a leaked report seen by this programme says fewer people would have died in the grenfell tower disaster if the london fire brigade had not told residents to stay in their flats and wait to be rescued. i've seen the entire 1,000 pages of the official inquiry report. it is heavily critical of the london fire brigade and the response of emergency services that night. the union representing rank and file firefighters the inquiry is "back to front" and should be focussing on why the building was dangerous the truth
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