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00:00:09,388 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 this. good afternoon. after days of denial, iran has admitted shooting down a ukrainian passenger plane over tehran on wednesday — killing 176 people including four britons. a senior iranian military official is at 5.10. 00:11:21,509 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 bye for now. said the airliner was misidentified hello. as a cruise missile. iran's president rouhani has called the downing of the jet this is bbc news. an "unforgivable mista ke". following a deal to restore our diplomatic correspondent the devolved government after power—sharing broke down three caroline hawley has more. years ago, the northern ireland this is the moment iran made a catastrophic error, assembly is now sitting for the first time in three years. firing a missile into a passenger plane, killing the assembly will elect a speaker, everyone on board. a first ministerfrom the dup, the three days in the face of mounting evidence, iran and a deputy first minister from sinn fein. adamantly denied it was responsible. our correspondent, but this morning brought keith doyle, is at stormont. an extraordinary about—face. tell us what has been happening in on state—run television, the last few minutes and what are we a senior commander of the powerful revolutionary guard expecting? i'm in the holejust came out on the orders outside the chamber, and in the last 10-15 outside the chamber, and in the last of the supreme leader to come clean. he explained that iran's air 10—15 minutes or so, the 90 mlas defences had been on alert. they thought american have been walking into the chamber, cruise missiles had
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been fired. some have given press statements a quick decision was behind us. we saw arlene foster go taken and it was wrong. translation: in these in with the dup mlas and sinn fein difficult circumstances, i am here before you to explain what happened. went ten as well. they are all now in the chamber, the processes were but before that, i have to say supposed to get started at one that we accept all the o'clock, i think things were ever so responsibility for the accident and we lay ourfate into our higher slightly delayed. but it is northern officials‘ hands. there is anger that the plane ireland, things never go to time was allowed to take here. we are going to get the offjust after iran had fired speaker and deputy speakers missiles at american bases in iraq, nominated and sworn in, and once and when the country was braced for a response. that happens, then we get into the the disaster has piled pressure nitty—gritty, the processes of on the regime both from within iran and from getting that first minister from the the outside world. dup, the largest unionist party, it clearly calculated that it likely to be arlene foster, and the could no longer hide the truth. ukrainian investigators on the deputy first minister from sinn ground in tehran had discovered fein, the largest nationalist party, likely to be michelle o'neill, so damage from shrapnel. translation: you can claim whatever you want, but they are likely to be the first and there are normal people around deputy first minister. in the last who you should preserve and save and if they are hitting any kinds of targets, they have few minutes we have heard the to close the airport. alliance party, they are they should have closed the airport. nonpartisan, so they want affiliate
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canada, mourning its 57 dead, to either the union or national says it now expects full side. there is the crucial role of the justice minister here. side. there is the crucial role of thejustice minister here. that was co—operation from tehran and has previously taken by the alliance warned that the world is watching. party, because it has to be agreed bya party, because it has to be agreed by a different way, by consensus caroline hawley, bbc news, beirut. jonah fisher joins us right across the communities. we from the ukrainian capital, kiev. understand the alliance party have jonah, what's the reaction been offered that crucial role of been from ukraine today? it is clear that iran had no way to justice minister. this is the go on this, ijust spent it is clear that iran had no way to go on this, i just spent the it is clear that iran had no way to go on this, ijust spent the morning alliance party boss mike naomi long. in the office of the top security are ambition for this place has official from ukraine alexey donald always been that we would have sustainable government, a fit for and he has shown me photos that the tea m and he has shown me photos that the purpose executive and that it would team of ukrainian investigators have deliver for all of the people of been gathering in tehran over the last few stunning photos which show northern ireland. the deal that was put to others was imperfect, as any damage to the cockpit, pockmarked deal would be we believe. it can be the basis for delivery than people external parts of the aircraft, all of northern ireland if it is seeming to very clearly suggest as implemented with good well. the test he told me that there had been a of that goodwill will not come missile strike on the bottom of the today, but in the days and weeks plane and perhaps with the knowledge that ukraine had this evidence, that that follow. as the alliance party, perhaps explains why we had this extraordinary about turn from a rant we are willing to play whatever role we are willing to play whatever role
