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this is bbc news i‘m carrie gracie. the headlines at 12: calls for a government inquiry into racism in football, after a premier league match this is bbc news. is stopped for the first time the headlines at 11: hello, this is bbc news because of allegations with geeta guru murphy. calls for a government inquiry the headlines. of abuse from the stands. into racism in football, calls for a government inquiry after a premier league match is stopped for the first time into racism in football, the message we sent by hosting the because of allegations after a premier league match is stopped for the first time because of allegations london living was tolerance, inclusivity, respect and all those of abuse from the stands. of abuse from the stands. values that i think are the best of the message we sent then, the while hosting the london olympics of abuse from the stands. message we sent hostin was tolerance, inclusivity us. eight years ago, a different london the message we sent hosting the london olympics was tolerance and respect and all those values that i political context, climate, brexit and is part of that. think are the best of us. eight five people are sentenced respect and all those values that i to death in saudi arabia for the murder of the think are the best of us. journalist jamal khashoggi. yea rs think are the best of us. eight that was eight years ago, the prince of wales visits years ago, a different political we‘re in a different political fishlake in south yorkshire, context, climate, brexit is part of where hundreds face context, climate, brexit is part of that. chrstimas out of their homes five people are sentenced to death after last month‘s flooding. that. in saudi arabia for the murder five people are sentenced of the journalist jamal khashoggi. to death in saudi arabia for the murder of the journalist the former love island jamal khashoggi presenter caroline flack for the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi. the former love island presenter caroline flack is appearing in court today after being charged with assault. the former love island presenter as australia's bushfire caroline flack is appearing in court crisis continues — after being charged with assault the country's prime minister defends as australia‘s bushfire
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the coal industry and defies calls crisis continues — for new carbon targets. the country‘s prime minister defends the coal industry and defies calls for new carbon targets. the need to take action on climate we need to take action on climate change hasn't change and you don't change, it hasn't changed. you don't run government on sentiment, you run run government on sentiment, you run it on the facts. government on facts. employs from sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here‘s jane. thomas cook are struggling to pay bills, three months after the good morning. carlo ancelotti says he‘s company collapsed. determined to put everton back and coming up — lucy on track and competing for honours as he takes the job as manager hedges rounds up some of the travel show‘s best adventures at goodison park. from the year. everton are currently 15th in the premier league table. ancelotti takes over from caretaker manager duncan ferguson and says he there were many reasons behind his decision to become the club‘s new boss. there are calls for a government inquiry into racism within football — after the chelsea player, antonio rudiger, complained of hearing monkey noises it is fun to watch their ambition, from the crowd during yesterday's premier league match at tottenham. the professional footballers‘ association said it was "disgusted" the history and ambition this club by the reports, and insisted urgent action was needed. the referee stopped play during the second half after rudiger has, the tradition. the atmosphere complained of hearing monkey noises in the crowd.
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shortly of the supporters, so, these are all after the stoppage, an announcement was made over the public address system warning that "racist behaviour is interfering with the game". the reasons. also, the fact that this club, we want to improve, want to bea this club, we want to improve, want to be a better team, we want to compete. and so this is the reason i after the match the chelsea captain, cesarazpilicueta, explained decided to come here. what happened on the pitch. images of everton‘s final tony came to me and he told me that design for their new stadium at bramley moore dock on liverpool‘s waterfront have been he was listening in the crowd monkey made available to fans. noises and obviously myjob as a the club will submit a detailed captain is to come straight to the ref and to report it. now it is planning application for the 52,000 under investigation and we have to capacity venue today, which will cost an estimated £500 million. work together towards eradication of everton hope to move the problem. to the new stadium by 2023, and plan to re—develop their current goodison park home for the community. england netball has antonio rudiger gave his reaction on twitter. announced record ticket sales it for a new international competition is really sad to see racism again to be hosted in london, nottingham at a football match, but i think it's very important and birmingham next month. to talk about it in public. the netball nations cup will see
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if not, it will be forgotten again the roses play world in a couple of days as always. champions new zealand, the sports minister said: depressing to see today's events. i welcome south africa and jamaica. spurs investigation. there is no the squad has been announced place for racism or any kind of and george fisher of saracen‘s mavericks is one of the 1a members. discrimination in football or anywhere else. how exciting have the ticket sales been? it is amazing. i think we‘ve never yesterday was a sense of deja vu, we had anything like this before so the fa ct had anything like this before so the fact that london sold out and it‘s really cool crowd is incredible for we re yesterday was a sense of deja vu, we were talk ing about something the sport, and for us playing, it‘s similar with the manchester derby like having that extra player on the court. i don't think you have to and with england playing bulgaria. we are in danger of this becoming hype up the crowd any more for the rooted into the fabric of football first match. the first match is against and everyone with an interest in making sure that is not the case the world champions new zealand. needs to pus pressure on the authorities to take a tougher line. i‘m really excited, the last time we what is it like for the players when played them was at the world cup. i‘m excited to get on the court and they're facing this sort of abuse really go for it and i‘m sure the and what sort of things are they cry will be there making us feel
