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but this marathon will meet officials regulations. there won't be anything special to help eliud kipchoge. well, apart from his platform shoes, provided legally by his sponsors. progress, he says. the shoe is good. we live in the 21st—century, whereby first we need to accept change, second accept development goes hand—in—hand with technology, so we need to accept technology in our hearts. a. the women's field is held brigid kosgei, world record—holder and last year's london winner. -- is —— is headed by. remember how it was, how it's always been? thousands on the streets. well, the masses will still run, will still raise money for charity, but distantly. virtual london marathons will be completed far and wide. will the atmosphere be the same? no. will the spirit live,
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and live in a unique way, and in a way that is appropriate for 2020 and the 40th race? yes, absolutely. 26 miles will pass, one way or another. the marathon‘s history dates back to 490 bc. it will take more than covid to stop it. joe wilson, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. here's darren bett. let's hope the weather improves for eve ryo ne let's hope the weather improves for everyone running that marathon. so far, the worst of the weather today has been across most southern parts of the uk, but into the weekend the wind and rain will spread far and wide. the rain is a major concern, bringing flooding and travel disruption. we have had some very strong winds this morning, tied in with stowe alex, named by the french
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met service, through the channel and the channel islands, 60 or 70 mph gusts, 100 mph in parts of france. but as it weakens it will ease, but still some gales towards the south east. sunshine and heavy showers in the far south of england as the main wayne barnes ms sue england and the midlands, largely dry for northern england, dry and quite sunny. when the northern ireland. —— as the main rain band moves through england and the midlands. more ranges come overnight tonight, windy weather in the south—west, the rain here and across wales will ease, rain develops more widely across the rest of england and from the north—east into eastern scotland. clearer skies for western scotland and northern ireland, a bit chilly here, early sunshine tomorrow, but cloud and rain on the whole full saturday. that rain pushes westwards, developing more widely across
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england and wales, heavier at times, weather in scotland, gales in the south—west of england, the south east could get some sunshine as the rain clears, getting temperatures a boost, but 13 degrees also underneath the rain, which will be heavy at times. and the rain warnings from the met office continue into the weekend, the west country and into wales could have more than two inches of rain over the higher ground and we could see significantly mulraney over the higher ground in the north—east of scotla nd higher ground in the north—east of scotland as the north sea winds pile in. an area of low pressure will dominate the weather over the weekend, the centre of the locums to set right over the centre of the uk, the strongest winds will be around the strongest winds will be around the edges of sunday, together with this rain. rain should move away from north—eastern scotland on sunday, not far from from north—eastern scotland on sunday, not farfrom northern ireland, returning into south wales and the south—west. some heavy
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showers, temperatures of 13 or 1a. into next week, more showers, which could be heavy. that's all from the bbc news at one. we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news. one of the biggest names in rugby league — sam burgess — is under police investigation in australia, over allegations of domestic violence and illegal drug use. rugby league officials are also looking into claims that the south sydney rabbitohs, the club he played for and then coached, covered up the incidents for burgess. 0ur sports news correspondent is laura scott. and laura, these allegations coming from a big investigation by a newspaper? exactly. this was a front page of
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the australian investigation. they made allegations of domestic violence and drug use. there was a strong denial issued to the newspaper by sam burgess‘s lawyer. but this is clearly a major story. he took on cult status in australia. he took on cult status in australia. he was a star of rugby league. but many here will also remember his short—lived foray into rugby union, head of the 2015 world cup. there have been several statements following that story in the australian. new south wales say that they are investigating various allegations. the national rugby league said their integrity unit is conducting an investigation as a priority. they said this was new information to them but that if these allegations are true, they warned it would take the strongest possible action. and then the team where he played and then became assistant coach, they said the allegations were very concerning.
