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this is bbc news. part of reading town centre have been sealed off this evening after a number of people were stabbed in a park. several people are being treated in hospital. a man's been arrested. as the uk considers plans for summer travel, the spanish foreign minister says british citizens will be allowed into spain without needing to quarantine from tomorrow. we'll allow british visitors to enter spain, just like the rest of the european union or schengen area, from the 21st ofjune, freely and without the need for a quarantine. a review into the two metre social distancing rule in england is due to conclude soon. the chancellor says he wants businesses to be able to trade again. particularly for the hospitality
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industry, for our pubs, for our restaurants, are keen to see if there are some changes that can be made. that's why we're reviewing the rule and, as i said, the outcome will be announced later this week. president trump's supporters gather in tulsa for his first campaign rally since the covid—19 outbreak reached the us. hello and welcome to bbc news. a number of people have been stabbed in an attack in a park in reading. several have been taken to hospital at the royal berkshire hospital, after the incident in forbury gardens.
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reading council leader jason brock urged people to stay away as police were dealing with what he described as a "serious incident". the thames valley police, the local force, have been keeping people up to date with their social media feed. here's what they have been saying on twitter. they say that they were aware of reports of an incident in forbury gardens and they attended the scene at around 7pm local time along with what they say we re local time along with what they say were other emergency services. officers arrested a man at the scene who is now in police custody. a police cordoned has been put in place around forbury gardens so that officers could investigate, and here are the latest pictures there that you can see, the streets nearby. the police have issued a statement which
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ican bring police have issued a statement which i can bring you now. they state that they have arrested a man following they have arrested a man following the stabbing, which took place in reading. officers and other emergency services were called scene following reports at about three hours ago, 7pm local time. they've arrested a man at the scene. he is now in police custody, but a number of people received injuries, they have been taken to hospital to receive treatment. you can see the cordon they put in place and officers, for some time now, having asking the public to avoid the area because of any danger that may have been present. the home secretary, priti patel, has also been tweeting and she said... obviously, these
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days, lots of people have mobile phones and can film what is going on but the police have been asking the public not to share pictures, the videos, on social media but to report that they have the pictures and videos to officers. our reporter peter cook was there a little earlier and told us what he knew. well, lots of information we're still very much waiting for from the police. we have yet to hear official confirmation or any further details from thames valley police. just to give you some idea of the geography where i am, i'm a couple of hundred yards just down the road from forbury gardens itself. this is a former youth offending prison which is currently empty, reading youth offending prison, and just to my left—hand side is an industrial estate, forbury industrial estate. there's a huge police presence. that's our reporter peter cook, who was reporting a little earlier from the scene as that event, incident,
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was unfolding. just to remind you that thames valley police say they have now arrested a man following that stabbing and he is in police custody in berkshire. that's after officers were called to forbury gardens in reading at around 7pm this evening, about three hours ago, because they receive reports of a stabbing having taken place. but we understand that a number of people had to be taken to hospital for treatment. they are at hospital, several people had sustained injuries. we don't know quite how many yet or the severity of those injuries, but they put a police cordon in place around the park and asked the public to avoid the area while police are at the scene. the leader of the labour party, sir keir
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starmer, has given his reaction to this news. he says that is extreme the concerning, he has urged people to listen to the national police chief counsel and not to share footage of the incident that has been circulated already online. please would rather that anyone who has that sort of footage send it directly to them —— police would rather. sir keir starmer, the labour leader, concerning very concerning reports we are hearing from reading. they cue to the police and any other emergency personnel for responding. please follow the advice of the police chiefs. that's following the home secretary's tweed, priti patel, said deeply concerned to hear of reports of the incident in reading. we understand from local reporters that two people had to be taken to
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hospital. they had sustained a stab wounds. this is being reported by the pa news agency. the leader of reading counsel, —— council, jason brock, had urged people to come forward with information to police but to stay clear of that scene but will bring you more details when we get them, but at the moment, please very much keen to hearfrom get them, but at the moment, please very much keen to hear from anyone who has information regarding that incident. let's go to our correspondent peter cook who's live for us in reading. we can peek to him now, about what has happened at. we have just had an official statement from thames valley police, much speculation over what has happened, but we have now been told by tames valley release that just after 7pm this been told by tames valley release thatjust after 7pm this evening,
