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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  February 10, 2020 5:00am-5:31am GMT

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this is the briefing, i'm sally bundock. our top story: history at the oscars. korean—language drama parasite becomes the first non—english—language film to win best picture. whilejoaquin phoenix wins the best actor award forjoker and renee zellweger scoops the best actress oscar for judy. ireland appears to be heading for a coalition government after an election surge this is the business briefing, in support for the left—wing nationalist party, sinn fein. i'm sally bundock. back to work or not? many factories in china remain shut as the death toll millions are set to head from the coronavirus back to work in china after the extended exceeds 900. lunar new year break. but coronavirus restrictions mean many businesses remain the singapore airshow kicks off closed. despite the outbreak. we look at the lack of qualified pilots as the industry faces the singapore airshow kicks off despite the outbreak. growing demand.
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we look at the lack of qualified pilots as the industry faces and a new trading week starts on a shaky note in asia, as investors continue to fear the impact of the coronavirus. growing demand. a warm welcome to the programme, briefing you on all you need to know in global news, business and sport. and do get in touch with us with your take on the oscars. did your favourite film win best picture? are you a fan of the star—studded affair or not? tell us what you think. just use the hashtag bbcthebriefing. it has been an historic night at the oscars. within the past hour, parasite became the first film in a foreign language to win the award for best picture. the satirical drama from korea
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also won best original screenplay and best international feature film, as well as best director for bong joon—ho. live now to the bbc‘s tom brook in los angeles. he is outside the dolby theatre where this all took place. what a night. a very exciting night indeed here in los angeles for south korean cinema. this is, i think, a pivotal moment in the history of the academy, because as you were mentioning, for the first time ever, the academy gave its most coveted award, that of best picture, to a foreign language film, for the first time in its 92—year—old history. so when i was in the press room and parasite won it for best picture, cheers erupted, and so also in the auditorium as well. i think this film had a big impact on
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academy members. and one thing that the academy has done in the last few years is trying to internationalise its membership. and i think this speaks well for international cinema tonight. the international members of the academy i think made their views heard. people who are seniors really like this film because it is a work of cinematic art —— cineastes. because it is a work of cinematic art -- cineastes. so parasite stole the show, but what else stood out tonight?” think everyone was thinking the british world war i picture 1917 would get the top trophy, best picture, but that didn't happen in the end. so it wasn't such a great night for 1917, but it did get some significant awards, three awards. it won for cinematography, which was very impressive, for roger deacons, because the film is put together as if it resembled one single take —— roger
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deakins. but the acting awards all went, as everybody thought they would go. joaquin phoenix one for his role injoker, renee zellweger one forjudy and laura dern14 best supporting actor is for her role in marriage story, and overall those went away everybody thought they would go. and tell us what you thought ofjoaquin phoenix's speech. it was a bit all over the place, but very emotive, very moving, wasn't it? it was a bit all over the place. it was very heartfelt. he was very emotional. i think he was trying to make a statement about how as human beings we shouldn't exploit one another, we shouldn't exploit indigenous people, and we shouldn't exploit the universe. that's what i took away from it. it seemed to go over well. it was one of the few political speeches during the ceremony.
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brad pitt made a reference in his acceptance speech to the fa ct his acceptance speech to the fact thatjohn bolton wasn't allowed to testify last week at the senate — us senate impeachment hearing. so i think it was in a way refreshing for people to hear speeches that area people to hear speeches that are a little off message, in a way. because some of the speeches were, to be quite frank, a little tedious, in away. and at the baftas, the lack of diversity was a big pa rt lack of diversity was a big part of the evening, many references that by host graham norton and others. to what extent did that overshadow the oscars? well, i mean, ithink that's been a major complaint, the lack of diversity in terms of the representation of women on screen, but also in terms of best director nominations. and also with people of colour. i think there's a bit of a division in hollywood. is the
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academy to blame for not nominating people, or is it the industry's fault for not doing more to help people of colour and women better positions? but certainly if you were watching the academy awards tonight, in terms of the people who were presenting awards, you got the idea that it was a very diverse community. thank you so much. so parasite getting best picture, which was really quite historic. we will have more oscars coverage later in the programme, and there is plenty on our website too, including this live page with all the latest tidbits and reaction from hollywood. that is all at, or download the bbc news app. sinn fein has demanded a role in ireland's government after early election results indicate a breakthrough following decades on the fringes of politics. the party has secured the highest number of first preference votes.
