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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  January 29, 2020 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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our top story: foreign governments have begun to evacuate their citizens from the area in china currently locked down to contain the spread of a deadly new coronavirus. it's now killed in excess of 130 people in china. hong kong has become the latest territory to announce stringent new measures to stop its spread. president trump has laid out his plans for peace in the middle east. it keeszerusalem as israel's undivided capital and redraws the map of the west bank. the palestinians have rejected the proposals. and news of a powerful earthquake is getting a lot of attention on our website. it struck between the coasts ofjamaica and cuba. it was a magnitude of 7.7 and was felt as far away as miami, where office workers evacuated buildings. that's all. stay with bbc world news. more on our website
1:31 am and the news app. now on bbc news, live to singapore for asia business report. apple takes a giant bite of the competition. fears grow that the coronavirus could hurt iphone production in the future. and china goes all out to contain the coronavirus as hong kong slashes travel to the mainland and global companies start to feel the pinch. thanks forjoining us. apple has posted its highest ever quarterly results for the last three years, apple's profit reaching a record $22 billion on quarterly revenues of more than 90 billion. the company's
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ceo, tim cook has want of uncertainty over its next quarter earnings because of the coronavirus outbreak in china, a major market and manufacturing hub for the firm. the bbc‘s technology reporter zoe thomas is in san francisco. a little earlier to give us this update on this story. this was a really impressive set of results for the iphone maker. it's all sales of its iphone maker. it's all sales of its iphone 11 spike, there were thoughts that smartphone sales were generally going down and there would have defined other revenue sources was that this is a sign they can focus on their core business, and their chief executive, tim cook, said iphone sales were because the battery is better and people want the improved phone. they were really seeing up. it wasn'tjust the iphone, they also saw an increase in their wearables, in their airbuds and apple watchers. they said demand outstripped supply for their newest watch. and now there is apple tv streaming services and apple news blast, so those things or an
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increase. apple is looking really strong this quarter and hoping to have a stronger future going forward with all of his broader revenue streams now dash apple new+. but apple was my partner in china, fox gone, apple was my partner in china, fox o apple was my partner in china, fox gone, we are seeing production lines potentially being stopped and tim cook is quite concerned. he expressed that investors wanted to know what apple is going to do, whether it had a contingency plan and the answer was not quite. apple is looking for alternative suppliers in wuhan, they already only had a few supplies there. the slowdown in china generally might affect them, the holiday for chinese new year has been extended and that means production for apple supplies is going to be delayed by a few weeks. so that means apple has to come up with some sort of solution for this. and what it said to investors was we don't know what that is going to mean for our second quarter which
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ends in march. so they have offered this really large guidance, they said we could be making a large amount of money, they could be making is monitor money, but the uncertainty means we are unable to predict a narrow path does make a smaller amount of money. hong kong has announced plans to slash cross—border travel between the city and the mainland. more than 100 people have died in the mainland with confirmed infections are surging to over 9000. as the virus spreads, more companies also warning of its impact, starbucks saying it has closed more than half of its stores in china. for more detail, i'm joined by my colleague in business reporter, monica miller, who is checking what is happening with the markets. the hang seng has been for the past couple of days due to the lunar holiday. just about less tha n to the lunar holiday. just about less than five minutes ago we were learning exactly what is on investors‘ mines. despite what you we re investors‘ mines. despite what you were saying, because there is a 15
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minute delay, it is down 2.8%. it has lost 750 points since before the holiday, really the coronavirus has taken over and is spreading at an alarming rate as we just heard on newsday and at the beginning of this programme. as you can newsday and at the beginning of this programme. as you can see newsday and at the beginning of this programme. as you can see the nikkei and what is happening in australia, they have shaken off their fears. yesterday it was deep in the red and there were significant sharp declines. today, a lot of investors are looking to see what happened with apple earnings, and as well, the world health organization came out yesterday, saying they do have confidence in the chinese government that will combat and contain this virus. but we will see exactly how the hang seng holds out the rest of the hang seng holds out the rest of the day, if they can set up those nerves as well. thank you so much for the market update, monica miller. and as we have been seeing ina number of miller. and as we have been seeing in a number of countries, they are
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looking to evacuate nationals from wuhan due to the coronavirus. that has infected thousands and lead to a near total lockdown of the hubei province. 0ur correspondencejoins us province. 0ur correspondencejoins us from the region, about a plan to evacuate some students from china. good morning, starters, india has put on standby and aircraft to evacuate as many as 250 people, largely students, who are stuck in wuhan, the centre the virus. reports have also come in that some students that wuhan university have made a plea to the indian government, asking for an early evacuation, saying they are running out of food and water supplies as wuhan virtually comes to a close down. in fa ct, virtually comes to a close down. in fact, a spokesperson from the ministry of external affairs has yesterday tweeted saying the indian government, the indian embassy in beijing, is very closely
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co—ordinating these logistical effo rts co—ordinating these logistical efforts for the evacuation with chinese authorities. it has also set up chinese authorities. it has also set upa chinese authorities. it has also set up a hotline and e—mail desk where indians can get in touch in china in case of difficulties. so far there have been no positive cases confirmed in india, nepal has confirmed in india, nepal has confirmed a case yesterday, and so vigil has been stepped up on the district bordering nepal and india. even as thousands of passengers literally crossed 20 odd indian cities and airports and ports are being screened every day. what we do know is once the evacuations happen, people will be quarantined for 1h days stop and just to wrap up, the indian stock market as well has been down for two consecutive days as the fears of this virus spread. joining us fears of this virus spread. joining us from mumbai with the details of an indian plan to evacuate some stu d e nts an indian plan to evacuate some students from china. the self—taught uk trader who made millions in bogus
