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at bringing renewed bouts of cloud at outbreaks of rain, especially across more than at western areas, so it's not exactly going to be a subtle sweet but, the further south and east you are, the better chance you have of the weather dry and relatively sunny. tributes pour in forjack charlton — who played in england's world cup winning football team and managed the republic of ireland — after his death at the age of 85. another one of the 1966 world cup squad to have died. but you know, he will obviously be remembered very fondly. he was a great character. open air theatres, live music venues and swimming pools re—opened today , in the latest easing of the lockdown in england. labour calls for the uk government to clarify its position on face coverings , after the prime minister said a ‘stricter‘ approach was needed in england. bosnia has marked the 25th anniversary of the srebrenica massacre, in which 8000 bosnian muslim men
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and boys were murdered. a former islamic state group fighter from britain dies in the notorious hasakah prison, where many is fighters are held. and a disappointing day for norwich city, as the team's relegated from the premier league after a 4—0 loss to west ham. good evening and welcome to bbc news. the football legend, jack charlton, part of england's 1966 world cup winning team, has died at the age of 85 following a long illness. he spent his entire playing—career at leeds united and later, as a manager, led ireland
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to the world cup quarterfinals in italy in 1990. his family paid tribute to him, saying he was "a friend to many" and "a much—adored husband, father, grandfather and great—grandfather". andy swiss looks back at his life. he was known as big jack and he was a footballing giant. jack charlton turned his courage and charisma into a quite remarkable career. bobby charlton with the corner. jack! perfect goal! he grew up in northumberland, alongside his younger brother bobby. but while bobby's skills soon made him a star, jack's defensive qualities were less glamorous and he knew it. jack charlton. came in like a brick wall and he's hurt. he got an elbow in the face. people try to compare us and i used to say, you shouldn't compare us. i can't play. i can stop other people playing but i can't play. bobby can play. he is a creative player. but there's a place
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in the game for both types. england kept him waiting though. charlton was nearly 30 when he was finally called up and soon made his mark with a first international goal. jackie charlton has got it. and it's a goal. and in 1966 came his and english football's defining moment. international celebrities. there was club success too. he was a legend at leeds united, where he won the league title in 1969, before the inspirational player, became an inspirational manager. if the ball's coming towards you and he's going back, there's no way you're going tojump. charlton first flourished at middlesbrough, but it was with the republic of ireland that he will be most colourfully remembered. after guiding them totheir first world cup in 1990, he took them
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his feet the stuff of footballing folklore. jack was a natural leader. he was a fighter in the way he both played and managed, when he got his teams to play, they were kind of a replica of his personality. but he was also gentle at the same time. his relationship with his brother was sometimes strained, but on an emotional night in 2008, he presented an award to the player he still regarded as the best. when we were kids used to go to the park and play, i would go home for dinner and he would stay out all day. bobby charlton is the greatest player i've ever seen. and he's my brother. but jack charlton's achievements, like the man himself, stood tall. one of english football's biggest characters. and we'll find out how this story —
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and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and 11:30 this evening in the papers. 0ur guestsjoining me tonight are martin lipton, who's the chief sports reporter at the sun, alongside the author and journalist yasmin alibhai—brown. the number of people reported to have died in the past 24—hour period, after testing positive for coronavirus stands at 148. that takes the total number of deaths across the uk to 44,798. it comes as certain lockdown measures have been eased in england, with the re—opening of open—air theatres, live music venues and swimming pools. and in wales, a phased re—opening for holiday—makers has also begun. charlotte gallagher reports. backin back in the water finally. these
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swimmers in south east london are some of the first in england to return to the pool after a wait of almost four months. it is indescribable, the feeling ofjust being able to glide through the water. it's just something that i was desperately missing. i was getting jealous of the docks in the ponds. all the stresses and strains of life, getting in the water is about as far from normal life as you can get. it's real escapism. so it's mental health as well, there have beena mental health as well, there have been a lot of studies showing how swimming benefits more than any other sport around mental and physical health. as the weather gets warmer, outdoor pool like this looked even more tempting. but you can't just turn up, looked even more tempting. but you can'tjust turn up, you have to book first, as places are limited and you might be able to notice as well that the lanes have been made wider to allow for social distancing. they are also asking swimmers to avoid backstroke, so they don't bump into each other. but you might struggle
