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and their remarkable rise has been spear—headed by shirley mccay, who is winning her 300th cap for ireland this weekend. indeed she's the first irish woman to reach that figure in any sport. she's been speaking to nigel ringland. commentator: that is fired in, and it was shirley mccay with the final touch. the pinnacle of a hockey career so far. a world cup silver medal for shirley mccay, and now 300 caps for her country. ireland's most capped sportswoman. i think it is a bit surreal when you sit down and think about it, and i don't really like the spotlight, i suppose. it isn't my forte, but it is a great achievement, and it is something i'm very proud of. from her first call—up to the irish senior squad in 2007, she has been ever present sense, admired by those she has played with at international level.
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# shirley mccay # shirley mccay # shirley mccay congratulations! # shirley mccay congratulations! congratulations! she # shirley mccay congratulations! she is completely professional, she will put herself between the ball on the goal every single time, she prepares well. but is someone you wa nt prepares well. but is someone you want in yourteam prepares well. but is someone you want in your team and behind you whenever you are playing. now she reaches this impressive milestone, there is one burning ambition that remains, one that she can achieve this weekend. the olympics is any young girl's dream, and for me, to haveit young girl's dream, and for me, to have it so close and to have given us have it so close and to have given us such a good opportunity to achieve our dream, it seems such a shame not to give it one last go, you know? we have got a special couple of weeks coming up, and we are going to give it everything we can, because really, the world cup last year was the pinnacle so far. those 0lympic qualifiers against canada arejust those 0lympic qualifiers against canada are just a few days away, and shirley is hoping that there are a few more celebrations still to come.
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so it seems that 300 is the magic numberfor shirley so it seems that 300 is the magic number for shirley mccay. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. good evening again. just before we go to interview a guest on a g re nfell go to interview a guest on a grenfell fire report, we will get some use from manchester. two men have been arrested on suspicion of terror offences, and bomb disposal officers are dealing with a range rover which was stopped on deansgate in central manchester this afternoon at about 2:30pm. police say suspicious items were found in that vehicle. officers were alerted after two men were seen acting suspiciously in salford. a statement
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from greater manchester police said the men were being questioned on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism. we will of course bring you more on that as we get it. now let's go back to our top story, the house of commons has observed a minute's silence in memory of the victims of the fire at grenfell tower, which of course claimed the lives of 72 people injune 2017. today's publication of a report on the fire calling for the government to treat its response is a national emergency. the report is critical of the london fire brigade's response, saying that the tower did not meet building regulations either. the london fire brigade said it was disappointed by some criticism of individuals following calls from mps and some campaigners for resignations at the most senior levels of the capital's fire service. let speak now to joe delaney, who lives near grenfell and isa delaney, who lives near grenfell and is a member of the action group. thank you forjoining us. you have
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read the report. what is your reaction? my initial thoughts were that i thought it was going to be a whitewash, but i'm thankful to say that sir martin has actually come through for a great extent for the community. the report is comprehensive. whilst there are some minor details in it and some certain issues where we would have problems with regards to timelines etc, i think on the whole it has been a very good report, and he has made some really good recommendations, andi some really good recommendations, and i hope that our government, whatever colour it may be come the election, will adopt them all in full, and actually implement them all in full. so let's turn to the recommendations. we can't go through all of them in full, but what are the most important to you? sir martin moore—bick isn't known for exaggeration so the fact that he felt it important to step outside of the phase one remit and actually
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comment on building regulations and just how poor they are, i think that speaks volumes. that is an area that needs critically looking at. it is also an absolute scandal that there are still over 400 buildings in this country, potentially more, that have dangerous cladding on them. that needs to be dealt with immediately as well. in the one place you should be able to feel safe and secure is your own home, and the fact that people can't is an indictment on one of the richest countries in the world. we need to stop arguing about who is going to pay for it, just get it done and then we can worry about who is paying for it, but in the first instance, the government could quite easily cover the cost and look to recover them. and turning to what i mentioned in the introduction, the criticism for example of the fire brigade, is that someone that resonates with you, or do you think thatis resonates with you, or do you think that is a less important issue? i'm
