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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  January 1, 2020 7:00am-7:31am GMT

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good morning and happy new year. welcome to breakfast. lam in i am in the studio for you this morning. it hasjust i am in the studio for you this morning. it has just gone seven o'clock. our headlines today: big ben strikes the hour. as millions gather to see in the new year, messages of reconciliation and hope for the coming decade. the prime minister calls for an end to division and rancour. the archbishop of canterbury urges us to reconnect with each other. more deaths are confirmed and hundreds of homes have been destroyed as parts of australia continue to burn.
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good morning. football's transfer window opens. liverpool's new signing, takumi minamino, settles in to his new surroundings. who else could be on the move? a new picture of prince harry and his son archie is posted in a new year greeting from the duke and duchess of sussex. happy new year! today we are starting up in a misty and murky note with some mist and fog. right skies in north wales, north—east england and north—east scotland. i will have more later. good morning. it's wednesday the 1st of january, 2020. happy new year! our top story: hope and reconciliation are the main themes in a number of today's new year messages. borisjohnson has said that 2020 can allow the country to turn the page on the division and uncertainty of recent years. he's pledged to represent all voters and said that the new year means the start of a new chapter.
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and the archbishop of canterbury has called for the uk to "start healing divisions" as our religion editor martin bashir reports. it is a challenging day, weatherwise. although this is not his usual habit, the lifeboat rescue station in dover is within the diocese of canterbury, and archbishopjustin welby chose to come here to deliver his new year's message. 0k. so, what we need to do, run ahead of that red one and then turn to starboard. 0k. that's it. that the right speed? yeah, you're fine. the station is staffed year round by 70 volunteers. it's notjust a group of people working together. it's a family. the seagoing crew includes a student, a train driver, a chef, an electrician. the youngest is 17, the oldest is 62. my wife made me a lovely christmas morning breakfast, and just as the knife was going into it, the pager went off again and we were back out
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to the channel, yeah. justin welby said their commitment to service is the practical application of the most famous parable in the bible. when we hear someone described as a good samaritan, we think about that person taking the time to help another. but it's a story told byjesus about someone taking the risk of reaching out to another who was very different to them. dover also happens to be the closest place in britain to continental europe, and the archbishop concluded his message by inviting all of us to take up the challenge of healing divisions between individuals and communities. let's go for a heroic new year's resolution. let's resolve to reconnect, to reach out to just one person we don't know or from whom we have drifted apart. make that connection. let's begin cementing our unity one brick at a time.
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martin bashir, bbc news, dover. there have been more deaths in australia as bushfires continue to rage across the south—east of the country. eight people are reported to have died yesterday with that number expected to rise. emergency workers are struggling to reach some of those trapped. from sydney, phil mercer reports. these are extraordinary times in australia. the bushfires have brought terror into the lives of ordinary people. they are devastating and deadly. more lives have been lost. help is yet to reach some residents who've reportedly suffered burns. it was genuinely terrifying. it was like the day never happened yesterday. there was no dawn, it was just red and dark and smokey the whole day and we didn't know what was going to happen. it was very moveable and very scary. the authorities say
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it's been too dangerous to send in rescue teams by roads or by air. we have a very real challenge at the moment with a couple of isolated communities where we've got reports of injuries and burn injuries to members of the public. we haven't been able to get access via roads or via aircraft, it's been too dangerous and we simply can't access, nor can the people in these areas get out. conditions on new year's day have eased, but the danger remains. dozens of fires still burn out of control and the crisis shows no sign of ending. at the very least, weather conditions on saturday will be as bad as what they were yesterday and that's why all of our people on the ground, thousands of them are taking advantage of the milder conditions to make us as well prepared as possible for saturday when any of these fire fronts can again exacerbate and cause damage. bushfires have always been part of the australian story but officials say
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this crisis is unprecedented. they warn that some of the blazes are so intense, that efforts by firefighters to put them out will fail. what australia needs is fire—drenching rain, but no significant falls are expected for at least another month. phil mercer, bbc news, sydney. the mother of the british teenager found guilty of lying about being raped in cyprus has warned parents in the uk that the holiday resort of ayia napa is unsafe. in an interview with the bbc‘s today programme, she also said she was supporting a call for tourists to boycott the island. jon donnison reports. it's two days since the young british woman walked out of a cypriot court having been found guilty of falsely claiming she was raped by 12 men. her supporters say both the police investigation and the court process were flawed and her lawyers are planning to appeal.
