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a talent that, from now on, the brothers will need to exploit to enable them and their species to survive, and hopefully thrive, in their natural habitat. john maguire, bbc news, kent. in the past few minutes, it's been confirmed that a third patient in the uk has tested positive for coronavirus. the department of health says the individual did not acquire the virus in the uk. the patient is being transferred to a specialist nhs centre. more on this story throughout the afternoon on the bbc news channel. time for a look at the weather. good afternoon. we will start in the usa, with footage from oklahoma, where a winter storm has brought record—breaking amounts of snowfall and some disruption from that, as you can see. but why am i showing you can see. but why am i showing you this? well, it is the same
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system that will bring some stormy weather through the second half of the weekend to our shores. it will be carried across by a fast—moving jet stream arriving as storm ciara through the second half of the weekend. the met office has named that storm storm ciara and it is the winds that we are particularly keeping an eye on. it looks like we will see strong, damaging and potentially destructive winds across the uk later saturday and on sunday. more on that in a moment. first, todayis more on that in a moment. first, today is the calm before the storm. beautiful sunshine in this photo sentin beautiful sunshine in this photo sent in by a weather watcher earlier. there will be patches of mist and fog slow to clear, but are generally dry and fine afternoon. good spells of sunshine and areas of cloud. temperature is around 6—iidc. this evening and overnight, it remains settled, we see clear spells, patches of cloud. again, a few patches of mist and fog reforming. more low cloud for
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eastern england. and it will be a chilly night. we could see a patchy frost to start the day tomorrow. tomorrow, a good deal ofjoy and fine weather for many. any mist and fog will be quickly to clear tomorrow with more of a breeze, and it turns cloudier further west with patchy outbreaks of rain. this is how we start the weekend. cloud and patchy rain in the south and east, but for many, looking dry and fine with sunny spells. the winds will pick up as we move through the day, particularly in the north and west, where we will see heavy persistent rain pushing in and also some snow over high ground. and that is a sign of things to come as we move into the second half of the weekend. the initial band of rain pushes towards the south and east and then storm ciara feeds in from the west. but ta ke ciara feeds in from the west. but take a look at the white lines on the map, the isobars, it is the winds that we are concerned about. it is looking windy widely across the country. 60 to 70 mph england. to the north and west, it will be
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locally windier than that. and it comes accompanied with heavy rainfall which gradually sinks south and east. behind it, blustery showers feeding in. there could be big waves for western coastal areas, very strong winds across the board could cause disruption and damage, it is worth staying across the forecast. thank you, lucy. a reminder of our top story... the scottish finance secretary steps down, after sending personal messages to a 16—year—old boy on social media. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me. and on bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon, i'm katie shanahan, it'sjust gone 1.30pm, and here's your latest sports news. we'll start with the news that head coach eddiejones has made five changes to england's starting 15 for their six nations clash with scotland on saturday.
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scrum half ben youngs has been dropped in favour of willi heinz. he was replaced by him in the second half of their defeat to france on sunday. this is the starting 15. flanker lewis ludlam is in for courtney lawes. prop mako vunipola and lock george kruis return, with jonathan joseph replacing injured centre, manu tuilagi. we feel that at the end of the game, depending on the conditions, it brea ks depending on the conditions, it breaks a bit, creating space, and he will be able to use his running skills. then at the start of the game, they tend to play with a bit of control, he has a good kicking game, and has a calming influence on the people around him. scotland have made one change. back row magnus bradbury replaces nick hayning. as for wales, wayne pivac has made just the one change ahead of their match with ireland.
