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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 23, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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a statement saying their initial findings into the alleged racist abuse of chelsea's antonio rudiger are "inconclusive" but a "thorough" investigation is continuing. rudiger said he was targetted with racist abuse during chelsea's win and announcements were then made to the crowd stating racist behaviour was interfering with the game. police are also investigating. facing the media today ahead of the boxing day fixtures, premier league managers were asked for their thoughts about what should be done to tackle the issue. society needs help. we need to eradicate this, we have to eradicate any form of discrimination in this case, we are speaking about racism. and yes, football needs help but society needs help. it is not about
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one club or one person, orjust one person the football world because every game, every week, every day, a lot of this is happening and we have to fight every day, especially the families at home to try and do better and giving the field to the new generation. these incidents are happening in love or discontinue info but would continue, at least how info but would continue, at least now there is a voice, a voice for players, for people to discuss and i think the education has to be ongoing and just trying to work out what are the best sanctions in order to allow it to get better. what are the best sanctions in order to allow it to get betterlj what are the best sanctions in order to allow it to get better. i was side was from a society that is attached to football teams, but if
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you sit next to somebody who is doing it, of the people next to you. be brave and police your own football ground. that's the view, then, from some of the clubs. let's hear from the player's union — the pfa. it's called for a government inquiry into racsim and hate crime in the game. the former huddersfield and gillingham striker iffy onuora is their equalities coach. it has been legitimised by some of the politicians and again, if you ask people to be a part of an inquiry you're taking the lead in that, that, just that one idea tempers and checks your language, checks sentences right, after looking talk differently about that. an appealfour years looking talk differently about that. an appeal four years ago and that has been obviously, that is been and gone and we have not use that as a moment to think, what are we doing here. it is gotten worse and
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somehow, we have to look at this differently. it was all about the new for everton today — their new manager carlo ancelotti doing his first pre—match press conference since being hired on saturday. and they've also submitted plans for a brand new stadium today, which they hope will be open by 2023. stuart pollitt reports. great pleasure to introduce our new manager. his challenge is to take everything to the top of english football. nothing is impossible in football. nothing is impossible in football. i want to bring everton in the top position of the premier league as soon as possible. everton has one of the biggest names in football management. he has won league titles in four different countries and with three champions
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league trophy some italian has as many as liverpool manchester city put together. attracted by the ambition here at everton to move to a new stadium. they submitted a detailed planning application for its new crowns and the arena which is set to cost £500 million could be complete by 2023. the fact that the club wants to build a new stadium, a clear idea how to improve it as success. for me, it will be good to be here when the new stadium will be open and so, this is what attracted me. these are exciting times on and off the field for everton, this era gets under way on boxing day. and that game
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is against burnley, at goodison park on thursday. it's fair to say the appointment of carlo ancellotti has excited a lot of everton supporters. one of them is sarah halpin — who's a football content creator for the "bird is blue." there are a few people that they may bea there are a few people that they may be a bit surprised that he has joined everton, given he has such a rich history of winning things. he is 13 european titles in different countries and he is a winner and a slightly differentjob to what he is use to or known for in everton is a sleeping giant, huge football club with a massive history and rich tradition, but it's time to bring it back to the club and make it competitive and i certainly think thatis competitive and i certainly think that is the plan that he has for everton. champions league, i cannot say that with, we may not get it this season or the next, but with
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him here, that is the aim and i think of are the best managers and i think of are the best managers and i think that is when everything starts and we have a top—drawer manager and they have big names in the best towns in the club. we have a few, i feel like this project and everton in the club, the people's project have delivered something really good andi have delivered something really good and i think people in the city are in favour of it, and when you look at the fact that it is going to apparently, the 15,000 jobs a year contributing so much to the economy, it's also such a good deal for everyone, not just it's also such a good deal for everyone, notjust everton. i think we will get it over the line. 0ne game in the championship tonight and it ended goalless in the lancashire derby between blackburn and wigan at ewood park. the best chance of the game fell to rovers striker danny graham who saw his header strike the cross bar in the second half. wigan move off bottom
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with the point whilst rovers extend their unbeaten run to seven games. england bowlersjofra archer, stuart broad and jack leach have all taken part in a net session today ahead of england's four test series against south africa. archer and broad bowled five overs each after missing the warm—ups through illness. leach has also been suffering with flu. captainjoe root says england will trust the players to decide if they're fit to feature in the first test that starts at centurion on thursday. there was some huge hitting from the english batsman liam livingstone in australia's big bash league overnight. he hit 69 from 26 balls for the perth scorchers as they made an excellent start against the adelaide strikers. but it wasn't good enough to secure victory, as adelaide went on to win by 15 runs via the duckworth—lewis method.
