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this is bbc news. i'm carrie gracie. the headlines at 11:00: nato unity unravels after canada's leaderjustin trudeau is caught on camera appearing to mock president trump to other leaders. well, he's two face. honestly, trudeau is a nice guy. they honestly find him to be a nice guy. the factors a re find him to be a nice guy. the factors are called him out on the fa ct factors are called him out on the fact that he is not paying 2% and a guess he's not very happy with that. boris johnson insisted there was a wide measure of unity, despite the signs of discord. the new vaccine against typhoid which is being hailed as a game—changer, potentially saving thousands of lives. the impeachment inquiry into president trump moves up a gear, as the us housejudiciary committee considers the charges that lawmakers will vote on.
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the former fast bowler and england captain bob willis has died at the age of 70. and at 11:30 we:ll be taking an in—depth look at the papers. that's with our reviewers. two state with us for that. —— do stay with us for that. good evening. a show of unity in a statement at nato‘s 70th anniversary gathering in watford has been overshadowed by footage of the canadian prime minister justin trudeau in conversation with other leaders, apparently mocking donald trump. the us president responded in a press conference by calling mr trudeau "two—faced."
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it came after testy exchanges yesterday between the us leader and france's president, which underlined tensions over nato‘s future direction. 0ur deputy political editor john pienaar was at the meeting, and his report contains some flash photography. he loves to make a big entrance, whether or not he's always completely welcome. donald trump may not always be looking for trouble, but it often turns out that way. he needs careful handling, and everyone knows it. that includes his host, who's fighting a campaign. the honourable donald trump, president of the united states of america. the leader of the free world had already fallen foul of nato allies and strayed into the election. he's not a man to take directions. when it came to the uk's most powerful ally, borisjohnson was treading very carefully today. the president of the united states
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has spoken of his admiration for you. do you believe that, as a leader and as a man, that donald trump is good for the west, and good for britain and, if so, why? well, i certainly think, john, that the united states is the guarantor of... a massive contributor to nato and, you know, if you want evidence of the willingness of the united states to stand shoulder to shoulder with us, i would point to back to what happened in the case of the poisonings in salisbury. america stood shoulder to shoulder with us then, it has done for decades, and is an invaluable ally and continues to be so. what about mr trump himself, though, prime minister? you were saying... let's be clear, this was under the current us administration and they were shoulder to shoulder with us. but here he's sharing a joke at donald trump's expense last night, enjoying canada's
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leader's take on the us president's timekeeping. then he mimicked the shock of white house staffers at mr trump's off—the—cuff diplomacy this week. britain's pm had heard it all, but he was pleading ignorance. that's. . .that‘s. . .that‘s complete nonsense. i don't know where that's come from. but this was donald trump's verdict on the canadian leader. well, he's two—faced. "he's two—faced," he said, obviously not at all happy. pomp and ceremony at the summit here in hertfordshire, while in nottingham labour's leader seemed a world away. number10! jeremy corbyn‘s vision, a nato dedicated to peace. i thought the direction nato was going was a wrong one, i've had discussions with many people, and i want to see a reduction in tensions around the world.
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we cannot go on developing in the concept of an arms race. there has to be a process of recognising the real threats in this world are actually terrorism, cyber security, and, of course, the climate crisis that affects all of us. and i think we can all play a part in dealing with those issues. the rival leaders are offering very different visions of britain's future. from labour's radical socialism to the tories‘ brexit with or without a deal, and an option to stop brexit altogether on offer too. the country's economic, political, strategic future all up for grabs in an election which could come to shape or reshape the country, and the lives of everyone in it. summit over, borisjohnson had walked into a diplomatic tangle. if there is a next time, he'll hope for better. john pienaar, bbc news, hertfordshire. an inquest into the london bridge attack has heard that both the victims died from stab wounds to the chest. cambridge university graduates 25—year—old jack merritt and 23—year—old saskia jones were killed by usman khan
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during a prisoner rehabilitation event last friday. the inquest was told both the victims had suffered from shock and haemorrhaging. a new vaccine against typhoid is being described as a "game—changer" which could prevent thousands of deaths. in pakistan, nine million children are being immunised after a major outbreak of typhoid, which is resistant to nearly every antibiotic. 0ur medical correspondent fergus walsh reports. safe and effective, this new typhoid vaccine is urgently needed in pakistan. schoolchildren in karachi are among millions of youngsters that being immunised. they need protecting because, once infected with typhoid here, there's only one antibiotic left that works, and if that fails, death rates would soar.
