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tv   Our World  BBC News  December 27, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm GMT

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a passengerjet a passenger jet has a passengerjet has crashed in kaza khsta n a passengerjet has crashed in kazakhstan killing at least 12 people believing dozens of survivors. the aeroplane was flying to the capital when it smashed into a building just after take—off. the united nations estimates that nearly a quarter of a million people have fled syria in the past three weeks. the government and russian forces are intensifying their attacks there as it is the rebel last stronghold. a destroyer bracing for heat wave that could escalate conditions for bushfires across the country. there are more than 100 fires burning the largest to the west of sydney. the michigan zoo has been celebrating a special gift that arrived just in
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time for christmas, the birth of a rare baby black rhino and the new arrival is particularly precious because the species is endangered. non—bbc news, one of the highlights of the year on our world. for much of the year on our world. for much of 2019, protests have rocked hong kong pitting hundreds of thousands of young idealistic demonstrators against the authorities and the might of china. in november, our world will distort some of those involved in awarding this programme contains some flashing images. forfive months, huge protests have rocked hong kong. hundreds of thousands of people taking on the authorities and the might of china.
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so why are they risking so much? in an ever more violent battle. and how will this struggle and for ordinary hong kongers? 0ur city is really under chaos, right now, we are within the flame.
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bobby and joyce, not their real names, are monitoring police movements. they are constantly on social media, feeding the information to a hub that shares it with the crowds. part of a sophisticated web that makes these protests so hard to police and control.
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bobby is a veteran of the last big demonstrations in hong kong five years ago, but he has never seen anything like this. since june, hundreds of thousands of protesters have been out on the streets in hong kong stubbing the demonstrations were sparked by a proposed law change allowing the extradition of hong kongers to face trial on mainland china.
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but they morphed into a movement demanding democracy, and an end to the steady erosion of rights. in an atmosphere of distrust and fear, protesters are wary of revealing their identity, and some have special reason. gearing up is someone we are calling eson. protected from police eyes by the protesters‘ main weapon, the umbrella.
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the so—called valiant account at the police on the line of the protest. eson‘s team is in downtown hong kong. they are holding territory from the police while eson‘s team is in downtown hong kong. they are holding territory
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from the police while the demonstrators march past. the black flag is the police‘s warning they are about to use tear gas. and in response, the protesters light their barricades.
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it's notjust the politically active out on the streets. holly is a professional nurse, and four months, she has been holly is a professional nurse, and for months, she has been supporting the protesters after her long shifts at the hospital.
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holly is one of many dedicated first aid volunteers who come out on a regular basis.
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violence has been steadily on the increase. police regularly deploying rubber bullets and tear gas, resorting to brutal violence on empty undergrounds. protesters storming buildings and taking on the police on the streets. meanwhile, the authorities have been slow to respond to the protesters demands, preferring to condemn their actions. violence is not a solution to any problem. violence will only breed more violence, and at the end of the day, the whole of hong kong and the people will suffer
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as a result of the loss of law and order in hong kong. unable to counter the superior force of the police, protesters have found inspiration in martial arts legend and hong kong bruce lee's mantra, be water. if you put water into the cup, it becomes the cup. put it into the teapot, it becomes the teapot. water can flow or creep or drip or crash! be water, my friend.
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bobby has heard things are turning violent just few blocks away. we just saw the protesters have been breaking the glass, so there are protesters inside the station.
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their accusations that the network is enabling police violence. the police response might be heavy on ordinary protesters — time for them to be water, and withdraw. the government eventually withdrew the extradition bill but protesters feel the authorities have not sufficiently engaged
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with their demands. frustration and anger over the police‘s use of force means the crowds keep coming onto the streets. and as darkness falls, the chances of violent confrontation increase. frontliners are preparing molotov cocktails. eson has his brick at the ready. one of many prepared by the crowd to throw at the police. but for many protesters,
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resorting to violence is a moral dilemma.
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the protesters moved out from the commercial city centre. there has been sporadic violence across the city. we're heading out to a district further east. there's been trouble between the protesters and local residents. north point is home to a large pro—china population. fights have broken out. finally, a man accused of attacking the protesters is badly beaten up. by the time bobby arrives,
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the protesters are confronting a group of locals they accuse of being members of criminal gangs. blamed in the past for siding with the police. the situation in hong kong is slipping further out of control. over in beijing, the chinese state is celebrating its national day. this year, the 70th anniversary
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of the people's republic of china. a projection of unity and might. in hong kong, there are rumours of a heavy crackdown planned by the security forces. six demonstrations are planned over the day. eson goes to one of the city's hot spots, admiralty. quickly, tensions begin to mount. chanting
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eson is in a group of around 50 protesters who advance on the police positions. gunfire holly and her team are in the thick of it as the crowd retreats. holly's team is one of several in the area, all in touch on social media. many people are suffering the effects of tear gas.
