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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 5, 2020 7:45pm-8:01pm BST

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lewis hamilton is beaten to the podium by another brit, in a dramatic finish in austria. liverpool bounce back from their heavy midweek defeat, and pile the pressure on struggling aston villa. and newcastle come from behind twice to deny west ham vital points in their battle to pull clear of the relegation zone. hello and thanks for joining us on sportsday. fans of formula one have had to wait four months for the season to start — but what a start they were treated to in austria. a sensational final lap by 20 year old lando norris stole the show — edging out fellow brit lewis hamilton. who was penalised over a incident, in a drama filled opening race.
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andy swiss was watching. the return of formula 1 in face masks, and it was not the only symbol of how the world has changed in its absence. lewis hamilton taking a knee to show his support for the black lives matter movement. all the drivers with an antiracism message, although six chose to stay standing. and it's lights out and away we go! hamilton's car is now black to show the mercedes team's support for diversity. but starting back in fifth, it was instead team—mate valtteri bottas that led the charge. hamilton battled his way up to second, but under pressure from alexander albon... again, no, with lewis hamilton... albon was out, but it was decided hamilton was to blame, and a time penalty meant that although he crossed the line second behind bottas, he was pushed down to fourth. his dismay though was another briton‘s delight — 20—year—old lando norris finishing third. in these different times, then, a very different—looking podium, but as the fizz flowed, the celebrations, it seems, never change.
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andy swiss, bbc news. so a great surprise for llando norris. here's his reaction. it would be great to be able to share it with the fans and have a hug with a few more people, but i'm so hug with a few more people, but i'm so happy. we weren't expecting anything like this today, but you never know what can happen in formula 1. so as we saw there, several drivers chose to ‘take the knee‘ — as part of the sports anti—racism demonstrations... our f1 reporterjenny gow told me it was a move not all agreed with — and also told me teams will be delighted at the government's relaxation of quarantine rules, ahead of next month's british grand prix. i think it's important to remember that going into this the drivers really wa nted that going into this the drivers really wanted it to be understood that they were united, whatever happened today, if lewis hamilton decided to take the knee, some of
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them would, and some of them felt it wasn't the right thing for them to do, not because they didn't agree with the end racism campaign, they all wore the t—shirt, but they didn't feel that it was right for them. for example, max verstappen saying, i came to austria to race but respect and support the personal choices every driver makes. charles leclerc, who didn't take the knee, saying, i believe that what matter are saying, i believe that what matter a re facts saying, i believe that what matter are facts and behaviours in our daily lives rather than formal gestures that could be seen as controversial in some countries. a mistake, the 20 drivers united in theirfight against mistake, the 20 drivers united in their fight against race, just not sure about how they wanted to express that personally today. what impact will the new quarantine measures have fond teams in light of the silverstone grand prix next month? i think the whole of formula 1 month? i think the whole of formula i will prove a small sigh of relief that the drama has been lifted and gone away, and silverstone of course will be delighted with that news as well, but formula i still remains in
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this very small biosphere. they are testing every one every 5—7 days, eve ryo ne testing every one every 5—7 days, everyone is having to wear masks, even the podium was different, with champagne being sprayed around — they might have to look at that again — but it was done on the ground, not elevator, no fans obviously, everybody keeping their distance, so whilst it's good news, i don't know realistically how much it will change things on the ground at silverstone, because they are taking so many measures to make sure they are safe. but certainly good news for sporting events and other industries. football now — and while it's all done and dusted at the top of the premier league table, it's all to play for at the bottom. new champions liverpool bounced back from there midweek thrashing at the hands of manchester city — with a win over aston villa, who's safety is far from certain. ben croucher has more. as the anfield embroidery will tell you, liverpool are champions. were it not for the banners, their performances might not be the best indicator. their first home game since their silverware was confirmed and a little late
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to their own party. after the thrashing at manchester city on thursday, there was little to impressjuergen klopp yet again against aston villa. in the first half, the relegation strugglers have the clearest chance. they started the second bright, too, is once again allison was called upon to keep it goalless. with liverpool needing energy, they had plenty in reserve. with fresh legs came fresh ideas and a refreshing change of direction, namely forwards, and up and down off the barand in. sadio mane changing juergen klopp was my tune. finally, we saw why liverpool hadn't even dropped a point at home this season, curtisjones' strike confirming what we've known — liverpool not at their best but still better than everyone else in the league yet again. so liverpool leaving it late to open the scoring, in a victory far from easy according
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to their bossjurgen klopp. villa meanwhile left to regret their missed chances. that is why we became champions, because we found a way to win. it not being about being brilliant. in the circumstances, it is not their day, you still have to be 100% in the game. i saw that in each second. but the opponent obviously fights for everything, and it was really uncomfortable to play. the circumstances played more in their hands than in hours, that's true as well. i don't want to stand here and say valiant loser, because we are running out of games. we had to give ita running out of games. we had to give it a right good go, but i think we showed some good quality as well, great defensive discipline, and to outshoot them at anfield takes some doing, so we didn't have a lot of the ball, and we knew that, but we knew we would be a threat on the counterattack, and we worked on that during the week, but unfortunately, again, the final third during the week, but unfortunately, again, the finalthird is during the week, but unfortunately, again, the final third is probably the bits that dash the bed that's just missing at the moment.
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another side in no position to relax at the moment is west ham. they were looking to build on their stunning win over chelsea, and put some distance between them and drop zone. but they were up against a newcastle side unbeaten in the league since the top flight resumed. joe lynsky reports. on every premier league shirt, a tribute to those who helped football comeback. as the nation claps for the nhs‘s birthday, so too did this sport. in empty grounds, they mock the people because my contribution. it is especially eerie at st james's park, where 50,000 geordies are absent. a boost for the away side. here, west ham struck first, in the silence. the hammers are the league's most wasteful club, dropping 22 points after being in front. here, it tookjust 12 minutes for me girl alma ron to draw newcastle level. still, this game had ample time for more tests. thomas sue check made it 2—1. they stay in trouble, though, thanks to
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more mistakes seconds later. jonjo shelvey shot low for 2—2, but he was played onside by a slow clarets defender. problems for west ham but won't go away, but one more point at this stage still makes a difference. sheffield united and burnley both have no fears of relegation. this season's overachievers can count the games down to the close.
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