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typhoid is a highly contagious bacterial disease which infects up to 20 million people worldwide each year. it's largely a disease of poverty, spread through poor sanitation and dirty drinking water. symptoms include prolonged fever, abdominal pain and diarrhoea. it causes up to 160,000 deaths every year. a major trial of the new vaccine in nepal cut cases by more than 80%. the same success is hoped—for in pakistan. crucially, it's the first typhoid vaccine which can be given to babies from nine months of age. the new typhoid vaccine was developed by scientists in oxford over the course of more than a decade. we filmed the first trials there six years ago. after being immunised, these healthy volunteers had to drink a solution of typhoid bacteria, a vital test of the vaccine‘s effectiveness. that selflessness
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is now saving lives. typhoid only infects humans, so the ambition in the very long—term would be to try to eradicate the disease, which has been causing death and misery for thousands of years. fergus walsh, bbc news. let's take a brief look at some of of today's election news. liberal democrat leaderjo swinson has admitted her party got things wrong in coalition with the conservatives and said they should have stopped the bedroom tax. speaking to andrew neil in his latest bbc leader interviews, ms swinson said she was proud of policies like same sex marriage that were introduced by the coalition government, but that there were other areas where she said the lib dems "didn't win those battles". northern ireland's sdlp has launched its manifesto in foyle, putting its opposition to brexit at the centre of its campaign. the party's leader, colum eastwood, called it a "massive roadblock in the way of our future". the party also wants
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universal credit scrapped. the ulster unionist party has also launched its manifesto saying remaining in the eu would be better than leaving under borisjohnson‘s brexit deal. the party supported remain during the 2016 referendum campaign, but later said the result had to be honoured. a us congressional committee is debating whether to bring formal impeachment charges against president trump. he's accused of soliciting interference from ukraine to help his 2020 re—election bid, as well as witness intimidation, and obstructing justice and congress. republican members of the committee say there is no new evidence and insist the democrats are carrying out a witch—hunt against the president. 0ur north america reporter nada tawfik has been following the action in washington and says there were some interesting interventions to the legal scholars today. we had an opportunity for both the
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democrats are now at the moment the republicans to go and question the legal scholars after their opening state m e nts legal scholars after their opening statements and there were a few really interesting interventions. there are three legal scholars that have been called by democrats. they are firmly on the side of democrats here, saying that this president clearly obstruct d id here, saying that this president clearly obstruct did congress, abused his power of office, and even committed bribery. 0ne abused his power of office, and even committed bribery. one of the other points that democrats have brought up. in fact, vasse michael getup from the university of north carolina said if president's conduct isn't impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. a really strong moment there. and while we knew there would bea there. and while we knew there would be a bit of political fighting, we we re be a bit of political fighting, we were really surprised by the intensity that came from some of the witnesses themselves. for example, professor pamela carlin really hit back at the republican ranking memberfor suggesting back at the republican ranking member for suggesting that this process had been flawed, that there wasn't enough evidence, saying that she had read through every single
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page of the depositions that were made public and that she thought that this really struck at the heart of this republic. so a really interesting debate there. jonathan tu rley, interesting debate there. jonathan turley, the sole witness called by republicans, has really said that there is no clear evidence of a quid pro quo and the democrats have rushed this process. he says he is not a fan of resident front, he's not a fan of resident front, he's not against impeachment, but does not against impeachment, but does not in this way. nada tawfik. the german chancellor angela merkel says her country was forced to expel two russian diplomats after the murder of a former chechen rebel commander in berlin. zelimkhan khangoshvili was shot in the head from behind in august. germany says moscow had failed to fully co—operate with an investigation. police have said a grenade that was thrown at officers in car in belfast was an "attempt to kill or injure" those inside. the attack happened in the early hours of this morning when a police land rover was on routine patrol. the police federation of northern ireland called it a "despicable act", adding it was lucky no—one was injured. an investigation has been launched
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into who carried out the attack. videos made by disabled users were deliberately prevented from going viral on tiktok. the social media platform said the policy was introduced to reduce cyber—bullying, but added that it now recognised the approach had been flawed. earlier i spoke to our technology correspondent chris fox who began by explaining what the app exactly does. so it's a video sharing app. typically people post is on there that are 30 seconds long, usually less tha n that are 30 seconds long, usually less than a minute. and it gives you a never—ending feed of videos to scroll through, usually funny clips 01’ scroll through, usually funny clips or lipsticks or filtered effect. scroll through, usually funny clips or lipsticks orfiltered effect. but sometimes people also post serious blogs or live update on there as well. so what went wrong at tiktok? what they have done is their moderator guidelines had a part that said certain people are very vulnerable to cyber bullying and it
