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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 10, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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1000 rounds a minute was essential for success. they talked about burning the midnight oil and coming into the office late after everybody‘s gone, to carry out further calculations and borrow some bits of equipment to carry out experiments, more or less of their own bat, working very long hours because they were really dedicated to these things. and of course, people taking their work home. hazel told her sons about her role when they were growing up. amazing that history hangs on so fine a thread. you know, if she got the calculations wrong or if she hadn't been asked to help, and the decision had not been made to go with eight guns, who knows what could have happened. this graph, presented to the air ministry in 193a, was the result of hazel‘s calculations. with eight guns firing, the fighters typically had just two seconds to hit their target before pulling away. they had to get incredibly close to the enemy planes,
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just 250 yards away, to stand a chance of shooting them down. hazel‘s calculations meant the government changed its mind. so you got three german fighters that day? 98—year—old squadron leader alan scott flew both the spitfire and hurricanes. you just put the guns on and fired on them. you never think that mathematically they had to be worked out. the four would have been really difficult because it wouldn't give you the firepower that we had. oh, no, awfully glad she was able to work that out for us. the battle of britain proved to be a turning point in the war. it was the bravery and success of the pilots that made victory possible, but without the support of many others, the battle may not have been won. what a great inspiration for young people today, young girls in particular, that can look upon someone like hazel in the early 19305 making such an important contribution to our later success in the battle
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of britain, which was vital to this country's survival. 80 years after the battle of britain, hazel hill is finally getting the public recognition she deserved. sophie raworth, bbc news. and you can see the full documenatary about the "schoolgirl who helped to win a war" on the bbc news channel this weekend — you can see the times on the screen there. time for a look at the weather, here's stav da naos. good evening. we ended the working week on a sunny note for many but there were some pretty heavy showers around, especially across eastern england and some rumbles of thunder. tonight, as high pressure continues to build, showers will fade and with a cooler air mass light wind and clearer skies will make it turn chilly. this was the pressure that brought the dull weather to england and wales a few days ago generating showers across the north and east.
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they will tend to fizzle out this evening and overnight many places will turn drier, but breeze still bringing showers to the north and west of scotland. temperatures falling pretty low for the time of year, 6—9dc widely so a chilly start as we head into the weekend but the good news is high pressure will be dominating so that weekend looks largely dry with plenty of sunshine around. it will feel warmer particularly on sunday. here building in from the south—west, fewer isobars on the chart for england and wales so the wind will be light. lots of sunshine in the morning after a fairly cool start. showers continuing to affect the northern isles and north and west of scotla nd northern isles and north and west of scotland with a strong westerly breeze but lighter wind further south with temperatures creeping into the low 20s. generally around the mid further north. changes into sunday, high pressure continues to dominate over much of the country but a low pressure system, a weather front, starting making inroads into northern ireland and western scotla nd northern ireland and western scotland later in the day with increasing breeze, clouds and
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showery rain but for the rest of scotla nd showery rain but for the rest of scotland and england and wales, a fine day with fairweather cloud, lengthy sunny spells and feeling warmer with high teens in the north and low to mid 20s in the south and south—east. across northern areas into next week we will start to see more cloud at times with weather fronts in some spots of rain. a bit of cloud getting into england and wales as well but generally the further south you are, dominated by high pressure and it should stay largely dry and turn warm particularly in the sunshine. a reminder of our top story... that's it, so goodbye from me. now on bbc one, let'sjoin our news teams where you are. have a very good evening.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm sarah mulkerrins. coming up... it was slow going for england as the west indies took control on day three of the first test in southampton. after a four—month delay, the champions league is back on our radar. we'll have news of who manchester city and chelsea are drawn against — if they make the quarter—finals. a frustrating start to the weekend for lewis hamilton — the formula one world champion was off the pace in practice in austria. also coming up in the programme... rugby‘s revised scedule — seven games in four weeks for premiership clubs as they look towards a twickenham final. and we take a look
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inside ‘fight island' — where ufc is getting set to host four big events this month. hello and welcome along to the programme this evening. let's start then with the action in southampton — where england toiled and west indies wrestled control on day three of the opening test. the windies resumed on 57—1 and solidly worked their way past england's first innings total of 204. not long along they were finally bowled out for 114 14 overs for engplay is still underway at the ageas bowl — so, let's bring our reporter henry morean from southampton. henry, it was a bit of a slog,
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wasn't it, for england today? yes, just a little bit. batting conditions better than we had seen the first couple of days of this test match. we did anticipate it could be hard going for the england bowlers. in the end, the west indies surpassing england's total by quite some distance, 114. but england plugged away. perhaps the only concern could be a lack of wickets forjeffrey archer who bowled with intensity and certainly showed some of the skills that made him a household name last summer but no wickets for him in the innings. in terms of the performance batting today, not massive individual scores but actually very solid collective. absolutely, that is the key to their success absolutely, that is the key to their success in this game so far, they have had batsmen that have gone on and got scores, i'll be there one —— no one has got the 100, in the last
