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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at ten. prince harry and meghan are to give up their hrh titles as they step down as working royals, according to the queen. the couple will pay hack 2.4 million pounds of public money spent on frogmore cottage in windsor and will keep it as their home when they are in the uk. they will no longer get public funding for royal duties and harry will resign from his official military appointments. and we ll be taking an in—depth look at the papers stay with us for that.
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the queen has announced that prince harry and meghan will no longer use their royal titles, and will no longer receive public fund for carrying out royal dutiesthe sussexes will no longer represent the queen as working members of the royal family, including official military appointments for prince harry. the new model is expected to come into effect in the spring. this comes after the couple said earlier this month they wanted to step back as senior royals. in a statement, her majesty the queen said. harry, meghan and archie will always be a statement from buckingham palace laid out the new agreement between harry and meghan, and the queen which will come into effect in the spring. the statement didn't mention security — as buckingham palace said it did not comment on the details of security arrangements.
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harry and meghan will no longer use their hrh titles as they will no longer be working members of the royal family. alongsid not being required to carry out royal duties, harry and meghan will no longer receive public funds for engagements. the duke and duchess of sussex say they would like to pay back £21; million of public money used for the refurbishment of frogmore cottage in windsor, but it will remain the couple's uk home. we'll have much more detail on this story in a few minutes‘ time when viewers on bbc one join us for a round up of the day's news with reeta chakrabarti —before that i've been speaking to emily nash from hello magazine and the daily mails robert hardman you will media, everybody will be looking to test the parameters. are they there are they not there. we cannot expect answers right away but went it is a pretty marked up
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archer. it is emphatic thereof that they do not lose their hrh, but it isa they do not lose their hrh, but it is a new existence and they're going to be fun to get themselves. how much of a loss to british public life and how much of again will it be for north american societies that they are choosing to live in?” think they're going to be missed and they brought a great deal of excitement and they have done a good deal of work for their causes here and overseas and they have become a power couple which people have latched onto and around the commonwealth in particular and it is sad not to see them carrying out their duties on behalf of the queen any more but they will continue to support as we know they're going to
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can send you but whether they will have quite the same spotlight that they have had thus far remains to be seen. there are far fewer members of the royal family who have actively engaged in all of the duties that we are use to seeing them. the queen is doing less, prince philip, prince andrew. how much extra pressure is this going to put on the duke and duchess of cambridge? this going to put on the duke and duchess of cambridge ?|i this going to put on the duke and duchess of cambridge? i think it's going to put extra pressure on them and the prince and the duchess of cornwall and also on the prince of wales and the other siblings and the princess royal. there are over three and a half thousand royal engagements in the year and they have to be shared around a reduced number of senior members of the family. but the monarchy, another stage in the evolution of the
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monarchy. these crises come and it isa monarchy. these crises come and it is a very resilient institution and they will find a way of adapting but it's not going to be easy straightaway. it is going to mean that a number of charities perhaps are going to see less of the patrons, but it is very important to know that this is not only combined to the public stage but they're going to carry on supporting them. they'll probably do it in a different way and obviously, not so often here in the uk but on a global level, in terms of causes dear to their hearts, we will see them as much as ever. their desire to be independent and payback the cottage in windsor. how difficult will it be to tread the line to support the queens values but also be able to use their profile and their
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celebrity, let's be fair, to ensure that they can't make a living?l huge dilemma that they have found themselves in and what we're hearing is there still no clarification on whether or not they will continue to use whether or not they will continue to use the sussex royal brand, if you like, it is something they have trademarked and try to apply trademarked and try to apply trademarked globally and they cannot be seen profiting personally from the royal status from their association with the royal family and rules typically meant to ease this status to shine the light and good causes, not for personal gain. it is going to be a very fine balancing act. the treatment by the media, in part at least prompted this decision for them to overseas, and possibly increasing so, how free of scrutiny will be in truth be?”
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think the role of the media has played a role in their decision and by no means the only part, but it will remain the same and it will probably be a rather different group of media who they see on a day—to—day basis because it is going to ta ke day—to—day basis because it is going to take place in north america. but it is big news over there and i think that it will be very different in terms of the relentlessness of it and the media will be just as keen to see them, whether it is visiting whether charities or attending some red carpet event either in canada or hollywood. the queen has wish them the very best for a peaceful life and let us hope a very happy one, but i think they're going to remain
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one of the most sought after couples in public life on the planet and thatis in public life on the planet and that is not going to change and we in the british media will be covering just like media around the world.
