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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  January 6, 2020 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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temperatures in double figures. 12—16d. it is 5:32pm. this is bbc news. the headlines... the worst serial rapist in british criminal history, reynhard sinaga, has been jailed for life and with a minimum term of 30 years. we believe there is over 190 victims that have been involved with sinaga, today at 5pm, the worst serial rapist in british criminal history, with reynhard sinaga, has beenjailed for a minimum and 70 of them are of 30 years. still to be identified. reynhard sinaga was described huge crowds gather in tehran in court as an evil sexual to mourn the iranian general predator, who preyed on over killed by us forces. 150 men in manchester, the eu urges restraint after drugging them. as iran and the us make new threats against each other. but police believe the true number of victims, is probably higher, and they want others the trial of the former hollywood producer harvey weinstein, to come forward. on charges of sexual assault, we believe there's over 190 victims that have been involved gets under way in new york. with reynhard sinaga, and 70 of them are and coming up, a triumphant still to be identified. night for british stars at the golden globes, we'll have the latest from manchester crown court. the other main stories including two awards for sam mendes on bbc news at 5. huge crowds gather in tehran to mourn the iranian general, -- sir killed by us forces. —— sirsam —— sir sam mendes. the eu urges restraint, for his world war one epic 1917. as iran and the us make new threats against each other. the trial of the former hollywood harvey weinstein, it is 530 pm.
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on charges of sexual assault, the prime minister has been gets under way in new york. meeting with the foreign secretary a special report from the australian town of eden, where families are fleeing from the bushfires. dominic raab and other key officials over the uk's response to the us—iran tensions. the foreign secretary has just spoken, saying there must be a maiden test century a diplomatic way forward. for dom sibley, as england pile let's hear what he had to say. the pressure on south africa in cape town. and it's a golden night for british stars in hollywood, secretary, there has been a meeting on the golden globe goes to phoebe of senior ministers chaired by the prime minister, what have you waller bridge. decided to do in terms of taking and it's a golden night for british stars in hollywood, action? i have just come from the as they scoop a host of awards meeting that the pain with key and in the first major event of the awards season. officials and clearly our first priority is to make sure that uk nationals, citizens, shipping, diplomatic missions and military personnel are safer —— the prime minister. we have changed our travel advice and we will be updating the it's 5:00, our main story is that the worst serial rapist, information on a shipping in the in british criminal history, strait of hormuz. the overwhelming has been jailed for life, and with a minimum term of 30 years. message to our counterparts, are
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raynhard sinaga was convicted of 159 european and american counterparts and critically are partners in the middle east is the importance of the sexual offences against young men. he was a phd student, escalating tensions and finding a studying in manchester, diplomatic way through this crisis. who drugged his victims till they were unconscious, before filming his attacks. police say they think the number of victims approached 200, and they've appealed for anyone —— of de—escalating the tensions. who thinks they were attacked by him to come forward. thejudge described you have chosen your wits quite sinaga as a monster. carefully so far, it is a few days you may find this report since this action was taken. considering what has been done over from judith moritz distressing. the last few days, with the action this is reynhard sinaga, right or wrong? qasem soleimani was as he wanted the world to see him. his social media account is full of grinning photos of a student having fun. a regional threat and i do not think but sinaga has many faces, we will lament his passing, but the key m essa g e and behind the mask lies the truth. we will lament his passing, but the key message going forward is that a depraved monster, said critically, to the iranians, to the by prosecutors to be the world's worst rapist. iraqis, to all those affected in the region, is important to defuse the the total number of offences that we have prosecuted is almost 160, over 48 victims, tensions and de—escalate. as far as the judicial process, probably anywhere in the world region, is important to defuse the tensions and de-escalate. we conveyed that message to the premise is concerned, he's the most prolific
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rapist that has come of iran as well. what is your through the courts. in the world? response to president compaq's i would say in the world, certainly in the british courts. night after night, sinaga threat —— present trump's threats to would leave his manchester flat to go and find victims. attack cultural sites, which is he took advantage of living actually illegal under in the city centre, amongst the nightclubs and bars, international? —— international? and he made the streets outside them his hunting ground. actually illegal under international? -- international? we would expect those to be protected. sinaga would often wait for drunk men to come stumbling out of this nightclub, the assassination of the senior and then entice them around the corner to his flat, iranian military thinker by us which was just next door. he would offer them somewhere forces. the time is 5:35pm. we will to have a drink or phone a taxi and, have a look at the sport today. on one occasion, it took him just 60 seconds to pick up a victim. more than 100 men made this journey, disappearing inside sinaga's apartment block. it could be a nervy final day. it's been hard work for england's bowlers as they bid to dismiss then, they would be offered spiked south africa in the second test drinks and that was the last in cape town and level they would remember. the four match series. unconscious, the men were raped on this grubby dom sibley became the first england opener to score a test century mattress on the floor. in cape town since 1910. when they woke up, they had no memory of what had happened.