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0pen court there is no place in our society for violence, harassment or abuse against women. he denies the allegations but has stood down from his roles as both a television pundit for fox sport and as assistant coach well these investigations continue. thank you very much for bringing us up thank you very much for bringing us up to date. moving on. kilmarnock‘s entire playing squad have been told to self—isolate for two weeks, after six players tested positive for coronavirus. killie had been due to play motherwell in the scottish premiership tonight, but all the players must now stay at home. that fixture is yet to be cancelled, but it's widely expected to be postponed after a league meeting this afternoon. arsenal beat liverpool on penalties to go through to the quarter finals of the league cup. it ended goalless after 90 minutes, so straight to penalties, the arsenal keeper bernd leno the star. he saved two penalties, leaving joe willock to score the winner. they play manchester city in the quarterfinals. there were wins elsewhere last night for brentford and stoke city. jonny evans has been included in the northen ireland squad
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for their upcoming european championship play—off. the defender was an injury concern after hobbling off in leicester's win over man city in the premier league on sunday. northern ireland play bosnia—herzegovina on october 8th, and then have a couple of nations league matches the same week. it's day two of the scottish 0pen and the sun is shining at the renaissance club in east lothian. and it's been a good morning for england's ian poulter. he shot a five—under—par 66 to finish the day on nine—under, tied with lee westwood. but robert rock is the leading brit, on ten—under, one shot behind the leader, australia's lucas herbert. the engine manufacturer honda are going to leave formula one at the end of 2021. they provide engines for both red bull and alpha tauri, so both teams will need to find a new engine supplier. and it leaves the sport with just three engine companies. honda says the move was a result of the transformation of the car industry away from internal
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combustion engines. and the french open tennis continues today. simona halep amongst those in action. you can follow it live on the bbc sport website and app. from eve, for now, back to you. —— from me. thank you very much indeed. just to bring you some breaking news on the rate of transmission. we are hearing that the estimated reproduction number in britain for coronavirus rose to 1.3, between 1.3 and 1.6. that is up from 1.2 to 1.5. that is the latest figures on the oui’ that is the latest figures on the our number, the rate of transmission of covered —— of covid—19 in the uk. in the meantime, let's return to our
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main story. president trump and his wife melania has tested positive for coronavirus. he says they are quarantining at the white house. throughout the pandemic, mr trump, who's 7a, has often refused to wear a mask and has attended crowded rallies. in the last half an hour, it's been confirmed vice president mike pence and his wife have tested negative for covid—19. it comes after hope hicks, one of president trump's closest aides, tested positive. ms hicks, 31, travelled with mr trump on air force one to the first presidential tv debate with mr biden in ohio on tuesday. with the presidential election a month away, it's thrown the campaign into disarray. let's take a look at the events just before president trump tested positive for covid—19 and how this might impact events leading up to the presidential election. on tuesday, the first debate between president trump
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and joe biden took place. his special advisor hope hicks — who has also tested positive — traveled with the campaign. then on wednesday, the trump campaign flew on marine one and air force one to a rally in minnesota. again, hope hicks is with president trump. she falls ill and quarantines on the return journey. on thursday, hope hicks tests positive for coronavirus as president trump travels to newjersey for another fundraiser. donald trump then took a test along with his wife melania. this takes us to today. president trump announced on twitter that he has tested positive for covid—19. he will have to isolate for at least 10 days, or longer if symptoms develop. an election rally in florida tonight has been cancelled. on thursday 8th october, the vice presedential debate is due to take place in utah. there has been no news about whether this will change. the next presidential debate
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is due to take place on thursday 15 october in miami in florida. again, there has been no word on whether this key election event will be affected. then the final debate between president trump and joe biden is scheduled to take place on thursday october 22nd in tennessee. this all leads up to tuesday 3 november. that's election day in the united states. with just a month left to go until polls open across the entire united states, how will donald trump's coronavirus diagnosis hit his chances at re—election? eric ham, a political analyst in washington, looks at the affect the infection may have on donald trump's presidency. politically, there is nothing good about what we are hearing about the president's prognosis at this point. this is a president who has tried at every turn and every opportunity to dismiss this virus. the president even went so far as to say that if you take out those
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who have died from this virus in blue states, the united states would be doing very well. almost to dismiss the fact that so many people have died. again, we have heard from the president's own recordings that he knew that this virus early on was as deadly as it is. simply did not do enough. of course, the president's approval rating on the virus has been very, very low. in fact, one of the reasons perhaps whyjoe biden, the former vice president, is doing so well is because millions of americans believe this administration simply has not done enough to combat this virus, and now we see the president's own cavalier response to the virus catching up to him. the question becomes, will it catch up to him to the point where we see him lose his presidency as a result? earlier i spoke to dr clare
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gerada, who's the former chair of the royal college of gps. she previously had the virus a few months ago, and she told me how serious the virus could be for president trump he is at more risk. he is also male, so being a man, being obese, being over 75, in your 70s, puts you at a much higher risk than someone in your 20s, at a higher risk of being in hospital, higher risk of needing ventilation and sadly a higher risk of death. statistics are always bandied about and sometimes it is difficult to put a context but the closest i can give you is he has a one in 25 chance of being quite seriously unwell but you have to put that in context. he also has a 2k out of 25 chance of pulling through this which i really hope he does. he will have top acute medical attention, how much will that play a part,
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and the fact we know a bit more about how to treat this? it is not so much he will have the top doctors, we have that in this country. it is that we know much better how to treat it. to use steroid medication, we also know ventilating people, putting tubes down throats, that isn't necessarily the best way of managing patients who are very sick. we also know who is more at risk, what if any antibiotics are required. we are in a much better place than we were back in march. nevertheless what hasn't changed is the risk factors. he is obese, if you measure his bmi, you just have to look at him. he is male and in an at—risk age group. the risk increases more in the 80th years and onwards. important to point out it affects everyone differently. my father in his 80s had this virus at the same time as my son