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trades and contributed to a brief 2010 grass in the us stock market has been sentenced to a year of home confinement —— 2010 crash. he made more than $7 million, trading from his childhood bedroom, including 12.8 million us dollars tied to his illegal behaviour. with more, here are samira hussain in new york. what he was doing was something cold spoofing —— old max moving, putting forward all these trades but then actually not following through with them and profiting on that intent to get the shares. so that is something thatis get the shares. so that is something that is illegal, and he amassed in all of the trade, both illicit and non— illicit, $70 million. as you pointed out, from the comfort of his bedroom, in his parent‘s home in west london. in 2015 he was arrested and spent four months in prison in
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london. he decided to plead guilty to lesser charges and then cooperated with us authorities. both of the prosecution and the privations had said they didn‘t think that he should serve any more jail time. think that he should serve any more jailtime. —— think that he should serve any more jail time. —— privations. think that he should serve any more jailtime. —— privations. thejudge initially felt today that it was important he really learned some kind of lesson which is why she imposed a one year of house arrest. the food and drink sector is the uk's the food and drink sector is the uk‘s biggest manufacturing industry, with exports to the eu with over 50% more than those of the rest of the world put together. sarahjohn runs craft beer maker boss brewing and is concerned about what the trading landscape might be like once the uk leave the eu. let‘s watch this. hi, i‘m sarahjohn, the director of someone, i‘m sarahjohn, the director of someone, let me show you our main brewhouse. we start up here with
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grain, barley, oats and wheat to be mixed into a porridge like substance. it is boiled and we add in the hops for aroma, flavour and bitterness. we have a range of six beers in our core range, a range of stout, ida, pale ale, we also have a strawberry milkshake ipa. —— ipa was that we are based in swansea, 52% voted to leave, i am for remain. the best outcome now it is decided is what should be followed, uncertainty is never good for business. we can do about a50 bottles an hour, and when it‘s busy, about a000 bottles a day. i‘ve got my own character, my daughter has, and we use that in the branding. beer is labelled, shrink
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wrapped in trays. we export to europe, and using france as an example, last week they asked us what will happen? they are a bit concerned about taxes and duties, will the price change? 0ur answer is we don‘t know because the trade agreement hasn‘t been flashed out. so that is the uncertainty they are concerned about. some of our hard—working eu concerned about. some of our ha rd—working eu workers concerned about. some of our hard—working eu workers have decided to go back, they answer about their future. thank you for investing your time with us, amy coheres on, goodbye for now. —— i am rico hizon. welcome back. let‘s bring you up—to—date with our main stories on bbc news. deserted cities in china as more than 130 people have now died from coronavirus. foreign governments have begun to evacuate their citizens. and president trump has released his middle east peace plan.
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it‘s been applauded by israel, but condemned by the palestinians. one of britain‘s best—known entertainers and broadcasters, nicholas parsons, has died at the age of 96. 0ur correspondent david sillito looks back at his long life and career. welcome tojust a minute! he was the chairman ofjust a minute on radio a for more than 50 years... and now, from norwich... ..and he was the quizmaster on sale of the century for 12 years. hello, and welcome to the sale of the century. it's the quiz of the week. i am proud of the fact that i helped create a huge success. you don‘t buck success. i‘m proud of that fact, but i don‘t want to just be remembered for sale of the century. i want to see your passport, please. indeed, there was a lot more to nicholas parsons. what is the purpose of your visit to england? he‘d appeared in more than 20 films... i've come to find a husband.
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..and in the ‘60s, he‘d become a household name as the straight man to the comedian arthur haynes. i‘m sorry, vicar. i thought it was those carol singers. merry christmas. he could bring out the funniness in anybody, but unselfishly, always feeding them. he knew he could get something out of them, and he could do that immaculately. he‘d turned to acting after training as an engineering in a clyde shipyard. now do you think you could try and keep quiet? 0n camera, he was a master of smooth talking charm, a mask for his struggles growing up with dyslexia and a pronounced stammer. and then in 1967, he was made presenter ofjust a minute. he‘d wanted to be a panellist, but the producers knew his skill. the good—natured straight man enduring a daily comic assault. i‘m going to ask my guest to speak on the subject that i give them and they will try
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and do that without hesitation, reputation or deviating from the subject... he truly was a legend when it comes to radio and to that programme, and to be doing what he did in his 905, with such charm and wit and flair, i think, is truly amazing. and as the minute waltz fades away, once more it is my pleasure to welcome our many listeners... more than 50 years later, he was still in charge, never regretting that day more than 70 years ago when he swapped engineering for showbusiness. the entertainer and broadcaster nicholas parsons, who‘s died at the age of 96. now on bbc news: sport today. hello, i‘m tulsen tollett and this is sport today. live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: men‘s top seed rafael nadal heads out in the quarter—finals grand slam title.
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simona halep ‘s through to the final. there is plenty to talk about in that australian open. tom watson willjoin us in a moment. to have a chat. i can tell you that simona halep has gone through in her quarterfinal. she has won herfirst up quarterfinal. she has won herfirst up match. let us go across to melbourne. as far as what is happening, anastasia pavyluchenkova is playing garbine muguruza. how important is psychology when it comes to these games?” important is psychology when it comes to these games? i think it a lwa ys comes to these games? i think it always plays


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