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hearing. it is terrible, we have all loved. —— the crowd. experienced it, we have been in that the success of getting gold at commonwealth games and then space, i think my generation of hosting the world cup in liverpool playing wasn't as bad as previous must have helped grow fan base? generations and probably not as bad as what is happening at the moment. i think massively. since the gold that the commonwealth games, but it is insidious, i commend the eve ryo ne that the commonwealth games, everyone has been so interested. i think some people are recognising players, they're so professionalfor players now, it is crazy. the world getting on with it. but the players cup was massive and everyone got will vote with their feet and walk behind the sport, so it has snowballed from there and is getting bigger and bigger and people are off the pitch. this is beamed around starting to really enjoy it. from a the world, the premier league, and personal point of view, the fact you what are saying to launch something have been included in the squad under the new managerjess, how are bigger and bolder, is this the you feeling about that? i'm really message you want to sent out, the excited. i don‘t know what else to two guys, fred and rudiger, they're foreign nationals and that is what say but got —— super excited. to we're presenting to them and their families that they will come to train super hard and be able to go england and we will tolerate this. to these things is like, yeah, it‘s we need to show that we are better than that. when we see calls for an starting to pay off. it‘s good. inquiry, what can that achieve and
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what can it do. it can't be people england play next month against those three other teams. thanks again. and charles leclerc has sitting around and you heard the confirmed that he will be staying with ferrari. government minister saying the the formula 1 star tweeted things we have heard before. we need that he had signed a deal to stay forfive more years. something big and bold. i remember leclerc won back—to—back races in belgium and italy and finished fourth in the overall driver standings, ahead of team—mate sebastian vettel. the macpherson inquiry 25—plus years ago after the murder of stephen lawrence and what happened then, that‘s all the sport for now. there was an inquiry into racism in i‘ll have more for there was an inquiry into racism in the police, but it was bigger than you in the next hour. that and it spoke about issues in the former labour leader, society and ushered a way into ed miliband, is to take part thinking and lifting the bonnet of what we do in society and i think in a review examining the party‘s heavy defeat in the for that reason it achieved a lot. general election. now we are at a similar stage. the activist group, labour together, is setting up a commission tasked with mapping out football is the national game. what a route back to power. is happening isn't just the review will be led by the former shadow football is the national game. what is happening isn'tjust happening in football, but it is happening in education secretary, lucy powell. as the decade draws to a close, society, but football is the statisticians have released a summary of the numbers that national game, can we use it as a illustrate how life has vehicle to have those conversations. changed over the 2010s. the world has moved on, social media the royal statistical society competition results showconcerns over deforestation, and closer
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isa the world has moved on, social media is a massive part of the solution, to home, slow productivity growth but it is part of problem as well. in the uk. these are the conversations we need to have and we need to start at the highest level. we have a new the winning international government, can they be bold and do statistic was 8.4 million — that‘s the number of football that? . a response there from the pitches you could fit in the area lost to deforestation in the amazon pfa on what happened within during the past ten years. football. the british stat of the decade was 0.3%, five people have been the estimated average annual sentenced to death by a court increase in uk productivity since the financial crisis. in saudi arabia for the murder of government criticjamal khashoggi another noteable number — 27%. in istanbul last year. that‘s the percentage of young adults in the uk, aged 20 to sa, three more have been given jail sentences who are now estimated to live totalling 2a years. with their parents. the prosecutor said saoud al qahtani earlier i spoke to professor — an important aide jennifer rogers, vice president of crown prince mohammed bin salman for external affairs, — had been investigated but not charged and was released. the country faced international at the royal statistical society. condemnation for mr khashoggi's murder in the saudi embassy in turkey last year; saudi arabia i started by asking her blamed it on what they called what she thought about that amazon a ‘rogue operation‘. deforestation number. our middle east correspondent martin patience what struck us about this joins me from beirut. is the number is so huge. 8.4 million football pitches we have tell us more first of all about what lost due to deforestation. we felt this statistic was a really powerful visualisation has emerged from this judgment. of a really serious issue.
