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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 28, 2020 6:30pm-6:45pm BST

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francesca can now enjoy life outside of lockdown. but for thousands on the waiting list, there is a long road ahead. lauren moss, bbc news, in blackpool. cricket now, and england have beaten the west indies by 269 runs in the third test, and in doing so, they've won the series. the match at old trafford saw stuart broad take his 500th test wicket, as our correspondent andy swiss reports. victory for england and history for one of its stars. after beginning the day on 499 test wickets, stuart broad promptly charged into the record books. must be! it is! 500 for stuart broad. he had done it. kraigg brathwaite the victim as broad joined one of cricket's most exclusive clubs. just the second england player
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to take 500 test wickets, after his team—matejimmy anderson, who was there to congratulate him. so was his dad chris, the match referee no less. not a bad game to be watching. it is some 13 years since broad made his test match debut and took his first wicket so, how does 500 of them feel? really special moment and i think, as players, you want milestone moments to happen in test match wins and test series wins so for it to have contributed to us winning here and winning the series is awesome. you know, it still looks a bit strange when i look at 500 on the screen or a bit of paper. it's like, wow, that seems so many. after that bowling milestone, broad promptly bagged a catch too... broad wants it, broad calls it. broad takes it! the west indies quickly faded. by playing this first ever biosecure series, they have helped rescue the cricketing summer but this was not the ending they had hoped for as chris woakes rattled through them, with five wickets
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and unerring accuracy. fittingly, though, it was broad who rounded things off. after being left out of the first test, not a bad response, as england clinched a compelling series. a day which belonged to them but, above all, to him. andy swiss, bbc news. time for a look at the weather here's, stav da naos. thank you and good evening. today was a cooler and fresher day for many but we had more sunshine to compensate and behind me you can see the staffordshire and cheshire border and that's a good example of how skies looked today. there were some showers, mainly in the north and it was windy as well thanks to this low pressure which was from yesterday continuing to push into scandinavia. it will still bring windy weather in the north although not as windy as to date. a lot of showers and longer spells of rain in the northern isles but further south, as high—pressure pressure builds, it should be drier with
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lighter winds but still fill fairly cool at so a chilly night to come. tomorrow is not bad for much of scotland, england and wales, northern ireland in the morning, some sunshine and some afternoon clouds developing and we will see some rain pushing into western parts of the uk thanks to an area of low pressure. still quite breezy in the north and cool but warming up in the south. 0n north and cool but warming up in the south. on thursday, this low pressure continues to scrape past the north and west of the uk and brings some rain but high pressure builds over the near continent so dry and sunny and increasingly warm for england and wales, maine confined to scotland later in the day pundits and brightness for a northern ireland —— remain confined. really warm in the south, mid to high 20s celsius, just creeping further northward and still quite cool in northern scotland. heading into friday, the last day ofjuly, it looks like we will have a brief hot spell as we tap into the heat from the near continent which will
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spread northwards on friday with widespread heat and temperatures in the low 30s celsius in central and southern areas but cooler and fresher with showers as we head into the weekend. that's all from the bbc news at six, so it's goodbye from me and on bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. hi there, good evening.
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welcome to sportsday, with me, chetan pathak. coming up on the programme: 500 test wickets for stuart broad, as england win the deciding test against the west indies. it still looked a bit strange when i looked at 500 on the screen, on a bit of paper. it's like, wow, that seems so many. records are broken at glorious goodwood, too, where stradivarius wins a fourth gold cup with frankie dettori. and what's next for sport in the us, with covid cases on the rise and major league baseball games cancelled after players test positive for coronavirus? welcome to the programme. thank you forjoining us. only one place to start tonight — stuart broad is now one of the magnificent seven. he's taken his 500th
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test wicket today. only six other bowlers have achieved that feat, including his team—mate jimmy anderson. he fittingly took the final wicket on the final day against the west indies — as the tourists, chasing 399 to win, were all gone for 129. england winning by a massive 269 runs, taking the series 2—1. i'm joined now by cricket writer isabelle westbury. stuart broad said he was angry, frustrated, after being dropped from that first test. his response since then has been the ultimate shout of determination. a lot of people have seen the michaeljordan documented that aired during the height of lockdown, saying he almost need to manufacture a conspiracy against him to rile up, and you feel like stuart broad is the same. he talked about the difficulty of playing without a crowd, but look what he ended up
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with, a ten wicket hall. other than broad today, is one of the positive ta keaways for broad today, is one of the positive takeaways for ink then going into the test against pakistan next week? —— england going to the test. the test against pakistan next week? -- england going to the test. the bowlers performed well, chris woa kes, bowlers performed well, chris woakes, at the top of the order, you have... a few questions around jos buttler. he's got runs under his belt. and then a glorious seam attack. yes, it is a series win, but going to the pakistan series, this isa going to the pakistan series, this is a good platform to build on. not a man who often gets credit, chris woa kes, a man who often gets credit, chris woakes, but a man who often gets credit, chris woa kes, but he a man who often gets credit, chris woakes, but he had a great day as well. absolutely. any kind if feel that anderson— broad duo retire, he
