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tv   The Papers  BBC News  February 28, 2020 10:45pm-11:00pm GMT

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about the first death of a bridge in japan on the cruise ship and summer contracting a person to in this country so it does appear at that point that people from the newspapers has been on the front pages but not totally as it is at the moment. this story, they are saying outbreak of the one intent in hospitals, saying 70% of britons could develop in write 15% could end up could develop in write 15% could end up in hospital as a result of that and talking about these emergency laws. again about the disposal of bodies and how that would be speeded up bodies and how that would be speeded up with these laws and also allowing children to be taught in larger classes because teacher might have fallen ill. all very serious. the government appeared now to, they are publishing this next week and they are now trying to react and have been accused of being quite slow on this so we have seen borisjohnson earlier on today coming out and talking about it, he's going to have a cobra meeting on monday and that's what people do want to hear because it now looks to be getting very scary can we look at the front page
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of while the telegraph is devoted to it, a huge 6—page guys to it. should be cancelling my holiday? possibly the scariest front page if you are picking up the paper tomorrow, but it just shows you picking up the paper tomorrow, but itjust shows you the seriousness of where we are now. "1 a itjust shows you the seriousness of where we are now. in a run-through of all different pages is only one story in town tonight. i think what has changed is just story in town tonight. i think what has changed isjust a realisation both of the top level of government i think but also in newsrooms as well that it is now going to come here and the question is how serious it will be, how will the nhs cope with that, but the fact that it's how with that, but the fact that it's now in europe and italy obviously being the worst affected country so fari being the worst affected country so far i think there'sjust no a dawning realisation that the uk is not going to escape this. we are hearing a bit about what would happen with schools and teachers being allowed to exceed the maximum size class, if they have to self—isolate or are ill themselves.
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and the who saying is now at a very high risk and concern also about countries such as iran where the figures may not be what we have been told. we are hearing about that and there's a problem in china and iceland and nigeria and all these places, nigeria if it's reaches of african countries really don't have the framework to cope with this it could spread even further, and it's worrying they've got to get a jewish perspective that this only 20 cases in this country. so to reach that panic mode i think we are a off that yet but everyone is right to be concerned and wrapping it up a little bit but i do think we need to be very careful as to how far we go with this. i think newspapers are particular have to be very careful with the ones that are supposed to sort the wheat from the chaff and sometimes we can get to the point where things are getting a little bit pushed too scary i think. talking about keeping things calm, his return to the front page of the mirror their speak of the country going on a warfooting.
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mirror their speak of the country going on a war footing. yes, equipment george osborne to come himself as editor of the evening standard, the government should go into working again is for this ramping up of language that we have seen over the last few days. but i think again back to mike's points the government has been under a lot of pressure the government has been under a lot of pressure over the government has been under a lot of pressure over how it's reacted to this, has not quite seemed to know how to calibrate it and boris johnson finally coming out this evening and making a statement that we now have this cobra meeting next week will stop there's been this sense that perhaps the prime minister has sort of gone missing, you had jeremy corbyn's jive and prime minister's questions this week and a part—time p.m. went missing during the floods come down at his house elsewhere and people are getting more worried you will want to see boris leading a bit more on this. while it isjust crisis after crisis he is having to deal with. there is crisis after crisis, but i think he's not really dealing with
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it. he would like to leave it to his other ministers to be seen to be doing, if it's their brief they go out to do it like others do with the floods. you cannot do that with this one and with chart george osborne on the front of the mirror this advice to him, this is what you should be doing, getting meetings and beginning daily briefings and look on top of that and confident and calm people down. that has not happened so far, his statement earlier on when he was on screen he did not look particularly in charge there, and i think it doesn't seem to be the borisjohnson of before the election. interesting to see what is going on there. i think you need to get a grip on it and very quickly over the weekend otherwise he could have things like the markets have real problems there with the stock market. shall we turn? mrto the with the stock market. shall we turn? mr to the next page, carry on. the stock market tumbling and we think is going to be as bad as the effect on the economy as the 2008
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crash. to have come we are still feeling the aftereffects of that to this day. and many people looking at this day. and many people looking at this casually your thing about your elderly relatives you don't care about the stock market, but this is going to have a huge effect, we've got to percent down, the us stocks we got the s&p 500 down 14% for the record high last wednesday, it's clear is having a huge effect on the economy. all across the globe and obviously with china in particular and the effect of having their on various industries they are we think earlier in the week the ft was saying the chinese government were trying to bust people back to work so trying to bust people back to work so they are clearly rattled by this we have huge repercussions for the rest of the world. missing £200 billion weft of the value of companies this week. but if you try to put this in a bit of perspective we don't know quite how this virus is going to play out i don't know if it's going to become a pandemic but
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possibly the bigger concern is what this does for the global economy and the knock on effect that will have for the uk economy, we heard from the governor of the bank of england today saying he is worried about a recession and already thinking about whether you have to start taking about lowering interest rates, so clearly the economy and the effects that could have if the uk were two to tip into a recession that could be the real cost. we were speaking toa be the real cost. we were speaking to a financial gentleman talking about the impact of the coronavirus on markets and he did say that we are actually do a dip. and they will be the perfect storm. we feel as though we have had a lot of dips. still recovering from the last as you said. we were having a discussion earlier talking about the effect it has on pension funds and things like that but at the same time does it sound a bit crass at this point again we are thinking about, it's human cost in this first and foremost. yes it is the front of the ft and they have to do that but
