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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 25, 2020 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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liverpool survive a second—half scare at anfield — but recover against west ham — to equal a winning record in the premier league. will anybody be at the big game in serie a? italian football authorities are unlikely to risk fans spreading coronavirus, whenjuventus host inter on sunday. and three balls away from a shock second defeat, but hosts australia scrape their first win of the women's world t20. hello, and welcome to the programme. it was business as usual for liverpool, with yet another win in the english premier league, equalling a top flight record with their 18th in a row. but they were given a slight scare by west ham at anfield. the hammers went 2—1 up in the second half, having held their own against the runaway leaders. pablo fornals put them ahead but they couldn't hold on, and mo salah and sadio mane making it 3—2 to liverpool. they're now 22 points clear
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of second place and coming off the back of their champions league defeat last week — jurgen klopp says it was important to get the win. it's a different competition but of course if you lost the game and then you want to go back directly on the winning streak, that's how it is. you know that but imagine if we had lost tonight, everyone would say two ina lost tonight, everyone would say two in a rightly so. now we can stop that immediately and carry on and prepare for watford. union berlin got the better of frankfurt, in the mid—table clash in the german bundesliga. all the goals, in their 2—1 win coming in the second half. sebastian andersson and evan n'dicka's own goal proved the difference, in a match where frankfurt fans left part of their ground empty, in protest at monday night games in the league. italy is the country most affected by the coronavirus outbreak outside asia. after four matches in serie a were called off on sunday, it's now been confirmed that inter milan's europa league match
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against ludgorets will be played behind closed doors on thursday, and the same is likely to happen to one of the games of the season on sunday, as inter are due to playjuventus. here's italian sports journalist mina rzouki. the italian government was happy to postpone matches. but when public health is not guaranteed, the italian football federation has asked the matches continued be played behind closed doors. as we know in football, it is a very heavily congested schedule they have, especially if it seems like juventus and inter. this is the biggest game in their serie a calendar, with thejuventus stadium and being the match between the two biggest clubs in italy. it looks more and more likely that it will be played behind closed doors, not not
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exciting on a commercial or entertainment level but we cannot put public safety behind the entertainment of the game. we know how important this matches, the world is excited for it, i for one was meant to go out on behalf of an american broadcaster to cover the match. we know this means a lot to oui’ match. we know this means a lot to ourfans and is a big day in the serie a calendar. we're talking about a subject that shouldn't really be questioned at all. we don't want this to turn into a pandemic, this is a serious illness, there are fatalities in northern italy and events have been cancelled. bold, while being such an entertaining sport is nothing compared to health. australia are finally off the mark, with a win at the t20 women's world cup,
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with captain meg lanning helping them to victory against sri lanka. india are flying, though, getting their second win of the tournament. our cricket reporter, henry moeran, has more from perth. two really entertaining games to conclude the tournament's action here in perth, australia. looking to bounce back against india playing the sri lankan side. not large expectations going into the game but afar expectations going into the game but a far close amounts than many anticipated. australia is that 123 for victory, and they fell early on for victory, and they fell early on for 10—3. the only meg lanning got them close before ellyse perry hit them close before ellyse perry hit the winning runs to get australia back on track. the day's second game so back on track. the day's second game so india against bangladesh. it was lit up by the 16—year—old opener who hit 79 from 30 deliveries. bangladesh eventually fell 18 runs short. 21121; bangladesh eventually fell 18 runs short. 211211 india and setting the pace for the g20 women's world cup.
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it's good for us and we just want to ta ke it's good for us and we just want to take the moments. we are not really thinking about what happened before, we are working as a team, whether we win or whether we lose, we are looking at the game ahead and noting the positives and things we want to be corrected on or learn, we're just taking that ahead. 0 nto 0nto boxing now. deontay wilder has blamed the weight of his ring—walk costume for his defeat to tyson fury on saturday night and says he will sack the co—trainer who threw in the towel to end the fight. the american claims he was hindered by the outfit he wore on his journey to the ring, saying it was much too heavy — about 20kg. wilder is also in a position to demand a third fight, which he's indicated he will do, although it's likely to be without mark breland in his corner, who wilder criticised for throwing in the towel in the seventh round. four—time olympic gold medallist mo farah has repeatedly denied to us anti—doping investigators that he received injections
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of a controversial legal supplement to try to boost his performance ahead of the 2014 london marathon, but interview transcripts obtained by the bbc‘s panorama programme reveal that farah later changed his account to investigators, saying he'd forgotten. the programme also reveals new allegations about mo farah's former coach, alberto salazar, who is now banned from the sport for doping violations. mark daly has this exclusive report. mo farah's first ever marathon in 2014. commentator: we're on our way! two days earlier he had been given injections of a supplement called l—carnitine which wasn't recorded on his medical notes. injections like this were not banned as long as they were under the legal limit of 50ml. a year later, mo farah's coach alberto salazar was under investigation for doping violations. mo farah was interviewed by us anti—doping investigators at this hotel for five hours and he repeatedly denied having had
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l—carnitine injections before the marathon. "if someone said you were taking l—carnitine injections, are they not telling the truth?" "definitely not telling the truth, 100%. i've never taken l—carnitine injections at all." "are you sure that alberto salazar hasn't recommended that you take l—carnitine injections?" "no, i've nevertaken l—carnitine injections." after the interview mo farah met uk athletics official barry fudge, who'd also spoken to usada. mo farah then rushed back in, just as the investigators were packing up. he then changed his account and told them that he had in fact received an l—carnitine injection ahead of the london marathon. the records are kept. and you would ask the question, well, why? you know, clearly, if he's taking medicines to enhance performance there are ethical questions that that raises. i think this is something that should be looked at in some seriousness.
