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tv   Our World  BBC News  December 21, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news, the headlines. the government has approved the takeover of uk defence aerospace specialist carbon by a american company. a man who confronted the fishmongers whole attacker with a nobel task has described his deep hurt that he could not save the two people who died. prince philip has spent the day in hospital in london to be treated for what is being described asa treated for what is being described as a pre—existing condition. there have been reports of a tornado in surrey, and almost 90 flood warnings remaining in force after forecast this morning of more rain and bad weather over the coming days. and liverpool have won the club world cup in qatar, with an extra time
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goalfrom roberto firmino that sealed it for the reds. next on bbc news, our world, and sealed it for the reds. next on bbc news, 0urworld, and a sealed it for the reds. next on bbc news, our world, and a look back at some of the highlights from this yea rs some of the highlights from this years series. russia faces a deadly epidemic on domestic this is bbc news. violence. a warning, this programme the headlines at 10pm. contains scenes some may find upsetting. russia can be a dangerous place for women. one of england's world it has a deadly culture cup winning heroes. martin peters, who scored of domestic violence. their second goal in the final, has died at the age of 76. across the country, hundreds of women are killed every year a ‘catastrophic fire by partners and relatives. warning' is issued for parts of eastern australia — including sydney — amid record—breaking temperatures following months of severe drought. the government approves the takeover of uk defence and aerospace specialist, cobham, by an american company. prince philip has spent day
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in hospital in london, to be treated for what‘s being described as a pre—existing condition. and we‘ll be taking an in—depth look at the papers in half an hour with our reviewers penny smith and martin lipton — stay with us for that. but now, some russian women are fighting back, with a new wave of activism. this year, russian society was rocked by a big court case. three sisters accused of murdering their father injuly
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2018 were found to have been physically and sexually abused by him for years. krestina, angelina and maria confessed to attacking their sleeping father, mikhail khachaturyan, with a hunting knife and a hammer. they face up to 20 years in prison. mikhail khachaturyan‘s body was found in the third—floor landing of this block, where he lived with his daughters. after a public outcry, the sisters have been released from prison and are leading relatively normal lives, with some restrictions while awaiting trial. i can't speak to the sisters while the case is being investigated, but i can
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talk to their mother. aurelia dunduk was herself a victim of constant abuse from her husband, mikhail, for many years. at first, she tried going to police, but that only made matters worse. eventually, he kicked her out. this high—profile case has shone a powerful light on the scourge of domestic violence.
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hundreds of thousands have
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signed a petition calling for the sisters‘ release. activists at weekly pickets blame russia's legal system for turning a blind eye and forcing the teenagers to defend themselves. russia's most famous opposition punk band, pussy riot, performed at a concert fundraiser for the sisters. this is a theatre performance which tells the story of the khachaturyan sisters, but the actors also tell the audience about their own experiences.
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domestic abuse is still relatively taboo here. many believe the state shouldn't poke its nose into private, family business. but the khachaturyan case sparked
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a kind of russia me too movement. today, women battling the culture of domestic abuse have finally started to gain a voice. anna rivina has opened a walk—in help centre in moscow called no to violence, where women can get legal and psychological support. the centre is also raising awareness through slick social media campaigns, including this one, where famous russian men say it is uncool to hit women.
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one of the main problems is why domestic violence still exists. it is the generations. there is connection with generations, and of course, if a young boy or girl grows up in a family where they see it, day by day, for them, it'sjust a normal thing. they just cannot understand why it's not ok. and for us, it's the main thing, is not only to protect or to prevent, but to explain that this is violence, this is not ok. i can say that there is a big difference since then, 2015, when i started this work. now, it's much easier. now, it's more obvious for people that this problem exists, and now it's much more obvious for people that it's not about women. it's about human rights. and of course, a few years ago,,
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we had decriminalisation of domestic violence, as people's first time. anna rivina is referring to a controversial law passed in 2017 which scrapped prison sentences for first—time abusers. beatings which didn't require hospital treatment were classed as administrative offences, not crimes. some say this has led to an upsurge in violence. one of the biggest problems in tackling domestic violence is the lack of reliable statistics. police registered more than 13,000 assaults against wives by husbands last year. but that figure only includes married women, and the true figure is likely to be much higher.
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26—year—olds margarita gracheva, a mother—of—two, was initially a victim of so—called minor harm. her husband had hit her and threatened her with a knife. but, when she went to the police, they said the investigation would take 20 days. then they dropped the case. one month later, her husband took her into the woods and chopped off her hands. the doctors were able to save one of them, but not the other. a crowdfunding campaign paid for a prosthetic hand, and margarita has resolved to stay strong for her children.