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reports of several people having being stabbed in forbury gardens which isjust down being stabbed in forbury gardens which is just down the road being stabbed in forbury gardens which isjust down the road behind me, close to the train station in the centre of the town. we have been told, but not officially by the police, that there are are reports ofa number of police, that there are are reports of a number of fatalities as well. i have seen several aircraft, helicopters, in the sky, dozens of police officers and vehicles it's writing what is a very large cordon in the centre of reading towncenter as they investigate this incident. we have clearly seen some disturbing videos on social media, none of which have been substantiated of having happened at the scene, but the official word we have had from thames valley police as they reported just after 7pm, several people were stabbed in incident. a man is in custody and we are here reports of a number of fatalities here. this incident looks like it is no sign of winding down at the
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moment, helicopters still in the sky above me. one actually was just hovering above the royal berkshire hospital about half a mile away or so, a large police cordon, relatively busy considering we are under lockdown... relatively busy considering we are under lockdown. .. peter, thank you very much. we have lost peter but we got quite a lot of information from him. claire gould saw some of the events unfold. tell us what you saw. i did not actually witness the incident. i walked past the park at around 20 to 7pm, i had gone home, which is about a five and walk from forbury gardens and around seven p:m., we noticed airambulances and around seven p:m., we noticed air ambulances over where we live and it landed in kings meadow, which is the park next to us, which is a round a five and walked from forbury
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gardens. and then around ten minutes later, a second air ambulance landed in the park, next to the first one, and paramedics crossed the road to walk up to the scene what sort of a public space is forbury gardens -- forbury gardens? forbury gardens is the main sort of park area in reading. it is five minutes from the station, it is two minutes from the main shopping area, it is the place where people go, especially on a sunday like today, to sit and have lunch, during lockdown, to sit and socialise with friends. it's quite a large area, nicely enclosed, although it is in the centre of town very although it is in the centre of town m-u although it is in the centre of town very - police say that other very peaceful. police say that other emergency services also attended. how quickly did they all. there? emergency services also attended. how not kly did they all. there? emergency services also attended. how not sure id they all. there? emergency services also attended. how not sure exactly. ll. there? emergency services also attended. how not sure exactly. the | there? emergency services also attended.
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how not sure exactly. the air|ere? i am not sure exactly. the air ambulance was with us just after 7pm. there were sirens going from 7pm. there were sirens going from 7pm for the next couple of hours and police helicopters circling as well. claire, we appreciate you talking to us. claire, we appreciate you talking to us. that's claire gould, a freelance journalist who is on the scene there in reading in berkshire, where we hear from thames valley police that they have now arrested one man in connection with stabbing incident. we are told by the press association that two people have sustained injuries and are in hospital. they we re injuries and are in hospital. they were taken for treatment to the royal berkshire hospital. a cordon has been put in place at forbury gardens, people are being asked not to conquer in that area and asked not to share photos or videos of the incident on social media. —— not
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congregate in that area. spain will allow uk travellers to enter the country "freely and without quarantine from tomorrow", the country's foreign minister has told us this evening. arancha gonzalez laya said discussions were continuing with the uk government about exempting spanish visitors from quarantine rules here. she told my colleague geeta guru—murthy that her country's decision is partly out of respect for the hundreds of thousands of british citizens who have second homes in spain. what we have done is we've made a decision, we will allow british visitors to enter spain, just like the rest of the european union or schengen area, from the 21st ofjune, freely and without the need for quarantine. we will, nevertheless, continue to apply a triple check. passengers will be checked for their origin, checked for temperature and we will be asking everybody to register so that we know we have a contact point where to trace them in case they get contaged with coronavirus. we want to make sure that we welcome visitors, but we want to do this in safety
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and security for them as well as for the spaniards. and you are announcing this unilaterally? has there been a deal the other way? we are discussing with the uk authorities to see if they would do the same on their side. we nevertheless are doing this out of respect for the 400,000 british citizens that have a second residence in spain and that are dying to benefit from their homes in our country. we want to make sure that we honour our commitment to treat british citizens who are, on an epidemiological basis, similar to other european union member states to continue to be able tojoin their homes in spain as from the 21st ofjune. so you still don't know whether those in spain who want to come to the uk will face quarantine, is that correct? that is correct, that's up to the british authorities.
