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this is bbc news i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at two. a plane carrying britons who had been trapped on a coronavirus—hit cruise ship injapan, has landed back in the uk. the 32 british and european passengers are now on their way, by coach, from wiltshire to arrowe park hospital in the wirral to begin a m day quarantine. the met office warns the uk to brace itself for more bad weather with warnings of snow in scotland, strong winds and more rain on the way. bernie sanders warns president putin to keep out of american politics after reports that russia was trying to help the democratic presidential hopeful‘s campaign. mr putin is a thug. he is an autocrat. he may be a friend of donald trump's, he is not a friend of mine.
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some of england's top rugby union clubs back a new scheme being rolled out to help young boys spot the signs of mental health problems. harry and meghan will stop using their "sussexroyal" brand from spring following their decision to step back from royal duties. a surprise visitor drops in on a community in a town near los angeles — causing quite a stir. and coming up at half past two, it's bbc wales investigates where a family breaks their silence after their son died — not on the battlefield — but after mistakes during a military training exercise.
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good afternoon. a flight carrying 32 britons and europeans who have been ona britons and europeans who have been on a cruise ship which became one of the hotspots in the outbreak of coronavirus has touched down in wiltshire. the passengers, who have spent 2 weeks in quarantine on the diamond princess injapan, are now on their way to a hospital in the wirral, where they'll spend another fortnight in isolation. fiona trott reports. finally, back in britain. they have waited a long time for this, and their patience has been tested. after more than two weeks of quarantine on board the diamond princess, this 12 hour repatriation flight was delayed. after disembarking at boscombe down, next is a four hour coach journey to the north—west and to another quarantine facility at arrowe park hospital. this will be their new home for the next two weeks, a nursing accommodation block. they will have clinical supplies and things to keep them occupied, like a television and games console.
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this is when theirjourney to the uk began on friday night. they left the diamond princess in yokohama and were loaded onto buses for the airport in tokyo. the diamond princess was carrying 78 britons. over the past week, some were evacuated to hong kong. it is understood that other british nationals are members of the crew who could be staying on board. at least four british passengers contracted the virus on the ship. two of them are david and sally abel who also have pneumonia. at first they were relieved at the hospital care they received injapan. today their family are anxious and angry. my dad is saying, i can't do any more of this, son, you need to get me out of here. it is like prison in here. we have got no washing facilities, we have one toilet to share, we have a small window in a hotel room which overlooks a brick wall which is six inches away. we have no natural daylight coming into the room, it is awful, no treatment.
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the journey for these passengers is not over yet and although they are back on uk soil, they are still farfrom home. that was fiona trott there. our correspondentjenny hill is in yokohama where passengers disembarked from that ill fated cruise ship hit by the coronavirus, before boarding a flight back to the uk. she gave us an update a short while ago. the vast majority of passengers have disembarked. the british cohort were among the lastly but there are still crew on board and still people on board who shared cabins with passengers who became infected and they are gradually now being moved to
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a government quarantine facility here. it has been a day of alarming headlines. this virus has now spread to some 27 countries, it is in the middle east, there are new cases in italy and the south korean authorities are expressing grave concern about a sharp rise in the number of cases they are saying. the world health organization is now saying that the window in which to contain this virus is beginning to shut. in addition to that the chinese authorities have also said that they now have a case, a man who they believe was infected with the virus 27 days before he began to show symptoms. that is worrying, because the standard quarantine period, the period of quarantine are people coming from the ship will experience is just 14 days. a man has appeared in court in central london, charged in connection with a stabbing at regent's park mosque on thursday. daniel horton, who is 29 and homeless, was remanded in custody on charges of grievous bodily harm, and possessing a bladed article. our correspondent jenny kumar was there. daniel horton appeared in court at around noon and spoke to confirm his name and age and that he has no fixed address. he is charged with grievous bodily harm and possession