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to go swimming this weekend. 0nly four out of more than 100 outdoor pools are open today. the industry body, swim england, is warning that a third of light owes will stay shut this year is itjust isn't financially viable for them to open. there are also complaints that the industry wasn't given enough notice by the government. 0ther industry wasn't given enough notice by the government. other outdoor events a re by the government. other outdoor events are allowed in england from today as well. 0pen—air theatres, horse trials and team cricket. it's a different picture in wales, though. in the middle ofjuly, 0xwich bay on the gower peninsula should be packed with people. from today though, the tide are beginning today though, the tide are beginning to turn with hotels, b&bs and self—catering accommodation allowed to reopen. staff have been working ha rd to to reopen. staff have been working hard to prepare for customers. we are hard to prepare for customers. we a re really hard to prepare for customers. we are really excited. hospitality is all about customers, so we're so excited to be able to welcome people back. it be really nice to see them,
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albeit at a little bit more of a distance than usual. businesses in all corners of the uk are trying their hardest to salvage what is left of the summer season. charlotte gallagher, bbc news. well, as you've just heard open—air gigs, festivals and theatre shows can resume in england from today, as long as they have "a limited and socially distanced audience", the government has said. so how will it all work in practice? simon denby is an event organiser at percolate and brixtonjamm. he's organised a live music gig in south london tonight. thank you very much and congratulations. for going live, finally. what is it like and what have you had to do to get everything ready for today? thank you so much. well, it has certainly been a very long journey to get here. it has been quite a speedy uptake what we have had to do in terms of getting
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in line with government legislation and advice. but we have basically organised socially distanced, sit events, with djs. seated in pods, everybody has tickets in advance and, whereas normally in a venue,... we have had to put in lots of small speakers to make sure we are able to pump music out that is actually at a hearing volume, while people can still convert with their friends easily, so it has been a certainly big change from what we are used to. i don't want the gig has kicked off yet. what feedback i'm getting from the audience? so, we did a few in the audience? so, we did a few in the last couple of days, thursday and friday, it's been really positive. people are excited to be out again and be able to see their friends. it has been incredibly positive and i think everyone has really missed the music, miss the social aspect of being able to go
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out clubbing or go to live gigs, so yeah, it has been overwhelmingly positive. how much of even affected by this lockdown, simon? we have been incredibly affected. we've had to cancel, or postpone, for festival this year, as well as numerous club shows and live gigs, so it has been very difficult but we have been fortu nate very difficult but we have been fortunate enough to be able to keep oui’ fortunate enough to be able to keep our team together using the government furlough and support to be able to keep everyone in and working again now, which is brilliant. just how critical was it that you did reopen? because obviously there is a point of no return for businesses, isn't there? absolutely. we were very much down to the last money that we were able to the last money that we were able to get. it was very much a do or die situation for us so, we really need to make this work and it has been amazing to pull it off. we can't
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really go back from here now, it has been very tough. we are excited about the future government support that has been promised to venues, because we had been very worried that everywhere that puts on shows would shut down so at the moment it feels much more promising than it was maybe a month ago. when you look at some of the performances you have on your schedule, i think tomorrow you have channel one performing? notting hill legends. how on earth do you convince your audience not to dance? does it take something away with these measures in place? dance? does it take something away with these measures in place7m definitely does take something away but at the same time, i think people are understanding that we are in a very fortu nate are understanding that we are in a very fortunate position to be able to do this, so we have some rules and regulations, such as keeping calm, not cheering, not dancing. making sure the volume is low and we also have been speaking to djs and performers do not do a normal high tempo set for example. but to do something that is a bit more
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relaxed. so, we are working carefully, it is all about making sure that the customers understand what we're dealing with here. so yeah, it is definitely not been our usual operating circumstances, so we've managed to make it work far. when i look at all here some of the measures you have put in place, the gigs you have cancelled, financially, it is a double whammy. and then of course, you have to put these measures in place. how much have the renovations cost? they have cost quite a bit. for our venue partners. i can't go into exact details, but it has been very costly and to be honest, we are... what is quite difficult is that we have to charge a high ticket price to cope with the extra staffing to make it safe and obviously, there has been a lot of building workjust to create the outdoor spaces that we are currently using. 0k, simon, thank
