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tv   The Papers  BBC News  December 27, 2019 10:45pm-11:00pm GMT

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the government promised a pot of £78 million to help hospitals make the changes. a number of hospitals, some of the best, already do give this free parking to these groups. some don't. what we are doing is bringing clarity and consistency across the board here. it's still not clear, though, whether the hospitals themselves will have to make up the shortfall. i've made clear that they will not lose out in money for front—line services. nhs hospital parking fees were officially scrapped in scotland and wales more than a decade ago. as england follows suit, it's not yet clear how many will benefit. james waterhouse, bbc news. with all the sport now, here's katie sha na han at the bbc sport centre. good evening. thanks, huw. we'll start with someone who made history when she became the first woman to win a match at the pdc world championship. but fallon sherrock‘s fairytale run has come to an end,
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after she was beaten in the third round by the world number 22, chris dobey. natalie pirks was watching at a rather lively alexandra palace. dart in his hand. chris dobey! the saying goes, don't be sad that it's over, smile because it happened. even in defeat, fallon sherrock couldn't stop beaming after a fortnight to remember. i think there are people now that didn't watch darts, that would watch it now. especially with the ladies' game, i've just proved now that we can compete with all of these men and we just need more opportunity. amidst the costumes and the christmas revelry this crowd knew well the significance of her story. it is exceptional for women's sport to see someone come in and do as well as she has. it's a real male dominated sport and all of a sudden it seems to have opened it up. so itjust makes it more exciting. the atmosphere is going to be electric, isn't it? sherrock was here for a good time, she hoped for a long time. but her run to this third round was no fluke.
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fallon‘s just living a fairy tale. she was more than just holding her own. she was deadly on the doubles to go 2—1 sets up. no wonder her opponent looked flummoxed. but soon the momentum had swung. chris dobey had mastered his nerves and in turn silenced the crowd. tops for dobey. and in the sixth set against a player who calls himself hollywood, fallon‘s fairy tale was over. despite that, life will never be the same again. even when i go out, i'm getting recognised it's blown up so much. and it's incredible. even in defeat, fallon has picked up £35,000, more than any female in the sport. yet more than that, she smashed a glass ceiling and cemented her place in sporting history. this palace has a new queen. natalie pirks, bbc news, alexandra palace. an england batting collapse has given south africa the upper hand in the first test in centurion. 15 wickets fell on an entertaining second day, with the hosts leading
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by 175 at the close of play. patrick gearey reports. to look at the gentle slopes of centurion, you'd never guess there were such monsters in the middle. demons in the pitch that make the ball spit, that left rory burns a hapless victim — the first of many. next to be spooked, dominic sibley. watch that bounce. imagine trying to face it at 90 miles an hour. what a battle. a time for fortune and fortitude. a time to have a cushion of 284 runs on the board, as south africa did. a score that seemed colossal, when joe root succumbed. his decision to bowl first, looking ever more questionable. but there is a time in every scary movie when things seem ordinary. joe denley made it to 50, with ben stokes in support. but something was lurking around the corner. at first, it seemed innocuous. the umpire said not out. but the decision was reviewed. a slight touch showed up. it was the feather which knocked
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down england's dominoes. next, jonny bairstow. this winter, dropped, recalled, bowled. stokes was tempted to go where he shouldn't. the rest folded behind them. vernon philander took four wickets. england were 103 runs behind on a pitch that was only going to get worse. to have any chance, they needed to bowl out south africa as cheaply as they could. this tookjimmy anderson five balls. stuart broad got a second. thenjofra archer added some fresh terror. south africa, four down at the close. england clinging to hope. their path back in this match is through a long, dark tunnel. patrick gearey, bbc news. there was plenty of late drama in tonight's premier league game, as wolverhampton wanderers fought back from 2—0 down to beat ten man manchester city 3—2 at molineux. wolves scored all their goals in the second half. matt doherty with the winner in the 89th minute. both city's goals came from raheem sterling. the champions are third in the table, 1a points adrift of liverpool.
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wolves have moved up to fifth. and you can find all the football news on the bbc sport website. but for now, that's all of the sport. back to you, huw. and that's all from us. there's more throughout the night on the bbc news channel. now on bbc one it's time for the news where you are.
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hello. this is bbc news with annita mcveigh. in a moment, a first look at tomorrow's front pages. astronomers are warning that their view of the universe is under threat, because of the prospect of thousands of new communications satellites being launched. they'll create broadband networks that can reach every corner of the globe. but scientists say there's evidence that these groups of small satellites, known as constellations, are already causing problems for astronomical research, as our science correspondent rebecca morelle reports. ground control: ignition, lift off.