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he was unbeaten on 133, sinaga would text his friends, his maiden test tonne. boasting of sexual conquests. ben stokes provided they thought he was joking when he quoted song lyrics the impetus though, about using a secret potion, smashing 72 offjust a7 balls — of which one drop should be enough. enabling england to declare and set but in fact, the drug wore off early on one man, a target of a38. no test side has sucessfully who woke up whilst being raped. chased that down, he fought back and when the police were called, but south africa were largely they seized sinaga's phone. untroubled in their reply until the breakthrough came they could not believe from an unlikely source — what they saw on it. the rapist had filmed joe denly‘s part time spin. each of his attacks. jimmy anderson took another they found hundreds in the penultimate over of the day — of hours of video. south africa 126—2 at the close shane warne is going this is an absolutely to auction his baggy green test cap to raise money for those unprecedented case. looking at that amount of evidence affected by the wildfires is challenging in itself. in australia. that is equivalent to 1,500 dvd films. we believe there is over 190 victims, that have been involved with sinaga, he wore it in each of his 1a5 tests with reynhard sinaga, and 70 of them are still to be identified, approximately. and the current highest bid is more the men who were traced were given support at this centre in manchester. than £166,000. helped to cope with the trauma less than a fortnight before
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of being told they were the victims the start of the australian open of rapes they could not remember. tennis, melbourne the tournament organiser craig tiley has some men found it very difficult to process, said they'll be closely monitoring air quality because of the wildfires some men have been unable and could stop matches if it's to function within a family setting deemed to be harmful johanna konta's been knocked out and have had to leave home. of the brisbane international. she lost in the first some men have suffered round in straight sets with their mental health, to ba rbora strycova. konta has been struggling to the point where some men with a knee injury of late. have been suicidal. footabll — italy has resumed how is it possible that after their winter break, someone could be assaulted a matches yesterday and 6 today, like this and not know? including he return of zlatan you may have had alcohol, you may have had a drug, ibrahimovic at ac milan. and you may have been sexually assaulted, but there may not have he helped them to their been any physical injuries to see. last league tile 9 and if you haven't got any physical injuries, then you may not even suspect years ago and has signed a six month deal to try and get them you have been sexually assaulted. moving up the table. reynhard sinaga prowled the streets milan fans are happy for years before he was caught. to have him in their city. welcome back ibra the his victims have said message in the san siro they hope he rots in hell and never leaves prison. as they faced sampdoria. he has never explained his crimes. the rapist considered a mystery, they drew 0—0. as well as a monster.
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judith as well as a monster. mar its bbc news manchestt meanwhile, another footballing icon cristiano ronaldo scored his first hat—trick and our correspondent in the italian league danny savage is outside this afternoon. manchester crown court now — the former world player of the year what did the judge have to say in sentencing? helped juventus to a a nil win over cagliari in serie a. just the 33 to go to match his league hattrick the strength of the words that we haulfor real madrid. juventuis are top for now, use. but inter can move back the strength of the words that we use. yes, judge suzanne was to the top with the win later. —— with a win later. sentencing today, remember, he had the draw for the fourth actually been found guiltyjust round of the fa cup will take place before christmas at the end of his tonight, ahead of the final third round tie, arsenal's game against leeds united. fourth trial at the offences he was the arsenal manager mikel arteta captained the side the last time accused of, he was accused of these two sides met assaulting a0 different men all of in the cup 8 years ago — those cases couldn't be heard within thierry henry scored the winner then in his first one trial, so it was divided up into appearance since re—joining on loan from the new york red bulls. four and they started up about 18 premier league clubs have fielded understrength sides months ago, final sentencing if you in many of the ties over the weekend like. he was already serving a 20 but arteta says he has total respect for the fa cup. year sentence minimum in manchester that competition is very attached to after being found guilty of the this football club in recent years earlier trials. that was up today to and we have to take it very a minimum of 30 years, and judge seriously and we have to try to go through to the next round. and the suzanne qc said said that he was an way that they play and the way that
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they behave, i followed a coach for evil serial sexual or creditor who a long time and i know how tough it preyed upon young men who came into is going to be to play against them. the city centre wanting nothing more than a good night out with their coverage of arsenal against leeds united is live friends. thejudge added than a good night out with their on bbc one and before kick off friends. the judge added that one you can watch the fourth victim had described him as a round draw from 7:30. you can also listen monster, telling him this scale and enormity of your offending on bbc radio 5 live. establishes that this was an accurate description. the true scale of your offending may never be known, she went on to say. and that it looks like rhys webb's he seemed to be actually enjoying made his final appearance the trial process, even as you stand for toulon. here now, she said. thejudgement on last week, the welsh scrum half said he would leave france to say he will never be safe to be at after being had been released from the last year of his contract released, and that's the minimum with the french side sentence of 30 years. he will be 66 to return to ospreys, but toulon's owner says webb has shown a "dishonest attitude" when he will be considered for parole. it obviously want to be the over his move back to wales. judges decision or anything like that, it will be the parole board in 30 years time, but the indication some breaking news for you. there todayis 30 years time, but the indication today is that this man is such a prolific sex attacker and so depraved that he may not ever be was an investigation on an alleged released from prison. and, of racist instrument on the 22nd of course, as you mentioned there, one
