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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  October 31, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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more we're going to need a couple more but he's got it in us. have a look at this. these are happy people over here. happy families indeed. as i said, the atmosphere has been unbelievable so far this evening. compared to the opening, 2a hours ago. the astros fans are getting through. i'm just going to finish. wa nt through. i'm just going to finish. want show you something here. walk around this way. and just in here, just have a look at this. this man has had a few home runs this year. $20,000 for the shirt he w0 re this year. $20,000 for the shirt he wore in the first game. this showed here, the one he wore last night in game six, $25,000! if you have some spare cash then this is something
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you can probably use, keep it for yea rs you can probably use, keep it for years to come, maybe. maybe you could afford one, mimi? me?! i doubt that. thank you very much. to football and liverpool are through to the quarter—finals of the league cup in england after an epic tie against arsenal. they won on penalties at anfield — after a 5—5 draw. michael redford reports. anfield is no stranger to a memorable night. but if you could have imagined what was about to come when defensive duties went wrong. arsenal levelled minutes later, a hint of offside, but from being level to being in control, another two goals made it 3—1. this penalty made it 3—2 but he was at fault for the fourth. liverpool far from finished. fans were hoping in them, believing. and there was still more to come.
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the goal of the night and it looked to have won the game until this happened. 5—5 full—time. penalties. six scored consecutively until this kick was saved, leaving the 18—year—old to win the match in front of the cup. no pressure. no problem. liverpool winning 5—4 on penalties. and 200 miles away in london, they've beenjoined by manchester united. in the night's other games, ahmed el mohamady scored the winner as aston villa beat wolves 2—i. and marcus rashford scored both goals for manchester united in a 2—1 victory at chelsea. in italy, cristiano ronaldo scored the winner asjuventus beat genoa to go back to the top of the table in serie a. juventus went in front after 36 minutes — with a headerfrom leonardo bonucci, but the lead only lasted 4 minutes. a mistake in thejuve defence gave christian kouame the chance to equalise, and the ivorian striker scored his fourth league goal of the season.
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the match was heading for a draw until the sixth minute of stoppage time when cristiano ronaldo was awarded a penalty. he put away the spot kick himself to seal the win that putsjuve a point clear of inter milan at the top of the table. in italy, juventus are back on top of the table in serie a after beating genoa 2—i. cristiano ronaldo scored a 90th minute penalty for the champions who are a point clear of inter. elsewhere, napoli were held to a 2—2 draw at home by atalanta. this goal from arek milik put napoli in front for the second time in the game. but four minutes from time, josip ilicic scored atalanta's the england women's cricket team have appointed the australian lisa keightley as the team's new coach.
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she's the first woman to get the job on a full—time basis. keightley — who played in 9 test matches and 81 0dis for australia — will take up her new role injanuary. clare connor — who's the director of women's cricket at the england and wales cricket board — says keightley was the obvious choice. she was the standout candidate of the an expensive extensive search which we conducted during october. she is known to us, she has worked for us before as head coach of our academy forfour years for us before as head coach of our academy for four years from 2011. she has played the game at a high level, she has coached the game at a high level, she has coached australia for a few years and in the last three or four years she has been leading a fully professional programme in western australia in perth for the perth scorchers in the big bash. she comes with good credentials. as i say she was the standout candidate in a highly varied and talented pool of applicants from this country and all
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over the world. and we are thrilled to be able to make this offer today. staying with cricket. scotland and oman have both qualified for next year's t20 world cup in australia — claiming the last two places available. in the qualifying competition in the uae, george munsey top—scored with 65 as scotland beat the host nation by 90 runs. meanwhile, oman edged out hong kong byjust 12 runs to qualify for only the second time. to tennis — and the defending champion elina svitolina is the first player through to the semi—finals of the season—ending wta tour finals in shenzhen, china. the ukrainian — who's the number eight seed — beat the wimbledon champion simona halep in straight sets to make it two wins out of two in the round—robin phase of the tournament. svitolina won 7—5, 6—3 to seal her place in the last four with a match to spare.
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in the day's other game, karolina pliskova claimed herfirst victory of the tournament. she was a "set up" against bianca andreescu when the us open champion was forced to retire injured. friday's match between pliskova and simona halep will decide who joins svitolina in the semi—finals. and that is all the sport. see you shortly. welcome back. this is bbc news. the london fire brigade commissioner has rejected calls for her to resigned. 72 people died in the tower block fire injune 72 people died in the tower block fire in june 2017. 72 people died in the tower block fire injune 2017. our special correspondent reports and we warn
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you, some correspondent reports and we warn you, some viewers correspondent reports and we warn you, some viewers may find these images upsetting. myfamily... here are my family here. why, why? they die, i cannot sleep, always crying. the last thing i was hearing from my aunt was, "where are the firefighters?" and i rest it at that. "where are the firefighters?" i pray every single day, since the tower, to die sooner, because i have no meaning of my life. and they do not want to become a political football... no enquiry can comfort them. no blame brings them back. n0 warm words ease their harsh reality. grenfell was a national tragedy but their deeply personal one.
