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tv   Behind the Scenes with Gavin...  BBC News  December 28, 2019 6:45pm-7:00pm GMT

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come and i'll show you the big, glamorous sets. he's rehearsing. here we go, rehearsal. stacey, would you kindly inform everyone that dinner is going to be ever so slightly delayed ? this is bbc breakfast, this is christine kernan who is directed every second you have ever seen of gavin and stacey. she is the secret sauce, there's no denying it. say hello to bbc breakfast. hi, bbc breakfast. the house up here is our sort of green room and look you find of green room and look who you find in any of these houses. it's ruthjones and joanna page relaxing between scenes. i feel like i've just walked into the show, this is very peculiar. it is quite funny, we are sort of like our characters, just gossiping.
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what are you reading? mind your own business. who broke the news to you it was going to happen again? james corden sent me a text saying, "can i have a chat? nothing bad." i thought, never in a million years did i think it would be this. because i've always assumed that it would never happen. it was quite a lot of pressure and i think all of us were quite anxious or nervous coming into it. i've never been more nervous. why? because people love the show and i read the script and the script is fantastic but you just never know. when i read nessa saying, "what's occurring?" it made me start crying, it made me cry. i was sitting in my car after doing
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a read—through on something else and i wasjust thinking, i want to read the script! ijust love it, that i'm back with my best friend and we're doing those scenes again and i just love looking over to ruth and she's got her wig on and it just feels so lovely. calm down, bryn. what made you decide to do it again? it was more a sense of, ruth and i thought, why don't we just explode it, see if there's anything there, if there's a story there? we would always exchange texts or e—mails about the characters — where are they now, what are they doing now? we'd send each other little things like, "i heard someone say this in a supermarket and thought it would be something pam would say." what's occurring? ooh, welsh person! you do feel like they are carrying on their lives after we left them on the seafront ten years ago. we didn't tell anybody,
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we just did what we did the first the first time around, which was sit in a room and talk about it and see what we had. we got together in la, which sounds terribly glamorous. were you in the guest wing of his house? all we needed was two chairs and a table and we managed to do it. james put it on his twitter account and people went berserk. are you asking me to step in? what? are you asking me to... # step into christmas! did you go back to the original series to help you get back into being gavin? there's no way i'm watching myself ten years ago, absolutely no way. i'm already self—conscious enough. oh, no!
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i think you need to come forward to allow that. it's constantly on and i love when i'm flicking the channels and you see a bit and you can't stop watching. there's a new generation of people now, of children watching it that weren't even born when it was first on and those kids now are starting to watch and they are coming to watch as film and it's just lovely. just don't touch me. you're almost as naked as i am. when you're writing the script, you know people want to hear the catchphrases, see the traditional character quirks, so how much of that you put in? you have to be careful because we never set out to create catchphrases for people, they happened naturally. for example... oh, that's lush!
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on monday i'm going to be telling somebody else that they look lush. you want to have them present in the script, but you don't want to overdo it because otherwise itjust cheapens it a little bit. it's notjust a best of catchphrases, none of it is forced, it's all very natural and i think it gives the audience everything that they want and more. i think there's only two "what's occuring?"s. we've kept it down to a minimum. a minimum occurrence! this is doris's this is glenda who owns gwen's house. how many people do you think have come in your house since the show was on? 28,000 people you've let into the house? yeah.
