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this is bbc news. the headlines at 5.00: a cyprus court convicts a 19—year—old british woman of lying after telling police she'd been gang—raped by 12 men. a warning that the planet faces irreversible warming, unless businesses shift their priorities soon. that's according to the outgoing bank of england governor, mark carney. authorities in australia are forced to cancel the evacuation of residents, as bushfires continue to rage. police investigating the deaths of three british tourists who drowned in a pool in spain on christmas eve say it was an accident and that the case can now be closed. also — we speak to greta thunberg, the teenager who spearheaded a global movement against climate change, who's calling for more action and less talk.
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we, climate activists, are being listened to, but that doesn't mean that what we are saying is translated into action. and in half an hour, click presents highlights of its live show in dundee from earlier in the year. a 19—year—old british woman has been found guilty of lying about being raped by a group of men in cyprus. the teenager was arrested after withdrawing a claim that she was attacked by 12 israeli men, at a hotel in the resort of ayia napa injuly. she was found guilty at a court today, of the charge of causing public mischief, and could face a custodial sentence.
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but the woman said police compelled her to make a false confession, something they deny, and the woman's lawyers say they are planning to appeal. our europe correspondent kevin connelly has the story — his report does contain flash photography. when these legal proceedings began, the young british woman at the heart of the case was a victim, making a complaint of rape. she came to court today to be found guilty of making a false statement about what the law in cyprus says was an imaginary crime. her lawyers say both the police investigation and the court process were flawed. we believe that there have been many violations in the procedure and the rights to a fair trial have been
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violated. we are planning to appeal the decision to the supreme court, hoping that our client will find justice in cyprus at least from the supreme court. these young israeli tourists were released from police custody and allowed to fly home after the woman retracted her allegation of rape. she said she only did so because she was put under huge pressure by police questioning and she was vulnerable and didn't have a lawyer. women's rights activists outside the court argued that the young women was a victim, not a criminal. some wore scarves showing lips stitched together — a reminder, they say, that women's voices are not being heard. they say this case is not over. translation: we are here to show our support and solidarity to the victim of this process. the young woman, who has now been convicted, hasn't been allowed to leave cyprus sincejuly. she's been told she will be sentenced on january the 7th, when she could be jailed for a year.
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earlier, kevin told us more about the basis for that appeal. i think the essential basis for the appeal will be that the core of this case, of course, is her retraction of the allegation of rape. her lawyers are going to argue that she will retracted that allegation essentially because she was forced to by the police. she was questioned for a very long time at a moment when she was very vulnerable just after she said she was raped and she did not have legal representation during that interview. the lawyers have other issues with how she was treated — a lack of sensitivity, a lack of awareness of how ptsd might have affected her, so several issues like that are at the core of it, but at the corner that was how that retraction was achieved because she now continues to maintain that she was indeed raped and that retraction should not
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have this degree of weight attached to it by the cypriot court system. the outgoing governor of the bank of england, mark carney, has said financial companies are failing to act quickly enough to curb their investment in fossil fuels. in an interview with the today programme on radio 4, he says some financial assets could end up "worthless" if investment firms do not adjust to a zero—carbon economy. mr carney is due to start a new role next year as the un's special envoy for climate action and finance. it's talked about 2020 being a decade of action absolutely necessary on climate change. we want action on the finance side. we want, on that disclosure, companies doing that disclosure. we want that to become the norm. it's important that you and i, people watching, can understand how our money's being invested. is it being invested consistent with the transition path that is the law of the land that is what our citizens want, which is that we're transitioning in a way that will stabilise the climate? you will spend a lot of 2020 working
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on the climate as part of your un role in the run—up to the glasgow summit. i wonder why you choose not to use the term "climate emergency". i would say we're in a climate crisis, just like a financial crisis, where action needs to be taken. this is a slow—burn crisis, if you will, so it's more difficult to act because you don't have the public spectacle of a failing bank or queues outside a building society or those types of tangible, the markets moving around, the tangible ways that force action. that's part of the challenge. that's the tragedy of the horizon. you have taken a fair amount of flak in this role on various different fronts, including from mps. i wonder if you think, as you look at this country, whether we have enough truth in our political debate, enough truth in our brexit debate?