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of the very important aspects of the december the chelsea defender case, so—called date rape —— date claimed that he was abused. that rape drugs and their use in the case case has been closed, tottenham and the metropolitan police say that is that we are discussing here. they have now exhausted all mines, at the news of investigation, and can find no evidence to support his she has, she released a statement at lunchtime today after sentencing saying that they are basically claims —— all lines. they say that needing to review into this ghb he has their full support, drug, because i think many people claims —— all lines. they say that he has theirfull support, but claims —— all lines. they say that are perplexed by the fact that this he has their full support, but they can find no evidence whatsoever series of crimes went on for two and regarding that claim of racist abuse half years without anybody coming at the tottenham hotspur stadium forward to say they had been just before christmas. we will have assaulted, but they were knocked more on that in sports day at out. so, if you like by this drug 6:30pm. ghb that they came around, gained the term is 5:30pm. —— time is consciousness of the serious sexual assaults without having a clue of what had happened to them. some of them shake his hand and said thank you for looking after us, because that was the original reason they went into his flat for. to get a 5:30pm. millions of iranians have gathered in tehran for the funeral of the military commander drink orto make went into his flat for. to get a drink or to make a mobile phone call general qasem soleimani, who was killed in a us 01’ drink or to make a mobile phone call or something. so this drug, ghb, drone strike in iraq. his daugher zeinab has warned which they think was used, they that the us faces repercussions. can't prove it, but they think that meanwhile, a british frigate and a destroyer — was the drug that was used at the hms montrose and hms defender — time is now going to be looked at are to start accompanying uk—flagged
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more closely. it's currently a class ships through the strait cdrug, so of hormuz in the gulf, more closely. it's currently a class c drug, so it is illegal, but are where a tanker was seized by iran lastjuly. the controls on a strict enough? the let's go to glasgow effects that it's had in this case and speak to martin lanni. we re effects that it's had in this case were horrendous, and it's onlyjust he was the royal navy's liaison because one of those victims an officer to the us navy's fifth fleet in bahrain in 2016. 18—year—old man, regained consciousness midway through an attack and fought off his attacker and went to police, that this has thank you forjoining us. it is good to have you with us. first of all, all ended, otherwise, it could have been ongoing for much longer. danny, your thoughts on what the state of many thanks again. our correspondent at manchester crown courts. tension will be among crews and let's speak now to professor adam winstock, he's the director those who are operating shipping in of the global drug survey, an independent research company this part of the world and whether which runs the world's the response are currently being put largest drug survey. together by the british government adam, thank you very much for is, in your view, sufficient or not? joining us, because danny was mentioning this drug called ghb, it is sufficient for the moment. while we try to work out during this they can't confirm its use but they period of certainty but iran's strongly suspect that this was the drug that was being used in this case, what can you tell us about it. reaction is going to be after friday's events. the ships at their this was a drug that was first made in the 1960s as an anaesthetic, and it drug that can be today to a planning as a contingency additional
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people sleep, it can be used as a treatment for narcolepsy, but the reason it's used in the scene is escort forces and are well used to because it's a drug that can promote doing escort duties since the 1980s, so it is business as usual for the confidence and also increase peoples sexual desire. it can also reduce royal navy in that sense, but peoples inhibitions, and that's why different from the summer when the it has a place among people who want to facilitate sex using a drug. but the difference between a dose that ste na different from the summer when the stena imperio was taken. now there is more tension in the air because keeps someone happy and alert and a by the events in iraq. that changes dose that leads leaves you things from the perspective of the navy side, the defence posture first unconscious and vulnerable as a little as half a mill, so this is incredibly potent and very difficult will be higher and it will to use in a safe manner. so you inevitably lead to more nervous underlie the difficulty interviewers posture for all concerned, whether the iranians will choose to make will be wondering how widespread is that the point of contact to it used today. retaliate remains to be seen, but they will look for some sort of compared to other drugs, it's proxy response is still to be incredibly unpopular even among gay dialled out. that really was the men wear a tiny minority of those point that i wanted to raise, was have used this drug command i think your reading of the likely targets one of the reasons it hasn't really might be orat caught on is because it's so risky. your reading of the likely targets might be or at least how likely the so it's worked on by the global drug unable targets might be, given what survey and they would suggest that you know of how the iranians one of five men and women three
