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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 4, 2020 10:00am-10:31am BST

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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. a major easing of the coronavirus lockdown comes into effect in england with pubs, restaurants, hotels, and cinemas all able to re—open. lockdown only succeeded in controlling the virus because everyone worked together. and we will only succeed in reopening if everyone works together again. some hairdressers in england have been open since midnight. businesses will have to have new rules and procedures in place. a local lockdown comes into force in the city of leicester. hospitality businesses aren't allowed to open and social gatherings and overnight stays are banned.
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president trump, speaking at an event celebrating independence day at mount rushmore, launches a blistering attack on anti—racist demonstrators, accusing them of trying to erase america's history. i am deploying federal law—enforcement to protect our monuments, arrest the rioters... cheering. and prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law. and two divers in mexico find a perfectly preserved cave, with evidence of prehistoric mining from 11,000 years ago. hello and welcome if you're watching in the uk or around the world and stay with us for the latest news
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and analysis from here and across the globe. and analysis from here 15 weeks after lockdown was imposed, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and other leisure businesses are reopening in england. it's seen as a major step in getting the economy back to normal after a major relaxation of restrictions. but england's chief medical officer has warned the move isn't without risk. as of midnight, two households of any size can meet both inside and outside, and stay in each other‘s homes overnight while maintaining social distancing. pubs, hairdressing salons and cinemas in england are now welcoming customers for the first time, but they must observe strict social distancing rules and weddings with up to 30 guests are now allowed but with certain restrictions. other venues like nightclubs and gyms remain closed. the government has urged people in england to stick to new social distancing guidance of "one metre plus" where two metres is not possible. in northern ireland, hotels,
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pubs and restaurants have already reopened. decisions on hospitality and holidays in wales are expected in earlyjuly. in scotland, the hope is that from 15th july all holiday accommodation can open up, along with indoor areas of pubs and restaurants and hairdressers and barbers. john maguire is in bristol to see how pubs are preparing. john, you've been up early, are you ready for a pint yet? too early even for me today. not open yet, pubs were open from 6am here in england but this one will not open until midday, about two hours away. this is an old grain barge, converted into a bar. you can see the river and water below us, people have been paddling, people
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can tie up alongside and enjoy a drink later on. interesting to see the great britain over there, classified as a museum, but it well not be opening its doors today because the trust that runs it says it's just not ready to do so. despite the fact many businesses and pubs and restaurants and visitor attractions can open today, some of them will have taken the decision they are not quite ready for whatever reason. perhaps the pub is too small, they don't have the systems in place or perhaps they are just not confident in reopening and todayis just not confident in reopening and today is about regaining confidence of staff, owners, businesses and of course customers trying to get them back and spend money on the hospitality industry once again. brewing is back. they've kept busy during lockdown by producing bottle beer. but a few weeks ago, the bristol beer factory took a punt
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that pubs would be allowed to reopen in england this weekend and so they are ready to supply them. i wonder, now you've brewed it, will they come? we hope people will come out and support the local pubs. we hope people will be sensible and that they'll react in an intelligent way to the measures we have all had to put in place to ensure the safety of our staff and the safety of our customers. at the front of the brewery, in the tap house, an invaluable tool in the pub trade in 2020 is in use. a tape measure, ensuring that if and hopefully when people come for a drink today, they'll be able to keep safely and socially distant. and if your brother happens to be a joiner, why not utilise his skills, as the landlord has at the coopers arms? we've got all these bays ready for people to sit in. we've got perspex up at the bar to safeguard the staff. and obviously the customers, we have got individual panels to divide everybody up.