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ofa grievous bodily harm and possession of a bladed article and he is accused of attacking a man, an official of the central mosque for more than 25 years. the court heard that the man who was in his 70s was taken to hospital and had treatment toa taken to hospital and had treatment to a wound in his neck and he has since been discharged. daniel horton has been remanded in custody and is due to appear before southwark crown court on march the 20th. the uk is bracing itself for more bad weather today — as the recovery from storms ciara and dennis continue. there are still over 130 flood warnings in england, scotland and wales and the met office has also issued 3 yellow warnings for wind, rain and snow across the uk. earlier our correspondent robert hall, who is in knaresborough in north yorkshire, gave us the latest from there. knaresborough is a very good place to come to show you what's going on right across flood—affected areas. for those who know or have
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visited knaresborough, you'll know it is a very pretty town on a hillside with a river flowing through a gorge through the middle of the town. there is a huge volume of water coming through this morning, we do have blue skies and the occasional shower, the heavy rain has passed for the moment, but this water is coming down from the moors, the dales north of here, down the streams and then into the river. you can see that there is some localised flooding in the centre, some riverside properties flooded — a picture repeated across flood areas. let us show you the amount of water coming over that we are which gives you just an indication of what is downstrea m you just an indication of what is downstream of here and what they are facing. there is still an existing problem even though the rain has stopped, there is still a risk and that water is carrying debris which can get jammed into that water is carrying debris which can getjammed into weirs and flood
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control measures against bridges and that can cause problems once again and of course, they really what you're looking at is the river spreading out into a flood plane which will affect roads and riverside properties. that is the picture and i think it is about to say that we were up in the pennines yesterday and that area had suffered badly in the last bout of flooding and things are dry there, but there is still an awful lot to do and every time we get rain into water courses like this, there is another potential problem and it slows down effo rts potential problem and it slows down efforts to try and get two properties and assess damage and to work out where people go next. it is still an uncertain time and we have got some respite across the country today, clearer skies, got some respite across the country today, clearerskies, heavy showers, occasionally heavy, and a strong wind right across the north of england and up into scotland and northern ireland, that is another problem, another yellow warning. the
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overall picture i think is improving, the river here should drop later today, once all that floodwater from overnight has come down and itjust maybe, we are out of the woods for the time being but that will not mean anything to all those thousands of people who have seen properties and businesses damaged and in some cases ruined. blue british passports will be issued for the first time in almost 30 years from next month. the government has confirmed that now the uk has left the eu, burgundy passports will be phased out but holders can keep their existing documents until they expire. the new passports will be made by a french firm, but the home office says photographs and personal details will be added in the uk, so no personal data is sent abroad. the democratic presidential hopeful, bernie sanders, has warned russia not to meddle in us elections. mr sanders confirmed a report in the washington post, that us intelligence officials had
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told him moscow was trying to help his campaign. president trump has dismissed similar claims about his campaign as a hoax. chris buckler sent this report from washington. us intelligence officials have long believed that russia tried to interfere in america's 2016 election by spreading disinformation online. and, four years on, they've briefed members of congress that moscow is meddling again. this time, notjust to help donald trump, but also the democratic candidate who is his political polar opposite, bernie sanders. an apparent attempt to sow more division in a country already split by mr trump's presidency. but although this information came from his own intelligence agencies, america's commander—in—chief has dismissed the claims as a hoax being spread by his political opponents. it's disinformation. that's the only thing they're good at. they are not good at anything else.
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they get nothing done — do—nothing democrats. senator sanders is the current front runner in the democratic party battle to challenge mr trump. and he's far from sceptical about the allegations of interference, even claiming that russia might be responsible for some online attacks that have been attributed to his campaign. mr putin is a thug. he is an autocrat. he may be a friend of donald trump's, he is not a friend of mine. let me tell mr putin, the american people — whether you are republicans, democrats, independents — are sick and tired of seeing russia and other countries interfering in our elections. supporters of bernie sanders are at the opposite end of the political spectrum to president trump's. and the american authorities clearly fear that russia can take advantage of that kind of fight for the presidency in an attempt to disrupt democracy once again in the united states.
