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tv   Our World  BBC News  February 15, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm GMT

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for their research. at ten o'clock, martine croxall will be here with a full round up of the days news. first our world. panzuto was a mafia boss, for years he played a key role in the naples‘ camorra, but now he has turned state witness and is helping put his former associates behind bars. this film contains descriptions of violence which some viewers may find upsetting. naples, where police waged a constant battle against organised crime. we are now in the torretta district, one of the poorest areas of naples, as the officers look for sentinels, lookouts. the camorra is the city's mafia, one of the world's most deadly and secretive criminal networks. but now, one of its bosses and killers is breaking
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the code of silence. gennaro panzuto was a dangerous criminal in naples. a criminal who has now turned on the camorra, putting his brothers behind bars, leaving him a marked man. this is the story of gennaro panzuto, the man who murdered for the mafia, and then confessed all.
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in a prison in the italian alps, the secrets are being unlocked — the secrets of the camorra clans, the secrets of a life spent committing terrible crimes. gennaro panzuto, a former leader of the naples camorra, is what italians call a ‘pentito,’ a state witness who has helped prosecute his associates. he is in a special prison
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unit for his own safety. the italian authorities have allowed us exclusive access to hear his story, but not to show his face. now 45 years old, he has spent a decade injail, reflecting on what he has done. camorra didn't become
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a killer overnight. —— pa nzuto —— panzuto did become a killer overnight. —— did not become. as a teenager, he learnt how to be a street thief, working italy's tourist hotspots, snatching watches. he was talent—spotted by his uncle, rosario, who headed the camorra cigarette smuggling operation. panzuto grew up in this dark, dead—end alley. now, he had found an escape route from poverty. he was soon involved in extortion and drugs for the camorra. based on two big clans, the camorra operates like no other mafia in the world, according to expert dr felia allum. so those two clans or those two alliances, in order to be powerful and in order to be strong, what they have tended to do is to recruit smaller clans. so in every district, you will find a criminal family that controls the territory. so it's kind of alliance building. that's the flexibility and the fluidity of the camorra.
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by the time he was just 21, panzuto had already spent time in jail. now, the camorra wanted him to carry out their dirtiest work. he shows me where. this. this one here? yes. this is where it began? yeah. mergelina marina, the beautiful place where what panzuto calls his descent into hell began. in 1996, camorra families were turning on each other in deadly rows over drugs territory. panzuto was called to a meeting on the pier. he was given an instruction to defend his uncle from a rival.
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they are asking you to kill somebody. did you not think that is the wrong thing to do? why not? with a handshake, pa nzuto‘s life changed. he became a killer. by his early 30s, he was clan leader, after his uncle was jailed. his nickname was ‘terramoto‘ — earthquake. using the gun to defend territory, it was a time of blood. so we're talking about
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targeted killings. yes, and to be efficient, they have to decide on specific individuals, to give a message. they follow them around, they pinpoint where they are, and they kill them in order to win territory, but also to give a symbol and a message to that clan. one of the victims was rival graziano borelli, shot dead in the street.
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pietro ioia was a drug trafficker, but for years he has worked to steer people away from the camorra. he tried with the young panzuto, but failed. panzuto‘s violence made him a target for one of italy's elite anti—mafia judges. i think at the time, gennaro panzuto was the most dangerous criminal in naples, in italy. michele del prete was determined to bring down the young leader before he grew any stronger. the net was closing
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in on gennaro panzuto. injune 2006, an arrest warrant was issued. he was now wanted for mafia association and murder, and that's when he took a fateful decision. he went on the run. pa nzuto came here, north—west england. not exactly a gangster‘s paradise, you might think. at first he lay low at a caravan park in a quiet corner of rural lancashire. so this is where he used to live. yes, number one, up the stairs. resident mick bury met panzuto when the italian gangster accidentally pranged his car. he reversed into my car over there. he reversed into your car?
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and after that, we've become friends. was was he like then? a very friendly, sociable bloke, yeah. a bit of charm about him. he liked to enjoy himself, yeah. he liked to barbecue. he used to have them outside on the patio. away from the bloodshed of naples, gennaro panzuto was coming to enjoy his new life in the north—west. but it was a curious choice for a mobsterfrom southern italy. so why did he choose to come here? i'm a daughter of an ex—mafia boss in italy. this was many years ago. we're talking about nearly 30 years ago. marisa merico and herfather served time in prison before renouncing the mafia. she settled here in lancashire. although she doesn't know panzuto, she understands why he came here.