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all these have got little perspex windows in, so that when our customers sit down they can see who they are sat next to and chat through the window and they can also shout for a drink from here, if they like, if they can catch one of the staff's eyes and their drinks will be brought out to them. public safety is the main concern. emergency services are ready. always busy on saturday nights in town and city centres, but what will tonight be like? it's been very difficult for everybody in terms of the impact on mental health and well—being, so i fully expect people will want to go out and party and we would not want to rain on anybody'd parade in that regard, but we are preparing for there to be quite significant increase demand. i know the wider nhs are also planning for that and our police colleagues additionally. we expect to see, i think, new year's eve type events in terms of numbers, volumes, although it has to be said that nightclubs aren't opening, so in terms of the timings of things things hopefully should quieten down sooner. and the police are warning people
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to manage expectations. if you're going to go out then do it responsibly, think ahead, think about where you are going, make sure the place you are going to can accommodate you safely. we do recognise that it's important for local businesses as well to get back to a new sense of normal, but what we want to do is just make sure people do that in a safe way, because what we just need to understand that we are still very much in this pandemic and we need to make sure we do all we can to ensure that we tackle this virus. once these boards blocked the windows here at the mother's ruin pub, part of the soundproofing as this is a music venue. but now they are being repurposed as screens between tables and the music must be kept low so the customers don't raise their voices and potentially spread coronavirus. replacing flyers for bands are a track and trace form, details of an app to order drinks and a list of dos and don'ts. so not a typical saturday night. and in terms of the amount of customers allowed in,
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pubs and bars will only be able to serve a fraction of their normal number. many will struggle to break even. but for this first night in months their doors will be open. they won't be calling time just yet. back on board here on the river in the central of bristol, let's come inside. as an industry they have had to reinvent the wheel, coming up with so many different processes to keep staff safe and customers as well. we can say good morning to the staff here, busy, we expected to be later on today, gives an idea. do you now how many people you will have to be for example? we are booked to capacity with two our time slots. with the plan for today we have tried to make it as simple as possible for staff and customers. i
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think the processes we have planned something we will have to constantly review to make sure they are working and we are all happy. i think we are ready to go today. you will be excited, it is table service, you will not be able to stand at the bar, you have waiting staff with ppe visors, talk us through that. we have service staff in either visors 01’ have service staff in either visors orfacemasks depending have service staff in either visors or facemasks depending on which have service staff in either visors orfacemasks depending on which role they are doing today. we have fluid conversation with staff to make sure they get everything they need from us. they get everything they need from us. if there is particular equipment for different things they want us to do, they can come with suggestions. but i think it shouldn't be fantastic. let's hope so. good morning. you have been closed a long time, three months, more than 100 days. what are your thoughts about opening the doors?|j days. what are your thoughts about opening the doors? i think it is going to be a bit touch and go figuring out how it will be as safe
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as possible but i am pretty reassured by the systems we have in place so hopefully as long as that keeps evolving and works for everyone and makes everyone feel as comfortable as possible with being out of the house in a public space, hopefully it should all be fine and i think people willjust be happy to drink somewhere that is not their house. thanks very much to both of you. good luck opening the doors and i think confidence is a keyword today because the pandemic is still out there and very much an issue, more so out there and very much an issue, more so in certain places than others but persuading people if you like to come and spend their money again is going to be a challenge for the industry but one i think they are relishing and one in many cases they have no choice. they will have to get the doors open and get the cash tills ringing again. studio: thanks so much and good luck to the staff there and everyone else
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opening up. well as the rest of england relaxes the rules, local lockdown rules come into force in the city of leicester today after a spike in covid—19 cases, which means pubs, restau ra nts a nd hairdressers will not be allowed to re—open. schools remain closed and residents are advised not to travel. social gatherings and overnight stays at other households are also banned, with fines for those flouting the law. the regulations are due to be reviewed on the 18th ofjuly. 0ur correspondent navtej johal is in leicester. and a contrast there to what's happening in the rest of england. absolutely. as you might expect, certainly as police would hope it has been a very quiet saturday morning here in leicester so far. there is a pub to my right and a nail salon to my left, both closed today and although there will be a super saturday across the rest of england it will be a sober saturday here in leicester. and also extra police officers we are told there could be more leicestershire police officers patrolling the city centre than there might be for a typical new year's eve. also extra british transport police officers at leicester railway station to ensure