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blasting off, a spacex rocket carrying 60 new satellites into orbit and soon there will be hundreds more. this is for a project called starlink, one of several companies promising global internet access from space. this was the view that stargazers got. these white lines are the satellites streaking across the sky, so bright they're competing with the stars. scientists are concerned that this could have major consequences for astronomy. they present a foreground between where we are observing on the earth and the rest of the universe. so they get in the way of everything, and you will miss things, whatever is behind them, whether that is a potentially hazardous asteroid or the most distant quasar in the universe. they will get in the way. but the benefits could be a new era of cheap, high—speed internet, beamed down from the spacecraft to the ground, even to the most remote parts of the planet. but to do this, you need a vast
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number of satellites. 0ur skies are about to change dramatically. right now, there are just 2200 working satellites in orbit. but starlink plan to launch 1500 by the end of next year, which will increase gradually to 12,000 by the mid—2020s. and they are not the only ones — amazon and the uk company, 0neweb, are also planning mega constellations, meaning there could be 20,000 satellites orbiting around the earth in the next few years. the companies involved say they're talking to astronomers. starlink are also about to try a special coating to make the satellites less reflective. while 0neweb say their spacecraft will be at much higher orbits so they do not interfere with observations. it is going to happen, probably three or four of these systems will happen. the question will be working with the other stakeholders to make sure we are not interfering with existing satellite technologies or the mobile phones on the ground
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or the astronomy community. we are going to work it out with everybody. space is difficult to regulate, it belongs to everyone and no one. stargazers will be watching the skies to see if a compromise can be found. rebecca morelle, bbc news. we'll be bringing you an in depth look at tomorrow's front pages after the headlines at 11:30. joining me will be the former fleet street editor, eve pollard, and the comment editor at city am, rachel cunliffe. but for now, let's have a look at some of the front pages which are already in. the guardian has an exclusive interview from the former labour deputy leader tom watson — who says he was driven out of the party because of the brutality and hostility" he was subjected to by party members. the daily mirror reports on the sad news — that george michael's sister passed away on christmas day, exactly three years
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to the day that he died. the sun has the same story and quotes a source, which says melanie panayiotou had been suffering from an illness which "took a turn for the worse". the times reports on the new years honours list — and the anger over the damehood award to former director of public prosecutions alison saunders — who had faced criticism over her handling sexual offence cases the daily mail quotes nhs figures — which show over half of middle aged adults in the uk have "very high" waist measurements that could put their health at risk. the daily express reports on comments by the president of the european commission, who suggested the brexit transition period should be extended after questioning whether a deal could be done by next december‘s deadline. and a reminder, we'll be taking an in—depth look at those front pages with our reviewers are the former fleet street editor, eve pollard, and the comment editor at city am, rachel cunliffe.
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that's coming up just after the headlines at 11:30. a man from preston is celebrating after winning one million pounds on the national lottery. didzis pirags — who's a chef and kitchen manager at a lancashire pub — still turned up to work on christmas day despite being a millionaire. mairead smith has been to see him celebrate his win. this is our very lucky christmas winner! talk about the best christmas present ever. didiz just felt lucky when he logged on to his national lottery account. the news is still sinking in. it's amazing. i couldn't believe it. it's an emotional roller coaster. it started from that saturday, an emotional roller coaster. i couldn't believe it. then i believed it, then i didn't believe it again. i've logged on five times in the same dayjust to make sure it was actually real. dad to a five—year—old boy, £1 million is going to make a big
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difference to their lives. he doesn't understand the money or what the money means, he only saw the house which we bought, he has chosen his room, and he's happy. didiz worked 60 hours a week as a chef and still turned up for christmas and boxing day. i can't let my team down, and i've got guests as well, so i said they are all going to finish my christmas day boxing day. this weekend is his last in thisjob, after that, he's going to be busy making more dreams come true. it's just like a safety pillow. an amazing start to the new year. walking into 2020 with no debts, whatsoever. with a new house, this new car, hopefully a newjob, that suits me and my family. mairead smith, bbc northwest tonight, preston. time for a look at the
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weather with ben rich. as you have through this coming weekend signs are that it should brighten up at least a little bit particularly by sunday. going to be a mild weekend but there will be some rain at times the northwest, certainly some rain across parts of northern ireland was collided with her ankle to take us through tonight. to the south of that a lot of cloud it will be quite misty and murky but drizzly in places as well. very mild night to come frost free to just about everywhere, west and we re to just about everywhere, west and were the parts of the uk starting saturday morning. around ten or 11 degrees. through the day it's good to be mild, quite cloudy across the whales but largely try to come and england could see a bit of brightness to a bit of brightness, rented times of northern ireland and particularly west of scotland such as that of southwest breezing here will see such an at temperatures up to 13 or 1a degrees. more widely,
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ten or 11 or 12 degrees. study another large day and a better chance of seeing such feeling very mild.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00: the woman whose husband drowned in a pool in spain on christmas eve along with two of their children says all three did know how to swim, and that she believes there was something wrong with the pool ben stokes, hero of the cricket world cup, is among those named in the new year's honours list published tonight. at least 12 people are killed, but dozens survive, after a plane crashes in kazakhstan. after winning the hearts of fans all over the world, fallon sherrock‘s fairytale bid to become darts' first female world champion ends in the third round.


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