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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  August 14, 2020 8:45pm-9:01pm BST

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this is bbc news with the latest the uk, as we knew from headlines for viewers in the uk return to the uk, as we know from certain countries, not all and around the world. countries. why has the office also banned all but essential travel as mass walk—outs and strikes spread across belarus well? that's because of mostly not as the unrest over the disputed wanting people to go but crucially so wanting people to go but crucially so that you don't go, insurance is presidential election grows. the issue. it won't cover you. the president warned of the financial hardship people again, the foreign office, if they will face if they don't return to work. banning nonessential travel that translation: you should explain means your insurance will cover you to people that this is the only for the trip. if you still go, which chance to save their companies. if you save your company, the government does not want you to you'll be able to feed your family. go ideally, then you are taking in the capital, minsk, maximum risk. that's not something some 10,000 protesters you should be doing when you go in descend on a government on any trip whether it be for building in the centre of the city. meanwhile, eu foreign ministers business or front leisure. especially if there is a medical consider sanctions against belarus. issue that emerges when you would end up footing the bill. yes a desperate dash to the french port of calais as britons scramble to get home before the uk's new quarantine protecting uk citizen and obviously measures on france come into force. you need to protect yourself by not ignoring that advice wasn't lisa, you have already touched on this. let's a nswer you have already touched on this. let's answer this question, this is
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about car insurance. will car insurance still be valid if driving my own car in france if the uk has advised that you should not travel there? yes, as i said earlier, a colleague of mine is just about to go. obviously, you're going to have to check with their own car insurance provided. every provider will be different. i do know my colleague she was confirmed to actually have absently fine, her car is covered while she's travelling abroad. very often it's worthwhile making sure that you check the coverage you get when you go abroad for top you might want to add more cover to travelling abroad. in the traditional green card they used to say. it's always worth checking with your provider before you go abroad with her car especially nowjust to check you actually are insured. we've had some great questions. and thank you to everyone who has been in touch with as here at the bbc. and some great answers. thank you to
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paul and to lease. thank you so much to all of you. hello and welcome to the film review, with me, anna smith. i am filling in for mark kermode's review this week's releases. first up, baby teeth, an australian comedy—drama starring eliza scanlon who appears as beth march in greta gerwig's fabulous little women.
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i wanted to ask you something. uh-huh. will you come to my school formal? i'm a bit old for it? no. do i have to wear a suit? i don't think so. i would like to wear one. scanlon plays miller, a terminally ill teenager who falls for an older boy called moses, played by toby wallace. moses is not exactly what miller's parents would consider boyfriend material — he steals, he takes drugs, and he has been kicked out of the house by his own mother. but sheltered miller is enchanted by his rebellious spirit. so her folks reluctantly
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let him into their home. based on a stage play, baby teeth is a remarkable debut from director shannon murphy, who deftly steers the tone from dark, character driven farce to tragicomedy without missing a beat. she's also assembled a note perfect cast. scanlon and wallace have a palpable connection while essie davis and ben mendelson are hilarious and heartbreaking as miller's pill popping mother and her psychiatrist father. this is a film about love, loss, compromise, sacrifice, and accepting the realities of life and death. it is hugely entertaining and it is ultimately deeply moving. i suggest you keep tissues handy. don't forget your mask either. baby teeth is in cinemas now.
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the story of the puppet pinocchio has inspired many a movie version, including the cutesy 1940 disney classic. a new live—action version from italian director matteo garrone is a very different beast. a relatively faithful adaptation of the 1883 book the adventures of the pinocchio, it stars roberto benigni as geppetto, the woodcarver who crafts a puppet that magically comes to life.
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using elaborate prosthetics and cgi, the child actor federico ielapi is transferred very credibly into the wooden puppet who just wants to be a real boy. the bond between geppetto and his "son" is tangible, so it is nerve—racking when the gullible pinocchio wanders off and gets lost in the countryside, encountering robbers and conmen. pinocchio is a gorgeous looking film that occasionally tugs on the heartstrings. but it is much more satisfying in the subtitled version which is showing in independent cinemas than in the dubbed one that is showing in the multiplexes. the cloying english voices make it seem creepy. either way, pinocchio feels unusually dark and disturbing for a pg film, so while fans of the twisted fairy tale film will find plenty to feast on the parents with younger children might want to wait for the upcoming disney live—action film from robert zemeckis. what is going on. it is me, kurt, from kurt's world.
