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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 16, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm GMT

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and here are their ties. 2017 winners manchester united face belgian side club bruges. arsenal will play olympiakos while wolves face espanyol. and celtic were drawn against copenhagen while rangers come up against portuguese club braga. so all of the british sides will be fairly happy with those draws. no major banana skins there — however there is some really good quality in the competition this year... that's because the likes of inter milan, sevilla and ajax — semi—finalits in the champions league last year — are all in the competition — so there could be some big ties to come as the competition progresses. of, course you can see the entire draw on the bbc sport website. both competitions resume at the end of feburary — lots to look forward to, jane. chelsea manager emma hayes has apologised for calling
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since then, hayes has apologised on social media. fifa has initiated legal action against former president sepp blatter and former vice president michel platini, to recover 2 million swiss francs. fifa banned platini in 2015 over the payment he received from blatter. the organisation says it will channel the money back into football development. manchester united midfielder laurenjames has signed herfirst professional contract with the club. james joined united when the team was formed back in 2018 and has scored 2a goals in 39 appearences. the former wales assistant coach rob howley has been suspended from all involvement with rugby for 18 months for breaching betting regulations. howley was sent home from the rugby world cup injapan after the welsh rugby union became aware of a possible breach. nine months of the ban has been suspended, and it's back—dated, meaning howley can start working in rugby again injune. england cricketer, laura marsh has announced her international retirement after 13 years. she took 217 international wickets across her career,
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making her the most successful spinner in the history of english women's cricket — and england's third—highest wicket—taker in odi. australia thrashed new zealand by 296 runs in the first test in perth. mitchell starc and nathan lyon each took 4 wickets as new zealand fell well short in their second innings. the second of the three match series starts in melbourne on boxing day she's an icon for strong women all over the world and a role model for aspiring female footballers. after winning the world cup with america, megan rapinoe and her goal celebration have become synonomous with the women's game. now, rapinoe has spoken to the bbc about coming out, taking a knee against racism and her presidential battles. two—time world cup winner with the us national team. the pose, and the
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beginning it was kind of, just a touch of arrogance, i think of you know, i know you're entertained in this moment. i am entertaining you, are you not entertained kind of gladiator feel a little bit without the death and stuff. it's certainly in the world cup, it was much like a defiance, like a joy as well. this is what you ask for and this is what you really want. we are going to have fun. we worked so hard and we have fun. we worked so hard and we have a very serious role to play. if anyone wants to come at us for not playing the game the right way for not being good ambassadors of the sport, i am not being good ambassadors of the sport, iam happy not being good ambassadors of the sport, i am happy to have a conversation and be happy for them to break that one down but i really do feel like we want to enjoy the game, this is a detainment and in order to become the biggest baddest sport on the planet and the biggest
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baddest team and the biggest baddest players, let's have fun with it. it felt much less serious than it actually was. i logically understand that the gravity of having a president with you. but presidents do not quarrel with people of her twitter. presidents don't go after members of their own team and put undue pressure on them before the big scheme of the tournament where the biggest games of their lives. this is not presidential. everyone had my back and it did become like a thing within the group. i think honestly, very early on in this team, you realise that it isn'tjust a national team, not one that gets away, we have always fought for so much more. as of the olympics, i
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decided to come out and itjust felt weird that i wasn't out and asking people to be my ally and to support me and things doesn't mean that you have to fully understand it and the way that i do. fast—forward to 2016, colin kaepernick is hearing everything that is happened in immediately, i was like i could help. i have your back. going through all of the backlash in craziness and hatred from that only solidified my understanding of myself and the power and my voice and everyone has a responsibility to do whatever it is they can in the most impactful way that they can't make the world a better place. do not get in your comments, ever. this lien on the people that are actually real, tangible in front of you. and don't ever let anyone else to you, define your dreams and defined what
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you want to be. great advice. well, after an incredible 12 months, all—rounder ben stokes took the sports personality of the year award. he was the overwhelming favourite after setting up england's world cup victory with an unbeaten 84; and then hitting a remarkable 135 not out to win the third ashes test against australia at headlingley. after he received the award last night, he sat down with the bbc and talked about his mindset before he played that memorable innings against the aussies. to be honest, going into the day four and looking at the whole situation was of the game and it was all fine and well but looking at the scorecard and understanding the situation, with some people do not ta ke situation, with some people do not take into consideration is what pressure can do to you as a team as a player, it's just pressure can do to you as a team as
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a player, it'sjust something pressure can do to you as a team as a player, it's just something that i have done for the past three or four yea rs have done for the past three or four years and maturing as a player and the more experience i've got under my belt, the more senior players, especially, it i just my belt, the more senior players, especially, it ijust envision myself in a bubble and everything around that bubble will not get in and just stay in their and i know my job is to do which is to score runs and that bubble pops in a get out and that bubble pops in a get out and yet, that is pretty simple for me. to stay inside the bubble for as long as i can. now we've all seen a dog run onto the pitch in a sunday league game in the park, trying to steal the ball. and we've even seen cats on the pitch in stadiums. but i'll bet you haven't seen this before. it's a stag, using its antlers to dribble, into the net and celebrate scoring! that's worth a replay!