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last night, they knew what the we can and ensuring that that ukrainians had and they could not goodwill and the spirit of inclusion keep up with this line any longer that it had been brought down by is one that marks this executive out some technical error. jonah fisher, in contrast to previous executives. many thanks. after three years of absence, politicians have returned to northern ireland's stormont assembly we stand ready to play our full after the two main parties, the unionist dup and nationalist sinn fein, approved a deal roll. what about the role of the to restablish power ulster unionist? they have said in sharing in government. the last half an hour that they are this afternoon a speaker and executive ministers also going to take part in the will be appointed. our ireland correspondent keith executive, so there will be no doyle is at stormont. official opposition. in the previous assembly, the ulster unionist pulled out of this ineffective coalition government. that is really what this keith, what's going to happen? is, a grand coalition of all the another historic day for northern parties. that is how this assembly ireland politics, and in the hall is working. it has to have a just outside the chamber and in the coalition from either side, from last few minutes the various parties both the unionist and national side, have been streaming into the chamber but by having all the parties as this assembly gets back under involved, the impression and feeling way. the speaker is about to be is that that makes it much stronger. sworn in and then we have a devolved there seems to be a lot of goodwill. there seems to be a lot of goodwill. government once again in northern the last assembly broke down between ireland. it has been three years bitter recriminations between the without any form of government here dup and sinn fein, the other parties which has had huge implications on pulled out at various stages because
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they felt the work wasn't being areas like health and education and investment. on thursday night the done. they felt that the whole thing secretary of state injulian smith was degenerating. what has come out and irish deputy prime minister of this new agreement is in your simon coveney put this make or break sense of goodwill, where all the deal to the parties and despite the parties have pledged to work reservations, the main parties have all accepted the deal so what we're together, to push things forward. the interesting thing about the agreement is that the vast part of going to see later afternoon is a it they all agree on, because it's first minister and deputy first minister being nominated the first minister being nominated the first things like improving the health minister likely to be arlene foster service, improving education, improving infrastructure, all these from the dup, deputy first minister things have been neglected over the last three years, so there is a probably going to be from sinn fein. massive amount of disagreement they and then the various other ministers already agree on. then there are will be given various portfolios certain areas, you know, it is of depending on the size of the how the administration works here, how the administration works here, parties. so the prime minister boris how the administration works here, johnson has said that this is a how the processes work here, certain veto is that are built into the great step forward for the people of northern ireland and winnie the feeling here is that people are just system and also the irish language. sinn fein seem to be on board with breathing a sigh of relief knowing that so, really, at the moment, as that some kind of normal politics we heard naomi long say they are, has resumed right across northern we're giving it a fair wind. that ireland today. keith doyle, thank you. let's take a look at some seems to be the feeling here, of today's other news. the us government has criticised a british cautious optimism. people in extradition request northern ireland are just happy that for an american woman charged in connection this is happening right now, in the with the death of a motorcyclist
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chamber right now that the speaker and deputy speakers are being sworn m, and deputy speakers are being sworn in northamptonshire in august. the suspect, anne sacoolas, left the country after harry dunn in, and later on we will have the died in a road accident. ministers sworn in. people in american officials say the request northern ireland just want what is generally called normal politics up is "highly inappropriate". and running again. in taiwan, there are just two days left early results from the election show for the six labour leadership the president tsai ing—wen candidates to gain the backing is on course for a second term in office. they need to get to the next stage of the contest, her campaign has argued the contest and it's sir keir starmer is a chance to protect taiwan's who currently has the most nominations and the support democracy from chinese interference. of the uk's largest trade union, sultan qaboos bin said of oman, one of the arab world's longest serving rulers, unison. the five other candidates standing has died at the age of 79. are rebecca long—bailey, he deposed his father in a coup emily thornberry, clive lewis, lisa nandy and jess phillips. in 1970 and set the country on a path to economic development, registered supporters — who are not full party members — maintaining oman‘s neutrality will have 48 hours from 14—16 january to secure a vote by in regional struggles. paying £25. his cousin has been the ballot will be open from 21st february to the 2nd sworn in as successoi’. of april. with the results announced two debenhams has begun closing 19 of its stores as part of plans days later on the 4th. our political correspondent to try to secure its future. tony bonsignore has the latest in another blow to the high street, mothercare will stop trading tomorrow — with the loss of 2,800 jobs. from the leadership contest.