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listed a few types of people that might geta listed a few types of people that might get a lot of arable comments, so might get a lot of arable comments, so it said people with facial disfigurement, disabled people, people with down syndrome, and autism. those people attract more cyber bullying, the guidelines set. they advise their moderators if you are reviewing some videos and they appear to be made by someone who is vulnerable to cyber bullying in those categories then they could be put ina those categories then they could be put in a restrict that state where the algorithm wouldn't push them. the idea is if fewer people see those videos, if they are not coming up those videos, if they are not coming up in the feed as much, and fewer people will leave bullying comments on those videos when they see the content on those videos when they see the co nte nt of on those videos when they see the content of them. of course, charities have said that's not really the right approach because we are taking action against the victims of cyber bullying, not the people that are leaving the men comments. itjust kind of terms into a strange eugenic policy, doesn't it? it is a very strange way of dealing with it. tiktok said it was an early policy that was never meant to bea an early policy that was never meant to be a long—term solution. i think anti— bullying charities have said
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it was tone—deaf. tiktok is used by lots of young people as well and this kind of thing is not a positive message, because you don't want to be hiding away the victims of 0leon, you want to be giving them a voice just like everybody else. -- bullying. the company behind tiktok, a chinese company, they have got into trouble for other things as well, haven't they? there have been a few things. as with any other growing social media company. they comes a lot more scrutiny. back in february america's federal trade commission find them more than $5 million for collecting me data of under 13 —year—olds and the time they knew children were using it and they knew children were using it and they hadn't ta ken they knew children were using it and they hadn't taken action. the video we are seeing just there, she made a mock duty tutorial where she said she was doing her eyelashes and actually then she went to talk on about the uighur muslims and how they are being treated in china... in north—west china where they are being incarcerated in large numbers. now that was a test to see whether chinese owned acro one would take
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the video down. and after a day or two they did in fact suspend her account. but that was a mistake, tiktok said, these that actually you can talk about political issues like the uighur muslims on tick—tock. her account was then put back up so the video eventually wasn't taken out. they said it was an error. there have been a few other things as well. i'm tiktok you can watch live streams of your favourite stars and you can tip them, send them an animation or a sticker. the costs money and those sometimes cost up to £49 per sticker to send you. so why could be dishing out stickers to you. and lots of fans were saying if you. and lots of fans were saying if you send me a sticker eye will give you send me a sticker eye will give you my phone number or i will ring you my phone number or i will ring you up and leave you a message, that is obviously very enticing to the fan base, and after a bbc investigation exposed that was going on they have now said they will only allow over 18 ‘s to buy those stickers. very interesting. it really does come back to your point about fast growing social media. it's like it's brain doesn't necessarily catch up in terms of
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management, editorial policy, with everything that is happening on the ground. if anything we have learned over the last two years is that social media is a very new phenomenon, obviously, and the companies are still working out what the policy should be. they used to say in the tech industry, move faster break things, that seems to be what some of these have done another hour trying to row it back. the headlines on bbc news: nato unity unravels after canada's prime ministerjustin trudeau is caught on camera appearing to mock president trump to other leaders. the new vaccine against typhoid which is being hailed as a game—changer — potentially saving thousands of lives. the impeachment inquiry into president trump moves up a gear as the us housejudiciary committee considers the charges that lawmakers will vote on. the former england cricket captain and fast bowler bob willis has died at the age of 70. a stalwart of the england side in the 1970s and 80s, he played 90 tests
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and took 325 wickets. his eight wickets in the 1981 headingley test against australia famously helped england to victory — in a match it seemed impossible for them to win. 0ur sports correspondentjoe wilson looks back at his life. it is 1981 and bob willis is bowling — fast. willis has taken his sixth wicket. headingley‘s ashes test was done. bookies had offered 500—1 against an england win, but willis was a whirlwind. he's got a touch on it. he's gone. he forced his weary limbs forwards, onwards. dismissed eight batsmen in australia's second innings. willis glared at the world, a man completely in the zone. and he caught it! this day made his reputation. in a frenzy of excitement, willis was the deadpan hero.