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responded back in july you know of how the iranians responded back injuly as he women who have used ghb in the last mentioned that incident there. will year have passed out. and when you they be put up in any way by the pass out from you are vulnerable to fa ct they be put up in any way by the fact that the navy is deploying in people, and as we have already the sense? i think from the iranian heard, people's memory for things is perspective, they will be looking very impaired. so they are uncertain for easy wins, the low hanging fruit, they do not want to go toe to what's happened, they feel that they can't come forward and make a toe with a may first. it does not complaint, and in fact what's needed here to better support for people who have been victims of sexual assault where drugs and alcohol are involved, not necessarily tougher drug logs, which we know can actually stop people seeking help. an interesting aspect of this is the fa ct an interesting aspect of this is the fact that the police can forward set them out because they militarily again asking for other potential imputed to the west verses, they are victims to come forward. what does likely to look for some proxy your experience of the readiness or response, likely on land. sure they otherwise of people who may have been caught up in the a situation have responded in some way to the events of friday without ratcheting like this and come forward and say what happened to them? for a lot of up events of friday without ratcheting up the military response and give in people, there is such uncertainty particular the us an easy excuse to about what has happened, they simply don't know whether a crime has been use mightily superior military force committed. worked on by the global drug survey last year which looked if that is what is warranted. so up drug survey last year which looked up 5000 cases where people have from the iranian perspective, there reported being ta ken is an element of wanting to up 5000 cases where people have reported being taken advantage of where drugs and alcohol had been
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involved. 97% of cases people had not reported him to police, and it de—escalate military contact, but they have shown many times over the was around uncertainty, yea rs they have shown many times over the years that where there is an easy embarrassment, shame, stigma, win for them or an unguarded humiliation. so what we need is to merchant are the realm of your other make sure that people understand that if they think they've been a victim of sexual assault, there are allied escort cannot be everywhere allied escort cannot be everywhere services available, that they should all the time, they cannot relate the fa ct all the time, they cannot relate the fact that they may seek to take one never feel that they can't go of those as they did in the late summer last year. you're very clear forward to the police. but it's incredibly challenging thing, and for those men who did come forward, that, martin, buti you know, they are incredibly brave summer last year. you're very clear that, martin, but i will pick up on that, martin, but i will pick up on that phrase that appears may have to do so. and for the other victims noticed is bell, a proxy response on land. kind of context are you thinking about there? in the short term, and a military perspective, in terms of iran, the military leadership prefer to wait a while out there, for the defence posture of whoever and details of organisations offering information and support they are interested in attacking with sexual violence are available at, relaxes a little and that is or you can call free at any time certainly not going to be the case to hear recorded information in the next days or weeks from the on 0800 077 077. us, uk or other verses. and greater manchester police in the next days or weeks from the are asking people who think us, uk or otherverses. from in the next days or weeks from the us, uk or other verses. from the they might be a victim to contact political and religious site, there them on, 0800 092 0a10. is probably an onus to act more i understand there are reasons to decisively and more quickly, to show not come forward, but the people who that they are not going to be kowtow
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have come forward have helped remove this sexual predator and put him to buy the events of last friday. behind bars. adam, good of you to talk to us and join us again, thank they need to balance those two you so much. responses. the easy way for the and greater manchester police iranians to act is to use a proxy are asking people who think they might be a victim to contact thatis iranians to act is to use a proxy that is not immediately traceable back to them, although if it is a them on, 0800 092 0a10. sheer militia —— shiia militia, it will be obvious. a proxy attack the uk hasjoined france and germany along the lines of the protests in in calling for all sides to ease tensions over iran. baghdad's, some protesters made from in a joint statement, they urged restraint after friday's assassination by us forces, the iranian regime, is probably likely in the short term. they do of a senior iranian military leader. not want to engage in a military engagement because they would lose that and it would not work in their favour. what they have at the moment vast crowds have gathered in tehran is perhaps not an advantage, but for the funeral of qassem soleimani, and his successor has promised they have options in terms of the to avenge the killing. meanwhile president trump has response. they have uncertainty in repeated his threat to attack how they are going to do that, and iranian cultural sites, if iran does decide to retaliate. from an iranian perspective creates our diplomatic correspondent opportunities for them. thank you james landale reports.
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chanting. very much. interesting points being made by martin lanni who was the if you want an idea of how qasem soleimani was seen knee really is an officer to the in iran, just look at this. fifth fleet in bahrain in 2006. hundreds of thousands thronging the streets of tehran today, to mourn his death. the headlines on bbc news... the iranian general may have been seen as a brutal military commander in the west, but here, soleimani was seen the worst serial rapist in british as a national hero. criminal history, reynhard sinaga, and now, a martyr, after his has been jailed for life assassination by the us. and with a minimum term of 30 years. the general was often described as the second most important man in iran. huge crowds gather in tehran to mourn the iranian general killed by us forces. the eu urges restraint this morning, the most powerful, as iran and the us make new threats against each other. the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei, said prayers the trial of the former hollywood over his coffin and wept at the loss producer harvey weinstein, on charges of sexual assault, of the man who controlled iran's network of allies and proxy forces gets under way in new york. across the middle east. an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's and frankfurt ended the day. the crowds called for vengeance, and in the the united states this and the man who has replaced is how the dow and the nasdaq soleimani as head of the elite are getting on.
