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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 19, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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3121 “ni tiff. “2m; “12.21 ii£1 “ni fi£1iiiflé ”£121 :"fl city centre temperatures in mid—single figures. a lot of sunshine for monday morning. it is still strong sunshine. some patchy cloud developing. a few more showers in scotla nd developing. a few more showers in scotland through the day. most of these are north of the central belt. the chance of catching on in northern ireland and northern england. temperatures a bit below average in some spots. into the low 20s. high pressure still hanging on. into tuesday, weather fronts close by. bringing rain towards northern ireland and scotland by wednesday. tuesday, another chilly but sunny start. again, some areas of cloud. still a few showers in scotland. clouding up in northern ireland. some light rain later in the day.
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temperatures close to average. some a bit below average for the time of year. by year. by wednesday, some rain into parts of northern ireland and scotland. through the rest of the week, a greater chance of seeing showers before we see an area rain pushing in to start next weekend. goodbye. she hello she , this is bbc news. the headlines. china denies an accusation by foreign minister, dominic raab that they're carrying out human rights abuses against its uighur population. borisjohnson says he doesn't believe another nationwide lockdown will be needed — even if there's a second spike of coronavirus this winter. today the government announced a further 27 deaths from the virus. president trump has
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defended his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, telling fox news that the us has the lowest mortality rate in the world. police and public health officials are investigating a mosque in blackburn, after 250 people attended a funeral there on monday. it's since emerged that the imam has tested positive for coronavirus. ten temporary ‘nightingale' courts are being set up to help clear a backlog of hearings caused by the coronavirus pandemic. they'll begin operating in england and wales from tomorrow. the united arab emirates prepares to launch a mission to mars — making it the first arab nation to do so. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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a late burst of wickets gives england hope, but can they salvage a result in the second test? the drop zone is becoming familiar territory for eddie howe as his bournmouth side suffer another loss. but this man wins again. hamilton cruises to the top of the driver standings after victory in hungary. hello and welcome to sportsday. the wickets have been falling this afternoon at old trafford, with the welcome return of stuart broad to the side. he took three in nine—overs to give england hope of forcing a result in the second test against the west indies. the windies have managed to avoid the follow on, but as the fourth day draws to a close, a draw is looking more and more likely. joe wilson reports.
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you cannot see time hovering above old trafford but you can sense it in england's desperation to take wickets. and their disappointment when they didn't. just one west indies bad —— batsmen fell before lunch on wednesday. a brave bitter feuding to stand so close and to catch. all eyes on the hole, now more than ever. here the english —— that a 30 stand at after one of the fielders admitted he hedges the live on the bowl. here comes sam curran. accurate polling will never go out of fashion whatever happens to lock the ear. in the absence ofjofra archer, england needed a bowling
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star. england did not have time for bad luck, their only choice was hard work. stokes. mistake, that we'd gone for 75. england needed more. late afternoon archer was seen in the practice room preparing. bricks lbw. black was clean bowled. you wait hours for the match to change and then suddenly this. chris woakes dismissed jason holder but west indies by guided past 270. no follow—on, england have to bat again. running out of time. well, the west indies are all out for 287. henry moeran is inside the bio—bubble for us at old trafford. how is it going? england went for it. they decided to open, not what
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you would expect but with world cup herojos you would expect but with world cup hero jos buttler and you would expect but with world cup herojos buttler and ben stokes looking to score runs which could set upa looking to score runs which could set up a victory for the final day. 0ne set up a victory for the final day. one of those batsmen has fallen, jos buttler out so england find themselves 7—i buttler out so england find themselves 7—1 with 118 nine runs. england need to hit enough runs quickly to give themselves enough time to bullet west indies on the final day and get the victory to the series. stokes is playing with crawley out in the middle, england desperate to see the scoreboard take over. how much will england have an ion the third and final test? they will be staying through the week here at old trafford and hoping the weather forecast will pick up because it looks questionable for next weekend when the final test
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ta kes next weekend when the final test takes place. the west indies will be thinking they have got this series wrapped up. they won that first match in southampton. they will keep their hands on the trophy and that would be some achievement, coming to england and doing that so england will be looking for that final game and then the series against pakistan that follows it. if when this came in the final game tomorrow and have a short turnaround, they will have a lot of confidence going into the final match to snatch this series. thank you very much. it's the second fa cup semifinal of the weekend, chelsea are playing manchester united at wembley. they kicked off at wembley at just after six o'clock. chelsea have made the stronger start. marcos alonso should have scored with his head just a few minutes ago and here, reece james testing david de gea, but it's goalless so far. the winners will play arsenal in the final after they beat the holders, manchester city yesterday. that game is live on