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i think what's essential on this topic, on climate change, is that we have a cross—party, nonpartisan approach to it, that the science is clear, that the type of transition that we have been talking about, that we get as specific as possible about what's needed. we can't afford, on this one, to have selective information, to have spin, misdirection, misleading. it needs to be absolutely clear, because we're all in on it. i'm also seeing it in the light of other challenges that we have, and i wonder how difficult you think the next stage of brexit might be, trade deals? well, i'd like to think that we'll turn a page as we move to the next stage. those deals will be developed in the context of a very shifting
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global environment for trade. the global trading system is fragmenting. we should be clear about that. because of the us, and china? there's a variety of forces, but the nexus of that is because of that relationship. but it is absolutely broadening. a volunteer firefighter has died battling wildfires in australia , as temperatues exceeded 40c in every single state in the country. the most dangerous bushfires today were in the state of victoria , and despite orders to evacuate 30,000 residents and tourists, in some cases that wasn't possible, due to the dangerous conditions. shaimaa khalil reports from sydney. this is what scorching temperatures, strong winds and thunderstorms have done to vast areas of the state of victoria, with blazes rapidly expanding and firefighters
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rushing to control them. as the temperatures soar to the mid—40s and the winds change direction, some fires were too fast and too big to contain. officials said the wind—driven flames were racing towards the coast and had moved faster than predicted. what we've seen up until today is more than 70 new fires in the state. more than 20 of those are going fires at the moment. we have got a long way to go. we're only partway through the day in terms of the fire risk to the state and to our communities. the east gippsland region is a popular tourist destination, and it has seen the worst of the fires. thousands of holiday—makers and residents have heeded the authorities‘ calls to evacuate earlier in the day, trying to beat the speeding blazes in the area.
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so we decided last night to leave nungera — family farm, leave there, because it takes so long to get the 30 of us anywhere at once. and yeah, evacuated here, so that we were all safe for the day and see how it all pans out, i guess. it's hot and windy and there's a lot of smoke about and a lot of fires still going, so i'm best off camping down here until it's all over, i think. in new south wales, a volunteer firefighter died battling a blaze. two others were taken to hospital with burns. this, as the state braces itself for another heat wave. temperatures are expected to rise above a0 celsius in parts of new south wales for tuesday. already, there are nearly 100 fires raging across the state, with the biggest ones surrounding sydney. this is why the issue of fireworks has been so controversial this year. nearly 300,000 people signed a petition saying it's just not the right thing to do, given the bushfire crisis. and while other areas and towns around the city have cancelled theirs, the famous sydney new year's eve fireworks
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are going ahead as planned. with weather conditions set to worsen throughout the country's hot, dry summer, australia heads into the new year under relentless fire threats. shaimaa khalil, bbc news, sydney. luke hegarty is a spokesman for emergency management victoria. we are seeing really challenging conditions tonight. unfortunately, everything we feared about today in terms of our predictions and the advice we provided to the community about the way these fires may spread, seems to have come true and that means we are now at a point where we are advising the community it is too late to leave where they are. they need to look for options to shelter indoors. so inside a house or another solid building. because the major road through that area, the princess highway is now the princess highway, is now closed for a significant stretch
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all the way to the border with new south wales and that means there is no real route for them to take to leave the area. they are now stuck in those difficult to reach locations and are faced with the fires which we believe will continue to burn significantly overnight. our key challenge tonight is that the wind change, the southernly wind change, which normally brings some relief from the heat in victoria today is a very gusty wind change and that means the fires may continue to spread and threaten other communities tonight, so the next 12 hours are going to be quite critical in victoria. new york mayor bill de blasio has announced a series of measures to tackle anti—semitic attacks, after saturday's stabbings. he said security would be stepped up injewish areas and schools would teach students to tackle hate. at least five people were injured in the knife attack at a rabbi's house in new york state on saturday. earlier, i spoke to our