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there are new hopes of a peace deal in afghanistan with the start of 7 days of what's being called, a period of "reduced violence" between us—led forces and taliban fighters. it could lead to the withdrawal of foreign troops after nearly 2 decades of war. from kabul, our correspondent, secunder kermani reports. celebrations late last night as the "reduction in violence" came into effect. for the next seven days, the taliban, afghan government and us forces have promised not to carry out major attacks, helping pave the way, it's hoped, for an eventual peace deal. afghanistan is a country that is being torn apart by war. this was a taliban bomb in kabul last september. thousands of afghans die every year, whilst hundreds of british and american troops have lost their lives fighting the taliban. for more than a year, though, the united states has been trying to negotiate an exit
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to its longest ever war. the taliban wants to make a deal... we will see if they want to make a deal, it has got to be a real deal, but we will see. that meant talking to the taliban. the two sides have drawn up a deal that would see a timetable established for the withdrawal of american troops in exchange for the taliban breaking links with groups like al-anda. if this week passes peacefully, they will sign an agreement next weekend. translation: it depends how honest the taliban are. if they do what they say, we will have peace. if they don't, they are just playing with us. but even if the us—taliban agreement is signed, that will not be the end of this conflict. instead, it will signal the start of a new set of discussions, this time between the taliban and other afghan political leaders about a broader ceasefire and about how the country should be run in the future. for many afghans, the immediate priority is peace.
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more than 3,000 civilians lost their lives here last year. now there is a chance at least of an end to the violence. secunder kermani, bbc news, kabul. the headlines on bbc news... a plane carrying britons who had been trapped on a coronavirus—hit cruise ship injapan have landed back in the uk. the 32 british and european passengers are now being taken by coach from wiltshire to arrowe park hospital in the wirral to begin a 1k day quarantine. the met office is warning the uk to brace itself for more bad weather with warnings of snow in scotland, strong winds and more rain on the way. some of england's top rugby union clubs are backing a new scheme being rolled out to help young boys to spot the signs of mental health problems. just yesterday, former
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international danny cipriani, spoke about his own struggles with depression in a video he posted following the death of his former girlfriend, caroline flack. this report from frankie mccamley. a man who is used to hard tackles, but yesterday, danny cipriani tackled a very hard subject — the death of his former girlfriend caroline flack. i was so vulnerable with her in my moment, when we first met, and i told her everything about me, because i felt safe with her. so i told her all the things that i was embarrassed and shameful about. she made me feel ok. and, ultimately, it was embarrassment and shame that killed her. so i'm telling everyone now what my most embarrassing and shameful moments are, because i know she knew i had the strength to do this.
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his emotional video was praised by the men's health charity movember, who are encouraging young rugby players all over the country to talk. i have seen a couple of players look quite down, and i go over to them and try and pick them back up. you make a mistake, you think, i've messed it all up, and everyone's going to get angry with me. sometimes our match is posted online, and sometimes there can be mean comments coming towards you. the initiative has the support of top rugby clubs and stars including harlequins danny care, who is encouraging young players to open up in what is often seen as a macho sport. here on the rugby pitch, it is physical, it is tough, it can be brutal at times. every mistake these young lads make in a match can be right in front of hundreds of people. not always good for the mental health. so that's why, here at this rugby club, they are taking time to talk. off the pitch, away from scrutiny,
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where there is a place to reflect. for me, i think the mental side of the game is just as important as the physical side of the game. the movember charity is teaming up with rugby clubs across england to deliver mental health workshops to more than 8,000 boys aged between 12 and 18. and, as young boys, what do we think about that? what do we think about, like, a man like tyson fury talking about mental health? if a person like tyson fury can get through it, it makes you think that pretty much anyone can get through it. in a setting they feel comfortable in, the programme aims to help boys spot signs of depression and anxiety in team—mates, and where to go if anybody needs help. how do you deal with the game mentally, if you feel quite bad, or the press is treating you badly after it? one week you play really well, your team wins, you maybe score a try, everyone thinks you're the best player in the world. a week after, you throw and intercept in twickenham in front of 80,000 people, like i did. it's onlyjust a game.