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buckingham palace announces details of prince harry and meghan‘s new status — as they step back from being senior royals. the couple will no longer use their hrh titles, will receive no public funds for royal duties, and will no longer formally represent the queen. frogmore cottage will remain their uk family home — but the duke and duchess wish to repay the £2.4 million of taxpayers' money spent for its refurbishment. we'll be asking if this is a much cleaner break between the couple and the royal family than had been expected. also tonight... the five candidates vying to become the next labour leader call for party unity in the first hustings of the contest. and businesses warn of price rises,
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after the chancellor says there'll be no alignment with eu regulations after brexit. good evening. buckingham palace has announced the new arrangements for prince harry and his wife meghan, saying they'll no longer be working members of the royalfamily. in a statement released this evening, it was revealed that the couple will no longer use their titles of ‘royal highness‘. harry and meghan will step back from royal duties, but will continue to be patrons of charities they've chosen to support. the palace also said the couple will no longer receive public funds, and that they wish to repay the estimated £2.4 million spent on the refurbishment of frogmore cottage in windsor,
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although it will remain their uk family home. in a further personal statement, the queen said she supports the couple's wish for a more independent life. our royal correspondent nicholas witchell has our first report. it contains some flashing images. the deal has been done. they are walking away from the british monarchy. they will earn their own living and they will spend most of their time in north america. a man who was born to be royal will no longer style himself as his royal highness. she will not call herself her royal highness. that hrh styling applies to full—time, working members of the british royal family which, come the spring, harry and meghan will no longer be. they are going with the best wishes of the queen. in a statement from buckingham palace, she said...
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the details of how their new life will work are comparatively sparse. it is clear many of them have still to be worked out. but here are the essentials. under the new arrangement, they are required to step back from royal duties, including official military appointments. so harry will have to give up his role as captain general of the royal marines, a role he took over from his grandfather. they will no longer receive public funds for royal duties. they will still receive some funds from harry's father, the prince of wales, but they will be free to earn their own livings and there are no restrictions set out in the statement other than the need to continue to uphold the values of her majesty.
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it's as vague as that. they will keep frogmore cottage in windsor and they have shared their wish to repay sovereign grant expenditure for its refurbishment. they will pay a commercial rent when they use it. on security, there are no details of who will provide it or who will pay for it. so, will these arrangements work? the fact that they're not going to be doing any of their, any royal work... it's probably the best solution because then it makes a very clean break and everyone is clear about what they will be doing and there will be no blurred lines. i think this is a good solution. the royalfamily is putting a brave face on it but one must suppose that there is great sadness and disappointment that it's come to this. one of the family's most popular members has had enough and has negotiated a clean break to seek a new life with his family. nicholas witchell, bbc news.
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this evening's decision is a momentous one for the royal family. our royal correspondent daniela relph looks back now at the duke and duchess' story so far. they metjust over a year earlier but these were the first pictures in september 2017, which showed the relationship was serious. meghan lived and worked in toronto, the host city for prince harry's invictus games. two months later, their engagement was announced and the couple were interviewed in kensington palace by the bbc‘s mishal husain. how much of a sense did you have, meghan, of the enormity of what you are getting into, of what it might mean for your life? i can very safely say, as naive as it sounds now, having gone through this learning curve in the past year, i did not have any understanding of just what it would be like. i don't think either of us did, though. we both said that, even though we knew that it would be... no, i tried to warn
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you as much as possible. four days later, the couple carried out their first engagement together. just like harry, she was tactile, informal and confident. this seemed a different kind of royal walkabout. when meghan joined harry, prince william and kate on stage as the soon—to—be patron of the royal foundation, it seemed like the future of the royal family was safe in the hands of the so—called fab four. their wedding, watched by millions around the world, seemed the perfect end to a fairy tale romance. by january 2019, meghan was pregnant and had begun work with her first patronages, but behind—the—scenes there were several unexpected moves. rather than live in kensington palace, next to the cambridges, they chose frogmore cottage in windsor. they moved their staff from kensington palace to buckingham palace. injune, it was revealed the sussexes would leave the royal foundation, setting up their own instead.