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couple of years it has been the lower order of the west indies that has been more prolific in terms of run—scoring than those at the top. we certainly saw that today with shane dowrich and kraigg brathwaite. offering that stability to ensure they had that platform and that patients that they showed, really impressive, as they have had to come into this match without much preparation, they have been away from first—class cricket as well but they seemed to adapt to the challenges are batting better than england. what have you made of ben stokes as captain so far?|j england. what have you made of ben stokes as captain so far? i think much of his captaincy debbie will depend on the outcome of this game. a lot of focus will be on his decision to bat first, west indies made first inroads in the cloudy conditions, certainly favourable for bowling and with the forecast, we knew things would get easier to bat from day three onwards, as we had seen from the west indies. a lot of
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ben stokes efforts with the ball may pale into six defendants —— into insignificance. the fast bowler was left out while settling there could be questions asked as stuart broad himself told television crews earlier, our colleagues on sky television today, that he was disappointed and angry to have been left out of the england line—up. so there is a bit of pressure on ben stokes having made that call when winning the toss to bat and also the decision to not go with stuart broad for this game. thank you forjoining us. for this game. thank you forjoining us. just so you know, england are seven without last in their second innings so far. now, we're back thinking and talking about the champions league now as the draw has been made for the rescheduled remaining matches. from the quarter—finals onwards, they will all be played in lisbon in august in a mini
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tournament of sorts. so, let's bring in our reporterjoe lynskey now. the thais have stood and results are still months because that will shut down across europe in between the first and second legs of four last 16 games with manchester city leading real madrid to— one on aggregate, thanks to the famous win in the burn about. the second leg is going ahead in early august and so is the second part of chelsea's tie with bayern munich. frank lampard's side will go to germany 3—0 down on aggregate. once the second legs are sorted out, the champions league will conclude in an unprecedented knockout format in lisbon. the winners at city against real will
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play either lyon orjuventus in the quarterfinals. chelsea or bayern will play napoli or barcelona. the other fixtures you can see our paris st germain playing atalanta, the italian side resuming in european football having been at the heart of the initial coronavirus outbreak. while rb leipzig play atletico madrid. it is though, city who are most in the spotlight, not least because as it stands they're banned from this competition for the next two seasons, pending an appeal an the court of arbritration for sport. these are the sides they may have to face in that short form knockout competition. their manager was asked what he thought about that potential draw today, but this is what he said: we played against real madrid. if we
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think about about the next step, the king of this competition real madrid out. maybe this club, in this organisation, there is no one person who knows real madrid better than me. and some more detail today too on how the format will work in lisbon as we mentioned. benfica's estadio da luz and sporting lisbon's estadiojose alvalade will host matches from the quarter finals onwards, with the eight teams involved quarantined inside the portuguese capital. thus the champions league but they we re thus the champions league but they were also details on the roper league. all of the last 16 ties still have to be resolved, some didn't even play a first leg before the lockdown, but that will all be sorted out on the 5th and 6th of august — after that the eight clubs left will go onto venues in western germany for the quarter finals. this is how it stands for the british clubs,
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with manchester united in control against lask and set to meet istanbul basaksehir or copenhagen in cologne in the last eight. wolves need to beat olympiakos at molineux to go through to face sevilla or roma in duisberg, and rangers have it all to do against bayer levekusen to have any chance of facing inter or getafe. now, interestingly for rangers, they've found out today their season can resume on august 1st, and they'll be playing friendly matches up to then, starting this afternoon. leverkusen on the other hand, won't have played competitively since the end ofjune, and that may give steven gerrard's side, hope of an upset. it's going to be very difficult for rangers but you always have that kind of hope that you can actually do something, get an early goal, because i think they are going to have a month's break now,
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leverkusen. rangers are going in and starting to play games now so, you know, hopefully it catches leverkusen on the hop. they have got to go to aberdeen on the opening day of the season, which is always a tricky tie as well. i think they are prepared for the german opposition so, you know, it is going to be coming thick and fast for steven gerrard. the start of the season is vitally important as well, you have to kind of hit the ground running because of the ramifications of celtic trying to win ten in a row. yes, a great achievement for rangers to even reach this stage of the competition but they have a lot of work to do to stay in it. these are the venues being used from the last eight stage in the europa league and there is a potential all british semi—final if results work out — should manchester united and wolves win their two ties, they'll face each other in the last four. that could be a last chance for one or both of those sides to keep their hopes alive of reaching the champions league next season.
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an interesting mix for the premier league sides left. one other line of football news — and liverpool captain jordan henderson will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. the midfielder scored in the 3—1win against brighton on wednesday before limping off late on in the match. he won't need surgery and should be fit in time for the start of next season. everybody felt for him, absolutely. he deserves to lift the trophy and he will lift the trophy. i said no surgery, no surgery needed, that is the good news. and for all the rest, maybe we can make our own decisions, a few decisions how it will be around the trophy lift, but henderson will lift the trophy.


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