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revolutionary guard's quds force, esmail ghaani, promised iran would remove us forces from the region. "god has promised to avenge it is 30 minutes to 6pm. —— 13 soleimani's assassination," he said, "there would definitely minutes to 6pm. be some actions." as we've been reporting, labour's national executive in an address broadcast committee has been drawing up on satellite television, the rules and timetable for the contest to elect soleimani's daughter warned jeremy corbyn's successor president trump that her father's as party leader. death would have consequences. the result of that is that the election will be announced. on april "america and zionism," she said, the ath. there is a lengthy process "should know that my father's to get us to that point. martyrdom has led to a greater awakening of the people's let's speak now to richard consciousness in the resistance corbett, labour mep front and will bring about dark for yorkshire and the humber. days for them." he's at westminster. overnight, president trump return to washington from florida, thank you forjoining us. good promising a major retaliation evening. could you tell us a little if iran attacked us forces in response to the killing of soleimani. more about the timetable for and again, he threatened to strike electing a new party leader, iranian cultural sites, involving of course, as i explain to something that critics insist viewers earlier, the means for people to pay £25 if they want to would be against international law. become registered supporters and to so far, iran's most significant vote in the election, although not
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action has to been to weaken to become a formal party members. even further its deal and then for the new party leader to to restrict its nuclear capability, saying it will no longer accept any be an in april the ath. how does limit on its ability to enrich uranium. that timetable strike you? but us and allied forces be an in april the ath. how does that timetable strike you ?m be an in april the ath. how does that timetable strike you? it has the right balance. you do not want in the region have been put it to be too long. you want to newly on standby for military retaliation that could potentially do before the local elections in may, but he want adequate time for include attacks on tankers in the gulf, amid growing fears all the candidates to be able to of violent miscalculation. speak to party members, take part in hustings, answer questions and for both sides are fundamentally underestimating the strength and resolve on the other side. the more than half a million people who will take part in the sport, to the iranians have thought for some be able to get a good feel and idea time that america just wants to get about the candidates. —— in this out of the middle east and is not really committed long—term vote. because of your status as an to the region and they can get away with their proxy wars. mep, given that britain is living on but the americans too have been the 31st of january as the prime predicting for a long time that iran minister has repeatedly said, what will come to its knees does that mean practically for you because of economic pressure, and the regime has held out. and your staff? well, for me and that is the real danger we face at the moment. indeed my staff, all meps, all today, the prime minister is meeting senior ministers and advisers british meps, we will see ourjob to in downing street to discuss finish on the 31st of january the uk's response. in a joint statement with his french british meps, we will see ourjob to finish on the 31st ofjanuary and there is something —— unless and german counterparts, mrjohnson said there was an urgent need for de—escalation something totally unexpected
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happens. we are looking at our and called on all parties elected function than those who work with us ceasing at the end of this to exercise utmost restraint. month. i difficulty process is it our middle east editorjeremy bowen for you to be telling us that and is in the iraqi capital baghdad, for you to be telling us that and for colleagues appears to be telling where general soleimani was killed, their staff that they are basically out of a job? it has very and sent this update. unpleasant, as you can imagine, to say to staff, sony, at the end of you can get an idea of the shock this month, thisjob comes to say to staff, sony, at the end of this month, this job comes to an end, you have to look for something and the anger among iran's allies here in iraq. at this place, which is the official else —— sorry, at the end of this mourning, the official month yourjob comes to an end. any commemoration for... there, over there on the poster, qasem soleimani and abu mahdi candidate has to have the support of al—muhandis, who is the leader one tenth of the mps and the meps of one of the main armed groups combined to go forward to the next stage, so we are still in that here, you can see over there a line of yellow flags. process and well at the beginning of those are fighters the process. and after the 31st of from muhandis's group. january? i am saving up to buy horse there is a lot of anger in there. to ride away into the sunset. it is quite... ..finely—developed calm anger. people are not yelling. but they want to get even. laughter they will be viewers who enjoy the and the two countries
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joke, but what is your part in the they talk about most process as labour veterans? what is are the united states, donald trump, and israel. the question is what happens next? your part in this process, approaching april the ath? apart in what do the iraqis here in baghdad and also their allies in iran, the labour procedure labour what do they do with this shock, procedure or the brexit procedure? with this anger? i don't think it's going to dissipate easily. on the labour procedure. the you can sense it in the air. you can sense it from talking to people. there will be consequences. consequences that can't be brexit deal, after that, if it goes predicted at the moment. through, we will cease to be meps, but consequences that, quite likely, will make this already but we will still be members. it very difficult situation then goes to the full membership of then goes to the full membership of the labour party. as you mentioned even more complicated. before, people who support the labour party, but have not yet become a member, there is a window of opportunity for them to join in that's our correspondent with the this process. i am bound to ask you, latest in baghdad. in a moment, we'll talk to gary o'donoghue in washington, richard, because i am fewer viewers but first our political correspondent nick eardley will want to know as well, have you is at westminster. made up your mind yet who you would next, we arejust like to see as the new leader?” next, we are just a few words earlier about the prime minister's
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will wait to see how the candidates latest intervention on the iranian are, but there is a good range of crisis. ring us up to date. yes, candidates coming forward —— who are the candidates are. i happen to have this is a huge test for boris worked very closely over the last few years with keir starmer, but i johnson. his first major diplomatic crisis to deal with it since he won have seen him notjust talking about the election last month. there was some criticism over the weekend, he brexit, but i have seen him in the shadow cabinet and elsewhere because stayed on holiday, he is back on i attend the shadow cabinet and i number ten now and has been having a have seen him arguing and articulating arguments on a range of meeting of senior ministers and top subjects, which most of the public will not have seen because they have officials this afternoon in there. i seen him as a shadow brexit thank you can broadly summarise what secretary. i think he is articulate, borisjohnson is trying to do by who able to make a good case, able to he is trying to apply pressure to. bring people together. he will bring so, firstly the united states. the together the various wings of the message coming from number ten is party as well. he will build that the us was within its rights to bridges. and i think he is well placed to take us forward to the act in self—defense as has been next election. is that a strong hint described, but also some warnings in of years that it will take a very special person to take your support there. urging donald trump to try away from him? yes. i have not made and de—escalate the situation, and also saying that some of the ideas up my away from him? yes. i have not made up my mind finally yet and there are some other very good candidates that have been floated by the president on twitter like the idea coming forward. emily thornberry, of potentially come at some point, back along payday, and may be hitting iranian cultural areas, that