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now, the i9—year—old's mother has told the bbc of the impact the case has had on her daughter's mental health. her words are read by an actor to protect both of their identities. she's suffering from ptsd. she spends a lot of time with hypersomnia at the moment. that means she's sleeping an awful lot of the day. she sleeps probably 18, 20 hours a day. she's also quite withdrawn, which is very sad for me to see, and she also experiences hallucinations and she needs to get back to the uk to get that treated. that's my absolute primary focus. these are the young israeli tourists who originally faced accusations that they'ad raped the young woman. they were freed and allowed to fly home after she retracted the allegation. but she said she only did that because she was put under huge pressure by police questioning when she was vulnerable. now, her mother is supporting a call for tourists to boycott cyprus.
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this is not an isolated incident. the place isn't safe. it's absolutely not safe. and if you go and report something that's happened to you, you're either laughed at as far as i can tell, or in the worst case, something like what's happened to my daughter may happen. the foreign office has called the teenager's case deeply disturbing and says it will be speaking to the authorities in cyprus. the cypriot government says it has full confidence in its justice system and courts. jon donnison, bbc news. the us has announced the immediate deployment of hundreds more troops to the middle east in response to an attack on the american embassy in iraq. protesters set fire to a guard post and scaled one of the walls of the fortified compound in baghdad. the demonstrators were supporters of an iranian—backed militia group that lost 25 members on sunday during a us air strike. firework displays across the uk have welcomed in the new year. in london, tens of thousands of people lined the river thames for a show that mixed fireworks
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with music and looked ahead to the city's role in hosting some of the matches at this summer's euro 2020 football tournament. meanwhile, the streets of edinburgh echoed with auld lang syne as people from all over the world enjoyed the traditional hogmanay street party. thousands of others gathered in stonehaven for the annual fireballs ceremony. in brazil, around three million people gathered on copacabana beach to welcome in the new year. have a look at these pictures. the event in rio de janeiro is one of the world's biggest new year festivals. there was music and fireworks with many people choosing to wear white to symbolise a desire for peace in the year to come. the duke and duchess of sussex have released a new photograph of their son archie in a new year's message posted on instagram. there he is. the picture of archie, who's now seven months old, came at the end of a compilation summarising his parents‘ year.