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tell us more first of all about what has emerged from thisjudgment. what we have had is from the public the amazon rainforest is the lungs prosecutors in saudi arabia, 11 of the world and it takes carbon dioxide and air pollution out people were put on trial, five have of the atmosphere and we are been sentenced to death, three losing so much of it at such an alarming rate. others lengthy jail sentences been sentenced to death, three others lengthyjail sentences and how was the winning three released. importantly, what statistic chosen? the public prosecutor says is this we receive loads of nominations and we sat down as a judging panel was not a premeditated killing. and we try to think about the key issues facing the uk and the globe according to their investigations, over the last ten years. this interrogation team went to the we try to pick out statistics that capture that spirit and also consulate in turkey to interrogate jamal khashoggi. when they couldn‘t statistics that shocked. move him to another area, apparently for reasons that still are not the uk figure that you picked out was productivity, clear, apparently they decided to which might seem a bit dry to some. kill him. now, i think many will see it might seem a bit of a dull this as a whitewash of events, why statistic, but thejudging panel felt it was the most important uk for example did this team have the statistic over the last decade. tools to cut up the body and the productivity before the financial crisis was around 2% body of jamal khashoggi has never and the more productive we are, been recovered. one version of event the more prosperous we are. ps is this killing was ordered from if we can increase productivity, pay will increase and the government
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the highest levels in saudi arabia will have more money to spend from mohammed bin salman, a top on public services such as the nhs. official was investigated, but the you were highlighting that to show there is a little bit of growth investigators let him off. saudi arabia from its point of view will but more needs to be done? wa nt to arabia from its point of view will want to draw a line under this murder, because it has been deeply we were highlighting this, more that it has pretty much halted, damaging to the saudi arabia‘s the growth has not been much over reputation around the world and it the last ten years and may be more needs to be done has been its worst diplomatic crisis to try and improve that. it is all about skills since the 2001 attacks in the united and training in part. states. yet, haven't its traditional allies, including the uk and the united states stood by the saudis, another interesting one we picked out, the idea that despite condemnation of what nearly a third of young happened here? i think there was a adults, who you define as aged 20 lot of criticism. i think it put to sa, are living at home with mum and dad. we felt this captured housing affordability america and the uk under the and it was one that shocked me. i am 3a and to think that over one spotlight. were they prepared to in four of young adults, support a man, a including my age category, spotlight. were they prepared to supporta man, a kingdom i still living at home spotlight. were they prepared to support a man, a kingdom where there is terrible human rights abuses? and ——are still at home with mum and dad. thatis is terrible human rights abuses? and we have heard this boomerang
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that is according to human rights generation being coined where young individuals are going to university organisations. we also, according to or college and then they move reports it was the cia‘s own conclusion that the order must have to their parents‘ because housing rents are too high. been, the order of mohammed bin or they cannot afford a deposit. salman, he at the very least must have known that this operation has been going ahead. but you‘re right in pointing out weapons sales from the uk and saudi arabia have women hold 36.6% continued, because saudi arabia of places on boards. continues to prosecute the war in it has gone up over the last decade. yemen. so i think it has been very we had a lot of nominations that showed work still needed to be done, difficult for relations between the like the gender pay gap. two countries, but from saudi there are very few women holding arabia‘s point of view, what it will be strongly saying to its allies is, executive board positions. look, we have carried out an investigation, people have been prosecuted, now is the time to move in the last decade, gender on. how significant is this key aid and equality has been a hugely of the crown prince was not found debated topic and this showed culpable and what is the position progress had been done. we cannot change this overnight, but hopefully we are going 110w culpable and what is the position now of mohammed bin salman in in the right direction relation to this whole affair?|j and on the right trajectory. only a minority of people with a learning disability are able to find a job — mean, relation to this whole affair?” mean, his aides, you know... the
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but often itjust takes a bit whole process hasn‘t been... of support and understanding from terribly transparent. the fact that an employer to make things possible. dougal shaw has been down on the farm in leeds, the announcement‘s just come out to meet one young man, today, i don‘t think anything was who has found his dream job, mucking out the animals? expecting it was going to come mucking out the pigs. it‘s a task today. i think mohammed bin salman, mitch does twice a day on the farm where he works in leeds in the north of england. he isa for some, it might seem unglamorous today. i think mohammed bin salman, he is a very charismatic young work, but it‘s everything leader, he is something who actually he ever wanted. yeah, it‘s a dream job, basically. means the world to me. has widespread support within the kingdom, because he, he has crushed it means i can do a job i truly enjoy. mitch is 21. dissent, but what he is also doing he has autism and learning disabilities. is opening up the kingdom. for he loves to learn and be productive, example, tourists are being called to go to saudi arabia. we have seen itjust takes him longer than most to absorb and process information. p0p to go to saudi arabia. we have seen pop concerts, boxing matches have for five years, taken place in the last few weeks, he desperately struggled to find a job, but most employers simply women are allowed to drive. so it wouldn‘t give him a chance. he was even turned down is, ithink for voluntary work. women are allowed to drive. so it is, i think he is... he cracks down some people just won‘t hire people on dissent, but he also has a with disabilities for some reason, which is a shame considering we‘re liberalising effect on the kingdom and there are two sides so this in the 21st century. story. from his point of view, he in fact, only around 1 in 20 adults with learning will be emphasising what he is doing disabilities find employment.