5:20 pm
others. —— rebecca long bailey. that simply won't fly. saying that there are international laws which would prohibit that, but it's not thank you forjoining us. just about that pressure in the united states, although we saw that there are fears that bushfires statement from britain, france, and in the australian states of victoria and new south wales could merge germany last night, urging that de—escalation, it applies elsewhere as well. so i ran, borisjohnson is to create a huge ‘mega' blaze. saying, stay in the nuclear deal, light rain over the weekend don't let this fall apart simply brought a brief respite, but hotter weather is again because of what's happening now. forecast, which is likely to make the fires worse. likewise to iraq, he is saying let our correspondent shaima khalil has troops stayed, they play an been to the coastal town of eden, important part of the anti—isis south of canberra, where many have fled to escape the fires. effort in iraq, don't throw that away either. but as we have been saying all day, all of that, all three of those asks at the moment some difficult, and this is a big test for boris johnson's ability to the rain came as a welcome respite. persuade his international partners. people in the fire zones in southern friend and foe. that they should do and eastern australia finally got what they had wanted for weeks. what he's urging. nick, many thanks. a bit of a breather for these firefighters ahead of hotter weather let's go straight to washington. so to come, when officials said the blazes would take off again. with that in mind, in terms of the the picture in the fishing town test for boris johnson, gary, of eden is very different
5:21 pm
with that in mind, in terms of the test for borisjohnson, gary, let's talk about president trump, the fact from that on the weekend. that it's been confirmed now that this is what it looked like on saturday night. there are more troops, us marines, i believe on the way to the many people left. others stayed, seeking middle east, what is the picture there in washington today? well, the safety by the water. eden wharf became a makeshift president is not saying anything publicly today, although, this is evacuation centre when the fires his first day back at work. there is came close to this town. still some confusion about this people came here, they sheltered whole question of whether or not the in boats, in cars, and some us is planning to hit those cultural in the open air to be close to the water. we have a lull in the weather. sites in retaliation if the the temperatures and the winds have dropped, we have rain which many ukrainians —— iranians choose to hit people have been telling me they have been praying for, back, the secretary of state, mike but we know this is not going to last, authorities expect pompeo, indicating that the americans wouldn't do anything that worse conditions later in the week. was outside the law, and one of his senior advisers kelly and conway that has really been the story of these fires. saying something similar, but the there are more to come and people president has doubled down on that, are living in limbo. and of course, that raises serious some residents have left their homes, not problems for military commanders in knowing if they will be the field. should they be asked to there when they go back. do something which is illegal under chris and richard camped out international law, that is the onto the football grounds, problem following orders like that. well prepared, but unsure yes, some additional troops as well, and confused about what to do next. they were talking over the weekend i think everybody who is here about some marines being sent, would lie if they say
5:22 pm
possibly around 2200 marines being they were not scared, if they were not anxious in regard to where they are going now. sent to the beach and on top of that basically, the uncertainty division of paratroopers that was as to what happens when the fire does come through, how fast is it already heading for the middle east. going to come, if the wind really bearin picks up and comes over that hill, already heading for the middle east. bear in mind, for a president who it will be coming like a fireball. said he was bringing troops home it isjust a waiting game. this would bring it up to around 20,000 troops in that theatre, if you like, since may. gary, thanks but we will get there, doesn't matter. very much again. that's the latest what are you waiting for? for there in washington. for it to stop. the labour party's ruling body has agreed the rules for the forthcoming leadership contest. and it is notjust people being nominations will close on january 13th. displaced because of the fires. people can pay £25 to become a registered supporter, in one neighbouring town, allowing them to vote in the leadership election, jimmy the koala bear has been taken but aren't classed as party members. from his usual home at the local animal sanctuary and is and the ballot will run from february 21st until april now in the back garden the 2nd, with the winner announced of his keeper's house. most of the animals here were evacuated ahead on april ath. of the fires, last weekend. some, likes these echidnas, five mps, emily thornberry, have already been brought back. jess phillips, sir keir starmer, they were all getting quite clive lewes and lisa nandy, have so far entered the running. agitated and stressed. shadow business secretary rebecca
5:23 pm
if we do have to evacuate again long—bailey is also expected at the end of the week, well, at least they have had a few to announce her bid. days of respite. there are fears that nearly half a billion animals are being directly affected by the fires, which continue to rip through the bushland. our political correspondent the rain has given people here a chance to pause and reflect, jonathan blake is at westminster. if only for a few days, but they are also bracing for what the next wave jonathan, your thoughts than on this timetable, and is it proving of fires will bring. controversial in any way? well, the decision taken by labour's ruling body today at that meeting effectively keeps things the same as the last leadership contest in 2016, when owen smith challengejeremy british talent has triumphed corbyn for the leadership then, and at the golden globes. that means there is a period of time the newly knighted sir sam mendes won two awards for his and now, two weeks for people to first world war epic 1917. join the labour party, become this from our los angeles correspondent sophie long. members, and have a say in this it was the first major award ceremony of the season, leadership election, and there is and the stars came out to shine. also a specific two day window for with ricky gervais hosting for a fifth time. if you do win an award tonight, people tojoin as also a specific two day window for people to join as registered don't use it as a platform to make supporters at the cost of £25. a political speech, right? that's the kind of temporary you're in no position to lecture membership which allows people to the public about anything.