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bbc one right now... around ten minutes to half time. the manager looking pensive there, it would be nice for him to get some silverware this season. bournemouth are on the verge of relegation after they were beaten 2—0 at home by southampton in the south coast derby. defeat means they could be relegated before theirfinal game, if watford take a point from their match on tuesday. austin halewood reports. first came the promotions then came premier league security. the eddie howe yea rs premier league security. the eddie howe years pub in bournemouth‘s most successful but it wanted to survive this year, it was now or never. again southampton they started strong. just king creating the best hat —— chance in the first half. but visitors have danny ings in their ra nks visitors have danny ings in their ranks and he has been on fire this
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season. ranks and he has been on fire this season. bournemouth with a mountain to climb. their fans season. bournemouth with a mountain to climb. theirfans are season. bournemouth with a mountain to climb. their fans are desperate for someone to put hands up and take control but not that a. harry wilson handling the ball in the box, penalty. a sure—fire goal for danny ings? not quite. bournemouth thrown a lifeline. an edgy time it paid off. some studies with a huge goal for the home side. but was it? callu m for the home side. but was it? callum wilson spotted or signed by va are. and to add insult to injury. we have to believe it is possible, it is very difficult for us now. it is not going to be a nice week for us. is not going to be a nice week for us. so bournemouth's feet is out of their hands, their premier league status hanging by a thread. bbc sport understands that watford have sacked their manager nigel pearson with just two
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games to go. he's the third manager to be sacked by the club this season. watford are 17th in the league, dangerously close to the relegation zone. they need at least a point from their remaining matches against manchester city and arsenal if they're to stay up. earlier i asked our football reporter simon stone if there was any news of a replacement? my my understanding is that heaton mullins is going to stepan which is exactly what he did after the second of three sackings now for watford earlier this season when quique sanchez flores came back to the club, he was sacked. hidden melons stepped in then and a draw for the gene —— by the games he was in charge. that will keep watford up if he gets anotherjob. that is the third time this season watford have sacked their manager. they think
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short—term, they think and staying in the premier league and that is why this decision has come so late in the season, basically to get one result and the owners believe he did balance as the man to get that result. staying in the premier league. staying in the premier league. two goals from harry kane helped tottenham to a 3—0 victory at home over leicester. it means brendan rogers' side are clinging onto their champions league spot for dear life. ben croucher reports. 0ne team with two sets of fans. was an you would help out his old employers with a when. just six minutes and when son squeezed an unknown goal. even the moments they look like a winning side were thwarted by spurs but what was up must come down. as leicester hunted foran must come down. as leicester hunted for an equaliser they were slow to get back. harry keen showed just how
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to finish off an attack. just the corner to aim for, target acquired. totte n ha m corner to aim for, target acquired. tottenham was my third goal was greeted as warmly in manchester as london. the main difference here was hugo lloris, leicester's race this afternoon was run. this season, they will have one more chance next sunday at home against manchester united. in the championship, the title winners leeds travelled to derby county and won 3—1 . leeds were 2—1 up when derby's matt clarke stuck out a leg and put the ball into his own net. derby were already unable to reach the play—offs. in the other championship match, barnsley have escaped relegation for now after scoring in the 94th minute against nottingham forest. patrick schmidt keeping their championship survival hopes alive with a 1—0 win. a point for nottingham forest would have secured a play—off place. it was an impressive
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display from lewis hamilton at the hungarian grand prix — leading from start to finish. his victory moves him to the top of the formula 1 world championship. the six—time world champion finshed ahead of max verstappen, who came second, despite crashing on the warm—up lap. adam wild reports. so often in formula one yourfate owes much to your position on the starting grid. but in hungary, for some just getting there was proving problematic. this was red bull's max verstappen crashing on the way to the start. up front in pole position once more lewis hamilton leading the way is his speciality. i had from the start, a lead that would only grow. ahead from the start, a lead that would only grow,
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despite an early pit—stop reshuffle of the chasing pack. perhaps amazingly, it was verstappen who dealt with it best, emerging in second. his pre—race crash behind him, but now so was championship leader valtteri bottas. but way out front, lewis hamilton. no—one could get close. get in there, lewis. absolute masterclass, mate. untroubled, unchallenged in hungary, he is unbeatable. adam wild, bbc news. as usual hamilton didn't claim all the glory for himself and was quick to praise his team for their support which was crucial in helping him get a bonus point for the fastest lap of the race, which was a new lap record at the hungaroring. whilst i was on my own for the race, it was just a different kind of challenge. of course we had great pace. couldn't have done it without these great guys i'm working with. great pit stops. great strategy. right at the end, i was managing those mediums for a long time and it was perfect to get on a fresh tyre and get the extra point. there was no such joy for moto gp world champion marc marquez.
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his return to action at the opening race of the season atjerez in spain ended in this crash. the spaniard broke his arm and will have surgery on it on tuesday. france's fabio quartararo won the race. britain's cal crutchlow missed the race after crashing in this morning's practice. that looked very painful, hopefully he will recover fully. still 0—0 and the fa cup semifinal. that's all from sportsday.


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