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i was shocked, but in a way i wasn't, because britain is a sort of a safe haven, in a way. what would make the uk so attractive to a member of the mafia? you know, you don't have to walk around with an id, carta di identita elettronica, like they call it in italy. also, to set up a business is very easy. companies housed here, within a few days you have documentation, whereas in italy you have to go through a course, a procedure. there's a lot more to it, a lot more background checks, where in the uk there isn't. and none of that is lost on foreign crime gangs. they became more aware of it, and how lax the laws are in certain areas, and still are. the mafia became more aware of it? yeah, oh definitely. panzuto came to north—west england
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because he had local criminal contacts he had made back in naples. contacts who were now willing to help him. panzuto came to north—west england because he had local criminal panzuto‘s white—collar helpers set up dozens of companies to trade goods between northern england and naples. it was a big tax—dodging scam, which started with shoes.
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it's called carousel fraud, goods moved between companies that are closed down before any vat is paid. it costs governments across europe billions in lost taxes. carousel fraud is really, really profitable. carousel fraud is a good tool even to money launder, or to move money from a country to another. so it's really important to organised crime groups? yeah, it's a paradise! because you can earn really a huge amount of money with very simple skill. what about the role played by panzuto‘s british associates? did those people know that you were using that money to help your camorra associates in naples? back at the caravan park, mick bury was completely in the dark.
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hejust remembers his italian friend's generosity. i've got something to show you here. these are the shoes he gave me. he gave you those shoes? he gave me these shoes, yeah. because i said i like dancing and he said these are proper italian shoes. made in italy, as well! made in italy, yeah. panzuto had struck a bargain with his british associate. they taught him about fraud. he showed them how to call in debts, the camorra way. he set up a late—night meeting designed to send a message to all those who owed money.
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according to pa nzuto, his british associates were there. but his time on the run was coming to an end. by 2007, panzuto was directing events in naples from this village. but little did he know, the italian authorities found him thanks to phone tapping and in may 2007, he was arrested and extradited. when you discovered this mafia connection, what was your reaction? first of all, you question yourself,
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you say, what an earth is going on? when it was in the papers and stuff, i thought, oh my god! and they were saying, have you seen? he nearly moved in my house in blackpool as well. with panzuto facing a life sentence, he did the unthinkable for a mafia man, he talked, and he told prosecutors about his british helpers. when you heard the names of gennaro panzuto's associates in the uk, what did you tell the british police? so, what happened to those people that panzuto named? we know that lancashire police investigated, but it appears that nobody was arrested, and nobody was ever charged.
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for legal reasons, we can't name them. 0n the streets of panzuto's hometown, naples, police here are still fighting powerful mafia clans. a sign of that power, a shrine in memory of the clan leader who was killed in a shooting. we are out with the squadron moberly, italy's flying squad, patrolling some of the toughest estates in the city. ——son of a mafia clan leader. yes, this is a place where drugs are sold?
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this is the home of another clan and we are driving terribly slowly through some lowrise blocks as the officers look for sentinels, the lookouts. this is a constant daily battle for these police officers from the naples flying squad, trying to stop these steps of crime, drug dealing, and the fear is that the money made here is funnelled into some of the most dangerous crime groups in the world. many camorra bosses are now in prison, put there by witnesses like panzuto. the result, some clans are now run by teenagers, nicknamed baby gangs. they are less organised, but very violent.
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we are sitting in on the start of a trial of men accused of murder, drug trafficking, and extortion. the defendant greets a carabinieri officer like an old friend. a coming together of opponents in a never—ending battle to control the streets. we are warned by the city's chief anti—mafia prosecutor not to focus on the violence. we should follow the money.
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and yet, there are signs of hope in panzuto's old neighbourhood. it's an after—school club where basically the nuns try to get the kids off the street in order to give them things to do and make them do homework. gennaro panzuto came here as a child. the nuns are still trying to stop the gangs from grooming the next generation. how do the camorra recruit young people here in this area?