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our business correspondent, we know that sir kier starmer, he has perhaps emma simpson has more. debenhams. veered a little bit more towards the left than some a retailer at the heart of many might have expected. a town or city centre. today he has been talking but today, six will close. about continuing the radical policies we have seen 50 stores are to go, over the past four the first wave this month, the rest in 2021. years, but the question there's not much left the for last—minute bargain hunters members will have to weigh up is in these final few hours of trading. whether that is going to continue if he is going to become leader. he gave an interview this is altrincham. to the bbc this morning, once our generation is gone, in another 30 years, and he was asked aboutjeremy corbyn there will be no shops. and he was asked about there will be no money whether there would be a change of direction and there will be no shops! if he was to become leader. so we will all be online, digital. i used to buy quite a bit this is what he had to say. of stuff from there, yeah. we actually under jeremy yeah, very sad. we actually underjeremy corbyn made and i feel for the staff as well. some very important verse. firstly, debenhams has been we became the party of struggling for years. weighed down with debt anti—austerity, the party of against cuts to public services. this and falling sales. blindingly obvious that we were it did a restructuring deal to cut costs and close right about that and we shouldn't chuck that way. we became the party its worst performing shops. wanted to invest in public services and manufacturing, but we are right about that, so i'm very concerned this year, it is make or break. that we don't throw all that away. for mothercare, the
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challenges were too great. there are some a tendency when you it has been closing all its remaining 79 stores this lose an election to say that week including this everything we put in the manifesto, everything we put in the manifesto, everything we put in the manifesto, one here in norwich. everything we believe the last four tomorrow it will disappear from the high street and retail parks altogether, after nearly 60 years of trading. years has got to go. wrong in my emma simpson, bbc news. with all the sport now, here's john watson at the bbc sport centre. view. she is talking to exam fees, rebecca good afternoon. the first of the day's premier league games long bailey, an activist, about what has just kicked off — they think went wrong —— mike crystal palace up against arsenal, with the latter a point rebecca long bailey is talking to behind in the table. people about what they think went and it's arsenal wrong. she is quite a way behind, who lead — pierre—emerick aubameyang kier starmer has 68 mp supporting the scorer after 12 minutes. liverpool managerjurgen him and rebecca long bailey has 26. klopp says he's not motivated by records, that is just about nominations, just even though they could about getting onto the ballot in the make history today. next stage. without the others in a win at tottenham later would take terms of numbers? at the moment you them to 61 points after 21 games — two more than manchester city managed at the same stage need 22 to get through. jess builds on 22, lisa nandi on 24, the two are of their remarkable title winning struggling to make the car emily thorne bury on ten and clive lewis campaign two seasons ago.
