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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 19, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news with shaun ley. the headlines. the queen has opened a new session of parliament, brexit and the nhs are at the heart of the new government's legislative agenda. more than 30 bills have been announced, with seven covering the uk's depature from the eu. a cash injection for the nhs is to be made law. there were also promises of safer streets with the recuitment of more police officers and tougher action on the most dangerous criminals. scotland's first minister, nicola sturgeon has set out her plans for another independence referendum — and has warned borisjohnson not to "block the will "of the scottish people." new figures reveal the worst ever performance at accident and emergency units in welsh hospitals.
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fewer than 75% of patients were seen within four hours in november. reports from moscow say at least one person has been killed in a shooting called on the ministry of defence to do much more about racism. reports from moscow say at least one person has been killed in a shooting at the headquarters of russia's security service, the fsb. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but, first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at eight, we'll take an in—depth look at today's queen's speech, and examine what's being proposed in the new agenda. beyond 100 days at seven will have all the latest developments in the us, after the house of representatives voted to impeach president trump on two charges. and at 10:40, and 11:30, we'll take a first look at tomorrow morning's front pages in the papers. 0ur reviewers tonight are talkradio presenter daisy mcandrew, and sian griffiths, education & families editor at the sunday times. that's all ahead on bbc news.
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now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm jane dougal. is it on or is if off? don't ask manchester city — they say they don't know! what exactly is happening with arteta and arsenal? we'll bring you the latest. he led his country out more times than anyone else. but scotland captain greg laidlaw has played his last international game. he steps down after 76 caps. and, almost losing her sight forced nicola adams to give up boxing, but you'll never guess what she plans to do next. play in the movies or something, i don't know, i don't know. you will have to watch. we will. also coming up in the programme...
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water and anti—doping. we will be speaking to our correspondent about russia's appeal. and, is ita bird, is ita plane? no, it's ronaldo — but he's airborne. a ridiculous leap from the striker to score forjuventus! good evening. welcome to the programme. it's been up in the air since unai emery was fired last month, but arsenal still don't have a permanent manager in place, well, not officially. this man, their former captain mikel arteta, is widely expected to be announced as the new boss tomorrow. but it's been a week of confusion and anger from his current team where he's assistant coach,
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manchester city. he said his goodbyes to the staff, but city are said to be livid at the way arsenal have gone about their business. patrick geary reports. this week started as it may well finish, with our teta back at arsenal. but his journey as the right hand into the opposing dugout has been fraught. after arsenal's 3-1 has been fraught. after arsenal's 3—1 defeat to manchester city on sunday, their caretaker manager called on the club to decide who was going to be in charge of the gunners. and so began a strange shadow dance surrounding our teta. arsenal's executives were photographed arts i would his house in the early hours of the next morning, on tuesday guardiola confirmed arteta was talking to his former club, but would still be travelling with city to oxford united for lead cup match. we wa nt united for lead cup match. we want to do the best thing possible, but sometimes, it's not easy. to kinds of situations, kinda. of. but easy. to kinds of situations, kinda. of. but we cannot deny, behind the scenes, try to avoid the clubs who
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are in charge and don't realise it's come in the media don't realise it. so that is the process. while arteta oversaw the warm up at the stadium, a cold wall turned to more hostile. a city source says it's surprising to hear plans are being made by arsenal to unveil... city won the match 3—1, and set up some semi final against manchester united, but the questions afterwards we re united, but the questions afterwards were dominated by arsenal and arteta. 0hmic yesterday, you are not, you know, at a press conference 48 questions was about that, so i don't have to say anything more until there is new news. if there is news in my next conference when you ask me something i will answer, but it's enough. still, no word from arsenal and no compensation agreed, but the rumblings emerging from the emirates
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we re rumblings emerging from the emirates were that the deal was moving forward. they cancelled the press conference and arteta reportedly said his goodbyes to manchester city. but come at yet he had, they we re city. but come at yet he had, they were not impressed at how this has been handled. in a week when the nights are longest, this is a deal that seems to have been done in the dark. patrick geary, bbc news. earlier, i spoke to our football reporter simon stone and asked him if arsenal had technically done anything wrong? i don't think they have, technically, done anything wrong. fundamentally, i don't think they have done anything wrong at all in the sense of arteta kept guardiola fully informed of the discussions that were ongoing. guardiola knew about the meeting on sunday night. you have to imagine that guardiola has told his director of football and also the chief executive for arsenal, i think what has irritated manchester city is that there have been no discussions from a senior executive of arsenal football club asa executive of arsenal football club as a matter of courtesy to a senior
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executive of manchester city to say what their intentions were. however it works out, we are going to finish up it works out, we are going to finish up with arteta as manager of arsenal football club, and manchester city won't make any complaints about that. that is what's going to happen. as you see, it will probably be announced officially tomorrow that arteta will be the arsenal manager, but he doesn't have any experience as a first team manager. so how successful do you thank you can be there? well, it's an interesting one, because he's not a manager. he went straight from playing for arsenal to assisting guardiola. now, you would have to imagine that some of the q dust, some of the star dust of working with guardiola has rubbed off on arteta. however, dominic torrent, who worked with guardiola for many, many years went to new york city in