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the split led to rumours of a rift between harry and william. towards the end of their high—profile tour of southern africa, it was clear the couple were struggling with the glare of the royal spotlight. can you deal with it? can you manage it? can you continue with it? and what happens if you can't? you know, i've said for a long time to h... that's what i call him. yeah. that it's not enough to just survive something, right? like, that's not the point of life. you've got to thrive. you've got to feel happy. the clues were there. despite outward appearances, this was a couple deeply unhappy with their royal role, and determined to make a change. after the intense discussions of recent days, this new way of working will be something quite different for harry and meghan and for the wider royalfamily. making a success of it will be a test for all those involved. daniela relph, bbc news,
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at buckingham palace. our correspondent sophie long is in vancouver island, where the duchess has been staying with the couple's son archie. there'll be intense interest there in the statements released this evening? that is right. there has been concern he expressed in national newspapers that having members of the royal family living in newspapers that having members of the royalfamily living in canada could potentially change the relationship between this country and the monarchy so it will be interesting to see whether the content interesting to see whether the co nte nt of interesting to see whether the content of those statements released today goes to those fears. people also wondering when harry might come and the factories were two seem to have resulted in some form of conclusion —— the fact these negotiations seem to have resulted in some form of conclusion might mean he can come here to meghan and his son. meghan has been here looking relaxed, but this must have been a turbulent time for the couple, so one been a turbulent time for the couple, so one can been a turbulent time for the couple, so one can only assume they will be keen to reunite at the
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earliest opportunity and there will be plenty of people here in vancouver and on the island ready to welcome prince harry if and when he arrives. sophie, many thanks. our royal correspondent nicholas witchell is here. you described this as a clean break. is it more so than expected?” you described this as a clean break. is it more so than expected? i think it is, pretty seismic, not so much for the monarchy but for the royal family, the queen and her officials would have realised there was a need to make the separation as clear and distinct as possible. no royal duties, no public money, freeing them to end their own income, and there was a point at which they might have lost the hrh styling, for four working members of the royal family, but they have drawn back from that because they simply won't use it and i suspect there might be a feeling that maybe at some point in the future they might come back.
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looking at the settlement, will it work? i would suggest that in this country for the moment the jury is out and so much will depend on how they conduct themselves especially in relation to earning that income and whether they are seen to be too blata ntly and whether they are seen to be too blatantly exploiting their royal status, the rules have been kept very vague, a commitment merely to uphold the principles of the queen and officials are muttering about the principles of conduct in public life, but i think also the sussexes are about to discover how durable it is the celebrity that they have once they are unhitched from the royal machine. in north america it probably won't make that much difference, these arrangements come into force in the spring and they will be reviewed after 12 months. nick, many thanks. the five mps competing to replace jeremy corbyn as labour leader have been taking questions
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from party members in liverpool. it's the first of a series of public events around the country, which will culminate in a new leader being elected at the start of april. here's our political correspondent chris mason. applause you can hear clapping and see smiles but make no mistake, labour is a party wounded and hurting, crushed at last month's election — its fourth defeat in a row. little wonder one of the candidates to replacejeremy corbyn said... being leader of the labour party when you're in opposition is the worstjob in the world, that's what we're all applying for. nevertheless, emily thornberry wants the job because... i'm the only one who has gone toe to toe with borisjohnson over two years at the dispatch box when he was foreign secretary. i got under his skin and i exposed him for what he was, which is a reckless, lying charlatan. a claim that downing street would dispute... they all underlined the importance of stamping out anti—semitism in the party and another recurring theme was trying to stop falling out with each other in public...