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but it had fewer candidates than its rivals, so is not expected to end up with the most seats in the irish parliament. here is our ireland correspondent emma va rdy. radio: storm ciara lashed the country over the past few hours. as ireland took a battering from the weather, the established parties were rocked by a new storm. this breakthrough for sinn fein is unprecedented in the irish republic. once a much smaller player, now on a par with the two main parties who have dominated irish politics for a century. we need change, we need a new government. the best outcome is a government without fine gael and fianna fail, so that's the first thing that i want to test. sinn fein's ultimate goal is to create a united ireland, breaking northern ireland away from british rule. its historical links to the ira caused controversy during the campaign,
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but the party appealed to voters with radical left—wing policies on health, housing and pensions. the surge for sinn fein has changed the landscape of irish politics, and it raises new questions for the uk about the likelihood of a border poll. but it is still unclear who will form the next government. leo varadkar‘s party, fine gael, and their opponents, fianna fail, had previously said they will not form an alliance with sinn fein. it seems that we have now a three—party system, three parties all getting roughly the same number of votes, roughly the same number of seats, and that's going to make forming a government quite difficult. ireland's economy is the fastest growing in europe, but the high cost of living means many voters are not feeling the benefits. i think they're sick of the last couple of years and that things just haven't changed quick enough, hence the vote for sinn fein. a bit disappointing, really. sinn fein — not the kind
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of politics that a large number of people in ireland would favour. tonight counting continues, and tomorrow negotiations between the parties will be in full swing. ireland has reached an historic turning point, but with results so close, working out who will lead the country may take some time. emma vardy, bbc news, dublin. let's brief you on some of the other stories making the news: heavily armed police and soldiers in el salvador have forced their way into parliament demanding the approval of a $109 million loan to better equip them. they entered the building as president nayib bukele was about to address lawmakers. on friday he gave them seven days to back his loan plan. azerbaijan's governing party says it believes it has won a snap parliamentary election which was called to speed up the reforms of president ilham aliyev. opponents accuse him of trying to consolidate his grip on power.
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sydney has been hit by its heaviest rain in 30 years, bringing flooding and travel chaos. about 100,000 properties have also been left without power. the authorities are warning of potentially life—threatening flash—floods, but the rains have also put out many of the bushfires which have torn through new south wales in recent months. the european space agency has launched its solar orbiter probe, designed to study the sun from close quarters. the mission is set to last for nine years and will use cameras and sensors to provide insights into the sun's atmosphere, its winds and magnetic fields. new figures from china show that more than 900 people have died from the coronavirus. the increase since sunday is another record for this outbreak. millions of people in china are returning to work after the lunar new year break that was extended due
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to the virus. our correspondent stephen mcdonell is in beijing. stephen, i know you are not allowed out and about steel, but just tell us about what you are hearing in terms of those going back to work. what does that look like? we are hearing some factories are still remaining closed. well, obviously the mass movement of millions of people heading back to the cities and then within cities, on public transport, has fuelled fears that the coronavirus emergency could get worse. the more people who gather, obviously the chances of spreading the disease increase. and so the government, for example in beijing, has ordered that all enterprises provide flexible working hours. that means that there will be less people crowding at the workplace, but also heading to work. many
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companies have said to their staff to simply work from home. now, in beijing, there is normally also a restriction on private cars driving. every numberplate means on a certain day you can't drive. well, that's been suspended at the moment to give people the option of driving and avoiding the underground train system, avoiding buses, the kinds of places where people might be infected. and even in their homes, new restrictions have been announced in the chinese capital that nobody other than residence with identification can enter a housing compound. the exception is if there is some sort of an emergency, but other than that, you are not supposed to even go and visit friends or anything like that, u nless friends or anything like that, unless you live in a housing compound, from now on, until there is some sort of solving of the problem, then this is a new measure in place as well. and these types of restrictions
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on human movement are being introduced right across china to try and slow the spread of this disease. ok, thank you for now. other countries have been impacted by this, singapore being one. the airline industry is soaring to new heights in recent years, especially in south—east asia and india. the problem is there aren't enough qualified commercial pilots. if you look in terms of demand thatis if you look in terms of demand that is expected in the years ahead. with me is mark davies, who is ceo of strategy consultancy camberton. good morning, mark. good morning, sally. we are all being told not to fly. we are. and yet when you look at future growth, it is going up and up and up despite all of that, and there are not enough pilots,
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are there? that's right, and theissueis are there? that's right, and the issue is not in the traditional western countries where there has been a lot of flying. it is the increase in flying. it is the increase in flying around the rest of the world and the fact that the international language of aviation is english, so the number of people obviously coming through, they need to be able to speak english and they need to have more of them. so it is not the largest airlines, necessarily. it is not to share ways that is looking at this necessarily is a problem, but some of the airlines in... it is the smaller airlines in places like india, southeast asia, where they have seen a huge growth in demand as people are using this as a means of getting around. absolutely. i think one of the issues as well, potentially, is that travelling by plane is increasingly like travelling by bus and therefore being a pilot is increasingly like being a bus driver. so it used to be a very glamorousjob bus driver. so it used to be a very glamorous job to do. it's not as glamorous anymore. it is well paid, though, so therefore
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the cost for the airlines are obviously considerable, and these are all problems that are compounded. thank you for now. mark is back later. we have our news briefing, of course. stay with us on bbc news: still to come, a roundup of all the sport, including an incredible game between inter and ac milan. there's mr mandela. mr nelson mandela, a free man, taking his first steps into a new south africa. iran's spiritual leader ayatollah khomeini has said he's passed a death sentence on salman rushdie, the british author of a book which many muslims say is blasphemous. the people of haiti have flocked to church to give thanks for the ousting of their former president, 'ba by doc' duvalier. because of his considerable value as a stallion, shergar was kept in a special,
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secure box in the stud farm's central block. shergar was driven away in a horse box the thieves had brought with them. there stepped down from the plane a figure in mourning. elizabeth ii, queen of this realm and of all her other realms and territories. head of the commonwealth, defender of the faith. you're watching the briefing. our headlines: millions are set to head back to work in china after the extended lunar new year break. but coronavirus restrictions mean many businesses remain closed. and history at the oscars: korean—language drama parasite becomes the first non—english—language film to win best picture. let's stay with that story now.
