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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 14, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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struggled, it was also here in newquay. some thundery activity yet again and that is because they are a bit closer to the low pressure towards the northern half through scotla nd towards the northern half through scotland and northern ireland. high pressure dominant there and glorious sunshine in the western side of scotla nd sunshine in the western side of scotland and the pennines and the north of wales but further south through the evening this is where we have that possibility of some hefty thundery showers. further north it will be a glorious end to the d in western spots of scotland but the cloud will fill in again overnight. a fresher night in northern scotland but further south nothing lower than 18 or 19. the trend we have seen in recent days continues into the weekend with a lot of cloud around and sunny intervals. it will feel humid in parts of england and wales and there will be some rain or heavy showers and on saturday it is going to be the southern half of england
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and wales into the midlands and lincolnshire. hang in for the sunshine which comes for northern ireland and the western parts of scotland. easter and sports you might be murky. across england and wales it could be 2a or 25. the only discernible difference on sunday is with low pressure beginning to dominate more widely we will push the threat of showers towards the south west of scotland and northern ireland but the hefty one is found further to the south high on the day i rather humid feeling 25. that's it, so goodbye from me. now on bbc one, let's join the bbc‘s news teams where you are. have a very good evening.
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hello, and welcome to sportsday. i'm gavin ramjaun. the return of rugby union — the premiership season gets under way tonight, when sale travel to harlequins. england women have a new head coach — could sarina wiegman be the woman to lead the lionesses to glory? good for and more frustrations for england, as their bowlers make the most of a weather affected day against pakistan in southampton.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. fans of rugby union have had a long wait, for the premiership to resume following the coronavirus shutdown. worries over contact between players on the pitch delayed the restart. but tonight, harlequins, who played the last match before the enforced break, take on sale at the twickenham stoop. our sports reporter laura scott is there for us. laura, a lot of anticipation ahead of rugby's return. exactly. there's been more than five months since there was premiership action. kick—off is injust over an hour time at the harlequins take on that the sale sharks. nine rounds left in the season and they are very eager to complete those. mike bushel
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when it to see how they are preparing for two nights fixture. a world away from social distancing as bodies collide. rugby union is making its way back and these players are team—mates at sale. only training here. grassroots they are a long way off being allowed any contact but at the elite in safety protocols will put in place which 110w protocols will put in place which now allow for 15 minutes of scrums, rocks and balls in training to prepare them for the season restarting today. the restrictions have been correct and we haven't been able to do more than 15 minutes contact. it is difficult because we going to an 80 minute full contact sport. but to be fair, we are intense. it is shot in schar. hopefully we will be right. since training started again five weeks ago, they have been building up levels of contact while following the new safety routine. daily temperature checks on arrival come and help forms to fill it come up weekly covid—19 tests, plus the
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disinfecting the balls during each session and refreshments of the outside. after so long away, the tea m outside. after so long away, the team is in a race against time to be match fit. what is more, they face the most intense period for sport has ever known domestically. after playing four times before the end of august. just as important as being match fit will be changing the team from game to game to ensure player safety. this is a context bar, no disrespect of a ball. these labs cannot do anything for a0 hours after a game. despite all the challenges, rugby union is back. —— this is a contact sport, no disrespect to football. there were times when some doubted that getting it back over the line this year. as you heard there, there is a jam—packed fixture schedule ahead. i'm joined by danny can now. how do you think the players will cope with that and the fact there would be no fa ns to that and the fact there would be no fans to cheer them on? it'll be
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surreal already. already single fans here. ill be the same for both sides. i think the team that can get that mental side right, there is no external factor it is all about what happened on the pitch. —— it will be the same. rugby is a very physical game. as soon as the same. rugby is a very physical game. as soofi as you the same. rugby is a very physical game. as soon as you can the same. rugby is a very physical game. as soon as you can hit you will know you're in the game. with nine rounds set ago, go, how do you see the panning out? nobody knows. that is the great thing and exciting. hopefully we can put in some good rugby. nobody knows what will go on with the and you in good form before the lockdown or not. hopefully the harlequins can do well in start what i see what happens the re st of in start what i see what happens the rest of the season. kick-off is under way very shortly. the salle players have come out. let's see how it goes. thank you, laura. the return of rugby later on the harlequins phase sale. the cricketers have been back in action for a while operating on a bio
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secure environment. they have been undone by the weather today in the second of the second day of their second of the second day of their second test against pakistan and a stop start affair despite their bowlers taking wickets at southhampton. joe wilson reports from there. before the belated start to play, stuart broad would surely have told england remember it is a day for bowling. instead, a barbizon resistive. but they played for an hour before taking lunch. such a cricket but he was adapting to the gloomy english conditions until he got this ball. pakistan sticks look us down in england had to miss one of the worlds best batsman a7. how about the rest? jos buttler got his glove to this one but the ball escaped. mohammad rizwan batted on front escaped. mohammad rizwan batted on fro nt ste ps escaped. mohammad rizwan batted on front steps have butler taught this and ended the endings another wicket for anderson. remember rizwan?
