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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 3, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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good evening. this is bbc news, the headlines. president trump says he will not get involved in the general election but insists the us is not interested in the nhs being part of future trade talks. as world leaders meet to mark the 70th anniversary of nato president trump has accused president macron of france of being nasty about the future of the organisation. five women who alleged they were abused byjeffrey epstein urged prince andrew to testify in the cases. a 12—year—old boy who died yesterday when a car hit a group of children in essex has been named as harley watson.
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in the moment we join the team for sportsday but first on bbc news this evening, we have the latest on donald trump and his visit to the uk. he is currently attending a reception hosted by the queen and will then head to downing street. that is at eight o'clock this evening. then we bring you the latest on the general election campaign trail with adam fleming and chris mason and then the winner of the turner prize this year will be announced and we have a special programme from margate in kent. that is all to come on bbc news but now time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm jane dougall. not one series win this year. so have england droppd
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the ball on test cricket? she's the best known women's footballer, but is she actually the best? megan rapinoe wins the ballon d'orfor the first time. and re—invented for this re—match. antonyjoshua says he feels different in the lead up to facing andy ruinunior again. also coming up in the programme, the former wolves keeper carl ikeme talks about his battle with leukemia. i lost my sight and i was struggling to see anything, i could not see a face to see anything, i could not see a fa ce u nless to see anything, i could not see a face unless it was really close to me. there were moments when you think it could not get any worse thanit think it could not get any worse than it did.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. first — a dreadful drop, a draw and the series lost. england's visit to new zealand has been disappointing in more ways than one. their unwanted record of not winning a series in the country since 2008 remains intact — in fact — this is the first year they haven't won a test series this century. joe wilson was watching. commentator: the rain has arrived... the weather ended this test match early. yes, prepare yourself, they were coming — raindrops. beyond a cricketer‘s control. other drops, well, ben stokes bowling with ollie pope as a stand—in wicketkeeper. hmm. england needed rapid wickets to try to win. the ball brushed kane williamson's glove. he would have been out. never mind, there'll be another chance. there you go. commentator: out.
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oh, no! oh, what have you done?! there is no hiding when your name's on the shirt. it is extreme when the bowler‘s reaction is not even to complain but to laugh. now, to be fair tojoe denly, he's taken some great catches for england, but the bbc‘s ownjonathan agnew thought this could be the worst drop he'd ever seen. time for one more replay? sorry, joe, there is, and jofra archer, yes... no... you're kidding me?! well, new zealand's batsmenjust carried on. kane williamson the first to make it to 100. ross taylor next. commentator: goes again, he hits it hard! these two outstanding batsmen ensured the match would finish a draw before the skies changed and the ground staff took over. new zealand won this miniseries. the year has featured some epic nip and tuck matches between these two teams, played in a true spirit. and when it came to the handshakes, joe denly didn't miss.
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catch you later? joe wilson, bbc news. captainjoe captain joe root came captainjoe root came in for some personal criticism after a dismal performance in the first test for turn things around to get a double century in the second but says it has been a challenge to stay positive. sometimes it is hard to keep picking yourself back up but you do, it is part of playing international sport. you do not have it your own way all the time. some of the bowlers have found that this trip but if you want to be successful then you have to keep coming back from difficult days. it a lwa ys coming back from difficult days. it always felt like it was a matter of time and you just have to keep going. today summed it up, just trying to think of ways of how to do itjoe gormley might be used in the
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future! it does not happen very often! with his calibre, he takes some magnificent catches. i'm sure the lads will have their say at some point. south africa, excited by that, james anderson back again? there are a couple of guys working ha rd there are a couple of guys working hard on their fitness. there are a couple of guys working hard on theirfitness. that there are a couple of guys working hard on their fitness. that is exciting for them and exciting to keep that hunger and desire. ifeel that we are a more rounded team. let's have a quick look at some of the other sports stories making the news today. manchester united manager 0le gunnar solskjaer says he's not concerned about his job, despite admitting results aren't good at the club. former arsenal manager arsene wenger was at the annual meeting of the international football association board in belfast. wenger was appointed fifa's new chief of global football development last month. despite the new role, wenger said he's more than happy to advise arsenal's new caretaker
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manager freddie ljungberg. i'm always happy to help my former players and my former club and if there is a need of course i would be available. defending champion ronnie 0'sullivan is through to the last 16 of the uk snooker championship after beating noppon saengkham 6—2. 0'sullivan will play ding junhui next. lionel messi was the winner of the men's ballon d'or in paris last night and there's been little controversy over the decision. however, america's megan rapinoe took the womens award and— the purists of the game have been taking issue with her getting the honour. rapinoe wasnt at the ceremony but sent a video message. i cannot believe i am actually the one winning it in this field, it has