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the decisive over was the one that you bowled and got kim hughes and graham yallop out, that last over before lunch, wasn't it? yeah, well, i told mike i was a bit too old to be bowling into the wind, so i better bowl the other end. laughter. bob willis first played for england in the early 1970s. he endured surgery and frequent pain to play 90 test matches in all. he was captain for 18 of them. for cricket, bob was a major figure. and that era of the 70s, early 80s, he was england's premier fast bowler. and he's bowled him, on the back foot... he had strong opinions, notjust on cricket but on all sorts of topics. in fact, there's very few topics that i think he didn't have a strong opinion on at all. take music. that's bob willis displaying his admiration for bob dylan. willis liked him so much he added dylan as a next middle name.
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willis voiced his own lyrics in a long broadcasting career. he was never shy to express his opinion on sky sports television, often employing a dry delivery. one of the most ridiculous selections i've seen in recent times. at his playing peak, bob willis stood above the crowds, and against the odds. it's all over, and it is one of the most fantastic victories ever known. bob willis, eight wickets, a fabulous performance. 0ne performance among many that proved anything is possible, and that is the dream at the heart of all sport. official figures show that more than half of people aged 16 or older in england gambled at some point during the last year. it's the first time gambling data has been highlighted by the nhs digital report, which is based on a poll of more than 8,000 adults and 2,000 children.
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health bosses have expressed concern that aggressive online marketing makes it easier for people to become addicted. a shop owner who has made a christmas advert starring his two—year—old son wants it to encourage people to buy local. hafod hardware in rhayader, wales, has been making festive adverts for several years and this year's costjust £100 to produce — but received more than 50,000 views on youtube within two days. hywel griffiths reports. # let us live forever... the time of year when every company wants to sell as a warm fuzzy feeling. a shop selling plungers and drill bits is not the place you would expect to find it. hafod hardware in wales has itself on the map reminding customers of the talent of small shops. the video has already been
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watched tens of thousands of times after going global. the reaction has been incredible. we are overwhelmed with the e—mails, likes and shares we have had all over the world, people saying that they love it and it makes them smile. it is really nice to hear. the star is tom's two—year—old son arthur who took a morning to deliver his role doing jobs around the shop. polish the counter. you like polishing the counter? do you work hard? yes. do you think father christmas will come and see you ? you think father christmas will come and see you? yes. other people spend millions of pounds perfecting christmas campaigns but the shop made its video with a total budget of £100. this is the third christmas production made by tom and his friend josh. it may not bring millions of shoppers to mid wales but it is delivering a bit of
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festive chia. —— cheer. while her husband negotiated diplomatic challenges at the nato meeting, the us first lady visited a salvation army centre in east london. melania trump met children from a nearby primary school, and helped pack christmas presents. she also revealed her lack of familiarity with a staple of the british christmas, the mince pie. there's flash photography in this report by our correspondent, daniela relph. traffic was stopped on the road closed. london d5 had a vip visitor. the salvation army and clapton was given a few days notice that milani trump was coming. the children of baden powell primary school nearby we re baden powell primary school nearby were only told this morning who they we re were only told this morning who they were about to meet. a church hall in east london is perhaps an unusual setting for a visit from an american first lady. but this is safe
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territory for milani trump. a christian organisation and a global charity, the salvation army was seen asa charity, the salvation army was seen as a good fit for today's event. milani made christmas decorations and chatted to the children and their teachers. the talk was of christmas in america, thejourney their teachers. the talk was of christmas in america, the journey to london and the family, along with the odd revelation. she has never had a mince pie. an englishman's pie. she needed to try one. she hasn't tried one yet but she will.“ she needed to try one. she hasn't tried one yet but she will. if you think about it, you are not really get a chance to see her again so you have to do take it. the visit of the first lady may have been a little unexpected for the salvation army. but will be a boost for their christmas present appeal. the salvation army has a lot of work in america and i think she has seen our work there. but she wanted to come
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and meet children here. the visit ended with a year 5 class photo. today, with a special extra guest squeezed in as this american first lady got a taste of christmas in the uk. it's the next instalment of one of the world's longest—running film franchises and the final outing of daniel craig as james bond. today, the world got its first taste of the 25th film in the series, no time to die. in a world—first, the trailer was screened at london's piccadilly circus shortly after it was released online — but what does it tell us about the film? let's take a look: history is not kind to men who play god.