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for the younger population, what he is doing for women and he will want but often people like mitch just need a little help to put what is a deeply damaging to get started. ajob coach helped him episode behind him. thank you. i secure this role. know this story is just breaking it was all about making sure 110w. know this story is just breaking now. thank you for your analysis. that he, in his mind, got into the routine of knowing what to do and how to do it. the other key for mitch was having a sympathetic employer who realized the potential benefits someone like him could bring. when it's wet, it's cold, it's muddy, you're tired and you're not feeling well, it's not the nicest job in the world. not many people stick to it. the former love island presenter has so he's got real dedication. he's fantastic. been charged following a fight with her boyfriend. she has stood down he even visits the animals on his days off. from the series of love island in i have always loved animals, south africa. since i was a kid. it doesn‘t really matter what disability you have. as long as you‘re a hard worker, and a decent person, you should have a job, no matter what. a woman has died after a bus crashed remember harry billinge? in wales. seven other people were he‘s the d—day veteran who inspired us all after raising tens injured in the accident. a
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of thousands of pounds for a memorial to his fallen comrades in normandy. 63—year—old man who was arrested has harry‘s made a quite an impact this year — been released under investigation. and his fellow armed service veterans wanted to throw him a party to say ‘thank you‘. tim muffett went the duke of edinburgh has spent a along tojoin them... third night in hospital. buckingham music: we‘ll meet again by vera lynn. palace said he was admitted as a please welcome harry! applause. precaution on friday on the advice of his doctor. our correspondent is outside the hospital in london. of his doctor. our correspondent is outside the hospital in londonm hello, sir. has been a third night in hospital for prince philip. he arrived at the nice to see you, old boy. private hospital in west london on friday for treatment and observation thank you for your for what has been described as a service, sweetheart. without people like harry, preexisting condition. buckingham we wouldn't be here today. he is an absolute hero in my eyes. palace have been relaxed about this saying the prince came as a harry set out to raise just over £22,000 for a memorial in normandy. £1 for every soldier under british command killed we have had no other visits from the there during the d—day landings. he‘s exceeded his target. royal family. when he appeared on breakfast, the impact was huge. don‘t say i‘m a hero, i‘m no hero.
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i was lucky — i‘m here. the queen attended a carol concert all the heroes are dead, yesterday. we have yet to hear word and i‘ll never forget whether the duke will be released in them as long as i live. time for christmas day. have you been surprised by how much money you‘ve raised? i have. i‘ve been deeply moved to tears sometimes with people. if you look at this big screen here are the pictures from outside over here, we can show the hospital. it is possible he you what‘s been done so far. you came into the studio, might be released today. we are not didn‘t you, and you saw the work that had already been done? quite sure yet. but there has been a what was that like? bit of activity outside the hospital oh, my god, i choked! in the last few minutes. obviously a for once in my life, i was speechless. marvellous... lot of speculation about whether he can go home to be with his family i‘m very grateful to everybody for christmas. that‘s been so kind in giving a donation, even to the kids. they saved their pocket money, believe it or not. # so will you please say hello... china‘s foreign ministry has denied allegations that prisoners are being used forforced labour, after tesco suspended production of christmas cards thank you for your service. at a factory in shanghai if it wasn't for people while it investigates claims. like you, i wouldn't been six—year—old florence able tojoin up myself. widdicombe found a plea sheila, what‘s it been like this for help in one of the cards, year seeing harry become globally
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apparently written by a foreign famous and raise lots of money? prisoner in qingpu prison. very hectic. the supermarket says it was shocked and would never allow the use of prison labour how proud have you felt seeing harry raise all that money? tremendously proud of him. in its supply chain. william nee is a business and human rights it's marvellous. analyst at amnesty international and i spoke to him earlierfrom hong kong. we know that prison labour is common he sat down one day and said, "i know what i'm going to do — collect the money for the boys." in china and it is used in prisons we‘ve been married 65 years, believe it or not. we‘re one person. and sometimes in detention she‘s lovely. facilities, where people haven‘t i can‘t describe her any been sentenced through a court and different from that. we'd like to give this to you and also in the a big region in the sheila just as a little token. north—west of china, you know three that‘s very kind of you, i‘m overwhelmed. that‘s very good of you. times larger than france, there are christmas is a very important time for the armed forces and veterans‘ breakfast clubs. there are now more than 300 of them. many predominantly muslim people, uighurs who are being detained and a lot of banter, friendships are formed. many have been in re—education camps and now they‘re coming out and if there's anyone on their own, having to do forced labour as well. they know there's somewhere to come. in our eyes, it's a brotherhood it is something companies need to be and harry is one of those brothers.