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ijust realised something big. i'm calling it the lesson. it is a sure—fire way for me to go viral and guess what? the best part being i can do off of the front seat of my spree. stay tuned, buckle up and i will show you the ropes. peace out. much love. a cab—driver turned into a serial killer in spree, a comedy horror warning about the perils of social media. in the desperate bid to gain more followers, kurt, played by stranger things‘ joe carey, gets a job as a cab—driver for the conveniently named company spree. he fits the car with cameras, starts a live feed, and begins slaughtering his passengers using spiked bottled water and a variety of gorier methods. at first he has got too few followers for anybody to notice, let alone believe it is for real. i don't even know why i am making this video. "nobody wants to watch a white guy drive around" his friend taunts in one
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of the films many meta—moments. enter sasheer zamata as a standup comedian. she makes things more interesting. spree is a decent entry into the social media crime thriller genre. more engaging than recent film infamous and the less insightful than the 2017 comedy ingrid goes west, which i loved. spree has about two points to make and it does so repeatedly. but it takes its own advice by inserting a few wtf moments that really have an impact and there are plenty of known jokes for its target market, if they can stay off their phones for long enough of course. spree is in cinemas now. onto a small screen horror that takes itself much more seriously. sputnik is a russian sci—fi about an astronaut who comes back from space with an unexpected passage in tow.
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set in 1983 and coloured in neutral grey and brown hues, it stars oksana akinshina as a psychologist who is surprised when she is asked to treat a famous cosmonaut in a secret soviet facility. it turns out he is suffering from more than ptsd. he is harbouring a parasite inside of him. openly influenced by the alien films, this delivers scares and a smattering of gore. having the creature in captivity somewhat limits the potential really, but egor abramenko's film is very efficient at building tension from atmosphere and characters. all in all, it is a serviceable horror that is on digital platforms now. if you are a fan of quirky
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documentaries with eccentric characters, check out my rembrandt, which is in cinemas and on demand now. prior to 2003, it had never occurred to me that one could buy a painting by rembrandt. you mean that one could actually buy? dropping in on buyers, auctioneers and art experts, the film follows people with a passion for the dutch painter, revealing the price they will pay for what may or may not be his work. trust me. billing itself as an epic art thriller might be slightly overstating it, but it is still a fascinating offbeat watch with playful sense of humour. i am michelle payne. i will be outside if anybody needs me. new to dvd this week is ride like a girl, the true story of michelle payne,
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who in 2015 became the first woman to win the melbourne cup. directed by the actor rachel griffiths from six feet under fame, it stars teresa palmer as the determined young writer who trains up with the help of her father played by the great sam neil, and her brother stevie, who is actually played by himself. it is told in a simple style for a broad audience that has a positive spirit and enough dramatic events to keep the attention. what are you doing after the race? celebrating. griffin's pitched this as a pg feminist force movie to make men cry, and i reckon she has got it about right. ride like a girl is on dvd now. we have spent our whole life trying to unite the world. i'm tired, dude. ted, we have a destiny. now if like me you are looking forward to the future release bill
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and ted face the music, then why not go back in time first in 1989 to bill and ted's excellent adventure? starring keanu reeves and alex winter as time travelling school kids who scoop up famous people from history, this release comes with an intriguing new message at the start — "please note this film reflects historical attitudes which audiences may find outdated or offensive." those are historical babes. as much as i really enjoyed bill and ted as a teenager, i have to say that re—watching it now, i have to see the point of this warning. there is the ogling of over bill's stepmum and the crude caricatures of some of the historical figures. i winced a bit watching joan of arc doing that fitness class in the mall. still, while this may not have stood the test of time as well as a back to the future, it is still a fun, watchable film with great leads and a few catchphrases we can all use right now. be excellent to each other.
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bill and ted's excellent adventure is out on blu—ray now. thank you for watching the film review with me, anna smith. i will be back next week. for the meantime, be excellent to each other. i hate that part. bill, strange things are afoot at the circle k. hello. it's been another day of variety across the british isles. some pretty hefty showers in southern parts, with other areas plagued by low cloud — especially where you've had something of an onshore breeze. and for some across western scotland, the northwest of england and northern ireland, plenty of warm summer sunshine. for the rest of tonight, there is still that threat of a passing thunderstorm across southern areas. the low cloud is pouring off the north sea to affect much of northern england, scotland, and perhaps northern ireland too.
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not a cold night by any means across the east, and other clammy one for eastern wales and much of england england, as well. that's how we start saturday. we've still got passing thunderstorms across southern and central spots. a rather grey start from the north, but hang on in there across northwestern england, northern ireland, central and western scotland because you get to see some sunshine at least in the afternoon. and again, a rather clammy 2a celsius as the high, and southern and central parts, it may be a fresher 22 celsius — 00:14:28,762 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 very pleasant further north.
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