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earlier i spoke to mark 0'connell, author of the book ‘catching bullets: memoirs of a bond fan', about what he thought of the trailer. it is not just it is notjust a teaser, it was a fully fledged trailer with story and character, a great contemporary look struggling old and new. the whole film, you have the old aston martins, and a contemporary villain involved in new technology plus we have ancient italy and a lot of the locations we expect from european bond films. and there is a new 00. and we don't really know that a great new british actress rising up
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the ranks is looking amazing in the fatigues with the gun. i think she will give craig a run for his money. will it be a move over old guy moment? wejust will it be a move over old guy moment? we just don't know but maybe bond has already had to move over and return to acts of duty and face people in hisjob in new times and new errors. you people in hisjob in new times and new errors. you say people in hisjob in new times and new errors. you say may be bit the plot is not clear. will it be a continuation of the last few films? the trailer has already shown the man who played the archenemy in the last few films. and there is the idea that maybe he is locked up in some sort of lock—up where it may be and that the story is going on from that. but it completes daniel craig five film character arc. do you think you may be killed off as this is his last one? it is always a good cliffhanger device but craig has died 1.5times cliffhanger device but craig has died 1.5 times already in his films so maybe not. it would be a good way to end his era. it has been a really
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good era for my bond and it will be ha rd to let good era for my bond and it will be hard to let him go. so maybe they will give him a motif to leave it hanging. it is obviously had its difficulties with a change of director and delays. danny boyle was lined up to do it originally but that did not happen and the knives have been out in the media for it. i a lwa ys have been out in the media for it. i always think that is a sign of the lawyer and power of bond that creates traffic for people to go there. but this trailer has knocked away all those knives. and what about the writing? we have phoebe waller bridge is a new arrival but i could not see herfingerprints waller bridge is a new arrival but i could not see her fingerprints on that. i feel i can. the could not see her fingerprints on that. i feeli can. the poise of the women in the film and she was brought into underline and strengthen the writing on that side and to bring a bit of her sort of killing eve punch and economy. there
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are diverse women in that film centrepieces well which is interesting. i think it was said recently the bond has never been against women but some of the films have been. so what she has done is sort that out. that is what we like to hear, some enthusiasm. now it's time for the weather with stav da naos. we end the week on a much more u nsettled we end the week on a much more unsettled note than how we began and thatis unsettled note than how we began and that is because we are losing an area of high pressure that will be replaced by low pressure. we could see strong wind time with gales in the north and a lot of wet weather although you will notice it will be milder than it has been of late. thursday the pressure chart shows low pressure in control with many isobars on the chart and weather fronts bringing persistent and heavy rain to north—western areas. corbett dry start across southern and eastern england and some sunshine on and off here. the wind is much stronger further north with outbreaks of rain for northern ireland, scotland, and especially western scotland where it will be
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very wet and the wind gust, 40, 50 mile—per—hour perhaps even more for the northern isles. blustery on the south but not quite as windy as it will be in the north. 12 or 13 degrees in scotland and northern ireland, quite mild, reaching double figures in the south. that mild air and wet weather spread southwards and wet weather spread southwards and eastwards during thursday night and eastwards during thursday night and could be very wet for western parts of wales. it will turn milder for friday morning across england and wales with the temperature is generally for most us in double figures. it stays unsettled for friday and we can see many isobars again on the pressure charts with the weather fronts indicating further rain, particularly across the south and the east, wet start here that should clear away and we will seat sunshine and showers on into the afternoon some heavy and blustery because of the strength of the wind. a mild day for england and wales, 12, 14 degrees with temperatures beginning to fall away slightly across the north of the uk. as we head into saturday, original
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high pressure will settle things down so it could be bright, dry and sunny for a while with the weather from pushing into northern ireland, southern scotland and northern england through the date bringing thicker cloud. single figure values in the north but fairly mild in the south. saturday night, the next frontal system moves through to bring another spell of wet and windy weather that should clear through early on sunday and then we are left with sunshine and showers again, another windy day. heavy showers across western areas, wintry over the high ground of scotland here where it will turn chilly. further south, 11 or 12 degrees. however the wind will pick up sunday night into monday across the south—west and into parts of wales and the irish sea. gales for a while and the penalty of heavy showers. 0nce sea. gales for a while and the penalty of heavy showers. once that moves through we begin to open the door to something colder from the north as we had out into the start of the following week. for monday, blustery day with many showers across southern areas is the frankly is away, turning dry and sunny.
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still quite windy across


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