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on four. ifjust a look at thorne bury on ten and clive lewis idid not on four. if just a look at this thorne bury on ten and clive lewis on four. ifjust a look at this he would seek circular starmer is right i did not think about it, the only ahead but it is not mps are going to chose who the next leader of the thing i can say if we were worried labour party is. and jess phillips, seen as labour party is. and jess phillips, about any kind of record we would seen as somewhat of a centrist have not won the number of games candidate, we don't know what the that we've won so far. that's it. new member signing up what becomes world number one rafa nadal has taken spain into the final is not vote will be. goal number one is not vote will be. goal number one of the atp cup in sydney. is how it is change since last time they'll face serbia tomorrow. nadal had a tough match around we saw the sort of election. against australia's alex de we are all assuming the membership minaur, but he came from a set down to win and give his team is towards the left compared to mp5, an unbeatable 2—0 lead over but things might have changed. there the hosts, after roberto bautista has been a big election defeat which might have changed things. of course, the other bit unknown here isa course, the other bit unknown here agut had beaten nick kyrgios. and serena williams delivered a masterclass in reaching is a 48—hour window this week where the final of the auckland people can sign up, register and pay international. 25 quid and bought. who are they she needed just 43 minutes going to be voting for? watches that to beat her fellow american make up going to be? there are a lot amanda anisimova, dropping only two games in the process. of unknowns on this, so even though williams is looking for her first title for three years — we have circular starmer as the frontrunner, this could yet be very she faces jessica pegula tomorrow. unbridgeable contest. we saw jeremy and the winter youth olympic games corbyn coming on totally are under way in lausanne —
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unpredictably last time we saw this, and tomorrow britain's theo collins will become the nation's first because there are a selection of athlete for 28 years to compete in an olympic long—track postings now. how people perform will be crucial. absolutely, they will be crucial. absolutely, they will be crucial. absolutely, they speed skating event. will be going round... once we get it's been a far from easyjourney 16—year—old collins, though, to the point of the ballot in the with the sport receiving no funding in the uk. end of february, the book going round the country trying to persuade bbc olympic reporter nick hope members in the series of postings. this is in a straight who gets the is in switzerland for us. st moritz is one of the most iconic most votes, this is a voting system winter sport venues in the world. where you rank your preferences. so but while its frozen lake may be beautiful, it is important that you don'tjust get voted for first, but you get it can be brutal, too. second and third as well. it is because the ice is moving, really unpredictable. one of the biggest sellers of train cracks develop and it is quite scary going around and seeing big cracks, tickets in britain is the latest which is not ideal. to offer its customers what's called split ticketing. but you know, it is the trainline says using this an exciting experience. method, rail travellers st moritz is an incredible place with a lot of history. could between them save more and it is great to be competing here. than 300 million pounds this year. people in the uk will have heard split ticketing is when travellers buy multiple tickets of short track speed skating, this is long track speed skating for a journey instead so tell us how it is different and what you love about it? short track speed skating is done of a single end—to—end ticket. on a 111 metre rink. it can be used to lower the overall you've got four to six people skating against cost, sometimes by more than half each other in a race. the originaljourney cost. with split ticketing,
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long track is on a 400 metres rink your tickets must cover the whole and there two people skating just journey and the train must stop to get the fastest time and overall, the three fastest times will be at every station where your tickets are split, the people on the podium. the top ones get up to speeds but you don't have to get off. the rail industry is calling of 35 miles an hour which is really impressive. for tickets to be simplified and a government review yeah, it's great fun. is under way. 1992 was the last time great britain how does it all work? had an olympic competitor in a long track speed skating event i've been speaking to the travel so theo collins is making history simply by being here. writer, simon calder. but his path towards his ultimate what it does is legally exploit career goal, the senior games, could be challenging with his sport the many anomalies that were baked in to the ticketing system currently unfunded, he has to travel at the time of privatisation, abroad just to train. there is no 400 metre rink in the uk going back 25 years. so once every two months or so i go as a result, we are the most classic to the netherlands to train the most classic examples on the weekends. here from london paddington it's not ideal, you know, everyone from the uk for long track is self—funded. going to bristol. there's not really any backing. this weekend its all off—peak, my parents helped me a lot paying but on monday morning for example, for travel and things like that. in the future having a programme of funding would be huge coming into paddington from bristol, for everyone in the sport. hopefully by being here other people you could buy a ticket will see the sport and then want to take part as well. and they will say "thank you, collins hopes to inspire but also that's £112", but if you say