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you for speaking to us. i hope you have a cracking night. thank you so much for having me. the belgian government is enforcing a 10—day mandatory quarantine period for all travellers who have recently been in leicester. the city is the site of england's first local lockdown after a spike in coronavirus cases. leicester has been added to belgium's list of so—called ‘red zones' , along with other cities in spain and portugal. the new rules were announced early this morning with immediate effect. labour has called for the government to clarify its position on face coverings, after the prime minister said a "stricter" approach to their use in england was needed. they're already mandatory on public transport. but senior sources have indicated the government may follow scotland's lead and make them compulsory in shops too. in wales, first minister, mark drakeford has warned that people might engage in more risky behaviour, if they routinely start
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to wear face coverings. mr drakeford said he didn't think the evidence on the benefits of wearing masks was yet "decisive". the evidence doesn't point to, as i say, in a straightforwardly one direction on this, i saw evidence last week, a survey done of people in a public setting where the research said people not wearing face masks behaved responsibly, people who were wearing face coverings, more likely to ignore social distancing, more likely to do things that acted as though wearing a face covering, as i said, confers immunity on you. as i say, that is one evidence, there is other evidence, i am sure, that is why i say what we do, is to weigh it all up, take advice from our chief medical officer. when the weight of evidence changes, if it does, then we will change our policy, but we are not going to change our policy on the basis of individual interviews, with scientists who have
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particularly strong views on the subject. we have to look at it in the round, things do change, we are hearing a lot all the time, and if we learn that wearing face coverings in public should be made mandatory, then we will certainly follow the evidence in wales. the foreign office says it's supporting the family of a british man, after reports he fell from a hotel balcony in southern spain. police in malaga told the daily mail, that they were "investigating" the death of 2 men in marbella, after "one man landed on another man, killing him as well". the foreign office says it's in contact with local police. a 10—year—old boy is in hospital after being stabbed in bolton police say an 18—year—old man has been arrested following what they describe as ‘an isolated incident‘ early this afternoon on bridgeman street in the town. the 10—year—old is in a stable condition.
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the headlines on bbc news. tributes pour in forjack charlton — who played in england's world cup winning football team and managed the republic of ireland — after his death at the age of 85. 0pen air theatres, live music venues and swimming pools re—opened today in the latest easing of the lockdown in england. labour calls for the uk government to clarify its position on face coverings, after the prime minister said a ‘stricter‘ approach was needed in england. ceremonies have been held in bosnia today to mark the 25th anniversary of the srebrenica massacre, in which thousands of bosnian muslims were murdered. the killings were carried out by bosnian serb forces in 1995 during the fighting triggered when the country declared itself independent from yugoslavia. the killings were the largest mass murder of the conflict
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and the worst in europe since the second world war. guy delauney has this report. it's taken a quarter of a century, but these victims of the srebrenica massacre are finally being laid to rest. surviving family members are here to pay their respects, as their loved ones are buried in the potocari cemetery, alongside 7000 other people and there is still room for around 1000 more victims whose remains have yet to be identified. coronavirus limited attendance at the commemoration, so world leaders offered their thoughts via video message. for many, a sense of shame persists that bosnian serb forces committed genocide in the presence of international peacekeepers. a quarter of a century ago, the united nations and the international community failed the people of srebrenica.
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as former secretary—general, kofi annan said, this failure will haunt our history forever. never again, was a regular refrain, but other speakers lamented that more recent atrocities show that promises long since been broken. 25 years later, we don't seem to have learned very much in a lot of places. even as you have honoured the difficult political compromises. and, crucially, have kept the peace. it is more important than ever to remember that in bosnia and across the world, real democracy requires a genuine commitment to an inclusive society. the bosnian serb military leader, ratko mladic, planned the massacre. under his orders, bosniak muslim men and boys were separated from women and girls. mladic‘s men then systematically murdered them over the following ten days.