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centre nick tompkins has been given his first start for wales, after impressing as a replacement on his debut against italy. scoring this superb try too. ireland are expected to name their team shortly. to cricket, as england have suffered an injury blow with fast bowler jofra archer facing months out with an elbow problem. he had already flown home from the tour of south africa. and won't be going on their next tour to sri lanka either. adam wild is following this for us. this is really bad news for england and archer. yeah, a big blow for them. we knew he was struggling with that injury. he played one test against south africa. england went on to win that series 3—1. he had a scan after that original injury which showed nothing significant, but he had another scan yesterday which involved having dye
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injected into the elbow, which showed a stress fracture. he will miss that tour to feel —— he will miss that tour to feel —— he will miss that tour to feel —— he will miss that sri ten throw or stop —— he will miss that tour to ten free macro. the premier league have voted to change the transfer window back to the end of august, in line with rest of europe. this was all confirmed at a meeting this morning. the date had been moved two years ago, following complaints that leaving the window open until the end of august caused disruption. but when other leagues across europe didn't follow, clubs were open to losing players without being able to buy replacements. ahead of the tokyo olympic and paralympics later this year, organisers say there are no plans
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to postpone or cancel the games due to the coronavirus. ipc spokesman craig spence says fear is spreading quicker than the virus. iam i am really pleased that the organising committee has established this task for. it's the sensible thing to do. it's what we did with rio. we need to put things into perspective and until the world health organization tells us otherwise, we will proceed with business as usual. tokyo is open and it will deliver spectacular paralympic games. that's all of the sport. hugh will have more for you in afternoon live. bye for now. in the last hour, the chief medical officer has confirmed a third case of the new coronavirus in the uk. the person did not catch the virus in this country. let's get some more details from our health correspondent, james gallagher, who's with me now. what do you know? at the moment, we know very little. it is the third case in the uk to add onto the two that were reported last week. one of the crucial details is that this was
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an imported case, not a case of transmission within the uk. at the moment, we know very little. the patient is being taken to one of the specialist treatment centres in the uk, designed for treating highly infectious diseases that have the ability to make sure there is no risk of it being transmitted further, they will step into that phase of checking everybody that person has come into contact with, to check on them and make sure there has been no spread of the virus. there are two other cases were in a specialist centre in newcastle at the moment, we don't know where this third person is. we don't know where this third person is or which specialist centre they will be taken to. there are four in england, one in newcastle, some in london. they have isolation units and they will have isolation units and they will have all of the doctors and specialist gear so that when they come into contact with patients, there is no risk of virus being spread to other people. they are
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dedicated facilities for dealing with these kind of infections. earlier this morning, the chinese ambassador to the uk accuse the uk of overreacting by advising its citizens in china to return home. what do you make of the debate that is going on between trying to contain the spread and not overreacting? no one is certain about how bad this new coronavirus will be. there are sensationalist headlines in new —— in newspapers. they were saying yesterday that you need to follow the evidence and not treat the whole country as if it is the epicentre of the virus. it is
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not just the uk, the epicentre of the virus. it is notjust the uk, there are the us and others, overacting to the virus, closing borders and so on. you have to reassure the general public, which has always been a challenge when you have new and emerging infections which nobody is certain about how bad they will be. there was a virus that killed one in ten people, and we have this lingering memory of spanish flu at the beginning of the last century which killed more than a0 million people around the world. when there is a new infection, there is this in the back of their mind about how bad it could be that is why you get some of the responses you are seeing. we have the statement by the chief medical officer that i think we can show viewers on the screen. there you are.
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this is in relation to a third case now being diagnosed here in the uk. when he took about —— talks about robust infection measures, what is that in relation to? that is about cleaning up where they have been. in york, they disinfected the hotel room he was in. facemasks and full gowns for the doctors and nurses that are treating them. basic hygiene, really, in orderto minimise the risk of catching the virus. one thing that is important to stress is this is not a surprise was up to stress is this is not a surprise was up we are to stress is this is not a surprise was up we are anticipating that for as long as there is the massive outbreak in china, there will be cases exported to other countries
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around the world, including the uk. it is not a moment to panic or press the alarm bell. the situations are very different. there is an outbreak, and epidermis that has nearly 30,000 cases in china, we are now talking about a third one arriving in china which we were waiting for, which the government has been anticipating and, as soon as it was detected, it has been pounced on, that patient was isolated or stop they are different situations and it is important to stress how relaxed we should be in this country because the scenarios are not the same. very useful, thank you. and at 3:30pm, james will be back to answer your questions on coronavirus. do send in your questions — the details are on your screen now. yesterday we heard the story of an indonesian couple who responded to the islamic
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state group's calling. they travelled the globe in search of martyrdom, eventually making it to the philippines. is may have lost its territory in iraq and syria, but the bonds forged in its service are strong, and present a global threat. our third report from middle east correspondent quentin sommerville and cameraman darren conway on the islamic state group, after the caliphate. from the desert camps of north—eastern syria to the capitals of asia and the seas of the southern philippines, the islamic state group still lurks. it was in the philippines where ruile zeke and ulfa, husband and wife suicide bombers, came to fulfil their mission for the islamic state group after they failed to get into syria. in these deep island jungles, they joined fellow fanatics from egypt, morocco and elsewhere.