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glad you said fire brigade. the issueis glad you said fire brigade. the issue is it's the fire service that are criticised by sir martin moore—bick, quite heavily, but he goes to great pains to say that individual firefighters aren't necessarily to blame for anything at all. ultimately they were working within a structure that was too rigid and did not give these guys the proper advice, the proper support, the proper equipment and the proper information and training that they needed in order to be able to fulfil theirjobs that night. the fa ct to fulfil theirjobs that night. the fact that mistakes were made is a tragedy, but those mistakes should not be laid at the doors of any of the individual firefighters on the front line. the management of london fire brigade and the politicians who decided how much its funding was etc, for example mare borisjohnson as he was at the time, are the ones who have a lot of questions to answer, and i do hope that those
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questions are asked and we do get some sincere and honest answers from them, and maybe some of them accepting responsibility for what they did or didn't do. so that question about responsibility or accountability was going to be one i came to, cut because you will know that some of the survivors' groups are demanding the resignation or sacking of the head of the london fire brigade, coming again to your point that it is a managerial response that is necessary rather than the firefighters actually on the ground. do you think that kind of, that is what is required to put in new leadership? i do think there needs to be a change of leadership at london fire. i don't think dany cotton at london fire. i don't think dany cotto n ca n at london fire. i don't think dany cotton can ever come back from the comments that she made at the inquiry about how she wouldn't change a thing. london deserves better, quite frankly, and so to the victims of the fire, and so do the firefighters themselves, because, you know, we also have to consider
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the fact that london fire brigade is an employer, and it needs to be looking after its employees, and at the moment it's not. it has failed them horribly. unfortunately for us, them horribly. unfortunately for us, the consequence of them failing their employees is death, given high criticaljob their employees is death, given high critical job those their employees is death, given high criticaljob those employees undertake. so if any service needs to be looked after, it is the front line emergency services, because we will all be very grateful for that fa ct if will all be very grateful for that fact if and when we ever come to need the use of any of them. you wa nt need the use of any of them. you want decent ambulance staff turning up want decent ambulance staff turning up if you are sick, decent fire crew turning up if you need them, if the place is on fire, you want decent police who are properly trained turning up if there is an incident that they need to respond to. joe delaney, i'm afraid we have to leave it there because we have to go to the weather on the top of the hour, but we are very grateful to you for joining us this evening. now time for a very quick look at the weather
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with lucy. hello there. it is going to turn milder and more unsubtle towards the end of the week, but for now it looks like high pressure willjust hold on, keeping things dry and settled for northern and central parts of the uk. this feature in the south—west will continue to bring some outbreaks of rain for south—west england, southern wales, but it will also hold the temperatures up in the double figures. elsewhere with some clear spells we will see temperatures dipping away, a chilly but bright start across scotland and northern england where you could see a touch of frost. the risk of one or two showers in the north—east after some early brightness, cloud increasing across northern ireland, and it will remain fairly cloudy across wales in the south—west, the overnight rain will tend to ease. temperatures generally between eight and 14 celsius. it will be a milder but more unsubtle day as we move into friday. temperatures at a maximum of 16 celsius in cardiff and london, but there will be some spells of rain toa but there will be some spells of rain to a company that, and plenty of cloud.
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you're watching beyond 100 days. the countdown begins, unofficially it is day one of the general election campaign. and already we have 57 resignations, the divisions over brexit taking its toll on both sides of the house. we will speaking to one of those standing down, about the state of british politics, and the hostility that some mps say they have faced. in the impeachment enquiry, two career diplomats tell congress president trump had a deeply pessimistic view of ukraine, that was out of step with america's strategic aims in the country. also on the programme: boeing's ceo gets a grilling on capitol hill after the two fatal crashes of the 737 max.


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