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there's more important things in life. i've got great family, great friends around me, that can take my mind off rugby, and itjust gave me more motivation and determination to come back stronger, fitter, faster. the sports psychologists who developed the programme believe it can help prevent male suicide. if itjust affects one of them, if one of them maybe thinks maybe i'm struggling a little bit, i'll speak to one of my mates, i'll pull him aside and tell him i'm struggling, or go to a coach or a teacher or a parent. suicide remains one of the biggest killers of men under 50 in the uk. we need to change those statistics, and we need to do something about that at an early stage. so this programme is all about prevention and early intervention, and supporting boys as they go through into adult life, to be more resilient and have coping mechanisms. the programme has been welcomed by players on this pitch, but there is much more to do
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for those who don't have a team around them. and, for men in particular, mental health remains an uncomfortable subject to talk about. the duke and duchess of sussex will no longer use the word ‘royal‘, when they begin their new life outside of the monarchy. the couple had been in discussions with aides and senior royals about using the brand ‘sussex royal'. applications to trademark that name have been withdrawn. my colleague shaun ley has been speaking to royal commentator victoria murphy about the couple's announcement. when they announced they were stepping back as senior royals as a result of those negotiations with the rest of the royal family, they said they would not use the title of his or her royal highness to promote themselves. they would retain them but not use them. but when the question was asked, "what about sussex royal?", they didn't have a clear answer at that stage, so now there have been these negotiations
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about what happens to sussex royal. when they said they would not use the royal highness titles, it's hard to see how sussex royal could have been viewed any differently because they are no longer working members of the royal family, and no longer working within the system and institution so using the term "royal" is just not appropriate. i was very struck when i looked at the statement issued today on their behalf. it said, "while there is not any jurisdiction by the monarchy or cabinet office over the use of the word royal overseas, the duke and duchess do not intend to use sussex royal." the implication to me is that it is not a very relaxed statement. it's saying, "there's a line, we have not crossed it, but we are choosing not to do that." does that reflect the tone of the negotiations? i think that is an interesting point, and if you look at the update on their website yesterday evening, there were sseveral sections where you could make the same comment,
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sections where they point out that there was precedent for members of the royal family working separately and representing the queen. i'm not sure what they mean because i cannot think of a direct example. clearly they feel perhaps they have given up more than originally hoped to, and they have been very honest about that, they said they had hoped to have more of a halfway house, but that it wasn't possible. but it is clear what they value the most is their ability to operate autonomously, so giving up things perhaps they had not initially intended to. they are still willing to do that as long as they can achieve the end goal of being free to make decisions about their future. with sussex royal, in some ways it is frustrating for them because they have to go back to the drawing board and re—establish themselves under a new name, but in doing so, they will be more free from the constant potential criticism of, "should they use royal, are they cashing in by doing so?" in a way, for them, this is a better
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outcome in the long—term. i suppose there was always the danger of the moment they reached some commercial deal, they would be attacked in the media for doing so. because we have just seen recent pictures of the two of them continuing to perform public duties. after the end of march, anything that had a taint of commercialism, they were open for criticism. presumably now this protects them from that accusation of cashing in on the queen. in terms of that specific name, it does, the accusation of cashing in using the name royal. but the question of whether projects they take on reflect well on the royal family, i think, will still be a question, and they acknowledged that when they said they would only take on projects that uphold the integrity of the queen. it is not clear exactly what they mean by that. i am sure they will do things we have not seen the queen do,
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but clearly there's an intent to still acknowledge their behaviour reflects on the royal family as they are still members of the family. they will still be members of the family, but from april the 1st, they will step back as working royals. january the 31st is the last day of the current setup, they've got some royal duties until then which will be carried out and covered in the same way, but from the 1st of april, there will be no office at buckingham palace, and they will be represented in the uk from representatives of their charitable organisations, not by the royal household. archaeologists in italy say they've uncovered a sarcophagus in the remains of an ancient temple in rome — which may belong to romulus — the figure who's said to have founded the city along with his twin brother remus. the stone tomb, along with its circular altar, dates from the 6th century bc. bill hayton has the story. it is a 2,500—year—old
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mystery that might — might — have been solved. beneath rome's highest hill, is this the tomb of the once—great romulus, father of rome? translation: romulus is the person who founded rome. he gave life to the city. it's thanks to him that the roman people were formed. the tomb was first found under the capitoline hill inside the old roman forum at the start of the last century, but was then lost. translation: we forgot the place and the precise location during these 120 years, and therefore thought we would not find it intact. so for us to find it was a great discovery, to find it exactly as described. legend says romulus, son of the god mars, founded the city of rome in the year 753 bc. but it came at a cost. in the battle for the city, he killed his twin brother, remus.