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people are not tempted to leave the city boundary either. of course there is the social side of things. no social gatherings indoors, no staying overnight at another household here either. pubs we are told on the outside of the city boundary, the lockdown boundary, some of them are also going to remain closed in order to make sure people are not tempted to break lockdown laws outside of leicester either. for those who might be tempted for repeated flouting of laws, people do have powers from today to sign people up to £3200. plenty of incentive to stay at home in leicester. thanks so much. and coming up, we'll be live at a hairdressers in coventry and we'll hear about the impact on the hotel industry with the chief executive of whitbread who own the premier inn chain of hotels. president trump has used
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an independence day address to condemn what he called a merciless campaign to wipe out america's history and defame its heroes. he was speaking at the mount rushmore national monument in south dakota, under the giant sculptures of four historic presidents. mr trump said angry mobs were trying to tear down america's most sacred monuments and impose a left—wing cultural revolution. 0ur north america correspondent david willis reports. music: hail to the chief. as the number of coronavirus cases hit yet another new record, and his own medical experts advised against large gatherings, president trump held an independence day celebration. in the shadow of four of the country's greatest leaders, at one of the nation's most iconic landmarks. what washington or lincoln might have made of the lack of facemasks
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or the absence of social—distancing is anyone's guess. but this was about bolstering their successor‘s narrative that despite the surge in infections, the coronavirus is under control. let us also send our deepest thanks to our wonderfulfirst responders and the doctors, nurses and scientists working tirelessly to kill... ..the virus. more than 50,000 new coronavirus cases were recorded across the country for the second day in succession on friday. and at least five states set single day records. florida which again saw nearly 10,000 new cases has closed its beaches for the 11th ofjuly weekend. masks are now mandatory in another state that was swift to reopen, texas. president trump is more concerned about protests than pandemics though. as monuments to confederate leaders have been toppled by protesters calling for police reform, he has focused his response on the need for law and order.
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in the face of the recent national reckoning over race relations in this country, following the death of george, the president directed rhetorical fireworks at those who he said were seeking to tear down the nation's history. these heroes will never be defaced. their legacy will never, ever be destroyed. their achievements will never be forgotten. the gathering at mount rushmore incensed some native americans, who regard the land on which it sits as belonging to them. they also expressed concerns the gathering will spread the coronavirus to nearby indian reservations. president trump will be present at another fireworks display at the white house on saturday. thousands are expected to gather along washington's national mall, against the advice of the city's mayor.
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as we saw in david willis's report, some native american groups used president trump's visit to protest the mount rushmore memorial itself, pointing out that the black hills were taken from the lakota people. while leaders of several native american tribes near mount rushmore raised concerns that the event could lead to virus outbreaks among their members, who they say are particularly vulnerable to covid—19 because of an underfunded health ca re system. i'm joined live now byjoy porter — a professor of american indigenous and environmental studies at the university of hull. thank you forjoining us. tell us more about the concerns of native americans mount rushmore and other areas of south dakota. happy independence day. from a lot of indigenous people's point of view, this is more visitors coming to indian country at a time when they don't need them. you have about
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influx of people coming into the state that has not implemented a lot of anti—coronavirus measures. and people are concerned, indigenous people, that the fireworks being pushed and the people coming in could have negative impacts on the natural environment and wildfires could be caused which could affect the water, it is a problem of having a lot of visitors on your land, effectively, that is what's bothering a lot of folk. and remember that these monuments are in contravention of the treaty of fort laramie of 1868, this is sacred land that has been carved upon, so this isa that has been carved upon, so this is a real incendiary context to have for president trump is part of his campaign clearly. from the indigenous point of view for many