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ida is a volunteer and 20 years ago, some in herfamily were panzuto's deadly rivals. she said this centre saved her life as a child. do you have hope for the future? from his prison in the mountains at the other end of italy, ex—camorrista gennaro panzuto is scathing about his old gang. they are finished. they're finished? why did he turn against them?
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his decision to choose family over the clan has cost him dear. what is the personal price for you in doing that? too much. gennaro panzuto was the street thief who became a mafia killer. after more than a decade behind bars, he will soon be released, but he will always be looking over his shoulder.
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for a man brought up in violence, this could be the hardest fight of all. hello there. storm dennis has already brought when discussing around 70mph around some western hills and coast. —— winds gusting around. the rain arguably having more of an impact with some flooding, rising river levels and still some amber rain warnings from the met office over the high ground. the storm itself is actually powered by a strong jet stream and will stick around between scotland and iceland, and we have this conveyor belt of warm and wet air that is coming in from the south west —
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hence all the rain. now, the rain itself on sunday will actually tend to ease towards the south—east of england, and somewhat of a respite before lots of showers come packing in from the north—west — cold enough for some snow over the scottish hills. the winds still very strong and very dusty, not as windy perhaps for england and wales, strengthening for scotland and northern ireland. and once that rain pushes through, we're introduced not to showers but to colder air. ten in the south—east late afternoon, six or seven further north where the winds could actually strengthen further during sunday evening and early in the night. gusts of 70—80 mph in northern scotland. and that's because the centre of dennis gets a bit closer to scotland before pushing away towards scandinavia on monday. still, lots of isobars on the chart. monday is still going to be a very windy day. gales quite widely, and we'll have some showers, perhaps some longer spells of rain and yes, cold enough for the showers across the northern half of the uk to be wintry over the hills — particularly in scotland.
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those temperatures around 8—10 degrees for the start of the week. so, it's still a windy start of the week. we no longer have storm dennis on the scene. we've got this run of winds coming in from the atlantic, a showery airstream through monday and into tuesday. maybe some longer spells of rain in the far north of scotland. just south of that, the colder air means that showers will be wintry over the hills of scotland and perhaps down over the hills of northern england and northern ireland. fewer showers for southern and eastern parts of england. those temperatures, 6—7 degrees in the north, 10 in the south. now, we got higher pressure not far away, certainly going to be affected iberia and it mayjust nudge towards the uk around the middle of the week but only briefly. there is another area of low pressure in from the atlantic. so, wednesday, a chilly start. we've got fewer showers pushing away into the north sea. so, some sunshine for a while and then the winds pick up in the west and particularly, the north—west where it turns wetter later on in the day as well. again, 8—10 degrees. so, another area of low pressure moves and by the time we get to later wednesday and into thursday. and again, it's heading up
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towards iceland with this weather front trailing down behind that and moving across the uk. it will be a windy day on thursday. strong to gale force winds widely, and this rain will be heaviest over the hills and very quickly, it will be followed by showers that do turn wintry in scotland and northern ireland as the air gets colder here. milder further south and further east. now, we are going to find temperatures fluctuating a bit in the outlook. there is the jet stream as well and it is powering right the way across the uk, and it marks a boundary between warmer air to the south and colder air to the north. in the jet stream of course we'll keep the very unsettled theme going into the following weekend as well. and picking up areas of low pressure driving them towards the north of the uk. so, essentially, there's nothing settled about the weather even into next weekend. and we are always going to find the wettest of the weather in the north with higher pressure to the south. it's likely to be windy, but we are not expecting another named storm.
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tonight at 10pm... one of television's most popular presenters, caroline flack, has been found dead at her home in london. her family says the ao—year—old former host of love island took her own life. for a decade she has brought so much joy and fun and smiling happiness to screens over so many tv shows and brought so muchjoy to many people's hearts. ms flack had been due to stand trial next month for assaulting her boyfriend — allegations she denied. also tonight... the army helps prepare for the worst as storm dennis begins battering the uk. france announces the first death in europe of a victim of the coronavirus. and the trials of motherhood. the duchess of cambridge opens up about the difficulties of her first pregnancy.


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