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here he is being held by his dad with mum meghan likely to be behind the camera. as far as we know. it is fast approaching 7:10am. it is new year's day. we are into 2020. thank you for being with us this morning. people living in the path of ferocious bushfires in australia have described the scene as "like the end of the world." it's feared hundreds more homes have been lost as the fire continues to spread. let's speak now to billy tusker howarth, who's visiting family in new south wales. thank you very much for coming onto bbc breakfast and telling us about what you have been through. you have been living and staying at the end of some of the most destructive of fires that new south wales has seen. what has it been like in the last few days? yeah, it has been tense and it has been i guess rough in terms of not really knowing what is happening. we spend a lot of time sitting inside listening to the
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radio on repeat and trying to understand what is happening around us. understand what is happening around us. even though at the edge of the town of bega, where we are, just down the road was the evacuation centre, so without our house personally was quite safe but it didn't look orfeel personally was quite safe but it didn't look or feel that way outside and you are still aware that people are losing their homes and that is other people in the local community. it is tough, it was scary. you don't really know what to do, even if you have thought about it, it is hard to know what you would actually do or feel at that moment. what sort of precautions are you having to take? it isa precautions are you having to take? it is a case of simply sitting and waiting to see what happens? in times like today, which you can see it is still smoky but it is nowhere near the red and orange ferocious condition that was yesterday, but we know that is coming again in a few days. it means thinking through what we will do in the circumstances, so oui’
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we will do in the circumstances, so our planet we were under risk would be to leave. when we the decision, where we go, what we take, so we sat down as a family and wrote out a nswe i’s down as a family and wrote out a nswers to down as a family and wrote out answers to those questions, to kinda be ready and know what we would do to try and reduce panic if that comes up. to try and reduce panic if that comes up. which i think was really helpful because it also made us feel like we were actually doing something rather than just sitting and waiting. reports and other towns nearby and other places have lost power and water, so keeping our phones charged, we had water in buckets in the bath and things like that in case that happened. today, now that we have got some lesser risk conditions, like filling cars with petrol in case you need to go, we went to the supermarket which was a lot of empty shelves but hundreds of people to try and get food, and where we are, i don't think this will be necessary, but it is about being ready and vigilant and
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thinking about what might happen. even here without a direct risk of fire, yesterday, we were still really concerned about the smoke and we have a few small animals around here, so the rabbit, we took it aside —— inside. things like what it may be like to be here if we have to be and thinking about the plan to leave and what involves. be and thinking about the plan to leave and what involveslj be and thinking about the plan to leave and what involves. i know you have been saying you listen to the radio very carefully. is a feeling that things are getting better? we have reporting this morning the number of deaths and homes burned in other parts of new south wales and australia, but what are you told about conditions getting slightly better? yeah, i think what you said is definitely in line is what we are hearing. today, tomorrow, there is a bit of reprieve in the conditions that would be spreading the fires, but we know on saturday that we are expecting temperatures in the 40s
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again and some of those areas have already burnt and other large areas of* already burnt and other large areas of * bushland —— of at risk. it will be tough on saturday for many people. even now i am talking about short term, a few days, and i heard in your report that february before we get decent days of reins is what is needed to put this out. i don't know how much you can see behind me, but this is typical grass. it is brown, bear, the country is so dry that it brown, bear, the country is so dry thatitis brown, bear, the country is so dry that it is hard to think of anything being really impactful in terms of reducing that risk apart from really significant rain. the conditions in the next few days seem 0k and then getting worse, but i think a bit longer term, we are still at risk in much of the country. really, really good to talk to you. thank you very much. we hope you stay safe in 2020 as well. thank you for coming on bbc brea kfast as well. thank you for coming on bbc breakfast and telling us what the
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like for many people in parts of australia at the moment. a0 degrees at the moment and hoping for some meaningful rainfall. carol can tell us meaningful rainfall. carol can tell us what the weather will be like the most of us across the uk. happy new year, carol. it is going to be a misty and murky day. patchy fog but also some frost because parts of north—east scotland in north—east england and here where the cloud has broken overnight. anything north and west of scotland, quite windy but for the rest of the uk, not much of a breeze at all to shift the cloud. the best breaks likely in the shelter of the heals, north—east wales, north—east england and north—east scotland and at times some brightness coming in across east anglia and the south—east. cloud thick enough to produce
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drizzle, especially in south—west england, south wales and also parts of scotland. as we head on through the evening and overnight., we will have all this cloud. some breaks, a brisk wind and it is strengthening to galeforce in parts of western scotla nd to galeforce in parts of western scotland with exposure. the arrival of the weather front introducing rain initially to western scotland but it will not be too far away from the west of northern ireland. the lowest temperature last night —6 .7. unusual for this lowest temperature last night —6 .7. unusualfor this stage lowest temperature last night —6 .7. unusual for this stage in january, milder conditions but they will not last. 0n milder conditions but they will not last. on thursday, i suppose abound across the child. rain stop strong and winds across the north and west.