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we do hope that they will be sensitive to the 250,000 spaniards that are also living in the uk and would very much like to enter the uk without a quarantine. but we also respect that countries look at entry or exit restrictions on the basis of their own data and on the basis of their own considerations. these are tough times, we don't have a vaccine or treatment yet, so we understand that we all have to remain cautious. we nevertheless want to welcome visitors, we urge them to remain vigilant, to follow sanitary recommendations and to make sure that, out of respect for them, theirfamilies, friends and neighbours, they behave so that we keep covid under check. spain's foreign minister. our correspondent katie prescott gave me her reaction. i thought it was really
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interesting in the interview. she said she was speaking to the uk's 450,000 people who own a second home in spain, because if you go there for a longer period of time, things from the uk side might change. what we are expecting here is on the 29th ofjune, a review of those quarantine rules. so at the moment, if you go to spain and come back, you have to isolate for two weeks. but on the 29th ofjune, we are expecting an announcement from ministers, particularly european short—haul destinations, spain potentially among those because of its popularity with brits as a holiday destination, you won't have to quarantine when you come back — there will be what they call an air bridge in place. we need things to lift here, notjust for people who want international holiday but people who perhaps need to go away at home, and how can they do that to pubs and restaurants are still not sure when they will be able to reopen or how? we're hoping, again, for an announcement on that on the 4th ofjuly and that people will be able to book staycations from that period.
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if you want to go to wales, for example, there was an announcement yesterday that you will be able to go in a self—catering cottage from the 13th of july. but as you say, bars and restaurants, things people might like to enjoy when they go on holiday, may well not be opening as soon as that. some i've spoken to say it takes time to put measures in place that they're going to be asked to do and we haven't had those guidelines yet from the government, although people are putting things in place that they think will be needed. so, yes, i think the unlocking isn't going to be as swift as people might hope. people have been able to meet each other more easily outdoors, so what is it likely to mean for campsites, for example, where it would be easier to socially distance, even if restrictions are lifted? we're starting to see campsites and caravan sites put measures in place to try
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and reflect those guidelines. as you say, it is easier to go on holiday, perhaps, to somewhere like that, but until we have a full announcement on it, i'm afraid we won't know exactly what that will look like.
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transported by air ambulance. after pressure from the hospitality industry, the government's two metre social distancing rule is to be relaxed in england to one metre. i think we all want to see our pubs and restaurants spring back to life in the same way we are now seeing our high streets spring to life. brazil records a record number of coronavirus infections in 24 hours, more than 54,000. more anti—racism rallies across the uk, despite appeals to stay away, due to coronavirus. and on the first weekend of premier league football since the restart, could bournemouth recover at home to crystal palace? good evening.