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correspondent michelle fleury who is in new york. so we have heard e—mail, and say there is no room the hate, and he intends to introduce new measures to combat this. those include increased police presence on the streets, in a neighbourhood where there is a higherjewish community. williamsburg in brooklyn, for instance. he is also talking about things like light towers. there are already 15 up, six more cunning. they are talking about increasing, oi’ they are talking about increasing, or creating a neighbourhood safety coalition. essentially something like a neighbourhood watch, which brings together people from the community, the idea being that it is people not just from community, the idea being that it is people notjust from one group, but from multiple groups, who can try and spot warning signs before things turn to violence. the other measure that he has introduced is this idea of trying to get to young people
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early, and to educate them about hate, hate crimes, the dangers of them. and so, that means introducing a new curriculum, which they say will start in certain communities in brooklyn within the next month. what is the state of the investigation into the specific attack? well, we're still waiting for new developments. this is an ongoing investigation, that we have been hearing and learning a bit more about this aspect, notably, his lawyer put out a statement saying that he has history of anti—semitism and that, if anything, he has a history of mental health. we are going to wait and try to find out more details about what that means exactly, but that does give some sort of insight because, of course, the motivation is something that the authorities will be looking into. into the gentleman who has been arrested. r correspond their
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reporting from new york. the headlines on bbc news. a british teenager has been convicted by a cyprus court of falsely claiming she was raped by a group of israeli tourists six months ago. her lawyers say she will apeeal. the outgoing head of the bank of england, mark carney, has said the financial sector is being far too slow to curb investment in fossil fuels. dozens of fires are burning out of control across australia as temperatures exceed a0 degress in every state. sport, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here'sjohn. david moyes says he aims to give west ham no choice but to extend his 18 month contract after being appointed as the club's manager. having kept the club in the premier league in his first six month spell as caretaker manager two years ago, he returns to replace manuel pellegrini who was sacked after saturday's
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defeat to leicester. and with a clause which could see that deal extended he's out to prove he's the right man for the long term. i certainly do feel as if i have unfinished business. i really, really enjoyed my time here last time. i felt by the end of the time we had turned things around, gone in a real positive direction with the players and i think the players would say that as well. i think they really enjoyed the time. obviously, i would have liked to have developed that and worked from there, but it did not quite happen then but overall, i am smiling. it was great to come in through the doors and see the men at the doors and everyone came in. it made it really easy today. what anybody is getting here with me is a very experienced premiership league manager and only maybe two or three who have more experience. i have probably got the biggest win rate out of a certain amount of managers as well. if you're putting it that way, that is what i do — i win. and i am coming here to west ham
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to initially try to get us wins and away from the wrong end of the table, but my bigger picture is to have a strong team and a really good footballing team, an attacking team and all of those things i have to bring to the table and i hope to do so. since leaving everton for manchester united six years ago, moyes has struggled to establish himself at the clubs he has managed. he was sacked after 10 months at united, despite signing a six—year deal to replace sir alex ferguson. he moved to spain to take charge of real sociedad and only lasted for a year. he then returned to england with sunderland in 2016 but resigned after they were relegated. he then took charge of west ham for the first time on a temporary basis, keeping them in the premier league. despite avoiding relegation, his record at west ham was not great, he managed just nine wins in 31 games. west ham are currently in 17th place in the premier league, so he has plenty of work to do. after defeat in the first test
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against south africa, england's cricketers are preparing for the second test in cape town which starts on friday. but the sickness which has affected the camp is still having an impact. here's adam mountford. the opener dom sibley is the latest player to develop sickness symptoms making it 11 members of the squad who have suffered illness, and six of the backroom staff. it is worrying for england that the new cases continue to develop with the cape town test only four days away. there is some better news with chris woakes and jack leach out of quarantine. joe root and jos buttler are reported to have no injury issues. root is reported to be improving and joe root has no injury issues. he looked in pain yesterday after being struck several times on the hands. the england squad fly to cape town tomorrow with the second test starting on friday. after becoming the first woman to win a match at the pdc darts world championship, fallon sherrock has been given a place in all world series