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just to galeforce. the first band of heavy rain pushing across scotland and northern ireland getting in through england and wales as a wea ker feature. through england and wales as a weaker feature. a bit through england and wales as a weakerfeature. a bit of through england and wales as a weaker feature. a bit of a through england and wales as a weakerfeature. a bit of a lull behind it. before the next and of rain comes our way. the black circles are the wind gust strength. although temperatures look like being on the mild side, because of the wind, it will feel cooler than that. the weather front careers down the south—east, the colder blues follow behind for friday. severe gales possible across shetland. snow at lower levels for a time. for most of the uk, the sun will come out behind the front shifting into the continent. showers in the north and west and some will be wintry on the
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hills. what about the weekend? the week and is looking like it will be less cool and mainly dry less next week windy and unsettled. thank you carol. nice start to the new year. it's time now for a look at the newspapers. let's look at the front pages. the daily mail leads on a warning from prince william who says humanity risks irreparably damaging the earth through climate change. there's also a picture of prince harry with his son archie. the i leads on the military being called in to help emergency workers deal with wildfires in australia. helicopters and naval vessels were deployed to evacuate thousands of residents and tourists trapped on beaches, the paper says. 0nline, the huffington post has a picture from some australian firefighters, who filmed as their truck became surrounded by flames. and the daily star says people have been complaining on the review
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website trip advisor that mount snowdon in north wales is too steep, too cloudy and there's no costa. "mount snowflake" is the paper's headline. what a shambolic way to start the new year by covering that sort of story. technology expert dan sodergren is here with me to take a look inside the papers. thank you for being the first reviewer of the decade. happy new year! . it is about positive steps for the next decade. prince william, planning and award with regards to trying to get the conversation about
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climate change happening. trying to get the conversation about climate change happeningm trying to get the conversation about climate change happening. it is not just about technology. he is putting millions of pounds, picking five winners every yearfor a millions of pounds, picking five winners every year for a decade, millions of pounds, david attenborough is also behind it and bill gates, hillary clinton, leading figures putting all this cash behind it to get innovations to make sure the world becomes a better place. we could be green technologies, all sorts of different stuff. thanks to save the planet. talking of, page 31 of the daily mail, 50% of energy now coming from clean energy sources. exactly. we are moving in the right direction. another reason to be cheerful. heading more and more to this clean energy environment. the
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best date in august, 87.9% came from low carbon energy sources which i think is really important because if we are going to hit these new targets and help the world and stop climate change, this is what we have to be getting behind and the government has to get behind it. we all government has to get behind it. we a ll swallow government has to get behind it. we all swallow the equivalent of a credit card worth of plastic every week. there are downsides to the tech industry! it has to be around green technology, the new revolution. we have to be getting behind these things. a story here in the times. a significant story. mexico print the worlds first 3d...