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eventually, the international tribunal at the hague found mladic guilty of genocide, but some ethnic serbs still laud him as a hero and genocide denial is common among their political leaders. that view is repugnant to the families of the victims. we will haunt you. and we will never wear down. one of us will always be there to haunt you. it is our right and duty. remember this. there isn't a place where we won't find you and haunt you. my second message is to those who deny genocide. you will not succeed. you will not tire us. you will not scare us. generations of our children will continue our battle. faced with this grim evidence, genocide denial seems ludicrous, but deep divisions endure in srebrenica and across bosnia
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and that is unlikely to change until everyone accepts the truth about the past. a british man whojoined the islamic state group in syria, has died in prison in the country. ishak mostefaoui left the uk to fight against the syrian regime in 2014 , and later had his british citizenship revoked. he was killed in the notorious hasakah prison, where many is fighters are held. it's run by kurdish forces in a region of syria under their control. our home affairs correspondent, daniel sandford has more. this was mostefaoui when he was filmed by a bbc team last october. detained in deteriorating conditions in north—east syria. it is all very bad. some food, medicine, too, you know, to be very densely populated in one room. hygienic materials are very rare.
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the prison is in a converted school in hasakah, run by the sdf, the kurdish led forces that defeated is. reliable sources have now told us that mostefaoui has died. either during a riot or on another account, shot, trying to escape. he is the first british is supported to die in sdf custody. ishak mostefaoui was born in algeria, but grew up in britain from the age of five. he went to syria to join is in 2014 and had his british citizenship taken away four years later. the british government's position has consistently been that is supporters should stand trial in the region. but as conditions deteriorate in the prisons and camps, it is a position that could become more uncomfortable. one of bollywood's biggest stars has been hospitalised after testing
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positive for coronavirus. in a tweet to his 43 million followers, amitabh bachchan says he's asking anyone who's had close contact with him in recent days, to get tested. the 77—year—old has appeared in over 200 indian films in a career spanning more than 5 decades. his son abhishek bachchan, who is also a film star, has also tested positive for coronavirus. let's speak to haroon rashid, entertainment reporter for bbc‘s asian network lovely to have you with us here on bbc news. what is the latest of the story? 0r bbc news. what is the latest of the story? or as you know, he and his son have. as you know, the two men have been taken to hospital near to their home in mumbai. they said that their home in mumbai. they said that the hospitals were informing the authorities and his family were
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undergoing those covid—19 tests. about one hour later, his son also confirmed that he had tested positive. he has said that they both have mild symptoms and has requested all of theirfans have mild symptoms and has requested all of their fans not to panic and stay calm. he is very recognisable when you see him, just remind us how big of a star he is. amitabh bachchan is the greatest film star in india for many. for many, he is considered the greatest out in the world. he has starred in more than 200 films in a career spanning more than 50 years. it made his debut in 1969 and quickly gained a reputation of being bollywood's angry young man. he got rid of that reputation and moved with the times working in several films even in the new millennium as older father characters and his son also is a household name in the country, he has starred in big hit films but for amitabh bachchan, the last time he fell ill in 1982, where it was a
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critical situation, there were thousands of people who stood outside the hospital and prayed for his good health. this is an absolutely massive bit of news for india. the arts and creative industry really has been hit by this pandemic. just tell us a little bit more about how this has impacted bollywood more widely in the country. most film sets in india are still completely deserted. people are not going to work as they normally would. actually, films that we re normally would. actually, films that were ready to be released have had to find alternative platforms to release on. amitabh bachchan‘s film was the first bollywood film that was the first bollywood film that was supposed to be released in cinemas, that has gone straight to a streaming service, amazon prime. similarly, he has been promoting his latest amazon prime series via zoom interviews and skype, so staying at home within those lockdown para meters home within those lockdown parameters but still trying to get some amount of work done. it is
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definitely going to hit bollywood quite badly this bit of news because there was actually a sign that things were starting to go back to normal. more and more people were seen leaving their homes, more people, the paparazzi were taking more photos of actors, but it looks like that won't be happening again for the foreseeable future. thank you very much. thousands of people are flooding the streets of tel aviv to protest against the israeli government's handling of the coronavirus outrbeak 0rganisers say the government has abandoned the country's self—employed and young people who've been made jobless by the pandemic. israel imposed a broad lockdown from the middle of march, allowing only staff deemed essential to go to work. mps on the education committee have warned that pupils from less affluent and ethnic minority backgrounds could be disadvantaged by the cancellation of exams this summer in england. this year, teachers will predict pupils' gcse and a—level grades.