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margarita has just published a book about her recovery. she is now able to look after her children on her own, in her apartment, and is keen to go back to work. like the khachaturian case, margarita's story has become a media sensation. it has focused attention on the toxic masculinity, weak laws and official indifference which endanger millions of russian women. russia doesn't have a national domestic violence law
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but inside the parliament, one woman is working hard to introduce one. 0ksana pushkina is the deputy head of the parliamentary committee for women and children. she was one of the very few mps to take a strong stance against the decriminalisation law in 2017. that takes some guts, because she is affiliated
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with the political party loyal to president vladimir putin, which passed the law.
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in russia, tackling domestic abuse has never been a priority for lawmakers. but this recent debate in the parliament is a sign that the government is beginning to take the problem more seriously. here, pushkina is pushing
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to introduce restraining orders to keep violent partners away from victims. she says the recent increase in russian domestic violence cases in the european court of human rights have embarrassed the government. but pushkina is facing a lot of opposition, and her critics jump to some odd conclusions.
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earlier this year, an archpriest of the russian orthodox church told a radio station that women are more submissive and generally less intelligent than men. smart women, he said, are rare.
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those are the words of a man who heads the commission on the protection of women, children and families. and it's attitudes like these that help to explain why tackling domestic violence is still not very high up on the agenda in this country. that same archpriest has also stated that even the term ‘domestic violence' is linked to radical western feminism and is incompatible with russian family values. anton sorvachev is a family lawyer. twice divorced himself, he specialises in defending the interests of men in family break—ups and he believes the status quo is in favour of women. he also has his own show on youtube with overtly misogynist views, and he is outraged by the idea of restraining orders.
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but all too often, the police don't take the necessary action to protect the victims of domestic abuse. anna's 29—year—old daughter alyona verba was brutally murdered by her husband in this very apartment. he stabbed her 57 times and then left for work. in the morning, their 7—year—old son nikita went into his mother's bedroom and found her body.
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although former police captain sergei gustyatnikov was convicted of murder, he hasn't been stripped of his parental rights. anna and her grandson can only hope for a change in russia's legal system.
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the appalling cases in this film might have been prevented, if only the right measures been in place. russia desperately needs a domestic violence law, but those who are fighting for change have many tough battles ahead. hello. thank you forjoining me. we are in part —— approaching many important dates in the calendar and we are approaching winter solstice. this year it falls on sunday, the shortest day of the year. the outlook for christmas itself is
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looking mild. nota outlook for christmas itself is looking mild. not a snowflake inside! this is the view across the atla ntic inside! this is the view across the atlantic and europe, the weather patterns we can expect over the coming days. this is the uk and here you can see pulses of mild air pushed on from the south. these areas of low pressure bring occasional outbreaks of rain but generally speaking, a lot of dry weather and mild weather. that is exactly what we have in the short—term. this weather system has approached the uk. it has reached south—western parts of the uk bringing rainfall. 0n south—western parts of the uk bringing rainfall. on top of that, for a number of days across the south of the uk, it has been relentless. flood warnings in force across parts of the country. here is the short—term, rain across southern areas. for some time, the short—term, rain across southern areas. forsome time, quite the short—term, rain across southern areas. for some time, quite heavy. elsewhere, mostly clear. some clear spells and fog patches on the way first thing on sunday morning. a little colder there. three degrees
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in edinburgh, but in the south closer to six or seven. 0n in edinburgh, but in the south closer to six or seven. on sunday, one weather system moves away towards the east but we are still under the influence of this large area of low pressure that dominates this whole chunk of the atlantic and north—western europe. this means the weather will be changeable at times, sending a north—westerly breeze in oui’ sending a north—westerly breeze in our direction and occasional showers too. plenty of sunshine around that for most, and sunday, it doesn't look bad at all. we have had some mild weather, 10 degrees in the south, and in the lowlands of scotland. the christmas week, a closer look at some of these mild pulses of the air heading in our direction. squeezing out cold air that we have on top of us at this stage. here, first thing on monday, sunshine around and across the bulk of the uk. showers in scotland and with mild air advancing from the
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south—west, temporarily we think, only temporarily, some rain splashing across southern parts of the country. that is monday and that will take us into christmas eve. we have rain moving across the south of the country, wales, the midlands and east anglia. to the north, some showers. into christmas eve daytime, that rain should be out of the way and we are into some bright weather. christmas eve itself is looking pretty decent. sunny spells and clear skies in the evening. temperatures of 10 degrees in the south, closer to 6 degrees in the north. 0n the big day itself, the next best thing heading our way. knows no in the forecast but temporarily high pressure and light winds built in and provide decent weather. 0n boxing day, low—pressure heads our way. this is christmas day, with the bulk of uk, bright weather and in some spots it clouds
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over. the real rain will not arrive until boxing day. in the run—up to the new year, little change. a lot of mild weather and next year, let's 00:28:10,372 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 get through this one first! goodbye.
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