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alert about when they‘re looking to we are brothers in arms. do business in china to ensure none the new year, 2020, are you going to carry on fundraising? of their supply chains involve forced labour. this is what i‘ll keep going on until i drop, because if you stop, you rust. companies need to do. i‘m glad to on behalf of the breakfast club, hear tesco has stopped and they‘re we thank you and we salute you. going to be an investigation. how thank you very much, most kind. difficult is it to do those checks? overwhelmed. an extraordinary year given presumably much of this must be hidden? you're right, i think it for a remarkable man. is difficult to do, you know they‘re the headlines on bbc news... five people are sentenced to death doing business in china presents challenges. but it is possible if in saudi arabia for the murder you go through and you look at your of the journalist jamal khashoggi. supply chain and your, you know you calls for a government inquiry try to actually dig through and you into racism in football, after a premier league match don‘tjust give it to a consulting is stopped for the first time because of allegations company to do a perfunctory look. i of abuse from the stands. the former love island presenter caroline flack is appearing in court after being charged with assault. think all companies, regardless of where they‘re operating, according to international standards need to do human rights due diligence.
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companies should be on guard that in china there is the possibility of now on bbc news, lucy hedges rounds forced labour. it is not to say that up some of the travel show‘s best adventures from the year. the majority of the supply chain in china, or that workers are engaged in forced labour. but there is that risk. so companies need to take that seriously. can you give us an idea of percentage of goods that we all buy made in china that might have this risk attached? i don't think i hello and welcome to this, have the exact numbers at hand, but the last travel show of 2019, imean have the exact numbers at hand, but so what better time to take a look i mean china‘s obviously you know, it‘s been known as the factory of back on the past year the world, where so much of word‘s on the programme? here‘s a taste of what‘s coming up. products are made and the vast it‘s incredible. majority is not made under conditions of forced labour. there oh, my days! can be other labour rights problems, that companies need to be on guard that was completely insane. against, in the last year there have been over a hundred labour leaders who have been detained for trying to let‘s kick off with a trip that mike
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get things, benefits for workers made over to california back in may. we told him that all he would need according to the law. there is was a taste for adventure and a head for heights. here‘s what happened. workers just this week one, a labour here in western california, there are complex beings that have lived for over a millennium. rights activist was detained. but we redwood trees have become are looking at a relatively small an icon of this state. but some fear that our changing climate might percentage. given this noept was threaten their survival. given to —— note was given to this so i have come to the most southern girl florence and asked for peter tip of their range — where change could hit the hardest — to join a scientist who has humphreys, who is an investigator, it has credibility and it is worth been working here to try taking seriously. amnesty hasn't to find some answers. it‘s absolutely amazing being out in the forest, ijust love it, listening to the birds and watching been able to verify the claims. we the sun move through heard about this just recently and the canopy, it‘s beautiful. you know it is difficult, if not today, we will be climbing this... impossible for groups like amnesty international to do human rights work in china. it is incumbent on so these are coast redwoods.