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will be out of the limelight, but you feel he doesn't mind that. he has got a fantastic record in england and he will step up as the opening bowler once they do retire. hope not too soon, though. know, and i guess on another day, he would be getting more of the headlines but it is about stuart broad and what he has received, and that response. 0ne of the things i liked broad said afterwards was about the west indies saying they are here, they were in the bubble, they made the sacrifice of the series could have been played. we continue to watch what broad did today. one thing that struck me about him is it is not just what he does on the pitch, it's how he speaks often as well. absolutely. he is an articulate person from the camera. regards to the west indies, we have heard it,
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anybody from england or any cricket fan certainly is grateful they came here, and the west indies have been a wonderful opposition. they've been competitive, they've been gracious and they've had to put up with pretty awful isolation conditions. they've been tucked up in their bubble, whether it be at southampton oi’ bubble, whether it be at southampton or at old trafford, for a month now and that takes a mental toll. to have them and the three matches we have them and the three matches we have had, there has been really good cricket, and i'm very gratefulfor them and i think everyone else is too. and they will always have that first test as well. we will have to leave it there, isabelle westbury, thank you. the day very much belonged to stuart broad — and he spoke about what getting his 500th test wicket meant to him. as players, you want milestone moments to happen in test match winds and to series wins, so for it beaded to us winning here and winning the series is awesome. it still looks a bit strange when i look up at 500 on the screen or a bit of paper. it's like, wow, that
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seems so many, but it's been great fun, and, yeah, what excites me is i feel in a really good for them at the moment, ifeel feel in a really good for them at the moment, i feel confident feel in a really good for them at the moment, ifeel confident about taking wickets into my role for the side. looking forward to a little break now, we get four days at home before we come back to the bio secure environment, which will be great, but also looking forward to getting back playing again. because when you feel like a relaxed rhythm, it's exciting to play cricket. since his test debut well over 12 years ago, it's safe to say there've been some great highs for stuart broad along with a few lows. today, his former captain michael vaughan, who gave him his first cap against sri lanka in 2007, says broad isn'tjust a great of english cricket but of the sport. joe wilson has been looking back at his career so far. the stuart broad story really begins here, an independent school strong on sport. you pay for facilities and for coaching. he was here that stuart broad went from boy to man.
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under the influence of one of english cricket's great characters. david still going for his 50. in 19 75, david steele's brave cricketing made him sportsman of the year. in the late 90s, he was co—chair. here is how steele recalls stuart broad. it was just the way he was, and the way he moved and the way he listened and then his bowling came on. and after a couple years, he opened the bowling. but it was the way he did it, the thoughts. it's all in here. cricket is in here. between the eyes. is that what made him stand out, david, his approach? though he was, yeah. he is a cricketer, and
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that's the thing. some are social and noise will be. some can play. david steele was well into his 30s before england picked him. remember, broad was left out of this summer's first test match. if you are not a real cricketer in there, you would not care. he has made his money, he has done this, he wants to play! and he is quite right to say, you know, that he had been done down. ira not playing in this test match, the first one? —— why am i not? i question that. because i had a bit of that myself. you know, that's the thing. he couldn't do anything about that, but he's done it now. that's the thing. hey? why has he done it? because what the game means to him. stuart broad's not the only one making history today.
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another serial winner, stradavarius, has won the goodwood cup for a record fourth time under jockey frankie dettori. trained byjohn gosden, the odds—on favourite won in dramatic fashion on the opening day at glorious goodwood. john hunt was watching. it was a wonderful finish, an air of jeopardy as well as stradivarius came towards the final furlong. frankie dettori needed to try and find his way out. the codicil behind the front runners and there was no guarantee he was going to get a clear run for home, but sure enough, he had to wait that extra second longer, and soon the gap appeared. the horse was through the gap in no time at all, a really easy winter, a fourth goodwood cup winner as well. hard to believe in 200 years of races at glorious goodwood, that feat had never been achieved before today. he's a wonderful horse and maybe there is now a clash possible with superstar enable, from the both stable, both trained byjohn gosden,
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on october stable, both trained byjohn gosden, on 0ctoberfour. now, that will stable, both trained byjohn gosden, on october four. now, that will be really something to savour. a fantastic achievement. no spectators, as we could see, today, but there will be race car was a lot on saturday. important day for horse racing and an important day for support as well, with government officials watching on on saturday. yes, you're quite right, you can probably just the over yes, you're quite right, you can probablyjust the over my left shoulder accommodations under way to accommodate 4000 spectators on saturday afternoon. i do nothing there is a park bench left in sussex here, given the work they are doing over my shoulder! it's been a busy day in racing and cricket. time now for some of the day's other sport stories. after defeat yesterday, british number one johanna konta got her first competitive win since lockdown at the battle of the brits tournament. she came back from a set and 3—0 down to beat katie boulter in roehampton. it's the last day of final qualifying at the snooker world championships in sheffield. eight tournament slots are upforgrabs. the 2006 world champion
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graeme dott is up against it — he trails martin gould by three frames to six going into the evening session. footballers across scotland will follow the premier league in england by taking the knee before every match this weekend in solidarity with the fight against racism. the new scottish season gets under way on saturday and players have also put together a special anti—racism video message. now, today marks exactly two years until the start of the commonwealth games in birmingham. they're expected to have a really positive impact on the city. but in the past few days, the event has faced controversy, as our sports editor dan roan explains. two years from now, this industrial wasteland in the very heart of birmingham will be transformed into two of the venues that will be part of the commonwealth games in 2022. beach volleyball and three by three basketball will both take


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