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impress and he sees these games you would like a ticket to didcot as a first step towards his dream of skating success and another one from there, at a senior olympics. so you have two tickets for your journey rather than one, then you will save £35, so one third of the cost nick hope, bbc news, in switzerland. there's more on the bbc sport of the trip. website including live coverage of the first round of rugby league's challenge cup. perfectly legal, as you say, back to you. that's it from me, the next news on bbc one so long as the train stops at the place the ticket states the and what are seeing today is the whole thing moving from the niche, lots of us have got used to the various points, to a company through which millions of people buy tickets saying we're going to give you the best deal, and that might involve one of these crafty ticket splitting... that sounds good for customers but not so good for the rail companies? most certainly. let me give you another example, if i may. if you walk up to the ticket office in perth in central scotland and say you want to go to swansea, they will say thank you, that's £235. but if you are going on to one
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of the many ticket splitting websites, or on trainline, they could split it into seven or eight separate sections, and you can still get on the same trains, still have a degree of flexibility, but you would save £100 on it. if that sort of money, you mentioned £300 billion that travellers will save, according to trainline, we'll see about that, that's 3% of the actual total revenue of the railwayjust gone or returned to the customers. so the railway industry says we want fares reform, ——30million we've been calling for it for years, we think these anomalies are ridiculous. i think this could actually accelerate this process, because we are going to see, obviously, train companies saying hang on to the government, we are losing all this money, you got to help us sort this all out will stop the simple answer is just fares reform and get red of all the ridiculousness that rail
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fares have at the moment. so is this review likely or able to do that? the government has been talking about it for years. many governments have always said we are going to reform the rail fares system, and that is terrific, except that when you put some up and some down and you make everything simpler, some people end up paying more. and they've always stopped at that point, saying, actually, it is not politically acceptable that some people make ——might pay10, 15, 20% more, so were not going to do it. but there are signs of movement. just this month on the east coast main line from newcastle, from edinburgh, from leeds to london, suddenly they brought in single off—peak fares at reasonable prices, and that has completely transformed the landscape, but has brought in many other anomalies besides. for instance, if you want to go from london to manchester weekday
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peak evening departure, the best thing to do is to ask for a ticket to edinburgh, not to manchester, and you will save £100. mad! now it's time for a look at the weather with mel coles. todayis today is a taster session for what we can expect as we head through the coming week. white and windy conditions dominate the scene. the rain is going to be working its way through parts of wales and into northern england as we go through this afternoon. some heavy pulses for cumbria, snowdonia. had of wales and into northern england as we go through this afternoon. some heavy pulses for cumbria, snowdonia. had a book, cloud and a bit drizzly in places. for northern brighten up, a few showers fitting in. away from that, temperatures in double digits. this evening, our band of rain continues its journey south, this evening, our band of rain continues itsjourney south, taking the strongest of it. behind it we will have clear skies, if you showers which could be wintry over the hills of scotland. that could
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pose a bit of an ice risk averse things in the morning. further north the temperatures will drop below freezing. that rain clears to the south and east. another band of rain clearing across the midlands. it does brighten in the afternoon for many areas, colourfully northern
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half, milder down towards the south. then with an assembly is resuming for the first time in three years. here stomach officially launches his leadership campaign in the rest to leadership campaign in the rest to lead the labour party. today he defended anti—austerity policies. there is sometimes a tendency to lose an election to say everything we believed in the last four years has to go.
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wrong, in my view. now, breast implants are the most popular cosmetic surgery in the uk and millions of people have them without any problems but more than 100,000 women have taken to online forums to discuss breast implant illness, they describe suffering from a wide—ranging symptoms from allergy reactions to excruciating joint pain to mental health issues. your speed looks into the mysterious phenomenon and talks to some of the women who say they have been affected. let's be honest, it's a part of the body society is obsessed with. if you don't like yours, it can hit your self—confidence hard.
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