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uk athletics and lawyers for mo farah said his injections were well within the allowable limit. mo farah's lawyers added: "mr farah understood the question one way, and as soon as left the room he asked mr fudge and immediately returned to clarify and it is plain the investigators were comfortable with this explanation." before the injections were given, e—mails show uk athletics officials worried about whether it would be safe or in the spirit of the sport. despite this, barry fudge flew to switzerland to collect the supplement from a contact of salazar‘s. i'm shocked. because, you kind of go, what was that all about? and you're an employee of uk athletics. so, uk athletics, why would you allow one of your staff to do that? uk athletics said: "a small number of british athletes have used l—carnitine fully in accordance with world anti—doping protocol. farah split from salazar in 2017 but questions about his influence persist. mark daly, bbc news.
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and finally, they say lightning never strikes twice, but surely not five times! and if it does, it might go viral. this is the south dakota state women's basketball tea m just messing around ahead of a game against north dakota. they're trying some pretty ambitious half—court shots, so that's two in a row! the team are known as the jackrabbits and they're also on a winning streak, so riding the crest of that wave and they kept on sinking one after another. these are notorioussly difficult even for professionals to make but here's the roll call: sydney stapleton, addison hirschman, paiton burckhard, jordan ferrand and lindsey theuninck with all the pressure on, and thankfully someone filming it, make five in a row! and even better, they won the game as well.
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congratulations to them from all fronts. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. we're moving into colder air more widely across the uk at the moment. yesterday, of course, we had quite a snowy scene across the northern half of the uk, notjust in scotland but also for northern england and the hills of northern ireland. further south there is still flooding, a major concern particularly on the river severn, and there is a lot of rain from this area of cloud here in the hills of wales that will be feeding into the river systems. that cloud brought the snow more recently in the north—east of scotland, that's pushing away, and instead we are drawing down colder air. this is proper polar maritime air, the air coming all the way from iceland and greenland, and it will feel colder. there could well be some icy patches around overnight and into the morning, especially across the northern half of the uk. and tuesday will be a day of sunshine and showers. those winds blowing in some showers
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almost anywhere really. the more frequent ones will be across the western side of the uk, with some snow over the hills, but there'll be some heavy showers, there'll be some hail and thunder. it will be quite windy for a while in the far south—west of england. and those temperatures will be noticeably lower for england and wales. and a chilly start to wednesday as well. a bit more blue on the chart — almost anywhere could have a pinch of frost, particularly in rural areas. it depends where the showers are and the strength of the wind, there will be some showers around first thing. 0nce those fade away, many parts of england and wales, eastern scotland, may well be dry with a fair bit of sunshine around. the showers continuing into the west and the north—west in particular. again, wintry over the hills. those temperatures aren't really changing much on wednesday. now, during wednesday night, we've got to keep an eye on this system here. that threatens to bring some rain, with a bit of snow to more southern parts of england. that then moves away, we've got a brief ridge of high pressure coming in, and that means fewer showers following that wetter weather as it clears the south—east of england. some showers coming into the north—west, but the winds won't be as strong on thursday — noticeably lighter in the south—west
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of england and wales. there'll be some decent spells of sunshine, but again it's still quite cold air, so temperatures 6—8 degrees. by the end of the week, things may look a little different. instead of the cold air coming in on that west—to—north—westerly, the wind direction should change to more of a south—westerly wind. that's milder air, of course, but as we've seen right the way through the winter, it means cloud and outbreaks of rain. quite a messy picture by friday and perhaps into the weekend as well, with some further rain at times that's likely to lead to some more flooding. bit of snow over the northern hills, but once again we'll find the winds picking up.
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welcome to bbc news — i'm mike embley. our top stories: hollywood producer harvey weinstein is found guilty of sexual assault and rape — he now faces up to 25 years in jail. health experts warn the chances of containing the spread of the coronavirus are diminishing — global financial markets fall as the number of cases rise. president donald trump will move from warm welcomes and sightseeing, to tough trade talks on his two—day trip to india. and thousands of people attend a memorial in los angeles for basketball superstar kobe bryant, who died in a helicopter crash last month.


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