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el—alami hamdan lost his daughter, her husband and their two children. leena, six months old, died in her mothers arms. why, why? this is our families. i not come in here just to pass the time. i had a family. fourfamily die! the report blames the cladding that surrounded the building for spreading these flames. it broke building regulations. the fire so fierce because grenfell‘s walls were covered in a material that was flammable. but the focus of this part of the enquiry is what happened on the night. despite the bravery of some firefighters, the fire brigade is heavily criticised for institutional and systemic failures. telling people to "stay put" in these flames cost lives.
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paulos tekle was told to stay put in the building — his 5—year—old son isaac didn't make it out. on the night i was there, i was suffering, still i am suffering with this situation. but there was no excuse. we should have been rescued and helped by the firefighters. nazanin aghlani lost her mother and her aunt. they were responsible to do a job, they had training, they had legislations that told them what to do if compartmentation is breached. they didn't do it. they should be prosecuted, i'm not saying individual firemen, they did a hard job, bless them, they probably don't even get paid that well. but the seniors at the top, they get good money to do a very seriousjob. the most senior fire officer is criticised for her remarkable insensitivity for her words at the enquiry. i wouldn't change anything we did on the night, ithink... today she apologised to the families. the 72 lives lost were just the worst thing ever,
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and london fire brigade are truly sorry we could not have saved everyone's life that night. but do you accept that more people died that night because you did not evacuate the building on time? i think it would be very difficult for us to make, draw that conclusion and i think even sir martin moore—bick says he has no expert evidence to draw that conclusion. but he does draw that conclusion. so, will you resign and some of the families are asking? no, i won't, i will retire in six months‘ time. because my commitment is to making those changes and if i resign, i can't do that. grenfell survivor edward daffarn warned that there would be a serious fire in the building months before it happened. we first met him on the morning of the fire, in the clothes that he fled in. my life, my self, was saved by a brave firefighter, from the 16th floor, who came and rescued me when i was taking my last breaths, and sir martin moore—bick in his report points out that there are many, many instances of brave and courageous act by firefighters. my own personal view of dany cotton is that she needs to be
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dismissed from her post. 0n the grenfell tragedy... in the commons, they stood silent for a minute, as survivors and bereaved looked on at the politicians they feel let them down. they asked for the truth, we promised them the truth, we owe them the truth. and, today, the whole country, the whole world, is finally hearing the truth about what happened at grenfell tower. the shameful fact is, mr speaker, that feet have been dragged, the exact same cladding is on similar high—rise blocks, sprinklers have not been fitted, thousands of people will go to bed tonight and tomorrow night not feeling safe in this country. this tower, a devastating testament to the companies which made the cladding, the authorities that allowed it to be put on, and the fire brigade who saved some, but failed others.
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we have much more on the grenfell tower enquiry on our website. it is nearly two in the morning, that is it from me. let's catch up now with all of the weather news. hello. south—western reaches of the uk have had relentless rain in the last couple of days. cornwall, the channel islands and devon. the prospect for today looks drier although not necessarily brighter. the area of low pressure that has been passed to the south—west of the uk will pull away, taking the rain with it. more rain in the winds to come away for friday. today, however, we begin with rain across the south coast,
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affecting parts of wales but come the afternoon are largely dry picture with a bit of drizzle around, the odd shower, lingering cloud but much drier. plenty of sunshine further north and east. still breezy especially for some of the western coasts. later in the day the cloud starts to build towards the west and skies become overcast. temperatures reaching 11 in belfast with brightness for plymouth up to 1a degrees. if you heading out in the evening for trick—or—treating, a fine story across central and eastern parts of the uk with the cloud thickening in the west to bring a patchy outbreak of rain at first and then some heavy rain by the time we get to midnight as the next area of low pressure starts to work in. it will also bring strengthening wind in this low will stay with us with us for a while, particularly on friday it will pull the air in from the south—west of the uk, from the atlantic and so yes the rain will come down but, actually, the temperature on the whole will be going up. heavy downpours of rain at time and coming in showery bands there will be brightness in between the rain and in that sunshine 16 or 17 degrees across eastern england.
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persistent rain for the south coast later in the day. just nine or ten to the north across scotland. that area of low pressure is key to the weekend. it will stay with us, exactly how it develops is open to some questions still at the moment but if we do get this deep squeeze to the south of the uk it could be a very windy day across southern england and, particularly along the south coast. never mind where you are, a wet weekend basically in store.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm lewis vaughan jones. our top stories: social networking giant twitter announces a global ban on all political advertising, beginning next month. the us military publishes the first images of the raid in which the leader of the islamic state group was killed. raging wildfires in california, as a new blaze in the south of the state threatens the ronald reagan presidential library. and unveiling the graveyard of the future. the underground resting place for the dead ofjerusalem.


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