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the company to dig deep and ensure they are the tallest tree they can guarantee that the human species in the world, reaching currently about 380 feet rights of all people in the supply tall is the tallest ones. chain are being respected. that is they are incredibly tough and resilient, really important their obligation and every company‘s ecologically and they are iconic. so i have been here, obligation under international trying to get a better understanding of how they are responding to climate change, standards. and how they might respond to future climate change. and how are they responding gerald oppenheim is to climate change? the chief executive of the fundraising regulator — as the climate changes, he said he would work temperatures are increasing, with the charities involved to make sure this doesn‘t happen again. it‘s drying things out they will be doing that and there as temperatures get warmer, are arrangements in place to make and that‘s a big, big consideration sure that charities in the contracts for these particular trees they have with third party suppliers because they need so much water, it‘s affecting their water balance do make it clear that things have to and their ability to transport more water to the tops of the trees. be produced ethically. tesco will but now, it‘s time to get to work. wa nt to be produced ethically. tesco will want to satisfy themselves that they groans. we re want to satisfy themselves that they were told the truth by the supplier, there we go. that there was no forced labour involved. clearly something has gone so first, we need a sample wrong there. tesco, like all of the tree‘s core. this is the halfway mark there, retailers producing goods over seas and then when you get to the ground, will do inspections of places where these things are made and they will we‘ll be able to pull that spoon out wa nt to these things are made and they will want to check—up on that and the with the core on it.
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charities will want to know the and the hidden secrets beneath this bark will be ours! outcome, as we will. yes! the knowledge will be ours! earlier on, anthony showed me some of those secrets this tree had already revealed. and so, wow! these are the rings here? the headlines on bbc news... five people are sentenced to death in saudi arabia for the murder yeah, each one of those an annual ring, one year‘s worth of the journalist jamal khashoggi of growth you can see here. calls for a government inquiry into racism in football, so it only grows a couple after a premier league match of millimetres each year? is stopped for the first time yeah, and sometimes less than a millimetre a year, because of allegations depending on how the conditions are. of abuse from the stands. as australia‘s bushfire crisis continues — we are back hundreds the country‘s prime minister defends the coal industry and defies calls of years right now? for new carbon targets. yeah. once we polish this up and sand it in sport, the new everton manager, and get a better view of the rings, you know, carlo ancelotti, has held his first this is — there could be 100, news conference. he said it will 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, ta ke news conference. he said it will take time to turn the club‘s 700 maybe years here. fortu nes take time to turn the club‘s fortunes around but he had a clear wow. focus. england netball has announced so this section up here hasn‘t seen sunlight for 600, 700 years. yeah. it‘s an amazing archive. record sales for an international tournament, after a successful home all right, so i have one end world cup when england won bronze. of the tape measure. we are doing the circumference measurement. yep, yep. and charles leclerc said he will be
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staying with ferrari. he has signed a deal to stay for five more years. so wrap it all the way around that underneath this tubing. i‘m back with more after half past. so we are at 7.81; metres circumference. that‘s a big tree! it is a big tree. to the top! australia‘s prime minister, scott morrison, has again this redwood stands defended the coal industry, despite conceding yesterday that climate change has helped fuel at over 70 metres tall. the country‘s bushfires. he said there was no need climbing redwoods is forbidden to impose new carbon targets. in most places, but in this reserve, meanwhile, the leader of new south wales says we have special permission — ‘catastrophic‘ fire conditions have almost completely destroyed and what a privilege it is! the community of a small town that‘s home to around four—hundred 0k. people. a0 metres. balmoral, south west of sydney, has been engulfed by flames, as emergency crews struggle to contain the situation. i cannot believe how from there shaimaa khalil reports: incredible it is up here. it‘s incredible up here. from there shaimaa khalil reports. it feels like a deserted war zone, but this is the aftermath of the catastrophic bushfires that as we inched upwards, i am faced with more scorched bark. have ravaged new south wales. anthony told me that wildfires and in the village of balmoral, are another threat that these trees are increasingly facing the devastation is everywhere. in the modern world. russell scholes has been a volunteer firefighter for six years. bird‘s nest. he was out with his team trying
11:21 am
i don‘t think there is to control the blaze in the village when his own house was anybody home, though. burned to the ground. so many of the brigade are tired. with anthony already that‘s the mental side of it — when you‘re continually battling at the top collecting samples, something you can‘t beat. i make my final push upwards. the prime minister, scott morrison, this view... appearing for the first time today after fierce criticism of his holiday in hawaii, conceded that more needed to be done to tackle global warming, with scientists saying that drier definitely one of the wildest, conditions brought about by climate most incredible views i have change have worsened seen in my entire life. the impact of bushfires. i can‘t believe we are 71 metres off the ground right now. condors get this view. the catastrophic fires have subsided but the situation condors, and us. is still extremely dangerous here. the roads remain closed off. it‘s incredible. balmoral was one of the worst hit this is 700 years old! areas by saturday‘s fires and the community is which is before the colonisation of america, before taj mahal, still very much in shock. before machu pichu. many haven‘t returned to see it makes you feel like a speck of sand in the sandbox. what happened to their homes like, insignificant. and what happened to their village. yeah, it‘s a pretty humbling just opposite the road from russell‘s shattered house is a very different picture. experience, isn‘t it?
