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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  December 5, 2019 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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welcome to the programme, thanks forjoining us. for the moment, there's no stopping liverpool in the english premier league, it's14 wins out of 15 now as they beat their neighbours everton 5—2 in a thrilling merseyside derby. divock origi scored two of the goals with liverpool ensuring they stay 8 points ahead of leicester in second and 11 ahead of last season's champions manchester city. john murray was watching at anfield: a terrible scoreline, the first time they have hit five and a merseyside derby since 1982. everton couldn't cope with liverpool's movement as manchester united created the first two goals and starting for the first time this season, while michael keenan grabbed one back for the
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visitors, 4—1 before everton kept clinging on before halftime. stayed 4-2 clinging on before halftime. stayed 11—2 before everton was left in the relegation zone and the position of their manager precarious. scored wonderful goals, unbelievable goals, sensational passes. sensational pieces of football and a love that a lot. 3-1, pieces of football and a love that a lot. 3—1, not too good, but 4—1 brilliant, 4—2, absolutely not cool, because there were three minutes and two minutes were already off the clock, so we scored a wonderful fifth goal. all good. jose mourinho's unbeaten start as the new tottenham coach has come to an end, as his former side manchester united took all three points on his return to old trafford. marcus rasford scored both of united's goals including the winner from the penalty spot.
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delle alle had brought tottenham level but they were second best on the night losing 2—1. marcus rasford, how would you describe the performance? mature, experienced, strong against a good team, against good players, and his penalty was calm and composed, he has got strikes in him like this and he's had three or four other chances, so great performance. all the home sides won in the night's other games. tammy abraham and mason mount scored for chelsea in a 2—1win over aston villa. chelsea remain 4th. leicester, as i said, are 8 points behind the leaders liverpool as they beat watford 2—nil, jamie vardy again on the scoresheet. southampton made it back to back wins as they beat norwich 2—1, and wolves were 2—0 winners over west ham as they moved up to 5th in the table. first round of the australian open
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golf is underway in sydney. there are some high profile names including sergio garcia and ernie els in action at the australian golf club, but there have been worries about the haze caused by nearby bushfires. our reporter chris mitchell is there, how are the conditions looking? touch of bernard lang are looking for my ball in the tree stopping the conditions are much better than they we re conditions are much better than they were yesterday. sydney is still enveloped in a circle of smoke haze, there are 100 bushfires raging right 110w there are 100 bushfires raging right now in new south wales. the air quality hair is the worst it has ever been for a prolonged period, but today there is a pleasant breeze blowing and it is moving the smoke around, so currently, just over my shoulder... you won't be able to really see it, but over my shoulder you can see all the way to the cbd. it is not far, three miles or so,
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syd ney it is not far, three miles or so, sydney cricket ground is just a couple of miles away. i don't want you to get the wrong impression, we are not by the beach here, we are very much in the heart of the city, and i'vejust very much in the heart of the city, and i've just come off it right now where i have seen a tetchy paul casey telling the galleries to be quiet, that is on hold one. adam scott missing a very short part for birdie on the first hole as well, and sergio garcia on the second, sublime brilliance, chipped it out to within a couple of inches, tapped infor par. to within a couple of inches, tapped in for par. it is adam scott, champion here in 2009, he is one over par, sergio garcia and paul
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casey, he is also level part. the galleries four or five deep for those players. elsewhere on the course, pretty empty. not too many people around because they are all here to see scott, garcia, and casey. they are four shots of the lead, that lead held by the japanese amateur, what a fantastic run for him this morning! four birdies in the first seven holes. he finished four under par, that's brilliance. we already knew about him, he is the number one ranked amateur in the world. they are at the head of the leaderboard, they went out and sublime conditions this morning, not a breath of wind, and i have to say there should be some low scores this afternoon because although this breeze has picked up a little bit, it is not that bad at all. so currently, adam scott feeling the heat, he is one under par, the
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leaders at four under. on to boxing, and andy ruinunior and anthonyjoshua have come face to face ahead of their world heavyweight championship rematch in saudi arabia on saturday. in contrast to many other press conferences we've seen in the division, wednesday's was largely respectful, with both men confident of lifting those three belts they'll be fighting for this weekend. 0ur reporter ade adedoyin is in diriyah in saudi arabia. andy ruiz andy ruinunior has been very calm and composed in the buildup to the site, much like he has been in the last buildup. there is much more pressure on him being the champion, he has got everything to lose but he seems to be taking everything in his stride. he said he trained a lot harderfor stride. he said he trained a lot harder for this stride. he said he trained a lot harderfor this fight stride. he said he trained a lot harder for this fight because he stride. he said he trained a lot harderfor this fight because he is expecting a much better anthony joshua because of the work he has put in in the gym, he expects a better result. and no anthony is going to come prepared, he is