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to think about the monetary cost so quickly i think most people do worry about their elderly relatives and ones that are really, who could be had by this particularly and let's think about the money a bit later on. of course these things are concerned with the human concern and messages we are getting from world health officials which then are driving the public panic, that's us booking the markets and you go to the cycles and itjust needs some kind of sign that it's under control andl kind of sign that it's under control and i think she emphasised that the nhs is probably better placed as a sort of command and control central of funded health service to deal with some of this and try and restore a bit of calm. talking about america here as well, american trump has not been too much criticism there. he has not set an awful lot is put mike pence in charge of dealing with it, how effective that will be we will soon find out but he seemed to not be getting the brunt
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of it at the moment but if it spreads to america. bad timing for him as well. let's turn to the front page of the times and as we saw earlier there leading with the coronavirus but the story we are going to concentrate on has the headline javid reveals in income tax cut, why would he be saying this now do you think? of chris wood did hear from him this week, his resignation speech in the house of commons had a bit of a dig there a borisjohnson chief adviser tomic cummings and was quite civil as i would say torts borisjohnson even quite civil as i would say torts boris johnson even though most people look at it and saying, he's the bigger man, he was certain poorly treated i think it is fair to say. but i guess one of the things he's going to have to be thinking about is is there route back to a place in borisjohnson public cabinet. so i think this may be the start of starting to think about keeping his profile up in this interview is very interesting so because of course it's focusing on
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what he would have done if you would have rate remained as chancellor offering two of cut to pension the dick is a great of income tax and the budget had he chancellor also offering the reductions on duties. if you watch the reason why he went from there is a feeling that he was blocking this kind of desire for borisjohnson and blocking this kind of desire for boris johnson and his advisers to turn on the spending tabs to get the booster in and going and getting investment into some of those northern and midland seats that voted forjohnson in the election in some way he was a lock to that so it's interesting to see woods pushing would have pushed for reductions in income tax. puts pressure on the new guy as well. there is sitting at his office putting about pictures about how ha rd putting about pictures about how hard at work he is the budget that would give him something to think about because now javid would give him something to think about because nowjavid is would give him something to think about because now javid is the good quy: about because now javid is the good guy, going to be great wasn't it? i do like this idea of what i would've done it would have been more in. he was his number two so maybe he will
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carry on. he may do but it puts a huge amount of pressure on him and if it's not as good as this is going to bea if it's not as good as this is going to be a disappointment and he will get seen as the good guy, i would've given you a great time, he wanted to say the government was absolutely on the side of the people now. if he's not then... and we loomed to the meckler this week that he has a lot of room, the big decisions coming are probably going to be caged on the road. let's finish off quickly with the independent and events taking place in bristol and there she is. rittenberg. she is like a rock star. —— greta thunberg. lot of protesters there, and teenagers getting out, she's talking about activism does work and again she's not happy with the reaction of politicians and the media, she says they are... she says she's being ignored by politicians and i think people are listening and that's thanks to her. but she still not
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happy issue will be happy until we are talking about it. it does show that this public move towards climate action in younger people is still incredibly, she still got incredible power to get a big crowd. what really struck me as we're speaking to the young people out of the protest they so eloquent. expanding why they were there that does make you pause. to be that age i cannot string together these now. transferring a few more sentences together at 1130. that's it for the papers this hour. david and michael will be back at 11.30 for another look at the papers, and don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — 7 days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thanks again to david and michael. from us all for now. goodbye.
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hello. more rain today for areas this really did not need it. ten to 15 mm round cardiff, we have seen in excess of 50 mm. that is around about two inches in many parts of wales so about 25 mm the day. two scotland, through the weekend, we could see accumulations of snow adding to around 30 mm. at a the uk, overnight, blustery conditions as the wind strengthened and colder air starting to tuck in behind and through the early hours of some icy conditions across northern ireland but most of us are going to escape the frost. but the main focus once again is on the strength of the wind. gales, thoughts of your gales and it is all down to the storm, the theory of low pressure which is named by the mets service as storm jorge. it is through saturday, and
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the southern scotland. rain will be away from eastern england with lots of sunshine and wet and windy day for much of the day across the northern aisles and also plenty of wintry showers merging through the afternoon across northern ireland, northern england and scotland to give longer spots of rain, some hills snow and a court feeling day, particularly when you factor in the strength of the wind and lb whiteley gusting 30 to 50 mph and for a time to the afternoon and into the evening, we could see that hitting up evening, we could see that hitting up to 65 miles, 70 mph up to england and scotland and locally, 80 miles and scotland and locally, 80 miles an hourfor and scotland and locally, 80 miles an hour for parts and scotland and locally, 80 miles an hourfor parts of us are and scotland and locally, 80 miles an hour for parts of us are well. strength of wind likely to bring some disruption. the into the early hours of sunday, a mixture of clear spells, blustery wintry showers it's a more significant snow starting to accumulate across the highlands and at lower levels, it is likely to be sleet and rain. every of the
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pressure storm slips are simple way northwards and still quite windy but those whence to slowly ease down through sunday, potentially on sunday morning we could see some outbreaks of rain in southeast england and i can scoot out the way. mostly england and i can scoot out the way. m ostly o n england and i can scoot out the way. mostly on sunday, sunny spells and some wintry showers and we could see some wintry showers and we could see some further accumulations of snow across the highlands that releases to pile up by the latter half of the weekend. another quality but temperatures up compared to saturday but was still windy, it will be slowly starting to ease down. so to ta ke slowly starting to ease down. so to take a quick look ahead to next week, many are asking when it is going to dry up. different time next week, it is looking drive sunshine and still a few showers. good night.
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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 11: the latest person to test positive for coronavirus in the uk, at a gp surgery in surrey, is the first to get it here, not abroad. the issue of coronavirus is something that is now the government's top priority. alarm over the outbreak has sent global stock markets into a steep dive — with the ftse 100 dropping nearly 13% this week. fears of a major international military confrontation, after an attack by government forces in syria leaves 33 turkish soldiers dead. the flooding misery continues for some —


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