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the philippine army has been out in force and in numbers never seen here before. in thejungles, the islamic state group roam wild. this is an island under siege. soldiers flooded here after is struck at its heart. they brought carnage to the island's catholic congregation last january. 23 christians died in the attack when they detonated their suicide vests inside and outside the cathedral during morning mass. theirjourney to martyrdom took three years and four countries. all the while, they hardly wavered in their commitment to the islamic state group. one year later, the cathedral has been patched up and repaired,
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but the christian community here still lies in pieces. for victoriana and her friends, this was their sanctuary. she has been too scared to return until now. translation: when i turn my head, i saw a lot of dead people near me, the wounded were screaming for help. but i was thinking, who would help us? the islamic state group casts a long shadow, and other attacks have followed here since. but is have more than just a foothold here. local militants have sworn allegiance to them and firmly planted the black flag in the philippine jungle. here, a local insurgency has been upgraded. the islamic state group has made them more vicious
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and broadened their ambition. a small army of soldiers are now deployed here, searching for the islamic state group's affiliate. but they haven't been able to stop more attacks, and they admit that no—one knows these jungles better than their enemy. the men are moving pretty fast on this patrol, because they know that, somewhere in this jungle is the new self—proclaimed leader of the islamic state in the region. he has hundreds of his own men, filipino, but he's got more on his side — he's got arab fighters here. they've come from iraq and syria, they've brought their family members with them, and he has already shown that he is willing to do the islamic state group's bidding. more than that, there is a fear here that, despite the presence of the filipino army, this dense, deepjungle
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could become a new safe haven for the islamic state group. and terrors lie in wait here. we obtained this footage of fighters in battle. in their ranks, farfrom home, an egyptian fighter. he died in another suicide bombing on the island late last year. off camera, a young arab's voice can be heard. once again, the foreign fighters brought with them their families and the islamic state group's savagery. asia welcomed backjihadists, but found that the bonds that were formed half a world away in the caliphate remain strong and still cross borders. contained for now in the camps of north—eastern syria,
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is leaves a unique legacy. a corner of this country has become a global no—man‘s—land, a trap for those who belong to is who now belong nowhere. the wives and children of the islamic state group had little choice in it, but they were swept up into the army of the caliphate. their men may be dead or in prison, but their cause is still alive and so is the threat. these families ofjihad will struggle to find their way home. quentin somerville, bbc news, north—eastern syria. a man who sexually assaulted and murdered an 89—year—old widow has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 3a years. 23—year—old reece dempster had smoked crack before breaking into dorothy woolmer‘s home in tottenham. dempster had previously
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admitted manslaughter, but initially denied murder and sexual assault. the headlines on bbc news: scotland's finance secretary, derek mackay, quits hours before the budget — he admits he "behaved foolishly" in messaging a 16—year—old boy on social media. a third case of coronavirus confirmed in the uk — the chief medical officer says they are now being transferred to one of the uk's infectious disease centres for treatment. new rules to end the automatic release of convicted terrorists could be rushed through parliament in three weeks. irish prime minister leo varadkar is facing a tough a8 hours of final campaigning, ahead of the country's general election on saturday. when the taoiseach, who is openly gay and of mixed race,
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became leader, he was seen as a symbol of modern ireland. but now he faces possible defeat, while there appears to be growing support for the irish republican party, sinn fein. our ireland correspondent, chris page, has been following the campaign. ireland is ambitious for its light to shine globally. the city of galway is the european capital of culture for 2020. this is the eu nation most affected by brexit but it sees itself as having a different rhythm from its us neighbour, the uk. the moment when britain ripped itself out of europe, we are a proud european nation and the values of welcome and a progressive approach are really interesting. the coastline on the edge of the atlantic will take centre stage. the west of ireland is in line for development in an effort to spread more wealth to the regions. ireland has the fastest growing economy in the eu and galway seems
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to be feeling the benefits of that. across the country, opposition parties are emphasising issues like the shortage of housing, problems with the health service and a rise in the pension age. all that means is that the current prime minister is behind in the polls. leo varadkar does notjust have a high profile at home he has become well—known abroad because of his role in the brexit process. he said that with trade talks coming up, a change of government may be risky. the message i'm trying to put across really to irish farmers and food sectors and fishing communities and the 200,000 people who work in industries and jobs that depends on trade with the uk is that brexit is not done yet. but the favourite to replace leo varadkar says he is more than capable of dealing with brexit. what difference will there be in terms of an approach
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with leo varadkar — why would you do a betterjob? there has been a national consensus on brexit we would like a trading relationship between britain and europe that would be as close to the current situation because anything else would be damaging to the irish economy. a firmly left—wing party also has good polling ratings, sinn fein‘s political opponents point out it was linked to paramilitary violence during the conflict in northern ireland but the party highlights its all in the peace process and sinn fein strongly wants both northern ireland to lead the uk and unite with the irish republic. particularly with the younger people they say it is exciting because it gives us the opportunity to fix things that are broken. the mood music in this election suggests a shift is likely. a coalition will be needed to form a government that politicians will have to work in harmony after voters give their verdicts.