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the idea here is they are using this sd the idea here is they are using this 3d printer and it creates these homes and it doesn't really quickly. 2a hours it takes to print a house. it does not cost very much money. it costs hardly anything. $21 a month to pay it back so this could be a way of changing the world. i saw another one doctor that dementia houses. have a look at this, the guy from ikea. not built in 2a hours a doctor should keep count of way i put the papers. they can flat pack these houses and they can be built and put up an wired and completely
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up and put up an wired and completely up and running within a week. trials of this in the uk. hopefully you can ta ke of this in the uk. hopefully you can take off. we start to build these houses really quickly. a genius. "it houses really quickly. a genius. ——it is genius. houses really quickly. a genius. --it is genius. and also in the times, the cafe experience. this is an entirely new one. what do you think about this potentially happening? the idea that we could have pet therapy. in scotland, they have pet therapy. in scotland, they have this thing we have cups of tea with sheep. it is meant to be good for mental health and a meditative approach. hamish, dougal and for mental health and a meditative approach. hamish, dougaland lockey are the sheep. the fact that it is
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something different, that making a bit of money and changing the world. a good example on how we can do something entrepreneurial. we often talk to you about technological advances. it is hard to predict because it moves so quickly. looking at how netflix are putting so much money into tv development. do you think in terms of what we might see over the next decade, and i know it isa over the next decade, and i know it is a general question, but where do you think big movies will be? freely printing will be a big one. a! would be the largest. i'm hoping in green tech, we can make sure the technology can be something for good. we are creating accelerators
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so good. we are creating accelerators so it is notjust about smart cities but smart cities for a reason. we will have so much data created but it has to be for a human purpose. you cannot just be it has to be for a human purpose. you cannotjust be about driving profit and i am hoping that is what the future is. would you come back later? at around 8:20 a.m., yes. that was a look through the papers and john was listening intently. technology and football has been an interesting one. the january tra nsfer interesting one. the january transfer window is open so we could see some movers. liverpool have already signed takumi minamino from germany. £7 million. good distance. they are chasing silverware on three fronts so sensible to ring and
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reinforcements. he could be in the squad to face sheffield united tomorrow. but the could be bigger money moves into the offering. the right hand extended and the hug. who would not love that to start the new year. we are in transfer window time and we start predicting who might go where. jadon sancho, one of the hottest prospects, could be on the move. we are sending training with england. moved around 8 million pounds but if he comes back it could be for around £100 million so you can see how much he is worth. that would be a big move but if he goes anywhere, it would have to be a club with big pockets, potentially chelsea or manchester united. an incredibly bright future. interesting to see what happens with
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him. he is a player everybody is chasing. and then, other players like christian eriksen and paul pogba you are thinking where they might end up because they are not particularly in the best club. christian eriksen in the final year of his contract. maybe £30 million. he wanted to go in the summer and real madrid his preferred destination. you wonder that move could come about injanuary. the clu b could come about injanuary. the club keen to get some money for him. paul pogba, wanting to move but we are never sure if it comes from the player or the agent. antagonising the club saying that the club has ruined the careers of maradona and even pellets are clear he does not see paul pogba that. —— pele. you
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will irritate the club saying things like that. he is back for and playing. today, they are involved in one of the biggest games for the new year. against arsenal. two teams struggling for consistency. arsenal, disappointing for the new coach not to make a winning start. manchester united, two wins in the league now so united, two wins in the league now $03 united, two wins in the league now so a little bit of improvement so it will be interesting to see when those to meet in the late kick—off at eight o'clock. manchester city trying to chase down liverpool but a huge advantage at the top of the table. they take on everton. they are undera table. they take on everton. they are under a new manager as well, carlo ancelotti so a meeting of managerial minds. it feels like
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every day we are talking about new managers. west ham, a point above the relegation zone so they are desperate to move up the table and david moyes is the man brought in. manuel pellegrini did not work out. they are hoping david moyes will see them to safety. another game kicking off 530 pm. twenty20 starting with quite a bit of football. —— 2020. thank you very much for taking us through that. former premier league referee bobby madley has revealed a video of him mocking a disabled person was behind his sacking last year. he said in a lengthy post on social media he was dismissed for gross misconduct and didn't leave his role due to a change in personal circumstances as was reported at the time. he said it's destroyed his career, his reputation and caused immeasurable damage to his family.
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now, some good news for england's cricketers ahead of their second test against south africa, which starts in cape town on friday. every member of the touring party is expected to train this morning. england lost the opening test in pretoria as illness swept through the squad with 11 players and six backroom staff affected. that did not help the preparation for the first test. hopefully england can turn it around. and american tennis starsjohn isner and taylor fritz took time out from training for the forthcoming atp cup in australia to meet firefighters in perth following the devastating wildfires. the inaugural tournament takes place across three cities, getting under way in a couple of day. great to see them showing their support. which is lovely because it would be very easy, when you think about the tennis stars of the they,
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