5:24 pm
join the party with a specific you know nothing about the real world. most of you spent less time ability to take part in the in school then greta thunberg. leadership election. so, it doesn't the standing ovation for eltonjohn seem to have kicked off any and bernie taupin set the tone particular controversy in the labour for what became a big night party, it seems as though the nec for british showbusiness. took the decision to keep the rules they won the golden broadly the same. some make the globe for best song... argument that as they are, the rules taron egerton, rocketman. ..and taron egerton won for his portrayal of the rock star favour established candidates, and in rocketman, beating those who are perhaps closer to leonardo dicaprio and 12—year—old jeremy corbyn, whilst putting those fellow brit, roman griffin—davis. who are a bit more critical of the i'm so honoured to be current leadership and with an nominated alongside a bunch of legitimate icons, outside chance of winning, perhaps at something of a disadvantage. but and also roman, who is the sweetest nobody is making too much of a foss kid and it was an incredible within labour about the rules as performance in jojo, they are, and the contest officially and i'm honoured to be gets under way tomorrow when the nominated alongside you too. 1917. candidates can start officially signing and peas up, because that's the first stage that they have to the first world war epic 1917 won win support from the parliamentary the golden globe for best drama, party before getting support from and sam mendes took the award trade unions and affiliated bodies, for best director too. and then we have the final postal phoebe waller—bridge, fleabag! ballots of the labour membership, as there were two golden globes for
5:25 pm
a whole, which, as you say, will end phoebe waller—bridge and fleabag. and the result being declared on the this is really heavy and cool. ath of april. just a thought again about the complete line—up as we this really comes down to andrew scott, really, expected, jonathan, because we showed the graphic there and i went because that man... through the names, that big? over applause. rebecca long bailey, of course, a ..there was a lot of talk close ally ofjeremy corbyn in the about the chemistry of us team, can we just take it as read in the show but really, that she will put her name forward? he can have chemistry with a pebble! it wouldn't have been a hollywood well, certainly everyone is expecting her to at this point, it award ceremony without impassioned political acceptance speeches will be a big surprise if she'd come and it was that of after a ll michelle williams... will be a big surprise if she'd come after all this anticipation and for and i wouldn't have been able to do so long being tipped as the natural this without employing and preferred successor tojeremy a woman's right to choose. corbyn that she decided at this stage that she didn't want to run, ..that led to cheers and tears but until she confirms in public from women in the audience. that she is going to stand, i don't she urged them to vote. think we can treat her as a foregone conclusion, she's cutting it fine, renee zellweger. because mps have their hustings in parliament tomorrow when all they best actress in a drama went to renee zellweger declared candidates will go before for her portrayal ofjudy garland. their parliamentary colleagues to joaquin phoenix took set up their stall and ask for their best actor for the joker. support. so if rebecca long bailey is going to do it, it's going to once upon a time in hollywood! have to be within the next day or
5:26 pm
so, certainly, there is a bit of and there were three golden globes talk that there is something of a for quentin tarantino's love fight going on between her and ian letter to this town, once upon a time in lavery, another potential candidates, very close tojeremy hollywood, including corbyn. as to who between them is best supporting actor for brad pitt. best placed to take on the mantle of cheering. holy moly! his support, we will have to see in the coming days whether the line—up these are the first major awards ends up being as suspected with of the season and of the decade rebecca long bailey at the front and those going home clutching runner. once again, jonathan, thank golden globes tonight will be hoping you very much. jonathan blake at to collect golden oscar statues to match in five weeks' time. westminster with the latest for us. sophie long, bbc news, los angeles. 26 minutes past 5, harvey weinstein, once one of hollywood's most powerfulfilm producers, has pleaded not guilty to charges time for a look at the weather — of rape and sexual assault at the start of his landmark trial here's phil avery. in new york. he arrived at court using a walking frame. stand by for some very wet and windy some 80 women have accused mr weinstein of sexual misconduct, weather. if you thought it was like but this trial relates to just that today, you have seen nothing two of them. yet, i assure you. justly, here's well let's speak to nada tawfik the wet weather which has gradually worked his way ever further who's at the court in new york. eastwards during the course of the day. attending to weaken, down to what is the latest you have for us? the south—east. it was a really wet start, when the two. across the western side of scotland. a few well, it's been a day of high shows, they tend to fade as the
5:27 pm