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and it's notjust protesters. bewildering running battles last throughout the day. there's been bad news. an 18—year—old boy has been shot in the chest by a police officer.
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the scout, bobby, is also out. national day saw a large rise in violence by the authorities. unable to counter the force, some protesters are beginning to talk of something almost apocalyptic, called laam chau. usually translated as "if we burn, you burn with us." mutual destruction. chanting
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but for holly, the escalation of violence and refusal of the authorities to give ground make her question what she can achieve.
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yelling hong kong's protests seem to have gained a momentum of their own. and neither side knows where they will end.
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hello there. if you are struggling to work out what we day of the week it is good with christmas just past the weather will not do you any great favours. it's often going to be cloudy and pretty mild with the wins coming from the south over the next few days, on saturday that we do have weather from working into the northwest of the country and that's going to be bringing up bricks of rain to western scotland, and went
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wet day particularly for the highlands and the western aisles. 0therwise highlands and the western aisles. otherwise a pretty murky day coming up otherwise a pretty murky day coming up over the pen nines in the hills of southern england, broke the whales to. even some spots of drizzle from the breeze from time to time. a mild day and temperatures ten to 12 celsius but the winds will bea ten to 12 celsius but the winds will be a little bit stronger and they have been over the last couple of days. just run a0 or 50 mph with the wind strengthening for there for a time across the northwest of scotla nd time across the northwest of scotland through saturday night. 0therwise scotland through saturday night. otherwise it's going to stay cloudy through saturday night and a mild night coming up once again with temperatures holding up into double figures. anchor their whales perhaps around six to eight celsius in the cloud here will be low with some drizzle and so him fog pages around as well. for sunday if anything we are going to get some mild air coming in from the subtropics and working into northern scotland. to the east of the high ground it's here that we could see some remarkable temperatures reach the west of the high ground remarkable about the rain in the highlands and
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western aisles. temperatures as high as 15 celsius across northeast scotla nd as 15 celsius across northeast scotland just to put that into context in aberdeen need to picture this time of year should be around six celsius. more of the same to come on monday as well, but that boundary of warmer air gets shift southwards and temperatures dropping away in scotland and eventually into northern ireland later on monday afternoon. across england and wales still pretty cloudy day and a few sunny spells but along that cloud band which is the weather french could see a little bit of drizzle around the coast from time to time. quite an inactive front. 0n the two tuesday which is new year's eve, to have pressure of the uk. increasingly moving southwards into northern england and again it's going to be with us in northern ireland, but in that cooler air mass you have a better chance of seeing a
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bit of sunshine. to purchase around six to and in the south nine to 11. 0n six to and in the south nine to 11. on to the new year's eve celebration should be drawn from both areas but a little bit of low pressure clutch seven england, some uncertainty where that's going come of the broad pattern is a big bridge across the uk and what that means weather—wise as we head into new year's day is it is most likely just as we head into new year's day is it is most likelyjust a drive for most of us in staying mild but for many of us in staying mild but for many of us in staying mild but for many of us not as mild as it has been. if the upper look at little bit closer to southern england could just take in the cloud up enough to bring a few passing showers and i will say there is some uncertainty with that. later on in the week the weather pattern will be quite unsettled, panzer frank ross in the uk followed by cooler northwest winds bring you brighter weather and showers and is eight changeable spell of weather to consider the early part of 2020 and quite often cloudy and bans of removing his rants with cooler but brighter weather following just a
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few showers in the northwest. that's your latest weather. goodbye for 110w.
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this is bbc news, i'm anita mcveigh. the headlines at 10pm. the woman whose husband drowned in a pool in spain on christmas eve along with two of their children says all three did know how to swim, and that she believes there was something wrong with the pool at least 12 people are killed, but dozens survive, after a plane crashes in kazakhstan. the whole plane started, like, vibrating. everyone started screaming, the kids were crying. the head of the uk supreme court, lady hale, has criticised the impact of funding cuts on the justice system especially in family cases. a man who was shot dead on christmas eve in front of his family may have had criminal links in sweden.


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