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£170 million is being invested in england's bus network. local authorities will be invited to bid to become the first town with an all—electric bus fleet, and there'll be money to restore services which have been cut. our transport correspondent, tom burridge, reports. buses in london have been a big success. they're heavily subsidised, and the mayor decides which routes and sets fares. but in the rest of england, council funding for buses has fallen by more than a0% over the past decade. today, a move by government to buck that trend. there will be more money for super bus networks. one is already in place in cornwall, where a mix of lower fares, frequent services and lots of bus lanes has driven success. campaigners who have called for more funding for years say today's
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announcement is a positive step, but more action is needed. transport is the highest contributor to carbon emissions in this country. we need to see greater investment in public transport, particularly buses. that takes people out of their cars and polluting forms of transport and electrifies the transport system so we can reduce emissions and improve air quality. councils in england can now apply for £50 million to create the first town with an all—electric fleet. there will also be more money for on demand buses which can be ordered via an app. two out of three public transport journeys in britain are made on a bus. the bus has been on the decline. now a sign that that could change. an investigation is underway in turkey after a plane crashed while landing at an airport in istanbul, leaving at least three people dead and more than 100 injured.
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the aircraft, which belongs to the turkish airline pegasus, skidded on the runway in heavy rain. video footage of the crash shows the fuselage breaking up and bursting into flames. bill hayton reports. this is the moment a pegasus airlines boeing 737 arriving at speed and in wet weather lost control, skidded and overran the runway of istanbul's sabiha gokcen airport. high winds and heavy rain may have been a factor. the plane then fell down a bank. the impact of the crash split the plane's fuselage into at least three sections. translation: unfortunately, the pegasus airlines plane could not hold onto the runway due to poor weather conditions and skidded for around 50—60 metres. it fell from about 30—a0 metres high. the jet had made a short flight western city izmir and on board were 183 passengers and crew.
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three people are known to have been killed by the crash and over 150 others injured. turkish prosecutors have launched an investigation into what happened but as they comb through the wreckage it is clear that as bad as it was, the consequences could have been much, much worse. now it's time for a look at the weather. hello there. today's weather is literally the calm before the storm. we have stormy weather to come as we move into the weekend. the met office have named the storm and it is expected to bring damaging and destructive winds saturday to sunday. if we look at north america, the same area of low pressure has brought record—breaking amounts of snow to parts of oklahoma and it will be moving across the atlantic
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on thejet will be moving across the atlantic on the jet stream, arriving on our shores as storm ciara with strong winds and heavy rain. today it is settled, dry and fine for most with plenty of blue sky, as shown in this photo from devon. it was they find through this afternoon. some areas of cloud will also see some good spells of sunshine. highs of between six and 11 celsius. this evening and overnight, it will remain dry with patchy cloud and some clear spells. the chance of some patches of fog forming overnight, and low cloud for north—eastern england. temperatures for many sitting above freezing, but where it does dip below freezing, they could be a patchy frost to start the day tomorrow. tomorrow sta rts start the day tomorrow. tomorrow starts with a good deal of dry and fine weather with good spells of sunshine. any mist and fog will lift quickly as it will be more breezy tomorrow, turning more classic in the west with patchy outbreaks of rain. into the weekend, we will
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start with some cloud and patchy rain in the south and east but for many there will be some sunshine around with the wince strengthening through the day, gales in the north and west, with rain and hill slow moving in. that is the sign of things to come. as we move overnight saturday into sunday, that initial band of rain pushes south and east and then the next area of rain, storm ciara will move in from the west. if you look at the isobars on the map, they will indicate that the winds will be strong across—the—board. 60 winds will be strong across—the—boa rd. 60 or 70 winds will be strong across—the—board. 60 or 70 mph, the gas, but up to 85 mph in the north and west. some big waves for the western coast, coupled with heavy rain, gradually pushing south and being replaced by some blustery showers. it is certainly worth keeping across the forecast.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm simon mccoy. today at 2: a third case of coronavirus is confirmed in the uk — the patient is being transferred to an infectious disease centre. meanwhile, china's ambassador to britain urges countries not to panic about the virus. hours before he's due to deliver scotland's budget — finance secretary derek mckay steps down after sending personal messages to a 16—year—old boy on social media. derek mckay's conduct fell far short of what is expected of a minister. indeed, he offered his resignation to me and i accepted. it was not an option for him to remain in government. an end to automatic release of terror prisoners — the government says it wants to change the law within three weeks. and a new record is set by astronaut christina koch, who's spent more days in space than any other woman.


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