pressure builds and then, by the end emotions, both inside and outside of of the night, we will have about the the courtroom. now, harvey weinstein next batch of very wet, windy of course, this trial is a pivotal weather back into the north—west and moment notjust quarter of the british isles. for of course, this trial is a pivotal moment not just for of course, this trial is a pivotal moment notjust for his of course, this trial is a pivotal moment not just for his accusers, but for the entire global me two this the skies may stay clear for a movements, court proceedings have beenjoined now, wee while. right from the word go, movements, court proceedings have been joined now, but movements, court proceedings have beenjoined now, but proceedings this is potentially destructive laughed —— lasted for over an hour weather. not so much from leaving, it will be one of those is across scotland, northern england and northern ireland too, and bits and and pieces and wales and the south—west. it has a strength of the wind that has been causing the problems. north both the prosecution and defence wales and northwards, gusts of wind argued about the submission of of up to 80 mph. watch out if you're certain evidence including photos that the defence didn't want introduced, and then it, jury selection begins tomorrow, and of on the move and whenever you're course, that's going to be critical spending the day, temperatures well in this trial amongst thousands of above the seasonal norm. 12 and 16 jurors, they will need to select just 12, so that could last as long as two weeks on its own before the trial begins in about her— six celsius. weeks, but as i say, there were high emotions outside of the court as reynhard sinaga drugged his well, because outside, many of unsuspecting male victims and then harvey weinstein's accusers held a filmed his assaults. news conference to speak, including rose mcgowan. we believe there is over 190 that we've come to this moment victims that have been ofjustice is staggering. involved with sinaga, the trial means so much to so many,
5:28 pm
but it will mean the most reynhard sinaga, and 70 of them are still to be to the brave women testifying identified, approximately. and to all of us silence breakers. sinaga is believed to have used i thank those testifying a drug called ghb on his victims, the home office calls for an urgent for standing, notjust for themselves, but for all of us review into whether it should be more strictly controlled. who will never have also tonight... even one day in court. huge crowds gather in iran to mourn at the funeral of the iraqi military commander killed by a us air strike. well, certainly this case will be seen as a real test of whether the here in south—east australia, after justice system has changed since the the devastating wildfires, the government is promising more aid. i've been talking to one of me too movement, to be more beneficial to the accusers who come forward , beneficial to the accusers who come forward, more fair and beneficial to the accusers who come forward, more fairand proceedings, harvey weinstein's lawyers said that they will mount an aggressive defence and outside of the courthouse after the court adjourned, his attorney donna said she wanted a fair trial. we are looking at a circumstance where she stands up in front of a court and calls my client a predator. mrweinstein, again, has a right to a fair trial. i think she believes he's convicted already.
5:29 pm
that's not how this works. so we are here hoping to pick and find a fairjury and we believe that that is going to be possible and we're going to continue to press on and remind everyone that in this great country, you are innocent until proven guilty. well, if he is convicted, he could spend life in prison. certainly, for his accusers here, they have such is the fact that the trial is getting under way is the fact that the trial is getting underway isa the fact that the trial is getting under way is a victory in itself. they don't want to get think about the outcome, but they are saying this is not about retribution, this is but a cultural change. thank you very much, our correspondent in new york, covering the harvey weinstein trialfor us. in new york, covering the harvey weinstein trial for us. time in new york, covering the harvey weinstein trialfor us. time is in new york, covering the harvey weinstein trial for us. time is 29 minutes past five, quick update on the irani in crisis, because here, the irani in crisis, because here, the foreign secretary, dominic raab — has been speaking about the unfolding crisis in the middle east, saying that "we need to find a diplomatic way
5:30 pm
through the iran crisis" . that's really echoing what he was saying speaking a short while in new york, so clearly, very determined effo rts york, so clearly, very determined efforts being made, notjust at the un, but at the european level as well, because the french and german governments have made similar noises, basically to say that they don't think that retaliation is the way forward on either side, and that there needs to be a diplomatic way ahead, so having speaking in the last few minutes or so, soon as i get the clip of the interview, i will bring it to straightaway come in the meantime, phil is with me today with the latest on the weather, highfill. ican make i can make you. the end of the weekend is quite a spell of weather for sure. many of us have seen a speu for sure. many of us have seen a spell of pretty wet and windy weather today, a picture of bridgeport, instantly behind me, the rain is certainly there. it's pushed ever further towards the east as we have gone into the course of the afternoon, it hasn't rained all afternoon, it hasn't rained all afternoon by any means at all, it's quite a narrow band, as you see.
5:31 pm
petering all the while through the rest of this evening, and eventually quitting to the eastern shores. he had a low and proceedings. the skies clear, the showers fade away, it may turn quite chilly for a time, then the cloud and rain returns towards this northwestern quarter, and it's one of those days tomorrow. disruptive weather on the way for the northern half of britain, i fear. not just because the northern half of britain, i fear. notjust because it's going to be so very wet across scotland, northern ireland, the north of england, and eventually wales and into the southwest. the audit dripped to the south and east, the real problem comes to the gusts of wind, they could be well be 50 — 80 mph across the northern half of the british isles, we haven't seen the la ke british isles, we haven't seen the lake so far this winter, but wherever you are spending the day, 00:31:42,293 --> 2147483051:52:36,340 temperatures in double figures. 2147483051:52:36,340 --> 00:00:00,670 12-16d. it is
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