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commentators, this is visitors they don't need at a very difficult time for all people in the united states. and of course president trump alluded in his speech at that rally to the black lives matter movement and some of the rallies we have seen over the past month or six weeks. saying this a merciless campaign to wipe out america's history and defame ncos. i'm guessing from what you said at the indigenous people regard their history as been raised before his set straight. how do they fit into the black lives matter movement? president trump is playing the next in playbook where he is trying to send dog whistles to —— nixon playbook. as he used native people for political objectives, president trump is trying to use
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this backdrop to send out certain signals to his base also. let's not forget the big picture here that indigenous people fought and died and contributed to two world wars on the american side, they are patriotically and it cannot be denied, so this false opposition being set up by president trump, these divisions years trying to create, cannot really be borne out by close attention to the facts. while we're on the topic, other people have messages, notjust president trump, interesting that the washington redskins american football tea m the washington redskins american football team say they are reviewing their name. is this a kind of act of contrition on their part or is this just bowing to the market in the force of their customers? they are in the entertainment business and
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these lights case has changed, this is not a good financial decision, to keep up with mascots that are mired in the 1927 when it began, this is over now. they are making a very smart business decision and i am a lwa ys smart business decision and i am always keen to see symbols of change toa always keen to see symbols of change to a more positive dimension. what really matters is what happens on the ground, what matters is jobs, sanitation, what is happening on reservations, and the more these things can be linked, the symbols can be linked to what things are like for kids, elders, people trying to have their part of the american dream, that is what really matters. thank you so much forjoining us. as we've been hearing, a major easing of the coronavirus lockdown has come into effect in england , with pubs,
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restaurants cinemas and hotels all able to re—open from today. alison brittain is the ceo of whitbread, which operates the premier inn chain of hotels, and shejoins me now. we have heard so much about pubs and hairdressers but i do not feel as well informed about what's happening in hotel stay so i'm very pleased to have the opportunity to ask you how it is going to work. it goes without saying we are delighted to be opening again. we have had at premier inn hotels opened throughout the crisis, about a0 hotels which we re the crisis, about a0 hotels which were kept open for key workers, doctors and nurses staying with his, giving us the chance to put the safety protocols in place over the last three months we knew we would need and they have been really successful. so we are now launching another a00 hotels open this week so really good coverage across the uk. and that means people can have their long—awaited holidays or trips to families and friends or business
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travellers have the opportunity to stay away instead of travelling long distances. but you are right there area distances. but you are right there are a few differences. to make sure that we are enjoying somewhere safely, which i think is the government campaign for the summer, and yes we will experience something slightly different but i think they will be really pleased with what they find and what won't have changed is members delighted to welcome back to premier end. —— premier inn. you mention protocols, what visitors can expect your hotels that will be different? when you come into the lobby there will be lots of freestanding and un—touching and sanitiser and we will be asking eve ryo ne and sanitiser and we will be asking everyone to sanitise. there will be distance markers to make sure groups stand separate and we will have screens forward reception to protect guests and the team. in hotels it's
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a safer environment because in your room you are in your own a safer environment because in your room you are in your own cocoon, your own space, and we have got a fantastic clean, protect hygiene standards so we have completely changed the way that we clean the rooms, we have chemicals that are effective against covid—19, we have fantastic lending that is washed to a high standard and we're even changing every shower curtain between guest so there are some differences when you enter but when you get into your room, it should feel safe and secure place to be. what about breakfast buffets? i'm afraid for the moment they are definitely not going to be reappearing but what will reappear over the next few weeks are cooked brea kfasts over the next few weeks are cooked breakfasts to order which will be served at the table in our restau ra nts served at the table in our restaurants that served at the table in our restau ra nts that accom pa ny served at the table in our restaurants that accompany premiere in hotels. what happens, looking at the various eventualities, as we have seen a local lockdown comes into effect in leicester and the government and medical authorities