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when we first came to film here, these things weren't up the wall. before we used all the sofas that she had, everything, because we didn't have the budget, really. so you really did just use her house? yeah, because we didn't have the budget and it felt so authentic. to be honest, this is the first time i've ever been on here when we haven't dressed it and i didn't realise quite... it's a shrine to the show. ..i didn't realise quite how many things glenda had on the wall, bless her. it's kind of lovely, it sort of means so much so many people. you can't really get your head around it. this is where we shot a scene the other day at the top of the stairs, matt and i, which was incredibly tight for space. we always want to try and shoot it in its surroundings. the famous scene gavin
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and stacey talk about the fact she had been engaged... it was on this very doorstep, right here. ijust spoke to your ex—fiance. oh, my god. how do you think i feel, stace? was it clifford ? no. leyon? no! howell? no, ahmed! but he's moved to swindon! he's down to see his mum! i'd taken six years off work being a mum, i got three children and now i've been away for two weeks filming this and, basically, i'm on holiday so i've been in barry, the sun is shining, i've not got any children with me, i'm having a ball. it's an iced oat latte. that sounds horrible. it's incredible. we've just been filming upstairs. it's 101. when people watch this, they'll go, "i remember, that was the hottest day of the year." there's been a lot of cold acting. only when you remember to do it! there's going to be some takes for people are going brrr and other
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takes where they're, like... you're back here in barry. when you think you have a us talk show, it mustjust blow your mind. yeah, the trick is to try not to think about it too much because i think it's quite a dangerous thing to have a rear view mirror and looking at all the things you've done. you've got to be looking at things you're going to do or want to do. i think that's the trick to hold yourself together and not starting to think that you're a bit more of a dude than you really are. anywhere, i don't care. are you sure? i'll sign it, but do not get this tattooed. 0h, james, we love you! the thing with the show has
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always been trying to find the extraordinary and the ordinary. that's where the show was born from. something so small, seemingly so small as two people falling in love and choosing to spend the rest of their lives together, has a monumental impact on lots of other people's lives. i think it's so good. i think it gives everyone what they want and there's some new things as well. how has uncle bryn changed over the last ten years? if anything, he looks younger. i mean, he's obviously been to a spa in the swiss mountains, colin, and it's treated him well. i like the fact you just use a normal street. yes, but things happen and things have happened. i can't say any more than that. i'm terrified of giving something away! about to shoot rob brydon's
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last shot, maybe ever. not that he's got some terrible illness. certainly his last of this special, which might be the last time we ever see uncle bryn. what's going to surprise people about this? surprises? there might be a couple. you might find some things out you've been wondering about. mostly we want it to be a joyful hour. i think people will like it. i hope so... we're all set and...action! my god! stacey! would you kindly inform everyone that dinner will be ever so slightly delayed ? calm down, bryn. i can't calm down! could this become a regular thing, every ten years, you revisit? that would be a terrible idea. it definitely will not become a thing that happens every decade. i can guarantee you that.
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don't talk about another ten years. i hope to god not, can you imagine how old we'd all look? no, i hope not! if they do some more, i hope they do it before ten years! does it wrap things up or is there a potential for yet more? i would love to tell you the answer to that question. i'd have to kill you. and i don't think that's very christmassy. people might watch this special and be, like, "that was awful. "why did you ruin it?" that's the pressure of it. but i'd rather regret doing something that not doing something. they all like each other, our characters, really. they‘ re a really lovely bunch to be around so it will be nice to see them having christmas day again. hello. a lot of us got stuck with cloud today. grey and murky scenes in
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0xfordshire. some go to see a little bit of brightness, this was the end of the day in leeds, a glimpse of the sunset. into tomorrow, some milder weather continuing. milder than today across the northern half of the uk, at the same time i'm hopeful we will see some drier air from the near continent which should break up some of the cloud and give us break up some of the cloud and give usa break up some of the cloud and give us a little bit more in the way of brightness but still a lot of cloud out there through tonight, still some outbreaks of rain across the north and west of scotland where it will be breezy. sky is tending to clear for northern ireland will be breezy. sky is tending to clearfor northern ireland in northeast scotland, there may be some breaks into the southeast as well, i fairly cool night across eastern england. for the vast majority it is mild and i'll start tomorrow, they could be the spot of drizzle for the hills but towards the midlands and east anglia and the southeast, it should brighten up into the afternoon, a similar study for northeast england, some brightness for northeast ireland and
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eastern scotland, still some rain in the northwest of scotland. the mild today for all but with the southwesterly wind running over high ground and down the other side, the north coast of northern ireland and northeast coast of scotland could see temperatures of up to 1415 celsius, exceptionalfor see temperatures of up to 1415 celsius, exceptional for this time of year. on monday, this frontal system is around the northwest which will bring outbreaks of rain across scotla nd will bring outbreaks of rain across scotland and northern ireland is the day wears on. for england and wales, predominantly dry with a decent amount of sunshine and the mildest weather at this point will be squashed down towards the south, 12 01’ squashed down towards the south, 12 or 13 celsius. cooler in northern areas and fog tuesday as the frontal system slides southwards, all of us get to do some cooler air with drizzle for the southwest of england. 0therwise drizzle for the southwest of england. otherwise it's mainly fine but for the majority, temperatures back into single digits and then we get into the evening, the end of 2019. if you are out celebrating it's going to be largely dry but as
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you can see, some fog patches are likely to form through the night and it will be rather chilly but it should be mostly fine out there for new year's eve.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 7: recognised in the new year honours list, but the cabinet office apologises, after the home addresses of more than a thousand recipients were accidentally published online. one of recipients was 94—year—old d—day veteran harry billinge who was awarded an mbe — after raising over £25,000 for a national memorial. it was far from my mind that i was ever going to be recognised for doing a bit of a collection. a woman whose husband and two children drowned, on christmas eve, in a swimming pool in spain, says all 3 could swim, and blames a fault with the pool. more than 70 people are believed to have been killed in a car


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