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but experts say we might be getting ahead of ourselves. no bones were found inside. translation: we can't say it's the tomb of romulus. we don't have any scientific evidence. we only have a room inside that has been preserved in front of the curia, so the fact that it's been preserved makes us understand that this is an important place. and, depending on your beliefs, romulus was either transported up to heaven or torn to pieces by his own senators, jealous of his power. translation: romulus's body is not there. we have to imagine. this is a place of memory, a cenotaph. the city's first king — for nearly 3,000 years, nothing more than a legend with a cult following. now, maybe, a physical memorial at last to this ancient city's beloved, if not possibly mythical, founder.
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rich preston, bbc news. residents in one californian community have received a somewhat unwelcome guest — a wild black bear. the animal — weighing nearly 200 kilos — could be seen wandering around the streets and gardens of monrovia — a town near los angeles. tim allman reports. believe it or not, this isn't exactly an uncommon sight around these parts. monrovia backs onto the angeles national forest, so black bears do occasionally take a stroll through the neighbourhood. ‘stroll‘ being the operative word. this particular animal, described by wildlife officials as an old lady, seemed to be in no particular hurry. from driveways to gardens, she sauntered very much at her own speed. that laid—back attitude seemed to be infectious. no—one seemed too perturbed.
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capturing the moment on camera seemed to be the priority for some. and it was hard to work out who was the more ferocious. a big black bear, or some slightly smaller animals. the local police were alerted and said they were monitoring the situation, adding that the california department of fish and wildlife were on their way. eventually, they arrived and the bear was tranquilized and taken away for a checkup. assuming she's ok, she will be returned to the wild. in the meantime, someone may need to buy a new sign. that looks like a gentle giant. let us that looks like a gentle giant. let us find out how the weather is looking. here is nick miller. yes, all ice on when the rain is falling and when it is coming, there is some sunshine out there today and for the rest of this afternoon there are
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showers out there, not all of us e—news, some of us will stay dry. the next area of rain is not too far away, this weather front pushes another pulse of moisture are way over night and into sunday morning. it does rain again on flooded areas but we are having a break—out there at the moment. not entirely free of disruptive weather, because there are plenty of snow showers hitting the higher rates in scotland, blizzards in places, i see at times, strong gusty winds here and across northern ireland and northern england, with the shower is moving m, england, with the shower is moving in, further showers looking south, but it is still windy out there, often cloudy, some brighter breaks around, the chance of a few more showers pushing through in cardiff ahead of the rugby game later this afternoon. still double figures for some of us, the further south you are, but it feels cold in the wind and those showers for england, northern ireland and scotland in particular. as though showers continue in scotland overnight, it will be icy, but elsewhere here
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comes rain, perhaps a bit of hill snow in the north of england and northern ireland, but for many of us, it is rain, some of the higher totals falling into the welsh hills. it is not what these flooded areas need,it it is not what these flooded areas need, it is out of the way tomorrow, the wet and windy weather, so after a wet start, goodbye. back in two brighter skies and a few showers as the day goes on. if you're starting with the rain, it will not last too long. should have gone by the end of the morning for most of us. still if you showery burst in england and wales into the afternoon and for many of us, it will turn drier, showers fading through the afternoon, more in the way of sunshine, temperatures up a couple of degrees, will not feel quite as chilly, not as windy tomorrow. the next weather system is coming in on sunday night into monday. this area of low pressure will target the disruptive weather across the northern half of the uk and the winds pick up and it is rain and also snow to quite low levels, particularly in scotland. it could snow in the central belt as monday
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begins. double move north across scotland, rain thinks south and it is windy again, the closer you are to the centre of this low pressure and the southern franc and there could be gus approaching 70 mph, may bea could be gus approaching 70 mph, may be a bit stronger in a few spots. beyond that is the week was on, it turns colder, with blustery wintry showers round and then more rain later in the week. more weather from may just before later in the week. more weather from mayjust before three o'clock. hello. this is bbc news, with me, lukwesa burak. the headlines: a plane carrying britons who had been trapped on a coronavirus—hit cruise ship injapan, has landed back in the uk. the 32 british and european passengers are now on their way, by coach, from wiltshire to arrowe park hospital in the wirral to begin a 1k day quarantine. the met office warns the uk to brace itself for more bad weather


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