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tv   The Papers  BBC News  December 2, 2019 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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she was trafficked to have underage sex with prince andrew, who is now calling on the british public to support her fight forjustice — allegations which he denies. the guardian has an exclusive story with the father of jack merritt, who was killed in the london bridge terror attack on friday. a vigil was held today in memory of the two victims of the attack, and a photo of mourners fronts the telegraph. however, the paper leads on claims thatjeremy corbyn‘s nhs for sale documents were "disinformation". put out by who knows who? the financial times warns that brussel‘s is ready to cut off the city of london's access to the post—brexit market — that's according to the eu's new financial services chief. the mirror reports on a "killer driver on the run" after a 12—year—old boy was killed outside his school gates, others injured by a driver who targeted the school then fled the scene. and the times says britain's biggest retailers are pushing
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shoppers into "record debts" with their credit schemes. right, let's start with the guardian because it is very striking on the front, object merit, and this article by dave merritt, who opened on saturday on his twitter feed, when he broke the news of his son's kelly, he gives them a very powerful position, on behalf of his late son, on how politician should be reacting to depositing terrible events. what do you make of what he's got to say? it's heartbreaking to read. you can't imagine the pain the family are going through. dave writes very articulately about what his son believed in and what his son did in terms of him he talks about "jack devoted his energy..." the reason for the meeting that took place. a
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pioneering programme. yes, he's been open about his political leanings, but he's also asked that his son's that's not be politicized. the politicians, even the questions they are being asked emma they are leading to this being a political issue. and of course, politicians go to defend the actions of those that have been in the post before. but i think, we have to remember this is an incredibly sad event and i don't know. i think ultimately come and there are many people with many questions about what happened. it is not a simple problem to solve, and that's going to be white is going to continue to play out. absolutely. this is a really powerful and poignant piece by jack's
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this is a really powerful and poignant piece byjack's died. it is pushing back, the guardian has below it, the... there was a moment when there was space for the prime minister to step there was space for the prime ministerto step in, there was space for the prime minister to step in, to be statesman—like, trying bring the country together, and actually that very aggressive attack on labour, the blame game, the andrew marr interview, we are not quick to politicize it but it is labour's fault. it sounded crass and it was out of case come out ofjoint.m was on the saturday, the immediate aftermath, the visits to the site. we saw priti patel, very sombre, and it kind of jarred. we saw priti patel, very sombre, and it kind ofjarred. was itjust a bit too soon? and in a sense, was it difficult for boris johnson because he was on the defensive because andrew marr was critiquing the
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conservative government's records?” think this is part of the problem. when you have an election campaign going on and you are also prime minister, it is very difficult because you've got decisions to make and it country delete and you've also got a campaign to have. there is... you have to be partisan. you also have to be prime minister...m is also very telling that for all parties, they have all focused heavily their narratives, what they say, their answers, this was not in the script... this is the sort of stuff you cannot plan for. with that situation come in the flooding is, there was a lot of concern boris johnson had not been soon enough to go and to speak to people, and when he did, he got a rough ride. on this one, he was there very quickly and he was dealing with the situation as a prime minister should. however,
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evenin a prime minister should. however, even in his first response, he talked about police numbers, which was part of the concern that came very quickly, that he actually got into the political side of it too fast. and i think that the reality is that even if the prime minister had not done it, i suspect we would have heard concern even about the questions and other people were saying it is inevitable during an election campaign that this is... we saw some of this in 2017, with pc palmer's testament it is inevitable. i thickened this heartbreaking —— pc palmar‘s death. we should be celebrating the amazing, amazing, bravery of the people that attacked that guy on the bridge, which we have certain forgotten about already. the telegraph, and a moving picture ofjack a moving picture of jack merritt‘s girlfriend, just back from a lovely holiday with them and has lost him. that catches very powerfully the
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emotion. we feel we have been in that instance, the footage was so intimate of the moment where they we re intimate of the moment where they were fighting this man and the moments where he was shot dead, all that has been replayed so many angles. i wonder if that has also affected how we are responding to the reporting of the story. and also how is been written up, because it feels, for me, a more intimate...m wasn't even... the police cannot control the never to. within minutes, there was footage from a bus on the bridge and i can remember myself mentioning, i think it was an undercover policeman... that's right. and i tweeted really fast, find this man, we need to celebrate these heroes or something. we have
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to remember... i have walked london bridge, i'm sure you have. when you are in the city, you have this huge surge of people that walk across the bridge all going in one direction, all ina bridge all going in one direction, all in a hurry, and london is seen as this slightly rude city. and people probably get quite scared of that... and yet, you heard stories of people who ran across the bridge and did all these things, and these first—hand stories are actually everyone's able to read the stuff and see this stuff first—hand because of the stuff that was there from the day. the whole tone of it has been very striking, because we have had it from so many, so much detail, that you wonder if there is anything for the papers to say, something that hasn't been seen?” wonder about the story that is
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london that is best. the guys who came and, against the odds, try to contain the terrorist attacker, the victims and the story behind them. it's kind of the best of humankind? they are random victims in the sense of the randomness of the act, but at the same time, the sword and the resort they had to tell about their desire to help in the rehabilitation... quite a powerful symbol. absolutely. i hope that is not lost. clearly, that is what dave merritt is saying in his article. and it cannot be lost. the reaction is one that is, we have got to like these people up. people will naturally be very terrified and there was a question about, our justice system should be there to readability. we don't always get it right. the systems aren't always right. the systems aren't always right but that's got to be the objective and you have just got to caution when there is that political response where people are worried and so the instance of the politicians will become we are going to go harder, we are going to lock
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them up, we are going to lock them up them up, we are going to lock them up for longer, and we just have to be careful though whether that is the right response. any immediate response to a tragedy is probably not the right response and you need to find out what went wrong in this particular instance, and we cannot lose track of the fact that our justice system at his best seeks, yes, to reprimand people but also to try and rehabilitate them so they can come back and her society. we don't always get it right but to lose sight of that principle, that ambition, i think is really worrying. and so, i hope, as the temperature sort of dips, the instincts towards, let's lock them up instincts towards, let's lock them up forever, let's lock away the key, i think it is dangerous. where do you draw the line? do you do it with terrorists? you do with violet killers? at one point you say, we cannot rehabilitate. we cannot try.