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from los angeles, we can now speak to piya sinha—roy who's senior film editor at the hollywood reporter. thank you for being with us. give us your reaction to the film that got best picture, parasite. goodness, it was a moment when that film was announced. i had been at the office with my colleagues and everybody just cheered. office with my colleagues and everybodyjust cheered. it was an incredible win and an historic win of course, and unexpected because i think going into the weekend most people were saying sam mendes' very well crafted war drama 1917 was likely the big winner. parasite to be the one that swept was a huge surprise but also a very welcome surprise because it has a huge group of fa ns because it has a huge group of fans in the industry, and it has really been celebrated for our original and how engaging the story has been. going
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forward it is a trailblazer isn't it, for other non—english language films. we hope so, you know, the hollywood reporter just did a big study on the academy's membership, overall voting membership and it found that even though they made a big push to double their membership of female and minority members by 2020, this year, and they have almost met those goals, the academy is still 84% white. and so, overwhelmingly male as well, so when you see statistics like that it when you see statistics like thatitis when you see statistics like that it is hard to believe that a film that is from another country in another language can often country in another language can ofte n b rea k country in another language can often break through for members that tend to sort of prefer american films. but this is a huge win, and this may show that the tide is finally turning, it is finally shifting, changes coming, let's hope that this is something thatis hope that this is something that is a step towards more inclusion at the oscars. when
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it comes to the other big awards, best actor, best actress, it was what we were expecting, wasn't it. i think everything went according to plan and the acting categories. ican plan and the acting categories. i can phoenix forjoker, rene zellweger forjudy i can phoenix forjoker, rene zellwegerforjudy —— i can phoenix forjoker, rene zellweger forjudy —— joaquin phoenix. and brad pitt, who has been racking up a string of wards along the way —— awards along the way, as well as laura dern. the director and screenplay races served up some surprises. have you seen them all, do you have to see them all, do you have to see them all to do what you do, and in which case, what do you think? luckily i do love movies and i have been working in entertainment for about ten yea rs entertainment for about ten years covering this world, so i do tend to watch all the films, and yeah, i like watching all the films. for me one of the key things that was happening was i was sad to see a lot of really great independent movies that had gotten a lot of
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attention and bars and great reviews early on in the year had fallen out of the race. just yesterday at spirit awards, we sought this movie, the farewell when the prize for best feature. the farewell is centred on a chinese—american girland herfamily and centred on a chinese—american girl and herfamily and that was not even not —— nominated at the oscars this year. that was astounding, i think it was something like the first time in 30 years that a spirit award winner was not nominated at the oscars. i was disappointed to see the lack of independent film but then we see something like parasite come in and take that award, and i think that gave a lot of people hope that there is still hope for independent film and smaller films, and is notjust all sequels and franchises, as people tend to think it is. and very briefly, who stole the show for you with the oscars, in terms
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say, i think parasite's wins we re awards —— disputes, et cetera? 0h awards —— disputes, et cetera? oh goodness, i have to say i think parasite's wins were the ones that stole the show. brad pitt as well has been charming eve ryo ne pitt as well has been charming everyone with his speeches, and i thinkjoaquin phoenix is the stage to make some important points. i would say those, i think the musical numbers were astounding as well, and janelle monae's opening number, and the little wrap recap, not many people know who that was, but i think they will after now, and that was a great spotlight for a lot of really great talent in this industry. we appreciate yourtime, a big night foryou, piya, thank you for being on the breathing. now it's time to get all the latest from the bbc
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sports centre. hello, i'm chetan pathak with monday's sport briefing. inter milan are the new serie a leaders after an incredible comeback in the milan derby. following juventus' shock defeat to verona, inter knew three points would take them top. but going into half time it was all going wrong — zlatan ibrahimovic doubling ac milan's lead just before the break. that lead was wiped out just after the restart, with inter scoring twice in as many minutes — matias vecino with the goal that made it 2—2. inter then turned the game around with stefan de vrij‘s goal, before romelu lukaku sealed the win that puts them top — ahead ofjuventus on goal difference. in spain, real madrid remain three points clear of barcelona at the top of la liga, after wins for both teams. they had to come from behind to win after unai garcia put osasuna in front after only 1a minutes. real turned it round with goals from isco and sergio ramos in a five—minute spelljust before the break.