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thames valley police say they're investigating a serious incident, in a park in reading in berkshire. a number of people have been stabbed and there are reports three people may have died but this has not been officially confirmed. two people are being treated in hospital. helena wilkinson is at the scene for us tonight. just bring us up to date with the latest. clive, there is a huge police investigation here in reading in the town centre, with dozens of officers around and a massive police cordon. the park itself is just behind us, behind that wall over there, we can't get anywhere near it for obvious reasons but police were called at 7pm when it would have been liked to reports of a stabbing in that part, there were pictures showing a couple of air ambulances in the park itself and other emergency services. we know the number of people were stabbed. there
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are sources suggesting the number of people also died but that hasn't been confirmed by officers from thames valley police. we also spoke to one eyewitness earlier who was in the park himself and he saw a man moving from group to group stabbing people and was in and out very quickly from the park itself. those injured have been taken to a hospital nearby and we have also had news from thames valley police in the last half an hour or so that they've arrested a man. he was arrested at the scene. police telling people to avoid this area and also a statement from priti patel, she has said she is deeply concerned to hear the incident in reading and her thoughts are with eve ryo ne reading and her thoughts are with everyone involved. 0k, hello now, thank you. helen wilkinson with the very latest. the chancellor, rishi sunak, says the government will announce in the coming week whether the two metre social distancing rule will be relaxed in england.
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boris johnson has been facing increasing pressure from his own backbenchers and the hospitality industry to ease restrictions to help businesses. but the government's scientific advisers say that being one metre apart carries up to ten times more risk than being separated by two metres. in the last 24 hours, 128 deaths linked to covid—i9 have been recorded in the uk, and that takes the total number of people reported to have died from coronavirus to 42,589. our political correspondent, leila nathoo, has the latest. when will the next pints be pulled in this pub in york? it needs to be safe, profitable and inviting — a tall order under current restrictions. we are a small, historic, street—corner pub, lots of pinch—points, narrow corridors, we will struggle with any social distancing measures for that reason, really. one metre might work, two definitely won't. we were hoping to hear yesterday. we need some concrete guidance about what is expected of us as licensees. two weeks today is the earliest that
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pubs will be allowed to reopen. the government has been alive to their concerns for some time. a review of the two—metre rule is under way. ministers now say a conclusion is coming soon. the outcome of that review will be announced this week. obviously, that is something that'll make an enormous difference i think to many businesses who are keen to see a change. obviously, we need to go through that review but i'm very understanding of the calls for action on that, particularly for the hospitality industry, for our pubs and restaurants, are keen to see if there are any changes that can be made. but the future of the two—metre rule is crucial for schools, too. a relaxation would allow more children into classrooms, as northern ireland is planning. the uk's chief medical officers have now downgraded the covid alert level, opening the way to further easing. we're in a situation where we have a virus that is still circulating — this is key. in terms of it being safe, no relaxation measure is 100% safe
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but we are in a place where we can cautiously start to relax measures. whether to relax the two—metre rule is a key decision for the government, one that has been a pressure point for some time. it's about balancing the scientific advice on the best way to keep coronavirus at bay with the impact of those measures on the economy. while the direction of travel does now seem clear, some tory mps say ministers haven't acted fast enough. if we don't get the economy moving now, which is why the two to one metre is so critical, then we will see companies simply calling it a day and putting people onto unemployment and that will change massively and i don't want that to happen. it'll be a while before pubs look like this again but they and many other businesses hope that at least they will have the chance to start down that road. leila nathoo, bbc news. the spanish foreign minister has told the bbc that british citizens will be allowed to visit the country from tomorrow without the need to self—isolate for two weeks on arrival. our business correspondent
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katie prescott is here. what about spanish citizens coming here? that is the exact question and bring spain into line with other countries like greece. but the british people who make 80 million trips a year to spain, they want to note is going to happen and we are expecting some sort of announcement on the 29th ofjune which is when a review is due to these quarantine rules. when that happens they should be some sort of announcement on reciprocal arrangements with countries such as spain and they will take into account not only covid levels but also the amount of trips that brits take so the expectation is, given how many of us like to go to spain, that will be among the european short—haul destinations we will have the reciprocal arrangement with. many thanks. brazil has posted a record number of new coronavirus cases in a 24—hour period, more than 54,000.