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exam boards then moderate the estimated grades and issue the final results. west midlands police is warning that as lockdown eases, teenagers not in school and young adults out of work could be easy targets for recruiment to gangs. the forces' violence reduction unit is supporting those they see at risk, as phil mackie reports. young lads get attracted. they think, "oh, i want the nice cars and want to have money, the girls, all of that," but it's not worth it at the end of the day because there is two lanes that it's going to go down. you're either going to end up dead or injail. and that's how it ends up, and that's just the reality of it. robbie is an inspiring footballer who fell in with a bad crowd during lockdown and was arrested by the police. we can get you a job that makes you focus on other things, that's what we're going to do, all right? now he's being mentored byjoe, who spent five years in prison. how bad do you want it? we move.
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good. what we are doing is just trying to bring them up to a higher level, just changing their mentality and their way of thinking. we do this by... i know it's going to sound really strange, but just asking them what they want to do. during lockdown crime figures have dropped dramatically but, with teenagers not in school for six months and fewjob opportunities for young adults, the fear is that the easing of lockdown will mean the situation deteriorates. there is going to be a spike in the amount of referrals that come through to us. there's going to be a spike in the amount of crime that's going on. between september 2018 and the beginning of april, coventry saw a surge in stabbings and shootings. in that time, seven people lost their lives. even during lockdown, the problem didn't completely go away. in april, pavandeep daudher was fatally stabbed and died here. west midlands police think — through its violence reduction unit — intervention now will head off problems in the future.
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we cannot arrest our way out of youth violence. what we do need to do is make sure we are targeting the right people, the really high profile criminals, and taking them out of the way to create the space for our partners to step into to help vulnerable young people and put them on the right path. robbie has changed his friendship group and cut out the bad influences. i have learned my lesson now. i'm glad it happened early on because now i know who to surround myself with. i've got one more chance left and if i blow this one then i don't know what i'm going to do. even if he doesn't make it as a footballer, he hopes to make a career in sport or as a personal trainer. phil mackie, bbc news, coventry. america's biggest theme park, disney world in florida has reopened, despite a surge in coronavirus infections across the united states. the resort is following social distancing measures, with a reduced number of guests and a strict cleaning regime. wearing a face covering is mandatory
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and temperature readings are being taken on entry. now it's time for a look at the weather with chris fawkes. hello, when you think our recent weekends have been dominated by low pressure bringing cloudy, wet and windy weather, it is quite a nice change to see skies like these. mind you, quite a few others ended up with quys quite a few others ended up with guys looking a little bit more like this as cloud bubbled up and spread across the sky. this is draft a cumulus and it came quite widespread during the course of afternoon. much of that will collapse and fade away leaving clear skies overnight. still some cloud across the north west, still a few showers running across the north of scotland where it was a quite breezy overnight. in the countryside, turning white chili, temperatures down to six or 7 degrees and tomorrow, nice start to the day, lots of us will have early morning sunshine and for scotland, england and wales a little bit of fair weather cloud bubbled up. in northern ireland, more in a way of
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cloud spreads in through the afternoon and we do have some rain to end the day pushing in here. if anything, temperatures will be a bit higher, we are looking at highs of 20 in edinburgh and 24 in london. hello this is bbc news. the headlines... winning football team and managed the republic of ireland — after his death at the age of 85. 0pen air theatres, live music venues and swimming pools re—opened today, in the latest easing of the lockdown in england. labour calls for the uk government to clarify its position on face coverings, after the prime minister said a ‘stricter‘ approach was needed in england. bosnia has marked the 25th anniversary of the srebrenica massacre, in which 8000 bosnian muslim men


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