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of darts events next year. sherrock made it through to the third round at the alexandra palace before eventually being beaten by chris dobey last friday. her historic first—round win there meant she secured a place at the 2020 us darts masters event in new york, but she's also now been included in the other five international world series events. we'll have more for you in sportsday at 6.30. police in spain have concluded their initial investigation into the deaths of a british father and his two children. gabriel diya, his 9 —year—old daughter comfort and his 16—year—old son praise—emmanuel died at a swimming pool in fuengirola on christmas eve. a police spokesman told the bbc that there was no need for further investigation, because it was a freak accident
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and the case can now be closed. 0ur correspondernt gavin lee is outside the resort on the costa del sol, with more on that police report they have given their initial conclusion and we will not see a public account of that until at least thursday. the police spokesperson has said that this is a freak and tragic accident and it is something that the hotel holds no responsibility for, it is something that they have found was just an occurrence based on the lack of ability of the family to swim and he said, as far as he is concerned, as far as the force is concerned, there is not much more we can do, it is case closed. certainly, the conflicting accounts that we are hearing from the family are striking. the mother, the surviving wife of gabriel, stated she believed there was a fault
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with the swimming pool. the lawyer has said that he will insist , a fault with the pool. there are two witnesses and investigation has not had any testimony from them, the lawyer says this is a mess from the police. they are both british tourists and one is in lancashire, 0ne tried to resuscitate the victims and the other has spoken to spanish tv, so we expect and we have now been told that the spanish police want to speak to these eyewitnesses as well. we have also heard some new details from the lawyer for the family, who said that, at the time of the accident, it was 2.00 on christmas eve, in about five minutes it was the time that took the three family members to drown. he said that two members
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of the family, the six nearby and his family, were 6—foot, just ten centimetres shorter than the maximum of the pool. the younger sister, who survived, she ran out of the pool to get one of the life buoys and she had problems untying it and her family members were dead by the time she returned. she was very fast to the scene and they could not swim , the first to the scene were three cleaners. investigators have been talking to some of the hotel staff today and tributes have been building today, roses and and flowers by the poolside. counter terror police have arrested five men on suspicion of terrorism offences. the arrests took place in london, manchester and peterborough this morning — where a number of addresses are also being searched. police say the arrests are not linked to new year's eve celebrations or the attack at fishmongers' hall in november. police searching for the missing firefighter anthony knott, say they still have no idea where he went after
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he was last seen. the father of four, from kent, disappeared on december 20th after going to a pub with friends in lewes in east sussex. james waterhouse is in lewes and has been following the story. the police have said themselves, this case is unusual because of the sheer amount of time that anthony knott has been missing — ten days now. it was 20th december, that was when his christmas do was taking place, and secondly, that it was out of character. his family say he loved both his family and his work, he seemed happy at the time of him being dropped out and you see him carrying about his normal business on the cctv, so police are saying they are keeping an open mind because, frankly, they have to, because all possibilities are being explored. apparently he walks on the balls of his feet, so sort of very light, if you like, so they're asking
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members of the public to keep an eye out for that or to remember if they saw him at the time of his disappearance. there are posters dotted all around lewes with anthony's image and a message underneath urging him to get in touch. what we've got to bear in mind is that around the time of his disappearance, the area around here, the river 0use, an open—air swimming pool as well, were all affected by heavy floods at the time, so now, as those waters subside, the police are thanking members of the public for their support. they say the response has been outstanding, but they are urging people to stay safe as they try help with the search because they are now searching an area just north of lewes, where the floodwater has now subsided for any further clues that there might be, but this has been, for his friends and family, ten days now that he's been missing over what is, of course, the christmas period. the shadow business secretary, rebecca long—bailey, says she's considering standing in the labour leadership contest. writing in the guardian newspaper, she said labour had to rebuild trust after its election defeat — partly blaming the result on the party's stance on brexit. the hollywood actress sharon stone has outed herself as looking for love on a dating app after revealing she was blocked by the bumble.
