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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 11, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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leaders at a un summit to stop making excuses to avoid taking action on climate change. her speech coincided with her being named time magazine's person of the year. here's our science editor, david shukman. to ms greta thunberg. applause a global celebrity at the age of 16, greta thunberg was here to energise the talks. not with emotion, but instead with a calm reminder to world leaders that the latest facts about rising temperatures and melting ice. how do you react to these numbers without feeling at least some level of panic? how do you respond to the fact that basically nothing is being done about this without feeling the slightest bit of anger? she was speaking as the negotiations seemed to be in slow motion, dragging on over technical details. while the gases heating the planet
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are blasted into the air at every are blasted into the air in ever greater quantities, with many countries accused of using loopholes to wriggle out of plans to cut their emissions. i still believe that the biggest danger is not inaction, the real danger is when politicians and ceos are making it look like real action is happening when, in fact, almost nothing is being done apart from clever accounting and creative pr. applause there was applause for greta thunberg here in the great hall, but quite striking is that a lot of the seats were pretty empty. not every national delegation was here to listen to her message. greta has inspired a movement that is losing patience. young protesters took over the hall to demand faster action. what matters is whether anybody is listening.
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david shukman, bbc news, madrid. the naturalist and broadcaster, david bellamy, has died. he was 86. there is nothing like a good drying day to put the spring back into your polyester so the next time you stand amongst your smallest bear in mind the process of evaporation. his enthusiasm for the natural world, in programmes like bellamy‘s backyard safari, made him a regular on tv in the 1980s. a formerfactory worker and a plumber, he was a natural broadcaster, though in later life he attracted criticism for dismissing global warming, describing it as "poppycock," a stance which he said, cost him his tv career. his colleagues at the conservation foundation, which he co—founded, described him as a "larger—than—life character" who "inspired a whole generation". back to the election and all eyes tomorrow will be on those key marginal constituencies that could determine the final result. places like watford, where in 2017 the conservatives won
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byjust over 2,000 votes. 0ur deputy political editor, john pienaar, reports from the battle ground town. hello, children. it's time to believe, or try to. how are you? believing comes easily to some. the rest of us are promised billions for the nhs and schools, thousands more police. everyone knows what they want. i want to see more police on the streets and more money put into the national health service. so more for everyone? more for everybody, yes. but who to believe? the marginal seat of watford stayed tory through years of austerity. now the parties are poles apart. many say they haven't decided or won't vote. most will. i'm voting conservative. why? we have to look after our national health service. it's so precious. labour say they'll put money in. but they all say these things, don't they? you just have to go with what you believe. i'm voting labour because ijust want the tories out, really. i think they're running public services into the ground,
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and ijust don't agree with anything they do or say. but if this election‘s about giveaways and retail offers, the battle‘s over which party's offer looks most tempting, who's most trusted. the voters' choice will reshape britain, and maybe the biggest reason for that is the b word. tired. who isn't this week, or worse? knackered. this election has felt tough on everyone, and brexit outweighs almost every other issue. for me, it's brexit, mainly because we can stand on our own two feet. we're more than capable of standing on our own two feet. we don't need people in brussels to tell us what we can and can't do, making laws that we have to adhere to. leave, remain, why? remain, the reasons being that it would be more beneficial for our country in terms ofjobs, the way people feel, obviously the unity between everybody as well. as for who to follow, some who've covered miles campaigning for labour don't
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likejeremy corbyn. many are asking themselves, is boris johnson truly fit to bear the burden of office? # have yourself a merry little christmas. ..# tis the season of goodwill, but polling day comes first. tough for this young music schoolteacher. it's my first time voting, so i will definitely be voting and i'll be giving my opinion, but i'm not sure which way i'm going to vote or who i'm going to vote for as i do think there are quite a few empty promises. # so have yourself... soon we'll be celebrating... christmas, not the election, most of us, even with the best will in the world. # now.# john pienaar, bbc news, watford. that's it. but before joining our news teams where you are — here are some of the sights and sounds of the election campaign,
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as the uk goes to the polls. have a very good night. i can't wait to get out there. stop brexit. oven ready. it will be very different. why don't you look at it now, prime minister? so, no apology? the prime minister wouldn't show up. get rid of the roadblock! the worst christmas present ever. build a better future for scotland.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. a jesus hat trick hands manchester city an unbeaten champions league qualifying campaign. ten years in exile — test cricket returns to pakistan and big shoes to fill meet the new head coach of the all blacks. hello and welcome to sportsday. good evening. already into the last sixteen manchester city rounded off the champions league group stages
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unbeaten, thanks to a gabrieljesus hat trick. tottenham — also through— were hoping to avenge their humiliating defeat to bayern munich in what was the final round of group matches. we'll look at the teams who are into the last sixteen in a moment, but firstlyjoe wilson looks at how the english sides fared tonight. in the stadium where everything mattered. it began like a team aiming to qualify. almost came through but the technique would not have been lost on the former barcelona manager. the equaliser came with side rib play is lying on the ground, but the referee said to play on, so he did. with a challenge to like this, no punishment was the
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refereeing decision. this game became a chance to regain. throwing for a second goal and it was gone from the home team. he completed his hat trick and again, his best one away from home. ending the game with the goal. they finished bottom of the goal. they finished bottom of the group. the captain tottenham qualification assured they rotated their players and record the 7— does to feed back in october and it was 1-0 to feed back in october and it was i—0 here in the 14th minute. ryan was just i—0 here in the 14th minute. ryan wasjust i9 i—0 here in the 14th minute. ryan wasjust 19 in here was his chance in the tottenham team. boy, he hated. —— hit it. before half—time.
