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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 7, 2020 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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cause havoc with the sporting calendar. a shock as real madrid are knocked out with help from one of the online players. and the fed cup qualifiers get under way on friday with japan led by naomi osaka. as they look to our five—time winners spain. hello there and welcome to the programme where we start with the coronavirus outbreak and impact it is having on preparations for some of the co's biggest sporting events. organisers of the tokyo olympics and paralympic games continue to monitor the spread of the virus is edges closer and closer to japan. while this year by the chinese grand prix is also under threat. we have the latest. half—an—hour‘s drive from the tokyo big stadium, a cruise ship in quarantine. at least 20 passengers on board have tested positive coronavirus, a reminder of the potential threat the outbreak poses to the zio‘s games. further inland,
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preparations go on with the local organisers admitting they are seriously worried about the situation. they are looking into what might need to be done if the virus is still around in the summer. the call is for calm. i am really pleased that the organising committee has established this task force. it is the sensible thing to do. it is what we did with rio. we need to be putting things into perspective. i am told the world —— until the who tells us otherwise, tokyois until the who tells us otherwise, tokyo is open and it will deliver a spectacular paralympic games. back in we had in china where this outbreak started, and is at its most serious, stadiums have become hospitals, streets are quiet. there is no place for sport right now. events in china are already being moved. above the ball tournament has been switched to serbia. the chinese tea m been switched to serbia. the chinese team there hoping to provide a distraction for those at home. we pray hard and ensure, we want our
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performance to inspire the chinese people to work hard, work together. we are the family. some events are far harder to move. the chinese grand prix is due to take place in shanghai on the 19th of april, but formula i will consider rescheduling it if coronavirus persists. that will involve quite some u—turn. it if coronavirus persists. that will involve quite some u-turn. this is the first time in formula i history there is scheduled to be 22 races on the calendar, and looking at that schedule today, it looks very difficult to find anyplace for a rescheduled chinese grand prix if it were to happen later in the season. it were to happen later in the season. sport has experienced health issues. a lot olympics in rio had to contend with the threat of legal virus risks can be managed, plans can be made, but ultimately, for organisers in tokyo and beyond, this may be about waiting and hoping. on to football, and in spain, real madrid are out after losing at home
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in the quarter—finals. the norwegian international online from real madrid put the visitors in front midway through the first half. another scandinavian then scored twice early in the second half to make it 3—0. they pulled a goal back from madrid before they re—established the lead, and despite a late flurry from real madrid, they scored twice in the last ten minutes. the other team held on to win and sealed their place in the last four. barcelona are also out. they were beaten 1—0. williams scored the winner in the third winner of —— of stoppage time. the premier league voted on thursday to change the media transfer deadline to the end of august for supplement once again it will be in line with the rest of europe. for the best part of two yea rs, europe. for the best part of two years, the premier league deadline for new signings was the day before
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the start of the season following complaints from managers and clubs. i long transfers isn't up to the start of the season. but the next window will close on the first of september. it was a decision that we made because i think we reflected on what is in the best interest of the league and we felt it was in the best interests of the leg to be in sync with the other legs and extend the window to the end of august. i understood the reason for doing it, but it put a lot of pressure on all of us to make decisions and i think it gave an advantage to other legs, andi it gave an advantage to other legs, and i think it is good to be consistent. i think the fact that we come back into line with the rest of europe probably makes a slightly more even. the downside is the irritation of having players involved in potential moves want this season starts. but again, in
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terms of what is important in my current world, that doesn't... doesn't rank very high at the moment, i doesn't rank very high at the moment, lam doesn't rank very high at the moment, i am afraid! in tennis, the new season of the fed cup gets under way on friday. the main tournament for women has been revamped this year and on friday and saturday the qualifiers will decide which eight teams will go through to the finals in budapest in april. australia, czech republic, france and hungary have already qualified. this week's ties include spain against japan. spain have this week's ties include spain againstjapan. spain have won the cup five times, all in the 90s, while japan had never wanted. their tea m while japan had never wanted. their team includes former world number one naomi osaka. she plays in the opening singles rubber and she has often struggled on clay. it is really hard to play against her on clay, so i know it is really going to be tough, and then i have to buy after that and i lost to her on clay. just a couple of really
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tough matches i think. i really love the team and i like playing in a group atmosphere, which is really rare for tennis. yeah, super excited. spain will be aiming to maintain their winning streak against japan. they won all three previous meetings, including a 3—to victory last year. this zio's fed cup will be the last for 31 yuan coloured suarez navarro and she is keen to go out on a high note. for me, it will be the last one at home, so we have really difficult time tomorrow. i play second and we played last year, but zarco wasn't there, i wasn't there, so here we play on the clay—court, we will be for sure difference, but we know it will be tough, but we are ready. there is a big test match getting under way in the coming hours as pakistan hosts bangladesh and the