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been an incredible year and women's football is lucky to have every single one of these amazing players every year. it pushes us and pushes me to be the best player i can. the best that she can be. well, she's arguably the best known women's footballer in the world, but is she actually the best? rhia chohan has been looking at the stats. as you said jane, megan repino is undoubtedly the most well known player internationally in the women's game. and that's where some of the controversy lies. former us international ella masar tweeted last night... "we've come s0 far in the women s game but seriously, when will it stop being a popularity contest? for the men, it's stats for country and club, but for women's. .. well it can be seen as a joke....". well let's take a look at the stats. repino, she had a great year in france at this year's world cup. winning it of course — but also scoring six goals. and that earned her the golden boot
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and fifa best award. but — due to injury and international commitments — she only managed six club appearances this year. now if you compare that to new chelsea signing, sam kerr — she scored five in france but has 43 goals for club and country this year. the australian international is widely regarded as one of the best strikers in the world — she's picked up domestic golden boots in the us three years in a row. and then there's vivianne miedema — she scored 6 only at the weekend for arsenal. she's won the women's super league with the london club. and has 49 goals for club and country this year. and get this — atjust 23, she's scored more goals for netherlands than any player ever — man or woman. well football journalist, kieran teyvum, has covered the women's game since 2009. he said megan rapinoe deserves
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endless awards for her humility and grace but she was not the best player of 2019. we spoke to him earlier today. ultimately it goes back to my last answer, but visibility of these players. we have world—class athletes now represented in the women's game but unfortunately on occasion no one gets to see them. i would look at someone who did not play at the world cup this year, wolfsburg player and there was huge emphasis on the world cup in the voting this year. the top three all very visible this summer in france. so definitely there is a need for more so definitely there is a need for m ore eyes so definitely there is a need for more eyes on the domestic game and more eyes on the domestic game and more accessibility for the fans and journalists to be able to see these players and get a true reflection and fairer reflection of how they are performing. megan is a world —class are performing. megan is a world—class player and no denying
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her abilities on the field. she has used her platform to raise very important issues so you cannot knock her too much but we want to see the best player. megan repino has used her platform to speak out about women's equality, she's a role model for lgbtq youth and is even an ally of nfl player and activist colin kaepernick. she recently won glamour magazine's woman of the year. so off the pitch she's definitely worthy of accolade... ido i do not think that that will be the last award that she was going to win. now tonight for the first time matches will be shown on amazon, they signed a £90 million deal with they signed a £90 million deal with the premier league to show 20 matches per season in the uk for the next three years. but will not
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benefit the fans? patrick geary reports. greenie welcome to match the day... football coverage on tv has changed in the last 50 years and now it is moving with the latest current streaming. this week games will be shown on amazon prime video, a first step away from conventional television broadcasting. it takes into consideration that we have a generation coming through who consume broadcasting in any so the fa ct we consume broadcasting in any so the fact we have the breadth of all matches been covered i think will give a lot of choice for consumers andi give a lot of choice for consumers and i think it will be exciting and potentially successful and lucrative for the premier league. television rights have been at the heart of the premier league ever since it sold its first package to satellite broadcaster bskyb with £300 million backin broadcaster bskyb with £300 million back in 1992 for 20 years later bt sport entered the ring and the value shot up to £3 billion. the price per
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match decline slightly when rights went out last year but adding more games but they still raised £5 billion and now amazon are on board. but not everyone is happy, fans groups say there's too much like football on tv and those who stay at home have taken up three broadcast subscriptions and those who go to games must contend with ever kick—off times. games must contend with ever kick-off times. i will always attend but there will come a time when people will say enough is enough. then if you become an armchair fan are you going to be able to afford subscriptions to bt sport, amazon, sky and whoever else enters the market? that whoever else could be interesting, might the premier league for the nfl and launch its own subscription service and might all top—flight games be one day available live in the uk? this amazon journey could change the
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landscape of football. now, it was one of the biggest shocks the boxing world has seen for quite some time. antonyjoshua lost three of his heavyweight belts after andy ruizjunior defeated him in the summer. the re—match is this weekend in saudi arabia and joshua has been speaking to the media ahead of the fight. he says he has learned many lessons from the first time around. it was an unknown test and to give the man his credit he was victorious and well done to him. now it is my turn to right my wrongs. he thinks he is going to do the same thing and get the same result but i've had to check myself and reinvent myself to some degree. not physically but mentally in understanding exactly what i'm doing when i step into the ring. our reporter, ade adedoyan is there for us. ade, that defeat hit him hard, butjoshus seems positive in the lead up to the re—match.
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there is a different intensity about him compared to their first bout in new york in june him compared to their first bout in new york injune when he looked like a man without a care in the world. they had a public work—out here in this financial district, joshua found himself having to go first being the challenger and seven champion. he did not really engage with the crowd whilst he was in the ring. he posed for pictures afterwards. after the work—out he stayed for quite a bit to take selfies and sign autographs and long enough for tempted to come into the ring to go through his work—out. just before he left the plaza he looked almost lost in thought. if they were making a movie about the rematch than that look would be in the script because you just sense how important the fight was. whether you call it fear, nerves or focus, there was definitely something about


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