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have said they want to be ready to impose local lockdown is as and when necessary , impose local lockdown is as and when necessary, what if someone has booked a staycation in one of your hotels and that town lockdown? when the town is lockdown we will follow a closure procedure. clearly we have done that once already for the whole nation when we close down all other hospitality businesses so we are well prepared for that and on the basis that local lockdown is can and will happen, we are ready, prepared to close down the relevant hotels and to close down the relevant hotels a nd restau ra nts to close down the relevant hotels and restaurants and inform guests and restaurants and inform guests and give them full refunds for this day but we cannot put them up in a locked down city. 0ne day but we cannot put them up in a locked down city. one reason we're really keen to summer safely. thank you so much and we wish you and everybody else opening today all the very best. thank you very much. archaeologists say they have made an "electrifying" discovery in mexico, finding evidence of a mining operation that started around 11,000 years ago. for more than 600 hours,
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two divers explored underwater caves beneath the yucatan peninsula? finding tools used beneath the yucatan peninsula finding tools used to extract red ochre. freya cole has more. through the darkness and into an underwater kingdom. here, scientists hope to find clues which could unravel prehistoric mysteries. and they did. the divers discovered a perfectly preserved cave, with evidence of mining from 11,000 years ago. what's really remarkable about the sites is their preservation. this is incredibly rare in archaeology to find evidence of human activity that is this old and this well preserved. they found ancient tools, evidence of fire pits and signs of excavation of ochre, the vibrant, red clay often used for rituals and artwork by the first people to inhabit the americas. the many hours spent on this
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underwater exhibition has shone a light on the ancient tribes. but exactly why they spent their time deep within the cave remains a mystery. freya cole, bbc news. you're watching bbc news. let's go back to the easing of lockdown restrictions in england today and for some going to the pub will be top of the list of things you do today — but for others it might be getting your haircut. hairdressers have reopened across england today, but it looks and feels very different. chi chi izundu is at a salon in coventry. salon in coventry has opened nice and early this morning, at about 8am and early this morning, at about 8am and has made several changes to try and has made several changes to try and accommodate the many people that try to get a hair appointment today. there is normally around 16 chairs
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in the salon with eight members of staff working on different clients but what they have done is ask for shifts to split so they have four stylist in tomorrowland tomorrow and each person is socially distanced as much as possible and as you can see the stylists are in full ppe, facemasks, and aprons to try and keep themselves safe and we have clients here. amy you have had a few clients here. amy you have had a few clients get in contact. over 100 so it's difficult to get everyone in as soon. you have been here since 8am, how long if you don't mind me asking, what have you had done and how long does it take?|j asking, what have you had done and how long does it take? i have had a colour, cut and a blow—dry, it takes around three hours for my hair because it is so thick. that is
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quite a long time to take care of one client. then what happens when you finish? when she leaves we have a one—way system so she will exit through the back and all of this area will be disinfected. how did you find coming back to work?|j area will be disinfected. how did you find coming back to work? i have really enjoyed having the three months off because i have a little girl soi months off because i have a little girl so i had time to spend with her but i do love hairdressing so i am really excited to be back and seeing clients again. and are you happy to finally have your hair done? yes, it has been a long time to wait. congratulations we will let you crack on. there are rules they can follow, they are allowed to blow—dry, this salon is asking people to wear facemasks but it is not a government requirement. you can also do more than one client at a time but the salon has decided initially for the first two weeks to
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have one client as they go along and then they will see how it goes and probably wrap it up. fascinating to hear how everyone is doing it. fascinating to hear how everyone is doing it. now it's time for a look at the weather with stav danaos. unusually windy this weekend. a deep area of low pressure sweeping across the country which will bring gales to the shores for saturday night into sunday. 0livers will see some rain at some point and today looks pretty cloudy, we will see some mist and murk. further east about of shelter from that when we should see some sunny spells which will make it feel quite warm, quite a humid day. here it is, this unusually deep area of low pressure sweeping in across the uk, tightly packed isobars, very windy on sunday for all areas. plenty of sunshine around southern eastern areas but
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heavy rain at times north. heavy winds, up to 60 mph in central and northern parts of the uk, 30 — a0 further south. losing humidity on sunday so less pressure for all.


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