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visiting captain says security is not the concern for his side. this is just the second has much to be played in pakistan after he returned in december following a ten year absence. the bangladesh captain says their focus will be purely on the cricket despite arriving with an understrength side. as for pakistan, their skipper says it is all about continued improvement. winning a test match is never easy. to win a test match is never easy. to win a test match is never easy. to win a test match you have to play your best game. so whatever the opposition is, i think bangladesh can bea opposition is, i think bangladesh can be a very competitive side and can be a very competitive side and can surprise you, so we not taking them lightly. they have matchwinners in team, so, yes, we have the opportunity, we feel that in our home condition we can win test matches, and tomorrow is another opportunity and we will try our best. look, yeah, the expectation is we are going to play cricket here,
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we are going to play cricket here, we are going to play cricket here, we are not good enough overseas, so we are not good enough overseas, so we strive to improve ourselves here and we look forward to it and hope we will do some good cricket in here. one other cricket line from england far smallerjofra archer has been brought out of his team's to sri lanka with a stress fracture of the elbow. he will also miss the whole of the indian premier league season. he only played in one of the fortis in recent series in south africa because of the injury. he was sent home forfurther africa because of the injury. he was sent home for further scans which revealed the extent of the problem. england hope he will be fit for the start of the international season at home, which begins injune, with a three test series against the west indies. canadian nick taylor is the surprise leader after the first round of the pebble beach pro—in california. he is at eight under while phil mickelson is four shots off the lead. the 49—year—old who is a five—time winner of this event bogey the 15th to go with his five
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birdies. his american compatriot and world number five dustin birdies. his american compatriot and world numberfive dustinjohnson is a shot further back. on a day when it was difficult for others, but plain sailing for some. cycling, germany will start friday's penultimate stage of the saudi tour as the overall leader. they finished second on stage, he managed to go one better on stage three with a powerful sprint finish. the writer now has a three second lead over portugal. that is in the general classification. now, there are five games taking place in the nba in one of those under way is milwaukee bucks who are hosting the philadelphia 76ers. the are currently 41—39 up in that, about 3.5 minutes until halftime, and later, in1.5 about 3.5 minutes until halftime, and later, in 1.5 hours, it is the houston rockets who had to the league—leading in the west, la lakers. until league—leading in the west, la la kers. until next league—leading in the west, la lakers. until next time. goodbye.
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hello there. we have got some very windy weather on the way, and over the next few days, the wind will pick up day by day. on friday afternoon, we could see gusts reaching 50 or 60mph around western areas of scotland, but the winds become much more widespread on saturday for both scotland and northern ireland and the wind will get stronger as well. gusts reaching 60 or 70mph, potentially disruptive gusts of wind. worse is to come. on sunday, storm ciara arrives, bringing strong winds across all of the uk but the strongest reaching in excess of 80mph, damaging winds are on the way. for the time being, although there are pictures of frost around at the moment, as the breeze picks up across western areas
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that will increasingly lift the frost. as we head into friday morning, the frost will become confined to central and eastern parts of the uk. a cold start to the day with a fair bit of sunshine around. northern ireland will see thicker cloud in the afternoon and patches of rain and then we get the wind starting to ramp up in the west of scotland as we head through friday afternoon and on towards the evening time as well. in fact, as we head through friday night, it looks like being a blowing and blustery night as a band of rain pushes its way eastwards, all of us will notice those wind increasing in strength. but because it will be a windy night, it will also be relatively mild with temperatures potentially no lower than 10 degrees or so. that takes us on into the weekend's windy weather is forecast. look how tightly packed the isobars are on saturday, particularly as the weather front approaches off the atlantic. saturday, many of us will have a dry bright start to the day with wind
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strengthening through the game and becoming very strong for northern ireland and scotland, potentially disruptive. rain and some hill snow in the forecast for scotland, so we could have some weather impacts around as we start the weekend. it's on sunday that storm ciara arrives. here it is, and on and ahead of this cold front, we will get some very squally winds indeed and then we will get another swathe of strong winds, tucking around the southern flank of the area of low pressure. so there are multiple zones of strong winds that are forecast for sunday across the whole of the uk. quite widely, inland 50—60mph gust of the windiest areas could get costs in excess of 80mph. these are damaging, disruptive gusts of wind so we are likely to see transport disruption and we could also see some power cuts as well so stay tuned with our latest weather forecasts over the next few days.
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a very warm welcome to bbc news. my name is mike embley. our top stories. it's been confirmed the chinese doctor first reported the coronavirus in wuhan and alerted authorities has died from it. a warning that for countries may not be able to cope if the virus reaches them. we speak to an expert on global development. resident trump celebrates his impeachment acquittal with an attack on the democrats in one of his own senses. and the white house claims american forces have killed qassim al—rimi, leader of the extremist group al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula.


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