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next month's netball nations cup will see england face new zealand, south africa and jamaica across fours days in matches played in nottingham, birmingham and london. roses head coachjess thirlby named her squad of 1a for the tournament today and she spoke to us about the challenge ahead: we are under no illusions. we appreciate the success that could be measured in many ways and winning doesn't always equal success and we are very much at the beginning of this four year cycle and we believe you have a strong squad and am looking forward to seeing what we can do against the current world champions and jamaican team that we really do not get to play against very often outside of those big championship years and i'm sure south africa will want to take our scalp back here, back in england. will be great after that series in south africa but to play these three nation and close proximity with all the distinct style of play, it is a steep learning curve, we have the
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likes of jane clark and many who have experienced playing in competitions like this, like the series. there will be a number of players that are not used to going through it tactically three different styles of play in such close proximity. he'll be a huge learning curve for all of us but ultimately, what a fantastic opportunity to have met all these teams in the top five of the world and in these opening few months because we are also touring australia and new the end the year, for my point of view, a huge and fantastic opportunity to get to get real insight into this player group. the two time champion gary anderson survived a huge scare to progress to the fourth round of the pdc world championship. the scotsman was 3—1 down to ryan searle before fighting back to win in a deciding set. earlier there were also wins for adrian lewis and jeffrey de zwaan who beat dave chisnall. the statue of sweden star zlatan ibrahimovic has been vandalised for a third time. now, fans of malmo, where the statue stands, have sawn off his nose.
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leaving a gaping hole in it's place. the whole things also been covered in silver paint. vandals previously tried to saw through one of its legs and put a toilet seat around its neck. the statue was unveiled in his hometown in october, but last month, ibrahimovic invested in rival team hammarby, with fans taking their anger out on what was supposed to have been a tribute to their former player. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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hello and welcome to our paper review. with me are kevin schofield, editor of politics home, and the broadcasterjohn stapleton. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. let's take a look. tomorrow's financial times leads on the ousting of the chief executive of boeing after two deadly crashes involving its 737 max plane. the i warns of serious flooding over the festive period — with heavy rain forecast in parts of the uk later this week. the daily express previews the queen's christmas speech — the monarch will say it's been a bumpy year. and the daily mirror also splashes on the queen's message — showing her next to photos of some of the royal family. the times front page has the same image of the queen and her heirs.
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the paper also has the story that the prime minister borisjohnson will ring in the new year on the private caribbean island of mustique. the sun leads on the court case of love island presenter caroline flack — she denies assaulting her boyfriend. and both that story and the queen's speech are on the front of tomorrow's daily mail. the paper says the queen will use her message to talk about the royals‘ "turbulent year". let us start off with that. the telegraph splash on the story. 0ur path this year has been bumpy, since the queen. the queen speech has a nswered the queen. the queen speech has answered the prayers of news desks up answered the prayers of news desks up and down because there aren't many great deals around, the news
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deals come with the queen speech at the heart of it and yes, she has come out with a nice newsline, a classic understatement on bumpy. that is open to interpretation, the queen personally has had a bit of a rough year prince andrew and an affair that she does not refer to the directly. and address, but i think it is safe to assume that she is familiar with that. the general election has a lot of political turmoil as well and c&s us herjob is that of state to try and encapsulate that and the positive message for the rest of the country. you can say that again. blue max uses the 75th anniversary of d—day as to how we can get over our differences and reconciliation in keeping with the christmas state and
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royalists will say, that she is remarkable and i was watching it in re ce nt remarkable and i was watching it in recent weeks in parliament and delivers them without hesitation and it is impressive. whatever you think about the institution of the royal family, it is impressive that this woman still does this. it will be well received because i think a lot of people after this year we have had, would like to forget 2019 for a whole variety of reason, not least the queen. of the mirror, it was the picture that caught your attention and they wonder why. it has more to do with who is not there. i think prince philip is there, currently not in the best of health but it has been for the queen, they are there, prince charles and carmella, her
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father is there harry and megan are not, but it's not surprising that prince andrew is not included on the piano top there. i think it might raise a few eyebrows that harry and megan are not spending christmas with the queen and we are led to believe that they're a bit of a snob. they could be just around the corner, just outside of the frame. it is funny that you said that. cynics that we are, and what you pay for. just expressing that it looks like a deliberate snob. whether she intends that or not, it might be. like a deliberate snob. whether she intends that or not, it might hem might bea intends that or not, it might hem might be a wider shot with more pictures, we are looking at last yea rs pictures, we are looking at last years and the tight shot only had three photos on the desk and again it was a variety of photos. but in ten or 11 photos, when you see


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