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the whole of the party wants to be united, they want to come together, so we have to end factionalism. stop asking the question which bit of the party are you from, and start saying, what are you saying? sir keir starmer is seen as one of the favourites to win over labour members but plenty of those who signed up to labour in the last few years did because they loved jeremy corbyn. it looks like sir keir‘s big rival in this race is the candidate whose politics is closest to mr corbyn‘s. how do we show people that everything we believe in in this room is sensible, credible, and will transform our economy? because what we're talking about is being done in other european countries and they're not calling it far left or crazy. jess phillips is a long—standing critic ofjeremy corbyn, by contrast. her team reckon she's the best communicator in the party. here she is on borisjohnson... it's notjust in my childhood that this man and his government
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has affected my life — my son literally cannot go to school five days a week. my brother is on universal credit. we need someone who can stand opposite borisjohnson and wear his government in his face. labour has never had a female leader, a point not lost on lisa nandy... for 15 years we've been doing the same thing. we've changed the man at the top and hoped it will change our problems — it won't. defeated in scotland, beaten back in the north, the south, wales, the midlands, we have to go out and emotionally reconnect and show we have as much riding on this as the people we once represented. there were plenty more questions and plenty more answers before today's hustings wrapped up, and there's plenty more to come. this contest will rumble on until april. chris mason, bbc news. businesses are warning of price rises, after the chancellor sajid javid
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said the uk would not align with eu regulations after brexit. in an interview with the financial times, mrjavid said some firms would lose out, but added that they'd had three years to prepare for changes. our business correspondent katy austin reports. what doing business between the uk and the eu will look like in future is still an unknown. the food and drink, chemicals, medicines, vehicles, and aerospace industries have said they want to remain in step with the bloc‘s regulations from 2021 to stay competitive. now, the chancellor has said... what sajid javid has said here isn't entirely new — borisjohnson‘s government since the autumn has indicated it
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will not seek to remain aligned with eu rules after brexit, but what is more new is the chancellor getting a message to businesses that they need to accept that and they need to prepare. the eu wants the uk to stay closely aligned and to keep a level playing field on the environment, competition and labour standards. the chancellor didn't specify where britain would diverge, but food and drink producers warned if a trade agreement brings friction, prices will rise, and car—makers said additional requirements would add billions to costs. the british chamber of commerce said time to prepare was key. when the regulatory changes become clearer then the government needs to give businesses enough time to prepare for those and enough support, and we hope to see the chancellor in the upcoming budget make some real recommendations that will kick—start the economy. the chancellor's message today was that opportunities lie ahead. businesses want convincing they'll be able to grasp them. katy austin, bbc news.
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it's been confirmed that saracens, the rugby premiership defending champions, will be relegated at the end of this season, as a result of salary cap breaches. the club, who are also european champions, had already been deducted 35 points and fined more than £5 million in november for breaking the cap for the past three seasons. cricket, and it's been a good day for the england bowler dom bess in the third test match against south africa at port elizabeth. he took his first five wicket haul as the home side struggled. south africa ended the day on 208—6 — almost 300 runs behind england. that's all from me. goodnight. good evening. it is likely to be the coldest night of the winter so far and frost increasingly along with
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the fog will feature the forecast in the fog will feature the forecast in the coming days, but, yes, it will be dry, the best of the sunshine tomorrow but probably the weather front will produce a bit more cloud as we go into the new working week. a little cloud over night will prevent temperatures from dropping like a stone but showers will be confined to the north and west and we will pick up some rain and sleet showers for east anglia so with temperatures below freezing and becoming widely below freezing ice isa becoming widely below freezing ice is a risk. it has been so wet we may well get to —5 or —6 in rural areas by the morning. as well as frost and ice, freezing fog is also a concern, we had some this morning and it's likely to become more prevalent, the likes of the severn valley through the cheshire plains and the welsh marches. not just those the cheshire plains and the welsh marches. notjust those areas but others, and it takes a while to clear, but for most people drive with plenty of sunshine
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plenty of sunshine for this temperatures between seven and 9 degrees high—pressure as we head to the start of next week but more weather fronts and also more isobars across the north of the uk. so monday morning if it starts off cold and frost in the south, less cold in the north because there will be that breeze to be more cloud around, but essentially for monday it is looking fine and dry for most of us in the best of the sunshine through central and southern parts the uk with a bit of sunshine in the east of scotland with claudia skies to the northwest certainly for the western aisles we re certainly for the western aisles were temperatures again run 10 degrees and rather cold degrees, to compensate. subtle changes as we hadn't monday and tuesday, the weather topples and sinks south across the country in the thicker band of cloud with a little bit of drizzle on it as it pushes south in england and wales on tuesday will see plenty of cloud and behind it
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and parts of scotland will be a cooler day with temperatures at eight or 9 degrees in six to 8 degrees further south. high—pressure largely keeping things fine and right as we head to the rest of the week with variable cloud in the little bit of sunshine in the night will be cold.
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hello. this is bbc news with martine croxall. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — first the headlines. prince harry and meghan are to give up their hrh titles


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