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outlets. it is just the sheerjoy, fantastic to watch. there will be a few tea ms fantastic to watch. there will be a few teams looking to sign them up i am sure. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. the post office workers have won a legal case against the company over a controversial software system that led to staff members being jailed. saying that he created shortfalls in their accounts that led to accusations of theft or fraud. a high courtjudge
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accusations of theft or fraud. a high court judge described accusations of theft or fraud. a high courtjudge described it as being by no means robust and causing a mass amount of errors. in the courtroom every day during the case, we are very grateful that you have now come in to talk to us about it. iam sure, now come in to talk to us about it. i am sure, talk us through the key findings of the judgement because i know it is quite lengthy. in 2015, as the producer on a show called panorama and they said there is no evidence that fulton within the computer system cost money to go missing and post office branches and thejudge, he said in the computer system and its accuracy, it is not consistent with the evidence i have accepted in the public statement thatis accepted in the public statement that is made in 2015 that it was actually correct. it was possible for bugs and defects of the nature to cause shortfalls and branch accou nts to cause shortfalls and branch accounts not only was it possible,
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it actually has happened and on numerous occasions. if it was not robust why did the post office have such faith it? they did not have much choice. they bet the farm on this new computer system and it was the only show in town and to admit that they were not in control of their branch accounts means they cannot chase for any alleged discrepancies as they arose. some pa rt discrepancies as they arose. some part of the argument was that some postmasters are entirely in control of their branch accounts because if not, how do you prosecute them for fraud which is their only method of asset recovery. and they believe that their contract allowed them to chase postmasters for this alleged discrepancies and their business model was based on asset recovery for postmasters. what is the significance of the judgement today? last wednesday, the case was settled however, the managing judge sat in
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court today and delivered something ofa court today and delivered something of a bombshell. he said he was so concerned by the evidence that he had seen over the past three or four months of trial that he was passing a folder to the director of public prosecutions because he thought some of the evidence that is given by personnel and other people that operate and run the horizon system, some of the evidence given by personnel in previous prosecutions either civil or criminal is questionable. so they can be very helpful for the sub postmasters were fighting to clear their names of the criminal prosecutions after settling in the civil litigation. some went to jail they have become criminalised. so what options are open to them now and this presumably might help. they always said that whatever settlement he might
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consider looking at the post office over the course of this litigation would have to involve those claimants who were criminally convicted of false accounting. he held to that redline when he came to the settlement and that the post office may now offer up all of the internal documentation to the criminal cases in the hope that they may overturn or at least refer some of these cases to the court of appeal to possibly have their convictions removed. ten of whom went to prison, these cases are with the criminal case review commission but one would hope that given what the post office has accepted and given with thejudge the post office has accepted and given with the judge decided today, they will look at those prosecutions and as they are obliged to do. they will look at those prosecutions and as they are obliged to dolj know and as they are obliged to do.” know you have been following this for nine years and unfortunately we have run out of time but thank you for coming in to talk to us. we must go straight to the weather. it was
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not too bad today quite dry and sunny weather for the few showers which again, following wintry of the high ground, over the next couple of days, it will actually turn milder. but whether and windier thanks to the low pressure. blood pressure tonight across scotland that will bring blustery showers and snow on the hills across the southeast as the hills across the southeast as the weather front outbreaks of rain, list court here in central areas, clear skies with frost and some pretty dense fog patch is forming and some pretty dense fog patch is forming and it could cause some problems across central areas through the morning rush and across the rain will gradually peter out as well as the showers and a slow improvement into the afternoon with increasing amounts of sunshine but it will be another cold day. once there was some sunshine before wet and windy weather arrives across the west and thursday is looking milder but wetter and windier for all of us.
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you're watching beyond 100 days. it's like the first day of school — 155 new mps — two thirds of them conservatives — descend upon westminster for the first time. of course the prime minister has been in number ten for weeks, the tories in powerfor years. but somehow they've managed to make it feel new. the fresh intake does seem to mark a dramatic repositioning of the conservative party — less public school, less middle class, less southern. it is a bit daunting but i think we are all really excited to get in there and get started. it is a bit surreal and last time you remember these sort of things is, it's the first day at big school, isn't it? there's less of the new about the pm's mini cabinet reshuffle— the replacement for culture secretary nicky morgan is revealed to be. nicky morgan.


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