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ba rely have hated. —— hit it. before half—time. barely have been closer to a goal, just look at the replay. paul cross bar just look at the replay. paul crossbar line. so, do you want to see a perfect finish? here we go. just on loan for barcelona. without harry came, they offered little and attack. 3—1 defeat. it easily been worse. it easily could have been worse. still up for grabs in city's group, was who would finish behind them to qualify. that went to atalanta who beat shakhtar donyetsk three nil. that went to atlanta who beat shakhtar donyetsk three nil. playing in the competition for the first time, they lost their opening three group games, but wins over dinamo zagreb, and this one was enough to take them through. they were given a helping hadn as they rounded off tonight's win comfortably. atletico madrid could have missed out but got the win they needed. two nil they beat locomotiv moscow, a match which saw former tottenham defender miss a penalty for the spanish side.
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all four english sites and these are the sixteen teams through, all four english sides have qualified, liverpool the defending champions there after that much needed win last night. paris saint germain had an impressive group phase, as did bayern munich winning all six of their matches. the draw is made on monday in nyon.. followed by the europa league an hour later. fresh from securing their place in the last 16 of the champions league, liverpool's involvement in the club world cup doesn't begin until next week but the fight for the right to facejurgen klopp‘s men in qatar has already started. this evening qatar's al sadd have beaten the underdogs ghieng—gen sport of new caledonia, but they had to wait until extra time to secure victory, eventually running out 3—1 winners. al sadd will now play mexico's monterrey on saturday. the winner of that match will play liverpool in the semi finals on december 18.
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let's take a look at some other sports stories around today. british heavyweight dillian whyte has been formally reinstated as the mandatory challenger for deontay wilder's wbc world heavyweight title. it comes after whyte had a doping violation charge dropped. whyte could now fight the winner of the fight between wilder and britain's tyson fury. glasgow warriors and scotland wing tommy seymour‘s announced his international retirment. he earned 55 caps for hsi country, he follows john barclay who retired last thursday australia's ash barty‘s been named wta player of the year she won the french open — and reached the top of the world rankings. she had quit the sport to play cricket in 2014 but returned a couple of years later. the former south african captain
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graeme smith's agreed to become cricket south africa's director of cricket. but only in an acting capacity for a period of 3 months. south africa take on england in four tests starting in centurion on boxing day. and lords and hove cricket grounds are set to host the final days of next year's inaugural season of the hundred competition. the women's final will take place at hove on august 1ath, with the men's final at lord's the following day. staying with cricket, it's been a momentous day in pakistan. the country has played host to it's first test match for over ten years. cricket‘s traditional five day matches were suspended in the country following a terror attack on the sri lankan team bus in lahore back in march 2009. they've returned to play a two test series and at the close on day one in rawalpindi, pakistan fought back to reduce sri lanka to 202 for 5.
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imran sidat has more. ten yea rs ten years after terror attacks brought a halt to it, they were back on the field and front of the passionate supporters with security stepped up. the locals are given a reason to cheer as he made the breakthrough. more wickets followed and getting his first in test cricket. also broke its test duck in pakistan were on a roll. he was only six years old the last time a test match was played in pakistan and it took a second wicket with the key dismissal of angelo matthews. it was stopped in their tracks when bad light brought plate to an early finish. there was no pressure. i was very excited to have played in front of my home crowd, in my home ground.
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he saw in the fence really got behind the boilers and i was enjoying the way our crowd back to us enjoying the way our crowd back to us today at. as the sunsets on their first day back to hosting test cricket. the fans will be hoping that this is a dawn of a new era. so test cricket is back in pakistan after more than ten years. here are the thoughts of the pakistan cricket board chairman, ehsan mani. it isa it is a very special day. the first time in ten years. test cricket back in the stadium after 15 years. this isa in the stadium after 15 years. this is a very special day for pakistan. and we hope to build on this and have a great year in twenty20 and we look forward to that. it is so important that these kids, when they come see their heroes and see their
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