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and added two more in the last five minutes — with lucas vazquez and luka jovic completing a a—1win. you won't be used to seeing these two wear green and gold, but brian lara and sachin tendulkar were amongst the cricketing legends that came together in melbourne for the bushfire bash. ricky ponting was one of the captains, with over $7 million raised for communities devastated by the bushfires. sachin tendulkar says he had to take part regardless of his sharpness. i had ihada i had a throwdown session yesterday at the mcg, and while chatting, i said there was one thing i can guarantee, i can see the ball. i'm not sure if i was able to hit it, i have not had many sessions, but it is just nice that you will could be here to raise money. amount
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is great support. —— that amount. in the nba, the timberwolves are back in action and we'll get our second look at their hugely changed squad after the trade deadline. they beat the clippers 1112—115 in their last game without the newly added d'angelo russell. however there is a chance that we'll get to see him on monday night vs the raptors in toronto, who sit in second place in the eastern conference. while people in northern europe were sharing their stories on social media of the storm that's wreaked havoc in parts, it did create possibly the best ever conditions for one cycle race. the dutch headwind cycling championships are held along the coast of zeyland in the south of the netherlands. of zeeland in the south of the netherlands. it's an 8.5 kilometre route. the rules only allow for a simple bicycle with no cycling gear, no featherweight carbon race frame, no drop handlebars. organisers say it's as close as you can get
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in the largely flat netherlands to experience what it's like to take on an alpine stage in a bike race. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me, chetan pathak and the rest of the sport team, that's your monday sport briefing. thank you for getting in touch about the oscars. all your thoughts and your ideas and who you hoped would win some of those awards. we have heard from carrie who said she was hoping for a tom hanks when, but sadly he did not, he was nominated for his role as mr rogers, the children's tv presenter in a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. she was hoping for him, but ultimately eltonjohn was hoping for him, but ultimately elton john was superb, hoping for him, but ultimately eltonjohn was superb, all in all it was absolutely a great night. also of course my colleague laura becker has been tweeting a lot about the
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historic win for parasite —— laura bicker. she has been talking about how enormous that is where she is in korea. see you soon. we saw gusts of wind in excess of 90 miles an hour. but what was unusual about storm ciara was just how widespead the gusts of winds were from the length and breadth of the country. so, in excess of 60 miles an hour, right up to over 90 miles an hour. it is also accompanied by some very heavy rain, that swept its way steadily south and east and behind a trail of squally showers followed on. storm ciara may have left our shores but it stays pretty windy behind, with a rash of showers following in, and as the air is now from a colder source, those showers in the far north to higher ground are falling as snow. for scotland, northern ireland and northern england there could be some icy stretches, first thing on monday morning.
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fewer showers across england and wales but some of those could merge together as we go through the day to longer spells of rain with some hail and thunder mixed in there. further north we continue to see some snow showers anywhere above 100 metres. a cold feel for the day particularly when you factor in the gusts of wind in excess of 50—60mph again. as we move out of monday into tuesday it is almost a repeat performance, plenty of isobars on the chart. still the risk of further snow showers and blizzard—like conditions again into the far north, we could start to see several centimetres accumulating here and that could be an issue. elsewhere, with some clear skies there will be some sunshine but a cool feel, 4—8 degrees the overall highs. as we move into wednesday, brief ridge of high pressure, just quietens thngs down. in actual fact, wednesday likely to be the best day of the week. lighter winds, a little sunshine coming through. just a few scattered showers into the far north and west. temperatures peaking between 4—9 degrees, but with the lighter winds it might feel a little better. however those lighter winds could allow a light frost
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to form as we head into thursday. it is not expected to last, however there is more wet and windy weather on its way on thursday, pushing its way across the country. so if you haven't already guessed, it does look as thought it's going to stay very windy as we go through the week, a frequent rash of showers turning to snow 00:28:26,170 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 on hills and noticeably colder.
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