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imaginative, aggressive late runs are big ones. rizwan was making 50 of them. he plundered. while the tail end are set by come england's captain seem to have had the game and is controlled now he found nothing was quite working. painful. between interruptions, stuart broad minutes to get rid of mohammad abbas, one of the lbw when he remembers he is supposed to appeal. but let's be clear what rule of friday prospect play, that little device held by the empire, the metre which repeatedly determined light with too bad. and thus, with the floodlight signed, the players came off and the spectators booed their disapproval. or at least we can imagine that. —— held by the umpire. well, the lack of play on day two leaves england with little time to build a first innings, should they finish the job quickly with pakistan's batsmen. our cricket reporter henry moeran is at the ageas bowl for us. what are the prospects for the game going forward, with three days still left of this test?
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it isa it is a good question. the weather forecast is been a much like it has been the last few days with rain about the clouds about and just a question of luck and if you can dock snow showers and the cloud is light enough, we will see plenty of play and certainly the pitch look like it is doing enough to encourage the bowlers to think they can get the wickets but will need to see fully if we are going to get ebersole in this game. stuart broad has been speaking to television and said that. england are are a little disappointed not to have all of them out by this point. 223—9 come england will fill a few too many but if they can get that wicket early on the thursday leave at first day, no reason at all they can win this is whether i just delete reason at all they can win this is whether ijust delete mayjustify the selection of sam curran? sam curran comes into the side options with the. and the ankle. he thrives in these conditions. and the overhead with the murkiness in the
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humidity. that makes the ball swing. sam curran is good at that. archer is the man that has been left out of the side. the england captain says archer needs to be rested and he is perhaps not the perfect conditions for him. he is quick and he will benefit from hotter conditions perhaps where the ball is not swinging so much and that is really where sam curran comes into the england team and he will excel. perhaps if england thinking to bring current and because of the conditions and he has bold pretty well so far. thank you very much. still to come on sportsday... we'll be in monaco, for the first of the diamond league meets, as athletics returns to the sporting calendar. and get set for a thrilling deciding session, between ronnie o'sullivan and mark selby... who will make the final of the world championship?
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man city will face lyon and the champions league tomorrow. there will be out without the star player in sergio aguero. if city do when there will face either bayern munich or barcelona in the semifinals. pep guardiola says pressure is always there and they can only do their best. we saw how they were the last two games. so tomorrow will be no exception. we have to try and avoid the mistakes. that is all. the pressure is always there to try and do our best. we will do it. well tonight — bayern munich will be hoping to follow fellow bundesliga side leipzig into the semi—finals. leipzig through courtesy of a 2—1 win over atletico madrid. it's german against spanish opposition again later. barcelona lie in wait in lisbon
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for the german champions. a really exciting encounter... taufig khalil — can bayern make it two german sides in the final four later...? i would say for the international chase of champions, it would be better next thing bayern munich or leipzig against an international tea m leipzig against an international team but come on, which are my football, two german side, why not? byron is very strong and i think they can be barcelona. the barcelona side a formidable team. how seriously will they be taking this match? it is a really strong opposition for them. it is. absolutely. so far, the strongest match they have faced since the corona break is over. bayern munich 118 games in a row. but thomas willis, said they have a lot of talent. but talent is not enough to win games like this. you need to
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well. —— have 118 games in a row. you need a team to stop messi. everybody said we can only stop them asa team. everybody said we can only stop them as a team. if they cannot do that, they are self—confident and so strong and they have a very good chance and barcelona as far as we heard in germany they had some problems in their league. moving on to leipzig who are a team that divide opinion and the country coming out to the last four semifinals. is there more backing for the side now to make the final edit their game with psg?” for the side now to make the final edit their game with psg? i think there are some people in germany who will never like them. they can when the champions league and they can do whatever. they can win the world championship. but i think the respect of some people for a project like leipzig will grow a little and i'm sure there are some people who start thinking maybe it is not so bad having a german team and may be bayern munich will not make it.
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leipzig is the only german side and i'm surea leipzig is the only german side and i'm sure a lot of people will be happy about that. but as i said, there are people who hate this whole thinking. who think the money behind it, you cannot... sarina wiegman has been confirmed as the next head coach of the england women's football team, taking overfrom phil neville when he steps down in september next year. the dutchwoman made the announcement herself. i hope you are all well. i have been the dense national team coach for the dense national team coach for the last four years. i'm really excited and looking forward to becoming a head coach of the england national team. —— dutch national team. good luck for the upcoming 12 months. stay safe and thank you for your support. see you soon. so what does weigmann bring to the job? well — rhia chohan has all the details on what the lionesses can expect from the new boss.
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sarina wiegman was the faa's number one choice from a candidates. and this is why. —— 1a2 candidates. she was captain for them at the netherlands during her playing career. the first dutch female centurion. she became the first such female to earn the uefa pro licence in 2016 it was the first woman to coach with a men's professional club with a season—long spill as an assistant with sparta. she was also manager of vicodin hard women and when up to become the netherlands women assistant coach in 201a. she isa women assistant coach in 201a. she is a trailblazer. it is no surprise that in 2017 she took over as head coach and transformed the women's game in the netherlands. that year it was huge for her. she led the tea m it was huge for her. she led the team to euro championships success on home soil and that helped her land fee for‘s best women's coach award. we spoke to her earlier dutch journalist marcel, about the impact
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that she has had


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