11:22 am
craig hurley stayed to defend his home during the fires, if the climate change experience dry using up all the water things sufficiently, reserves he had. then they might start to feel some flames like a five— or six—storey building and just impacts, they might not grow as well, may not get as tall, roaring all around you. and they might, in the future, just scared as hell, even might die back, you don‘t know what to do. and that is what we‘re trying to find out. australia‘s bracing itself do i feel the tree for a scorching summer, shaking a little bit? and many are wondering yeah, it‘s waving. where the next big fire is going to hit. just a normal thing, i am assuming? shaimaa khalil, bbc news, yeah. balmoral, new south wales. at a news conference the australian prime minister time for something with a bit more defended his government‘s record on climate change, and said he would not pursue what he called ‘reckless‘ and ‘job destroying‘ horsepower now, and in march, targets on industry. what i know is the need ade made his first to take action on climate ever visit to dubai. change has not changed. let‘s just say he got to travel style, very very quickly. good to see you. you don‘t run government look at this! jump in. on a sentiment, you run a government all set? on facts and you run a government let‘s do it! everywhere we look, on what you need to do to protect our environment i mean, i‘m just seeing... and its sustainability for the future, and to protect our economy and the jobs and livelihoods that australians depend on. what you run government on and the decisions you take are based on those important facts.
11:23 am
the facts when it comes we have a rolls—royce going past to addressing climate change and the facts on when it comes to ensuring we have a strong economy here, mercs, that is standard. and providing people with the livelihoods they depend on, supercars everywhere. they remain the same. what is it with dubai? why are they so in love with their superca rs here? the death toll from there are a couple new zealand‘s white island of different reasons. one is to show off. eruption has risen to 19. police have confirmed that another victim died in hospital in auckland. as much as no—one wants to admit it, people do like showing off. there were 47 people, mainly australian tourists, on the island when it erupted then there are the most amazing earlier this month. 25 people remain in hospital —many driving roads in the uae. still in a critical condition. danny‘s ninth degree group of local supercar owners hold regular track there are growing indications days and events here. that the so called islamic state group is re—organising in iraq, two years after losing the last and they even let you hire one of its territory in the country. kurdish and western intelligence of the top—of—the—range models, officials have told the bbc so that you can get behind the wheel that the is presence in iraq is a sophisticated insurgency, — for a few hours, at least. and is attacks are increasing. lahur talibany is a kurdish counter we are going to go for a spin terrorism official and director of one of the two intelligence in this car, and this agencies in iraq. car is the real deal. he told orla guerin that a different it‘s almost £1 million worth of raw, brutal, unadulterated power. kind of is has emerged. dan, let‘s do this, man! let‘s go.
11:24 am
oh, yes! screams. the dispute between krg and the central government has left a lot of land unmanned and isis is taking advantage of the situation. this stretches from the iranian border going all the way up to mosul and the syrian border. oh, my days! they have easy access of travel laughs. through these areas. we see now the activity increasing and we think that the reorganisation now, if you are a fan of winter stage is over now. sports, you are going to love this next one, because back in march, there is a major security vacuum in these no—go areas christa headed to latvia between the iraqi forces and the peshmerga forces? to try her hand on one of the very nobody is dealing with the security few professional bobsleigh tracks threat in these areas? that are open to tourists, and it was quite a ride. isis is patrolling it, unfortunately. welcome to sigulda‘s bobsleigh track, one of the very few do you think this is the same phase in the world where tourists can get as 2012 when they were starting the same adrenaline rush to rebuild and starting to become a serious threat? as professional racers. i think it is more stronger
11:25 am
than 2012 to be honest. my main concern is the political we are about to set off, 100 instability in baghdad. kilometres down a very icy slope. this will feed into but luckily, i‘ve got an expert the future of isis. pilot, so fingers crossed that it goes very smoothly. if we have political unrest this is heaven for them, this is christmas come early for isis. apart from the pilot steering do you think it is a new the bobsleigh from the front, a team also includes pushers beginning for them? and a brake man. i would say it would be but tourists get it easy. a different type of isis. theyjust need to duck no longer will they want to control in and hold — very tight! land or cities, i think they will go this track is almost 1500 metres back to the asymetric warfare long and you need a pretty strong of al-qaeda with more experience stomach to manage its 16 curves. and techniques and tactics that al-qaeda did not have. i think it is an issue for us to be worried about. not only us, i think the international community should be worried about the re—emergence of isis, because in the past a problem in iraq became woo! a global problem. chuckles. oh, man! the kind of rebuilding they have woo! managed to do in the last 12 months, i think that is one has that been a surprise of the most intense experiences of my entire life. to you that they have been able to do this so quickly? they have better techniques and tactics and they have a lot more that was like being in a very,