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it's now only the second country in the world behind the us to have more than a million cases overall. just under 49,000 people have died from covid—i9 in brazil, as katy watson reports now from sao paulo. too many to count yet each and every one matters. grief so raw, a pain that's grown in brazil every single day. it's a pain that trainee surgeon douglas shares. seven members of his family got covid—i9. his mother and uncle passed away in the hospital where he works. his grandmother also died. my central nucleus of my family was completely destroyed because my mum and my grandmother, because we have an italian family, so the mama is the centre of the family. he was the only one to attend his mother's funeral. the entire family was quarantined.
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it is the worst thing ever. because you have nobody to cry with you. you have nobody to give a hug. they are seeing the curve going up, not going down. do you think bolsonaro is responsible? he has his own part of duty in this, sure. we need... we need a leader and he's not a leader. he's just another politician. and the politicians have decided that cities should start to reopen. after more than three months of quarantine, life as it was before. president bolsonaro continues to say very little. this is what he is wanted from the start, a return to normality but there is no such thing as normal here with so many people dying and the virus still spreading fast. on the street, though, there's a feeling of trepidation. "public tra nsport‘s full,
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it's complicated," says this lady, who works as a cleaner. "i'm scared but i have to work, don't i?" doctors are concerned about a second wave before the first one is even over. jair bolsonaro isn't listening. it's cost him two health ministers but how will historyjudge him? maybe the election, the next election, its time. after we go through covid—i9, after we spent some time, some years, we will look behind and see, well, maybe if we'd done it this way or that way, it would be better. but there's no going back. brazil has joined the us as an exclusive member of a club nobody wants to be a part of. katy watson, bbc news in sao paulo. three children have died and their mother is critically ill after a fire at their home in paisley. the blaze broke out last night, and anyone with information is asked to contact the police. fiona gibson, who was 12, and her brothers, 8—year—old alexander and 5—year old philip,
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died at the queen elizabeth university hospital, in glasgow. people have been gathering at anti—racism rallies in a number of towns and cities across the uk, despite appeals to stay away due to the lockdown restrictions. chi chi izundu reports. they chant: black lives matter! for a fourth consecutive weekend people have taken to the streets in the name of protest. they chant: black lives matter! the numbers are not as large but the message is still the same. if we don't fight for it, no one will listen to us. we have a voice and we have to use it. the uk is not innocent, you know? so, lam here standing with the whole world right now. with all of us here together hopefully we make enough noise that the people that need to hear it understand and change can be made for the better. tomorrow is the anniversary of when the ship empire windrush docked in essex, and it has been three months since the windrush scandal review was published, which detailed how some of those who came on that ship were told
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they were in britain illegally and in some cases deported decades later. we also need to ensure that they implement the home office review into the windrush scandal! cheering and applause. if we keep on doing reviews and not actually executing and implementing the previous ones, we are not learning and we are not growing from our past mistakes. we consistently put things under the rug and then move on and start something new, and that is a vicious cycle that this country seems to do. in glasgow, despite police and the scottish government appeals to stay away because of coronavirus, people gathered in george square. these scuffles from counter protesters controlled by officers at an otherwise peaceful event. the purpose is to send a message that glasgow says no to racism and fascism. glasgow says no to thuggery. the people gather here to celebrate world refugee day, and we are also
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here to raise our voice that fascism and racism in this city is not welcome. there was a gathering in newcastle. and people demonstrated in coventry. protest organisers say they're grateful the prime minister is listening to them but they still want reform and change, and until that reform and change is tangible, they'll keep taking to the streets. chi chi izundu, bbc news. let's take a look at some of the day's other top stories. china has outlined new security legislation, which would override existing local laws in hong kong. the proposals have sparked protests and international condemnation. critics say it will destroy the freedoms hong kong enjoys, which are not available in mainland china. thousands of supporters of donald trump are gathering in tulsa in oklahoma for the president's first mass rally since the coronavirus outbreak. experts have warned there could be a spate of new infections,


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