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mls, and he wasn't successful. he was sacked at the end of last season, so, there is no guarantee, as there is no guarantee with any manager that's going to work, but i think arsenal, having pinned their colours to this particular mast, basically duty—bound to stick with arteta and hope it pays off. well, arsenal plays everton —— well arsenal play everton on saturday at goodison park and in the last few hours everton have confirmed that duncan ferguson will remain as caretaker manager for that match. they have been hopeful of appointing carlo ancelotti as their new boss, but even if the contract for the new manager is finalised, ferguson will still be in the dugout on saturday. he's galvanised the side since he took caretaker charge, but what kind of manager do everton fans want for the club? he will be a boss, he will be a proper boss. 0bviously, hopefully, good players, they can live up to it. he's got the
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mentality of winning, we will be happy with that man in charge. i guarantee you that. i would probably say there is no one better out there, if you can't do anything with us, and probably no one can stop what they think is good, he's getting older now, so he may not be as good as he was, but he's won a lot of trophies, so he should be good. just help the defence ops, basically. you might fix the defence. lament play more people. tried to get more young people into the team, so then they can get and try harder. they need a strong attacker play, they don't need toothpicks with with -- play they don't need toothpicks with with —— play with the likes of... they don't need toothpicks with with -- play with the likes of... it's quite bare, but really what they now needis quite bare, but really what they now need is a few more quality players bringing it in, whether those players play in the system that they believe in, he's got to buy and what the emirates needs. i think he has reignited the passion back into the stadium. we should be competing for the top
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six. bolton are like bringing silverware to everton. everton fans need it. spent 200 million in the last two years, is a? top six at least from the top five. they should be at least in the top ten. there you go, give the fans what they want. it's been an illustrious international career for scotland captain greig laidlaw — leading his country 39 times, more than anyone else, and coming second has announced his retirement from international rugby after nine years and 76 caps. the 34—year—old scrum half made his last appearance for scotland in the rugby world cup defeat to japan in october. he ends his international career second only to chris patterson on the all time points list for scotland with 714, mostly from kicking. here's more from andy burke. he's been an integral part of the scotla nd tea m he's been an integral part of the scotland team for the best part of a decade. today, greg laidlaw called time on his international career. more emotionally, probably one of the hardest decisions i've ever had to make, but when i sat back and took the time to really think, i feel it's my feel it's the right time. greg laidlaw is a player who is often divided opinion amongst scottish rugby fans. but he seen off a host of challengers to his
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scotla nd a host of challengers to his scotland scrum half jersey a host of challengers to his scotland scrum halfjersey over the yea rs. scotland scrum halfjersey over the years. and at the stats from his international career rank him alongside some of the great names of scotland's past. laidlaw scored over 700 points for scotland, putting him second on the all—time list behind chris paterson, and ahead of gavin hastings. he earned 76 caps in his international debut in 2010, and captained in 39 test matches, more than any other man in scotland's history. he played in the 2015 and 2019 world cups with the plain final match of against host japan in 0ctober, his final appearance for his country. you achieve so much, and he's gotten the hardware comments on pretty crazy, because he's been so crucial, he's been captain, and he's scored the second—highest record of points come he's achieved so much, but it's a lwa ys come he's achieved so much, but it's always been done with that determination and that attitude. he's had to work to be there. the mac world cup, probably a good time
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for transition. you know, it's never going to last forever, sadly, so and i think that's, i've always been passionate about... you only ever get a certain amount of time in a jersey. and you need to give the jersey everything you can come and i feel i have done that. where - laidlaw rates is - to where greg laidlaw rates is sure to be debated for some time to come, what is certain to stop the little man from the boarders made a big impression in his time in the dark blue jersey. andy burke, impression in his time in the dark bluejersey. andy burke, bbc news, edinburgh. switching cords. some really sad news now — the leeds rhinos and england scrum half rob burrow has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease. the 37—year—old won eight grand finals, three world club challenges and two challenge cups with leeds. burrow is one of several high profile sportsmen who've been diagnosed with mnd. former liverpool and bolton footballer stephen darby revealed he had the condition last year, and the scottish rugby legend doddy weir has been living with mnd since 2016. rob burrow met with doddie and they
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spoke about their condition. may be it's the athlete, where you know, you don't want to lie down and just take it. we want to compete and, you know, football is the same attitude as i think i've got, and body has certainly gotten that. so, yeah, i'm taking the challenge. i don't intend to lie down and get stuck into it. had a few tough times, so you know, i'm really positive, taking the challenge and i think that's the best way to be. roberto speaking to us earlier. still to come on sportsday... we hearfrom england's danni wyatt who scored a half century on her 100th 0di during england's win over pakistan
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it's been almost four months now since he was expelled from the efl, and the fans have been in disarray since. tonight, they are coming together to call —— discuss their future. they've reformed to call themselves bury afc and have a bid from businessman robert benwell to buy gigg lane. bury were expelled from the english football league in august. the group are hoping to start again at the bottom of the footbal lin the nwcfl, which runs divisions at the ninth and tenth tier of english football, and has submitted a proposal under the name bury afc. earlier i spoke to him from very afc and asked what they hoped would come out of this meeting. we wouldn't start off in the football league, or reinstating the football league, or reinstating the football league, or reinstating the football league, basically, what it would be is, it is a phoenix club but either way, if it was to be liquidated, whether it was his version of it or whether it was the one that we've been working on. we would have to start in a league pyramid system, really. and just go again, and try to get back up there as possible back in into the football league, but it would be known as perry fc, it would be known as something else. 0bviously, known as perry fc, it would be known as something else. obviously, the clu b as something else. obviously, the club has been liquidated, and we
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wouldn't be able to use that


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