11:26 am
finances at their disposal. very active, very cold tunnel dryer i don‘t know if this money was money that they saved ——tumble dryer for in the past from the oil trade, a minute and a half. but they seem to have a lot another winter sport that can take your breath away more money than al-qaeda is this — the skeleton. had in the old days. imagine a luge with no they are able to buy brakes or steering aid vehicles, weaponry, food that you ride headfirst. supplies and equipment. like i said, they are like i don‘t think i‘m ready to try one of the full—blown skeletons, al-qaeda on steroids. but there is a tourist version available that is a little they have picked up a lot bit more my speed. of experience in the past three orfour years. wish me luck. technologically they are more savvy, it is more difficult to flush them out or to find them. it‘s called a frog, and for this they are like al-qaeda one, there‘s no crew to make me feel safe. on steroids, these guys. lahur talabany, the head of the kurdish zanyari intelligence agency speaking woo! to our international correspondent, orla guerin. oh, my goodness! dozens of former thomas cook employees say they‘re struggling to access benefits and pay their bills, three months oh, god! after the travel chain collapsed. laughter. some of those affected say
11:27 am
they‘ve received just they‘ve received just £50 in 12 weeks. oh, god! the government has apologised, saying its dedicated staff have helped thousands of people. heavy fog and icy roads led to a 69 how was it? so cool! car pile up in virginia i could go again! in the east of the united states. right now, let‘s go. the crash, about 50 miles east of richmond, closed both sides of the motorway. 51 people were taken to hospital for treatment but no one has been killed. in some spots, vehicles were so squeezed together that firefighters and emergency responders had to step from car to car to pull people out. good morning. we got a fairly quiet now the weather with simon king. no start to this week. many visitors fog for us here in the meantime for try. we‘ve had a few showers this 110w. fog for us here in the meantime for morning, more rain in the forecast now. but we could see some dense fog particularly over tonight and into patches later on christmas day. that tomorrow. there will be some is something worth keeping tuned to sunshine, particularly for christmas the forecast. for most of week fine day. it is looking like the best day of the week. some fair weather with some rain. a few showers across clouding the sky in chester earlier. central and eastern areas, but for most of us it‘s dry, some sunny they‘re very localised, more showers spells, the odd shower moving
11:28 am
in scotland and northern ireland. eastward across england. if you more some sonny spells and temperatures showers to come across colin throughout the afternoon, but for this afternoon up to 11 degrees most of us, i will stay largely dry across southern areas. still a few there will be that sunshine. maximum showers tonight in northern parts. centres, northern part is getting to in the south the cloud will increase 8-9dc, and with it some rain moving into centres, northern part is getting to 8—9dc, brother south of those could england and wales and spreading to well reach 10—11dc. if you are sure the north and east. temperatures to come to an eye over the northern tonight rising in southern areas, six to nine celsius here. perhaps a parts, rain will spread its way north through tonight. some of that touch of frost in the far north—east could be on the heavy side, temperature staying up at 8—9dc in of scotland. for christmas eve some rain in the north. thunder storms in the north, a bit chilly further north and a bit of frost in the far wales and the west country. by christmas day, dry and sunny and north—east of scotland. for christmas eve, one weather system will ease off in the east and after a frosty start, some fog developing in the afternoon. another will push its way into wales and south western areas of england. that will bring some heavy and even thundery showers in south wales and northern parts of south—west england. watch out for those thunderstorms there. the rain in the morning across northern parts will tend to ease, will stay cloudy in the northern areas of england, but some sunshine for scotland and
11:29 am
northern ireland. a little chillier than today, temperature is about 5—7 here, around a living in the south. a quiet christmas eve eve, varying amounts of cloud and water to showers in the far north—west. on christmas day, this ridge of high pressures want to move on across the uk. there could be the ultra—rare any part of the west of scotland, could be about one and may be the odd snowflake in the far north—west. for most of us it is going to be a dry, frosty start today. lots of sunshine expected for christmas day, not a white christmas for most of us. those temperatures getting to about 6—9dc. boxing day, it turns wetter and windier, some heavy rain moving its way eastward. snow on the higher ground in scotland. some brighter skies in wales, further showers feeding behind it all for northern ireland in western scotland. temperatures on boxing day
11:30 am
about 7—10dc. that‘s all from me. 00:30:04,428 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 for now, goodbye.
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