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motivated, so i think that's what gives me that extra edge of being motivated. i know he lost weight, i know he is going to try to box me around, but it is myjob to prevent that, so i am ready for whatever comes my way, and i am ready to rock and roller. he has had this steely, determined look about him, very different to his demeanour in new york when he was miles a week and didn't have a care in the world. he looks almost on edge which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because perhaps that was the missing ingredient in new york. has achieved a lot in his years in boxing, 0lympic a lot in his years in boxing, olympic champion back in 2012, and he says rather than denting his confidence, the defeat against andy ruiz has reinvigorated him. confidence, the defeat against andy ruiz has reinvigorated himlj confidence, the defeat against andy ruiz has reinvigorated him. i didn't lose any heart or any type of fire in my belly, and a started punching the heavy bag. i am really looking forward to at. there is no fear in my heart, my eyes, my mind, i am
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really looking forward to putting on a show and i am confident. the buildup to this show has been different. we haven't seen thousands of the travelling fans as we did in new york, and both men will meet in a gala dinner on thursday night. is it the reason they have come to the middle east is to introduce boxing toa middle east is to introduce boxing to a new territory, and coming to a wealthy country like saudi arabia will bring huge financial rewards for both men. the ioc and organisers of next year's tokyo 0lympics have been defending their decision to move the men's and women's marathon from the japanese capital to the city of sapporo, 831 kilometers further north, because it's cooler. the women's race will take place on the 8th august, and the men's on the 9th, which is the final day of the games. that means athletes will have to be flown to tokyo for the closing ceremony. there has been a lot of discussion regarding start times across the game which led to some reviews. the
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move to sapporo and knowing that it was done to protect the welfare and the athletes and knowing that sapporo is significantly cooler generally at the time of year than tokyo, that allowed us a little bit more flexibility, so in terms of the actual start times that were confirmed with tokyo and world athletics, the marathons are both at 7pm. this was the original planned start time before they were brought forward to six ams. it allowed us to go back to that originally planned time of seven am. and all the sports news is available on our website, but we are totally out of time, so from me and all of the team, goodbye.
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some of us have got quite murky conditions to come over the next few hours. the fog patch is to the south—east of this weather front but if we zoom out of the uk and look at what is upstream of us we can see the next area of low pressure showing its hand and this will bring wet and windy weather to the north—west of the uk in a few hours time. for the time being we have showers across the north—west so if you step outside here, take your umbrella. dense fog patches are forming around the thames estuary. we have seen fog at heathrow, around the m25 and some of that is freezing fog with temperatures well below freezing as well. some of these murky conditions, some of the fog patches may last into the first part of thursday morning bringing poor travelling conditions out and about. but for thursday's weather for the most part, really we're looking at this next weather system moving in and
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that will bring strong wind with it to the north—west and outbreaks of rain which will quickly spread in across northern ireland and scotland before sinking southwards later in the day into the north of england and wales. in the highlands of scotland we will see the largest accumulations of rain with 70 or 80 millimetres of rain in the forecast here. that is a lot of rain, enough for localised surface water flooding issues. damp at times in the northern half of the country, after the murky start in the south—east, things should brighten for a few of us with sunshine around and for most it is a relatively mild day with temperatures widely into double figures. through thursday night we will see the rain push southwards across all of england and wales for a time with all the cloud around and south—westerly wind it be a very mild night. thursday night into the first part of friday morning for most, temperatures into double figures. a mild start to friday but for quite a few of us a wet start as well. mild and wet with south—westerly wind later in the day the rain will tend to eased to a mixture of sunshine and shower, north—westerly winds will start
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to move in bringing cooler air to the north—west of the country and a significant drop in temperature. so later on in the afternoon, five degrees in some areas, eight in aberdeen. still mild further south with highs of 11 or so in london. this weekend we're looking at a ridge of high pressure to start the weekend. later in the weekend we will see the band of rain come through and quite a bit of that might come through overnight. there will be further pulses of rain for sunday. 0verall, saturday looks like being the better of the two days of the weekend and sunday could see rain at times for many of us. and that is your weather.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm mike embley. our top stories: legal experts in the trump impeachment inquiry give their verdicts on whether he should be removed from office. if what we're talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. i'm concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger. despite celebrations marking 70 years of nato, more tensions emerge within the alliance, this time as leaders are caught gossiping about donald trump. france braces itself for severe disruption as the biggest national strike in years gets underway. and it is being hailed as a game—changer in the global fight against typhoid.


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