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her account was barred after several other users thought her profile was fake. the basic instinct star tweeted about it and asked bumble not to shut her out of the hive. if you fancy your chances of scoring a date with the actress you'll be pleased to hear bumble have duly responded and she's back on the dating app. the 16—year—old campaigner greta thunberg has called on the british government to ensure that crucial climate talks in glasgow next year succeed in combating global warming. she's been talking to the bbc at the end of a year in which she became known around the world for spearheading a youth movement pressing for more action on climate. mishal husain went to stockholm to meet her. she's the girl who galvanised the children to go on strike from school, and people of all ages to march, pushing for more action to control a warming world. it's a mission that has taken greta thunberg around the globe, becoming a distinctive but also a divisive figure.
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i haven't really grasped what's happened during this last year. i am being listened to, and we climate activists are being listened to, but that doesn't mean that what we are saying is translated into action. she spoke at the recent cop25 un climate talks in madrid, part of the system under which countries make pledges to cut carbon emissions. with the next summit taking place in glasgow, she wants the british government to make sure it succeeds. since the cop25 failed, that just puts c0 p26 into a different light. we, and they, must do everything they can to make sure that it doesn't fail. it was outside the swedish parliament in stockholm that greta's activism began as she sat with a sign saying, "school strike for climate." when she decided to do this, we said, you know, quite clearly,
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that we would not support it. we... "if you're going to do this, you're going to do it by yourself." why did you say that? well, obviously, we thought it was a bad idea, putting yourself out there with all the hate on social media... you wouldn't want that as a parent. greta was 12 when she was diagnosed with asperger‘s. she's also suffered from depression. her father says her activism transformed her. i can see greta is very happy from doing this, and i saw where she was before. i mean, she didn't speak to a single person. she could only eat in her own home. she changed. and she could do things that she could never have done before, and now she'sjust like any other... you think, er, she's...not ordinary now, because she's special and she's very famous and all these things, but to me, she's now an ordinary child, she can do all the things
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that like other people can, and she's happy. but some of the most prominent advocates for the planet see her as extraordinary, the person who has brought urgency to the climate debate. i'm very grateful to you. we all are. it's now on the front line, and you've put it there and the motto, which is, "the world belongs to young people," is a very powerful one, and you have made it an argument that people haven't been able to dodge. she is still only 16, and her high profile has meant scrutiny and criticism. some see her as unrealistic, a teenager who ought to be in school. on that, she can agree. i hope i don't have to be a climate activist any more. i am really looking forward to going back to school and to just be like a normal teenager. but of course, this isn't normal. . .situation.
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and we must all do things that we may not feel comfortable doing — we need to step out of our comfort zones. greta thunberg there, speaking to mishal husain. and there are more of those interviews, on the radio 4 website. the comedian and musician neil innes, who collaborated with the monty python team, has died at the age of 75. he worked on the tv series and wrote songs for the films monty python and the holy grail and life of brian. tributes have been paid by stars on twitter. sherlock actor and writer mark gatiss wrote... neil innes has gone. as a python—obsessed teen, i saw him at darlington arts centre and missed my bus home to catch his brilliance. the creator of black mirror, charlie brooker, said he was... "very sad to hear neil innes, the brilliant comedian, musician and rutle has died". and the comedian and actor sanjeev bhaskar tweeted a picture of himself alongside neil innes
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at a monty python celebration. he called him a "supremely gifted songwriter and comedian who was always acerbically funny and tremendous company". now it's time for a look at the weather with tomasz schafernaker. weather is looking pretty good as we come up to new year but we have a little bit of rain across northern parts of and wales. in the north, in the last few days, it has been pretty overcast and damp, but the skies are going to be clear this evening and overnight, and actually some of the major cities, too, glasgow and newcastle, a couple of degrees below freezing. here is tuesday morning, new year's eve morning, lots of sunshine across northern parts of the country, the annoyance is here in the south—west of the uk, perhaps a bit of rain for
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