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tv   Coronavirus  BBC News  June 21, 2020 4:30pm-5:01pm BST

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exactly from the police to find out exactly what causes. i'm only here from the people who carried this out, when the questioning is finished, we will find more. legislation to protect british firms involved in public health from takeovers by foreign companies is to be introduced tomorrow. ministers want extra powers to protect uk businesses considered "critical" to help in future pandemics. our business correspondent katie prescott is here. how big is the threat? the concern is with the economic downturn, business as you might be seen as and so business as you might be seen as and so vulnerable as they see it to potential takeovers. what is significant as businesses happen protected by takeover rules on national security grounds so if they ta ke national security grounds so if they take things to do with the military, but now the government is setting its sights on public health and saying, look, if it is a company, a very small one making pv equipment
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for example a vaccine, we need to protect that information in the country or at least have the ability to do so ifa country or at least have the ability to do so if a foreign firm wants to get involved. what evidence do we have so far a foreign takeover attempts? at the moment, we have not seen anything in particular in the space but last year, there is a defence firm. the grounds are in place, the parameters in place to make it go ahead to do x, y and z, protecting the business in a certain way just to make protecting the business in a certain wayjust to make sure national security interests are not threatened. much smaller businesses in need. now it's time for a look at the weather with stav. this upcoming week looks hot and sunny across england and we as we tap in to some heat coming from the near continent. the north and the west of the uk will remain cloudy with rain at times and it
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will be cooler, too. moving through this evening, most of the showers will fizzle away. the winds turned lighter and we will see clear skies, which will be a recipe for a cool night to come, particularly a windy, cloudy, wet start to northern ireland,
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