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let's talk about donald trump he has arrived this evening, as we saw on the news at ten. the telegraph is reporting, he has added extra twists to this debate about the future of the nhs. him just to this debate about the future of the nhs. himjust being in the country is part of the... the nhs. himjust being in the country is part of the. .. make them sweat a bit! conservative strategists have been dreading this week because the imagery of donald trump, what labour's strategy, what they really want is to put his arm around boris johnson as they really want is to put his arm around borisjohnson as it is perceived, and he was called britain's trump, wasn't he? he might arrive with a red baseball bat that says make britain great again. —— baseball cap. if the comparison is
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made, it is not... laughter this is the week of danger for the conservatives. we have had the issue, the attack on friday, we go into this week and it is a week of, we already know what trump does when he is in town. even worse when he is in town, on twitter, but the ability for him to skew the debate in this way of being helpful, and it's the end particularly of this stuff. he can do whatever under he likes. we will talk more on that. it might be worth watching tomorrow's paper review as a result of those tweets. the boris— trump hog. for now, thanks very much. we will be back at the next paper review at half past
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11pm. we have a look at the headlines and, before that, ben rich with the weather. hello and a very good evening to you. today's highest temperature was found across the far north of the uk and it's not that often we get to say that. many of us had a really chilly day. just wondering there in midwest. northern scotland all the way up to 10 degrees thanks to a feed of south—westerly winds bringing mild airfrom the feed of south—westerly winds bringing mild air from the atlantic. those south—westerly winds also brought a lot of cloud an outbreak of rain. we continue to see that cloud feeding through, we continue to bring in that milder air as well. further south, we stick with something colder. as we go through the overnight hours, then, the last of today's rain tending to clear way from scotland. there's still a lot of cloud here as there will be for northern ireland. further south to mcclea ry northern ireland. further south to mccleary skies come in a completely clear. but where would you have some clear. but where would you have some clear breaks, it's going to continue to turn cold. temperatures continued
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to turn cold. temperatures continued to drop for some. and we've also got some misty conditions developing. by the morning, concerned there could be some dense fog in this area across the southeast. some major airports and some key motorways. a yellow warning from the met office. do bear that in mind if you're driving early on. there could be some disruption. any low mist and fog, that could clear during the day, and across england and west, we will see spells of sunshine. northern ireland and scotland, still with that cloud feeding and from the west. a drier day tomorrow than we have had today, a bit of sunshine in the north of scotland. single—digit temperature for most. 11 or 12 across parts of the west. into wednesday, here comes a change. some rain. ahead of it, there could be some morning fog to contend with across eastern and southern portions of england. some sunny spells here through the day. a band of rain six southeast words. sunshine... ten
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implement. for thursday, the rain becomes quite heavy and persistent across western scotland. there could potentially be enough rain here too cause some localised flooding. going to be quite a windy day as well on thursday, particular up to northwest. not as windy further south and east. that is where was he the best of the sunshine. a cool day for many but more and more places getting into those double—digit highs. in that process continues into friday, even towards the south up into friday, even towards the south up to 12 or13 into friday, even towards the south up to 12 or 13 degrees, but it will be quite windy and there will be some outbreaks of rain at times. turning milderfor all of some outbreaks of rain at times. turning milder for all of us and the rest of this week.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00: police launch a murder investigation after a 12—year—old boy is killed in a fatal collision with a car, near a school in loughton in essex. five others are also injured in the incident vigils are held for those killed and injured in friday's attack at london bridge. in cambridge, where the two victims had studied, a crowd gathered to support the families and loved ones who left tributes. in london, political leaders gather to pay tribute — as more accounts were heard of the bravery shown on the day. it felt like total chaos but these quys it felt like total chaos but these guys stepped up in the moment and
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did what, you know, if


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