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in his teens and my son was much more unwell. we have seen donald trump full of energy. absolutely. he plays golf every week. speaking to a friend of mine, we both got it at the same time in new york. he is 75. i am not. i was really unwell. he didn't even know he had it until much later on when he got tested. it does affect people differently. on a population level the older you are, the fatter you are, the more likely you are to have a more serious outcome and also there are other factors such as uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease and other factors which i do not think are relevant to mrtrump. let's get more on growing calls for the mp margaret ferrier to resign. she's already been suspended from the snp for breaking
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coronavirus rules after travelling between westminster and glasgow despite testing positive for covid—19. the scottish first minister says she's spoken to ms ferrier and made it clear she should step down. it dominated nicola sturgeon‘s coronavirus briefing earlier. in my conversation with her, i have been very clear, i think she should step down. i say and i mean this, i do that with a really heavy heart. margaret is somebody i have known a long time. i like her but i cannot defend what she has done. in the circumstances right now, the integrity of these public health messages, and my ability to stand here and look at this camera and say the rules apply to everybody is too important for me to try to protect somebody who just happens to be a friend and colleague. so that is clear. she did not tell me one way or another what she intends to do. the other thing i am conscious of, and again i am not going to say anything that tries to excuse it, but i have to bear in mind the fact
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that she has covid. i asked her how she was, obviously, and thankfully so far she is not suffering serious symptoms. but this can be a nasty virus so obviously i am concerned to know that her health is ok. these are all factors. but my duty is to make clear to her, as her party leader, but also as first minister in the position that i am dealing with right now, what my views are, and that is what i have done. 0n the who knew what when, these are important questions but sometimes i think in politics... there can perhaps be too much political opportunism around some of this. we are all guilty of that in normal times, in these abnormal times we should perhaps be less so. before i go into that in some detail, as briefly as i can, can i say that my absolute understanding is that she fully cooperated with and went through the test and protect and test and trace, as far as england and the house of commons is concerned, fully.
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so people who might have been in contact with her have all been properly identified and contacted in the same way. whatever i am about to say about timelines, does not affect that, people were properly notified if the test and protect and test and trace thought there was a need to do that. my understanding is that the snp at westminster knew on wednesday that she had tested positive, but believed that she had taken a test once she had arrived back in scotland. i understand that she had informed colleagues on monday evening that she was travelling back to scotland because a family member might have been unwell. it was not until yesterday, and my understanding is that this information came through the house and commons test and trace mechanism, it was not until yesterday my colleagues in the house of commons realised the circumstances. they realised she had taken
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the test, travelled to london and travelled back having been told that she was positive. the first i knew anything about margaret ferrier having covid was yesterday afternoon, shortly after i ended first minister's questions. i think people can imagine my reaction to being told that. 0bviously, partly because i was struggling to comprehend how anybody could have acted in that way. i was anxious to make sure i was properly understanding all of the facts and not getting any essential details wrong. i was told two other things at that point. firstly, that the house of commons wanted to put out a statement first confirming that an mp had tested positive. i then made clear that if that was to happen, margaret should immediately then issue a statement confirming it was her and what the circumstances were. i was also told that ian blackford, the leader of the group in westminster, who was on a plane travelling to inverness at the time, was due to speak to her once
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he landed in inverness. by the time that discussion took place, the position with the house of commons had changed, so it was made clear to margaret she should issue a statement with all of the circumstances and before she did that, she referred herself to the police and i understand that she took a little bit of time to inform people close to her that she had covid—19, and the statement was issued early evening yesterday. i know that politics kicks in in these things but i think the snp has acted quickly, appropriately and actually we have not tried to protect a colleague here. we have tried to do the right thing, given the circumstances we are dealing with. i am not going to get involved in political statements here except to say that some of the people, i hear last night and today, full of self—righteous criticism of the snp are people who completely lost their tongue when a certain special adviser in london broke the rules himself. so it is easy to be critical when it is your opponent, the big
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test is whether you are prepared to do the same when it is one of your own. earlier, the speaker of the house of commons sir lindsay hoyle told my colleague geeta guru murthy his feelings on the matter. obviously, i cannot believe the behaviour of a member of parliament. it is with complete shock that somebody could be so reckless with the staff at the house of commons, their fellow member mps. but also travelling on public transport as well. completely reckless behaviour, totally unacceptable and i am very angry that the house has been put at risk. really very, very angry about this. how many people have been put at risk and how many people have had to isolate as a result? what i can tell you is the staff went straight into operation, but the problem was we only found
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out late wednesday afternoon, and of course this was happening on monday, so what we had to do is go back through, we have the best track and trace, and within 20 minutes we had started our track and trace. as i say, the staff are very, very aware of what to do. we are a covid—secure building and all that was put at risk by reckless behaviour. so wednesday afternoon, we did that, we started immediately. we were working with public health england to make sure everything we had put in place was happening and all the right measures were carried out. as i say, one person was in contact longer than would have been expected and therefore that person has been asked to isolate. that is the situation at the moment. margaret ferrier is facing calls to resign as an mp. nicola sturgeon, we havejust heard, has made it very clear in her view that is absolutely what you should do. what she should do. she said it was a flagrant and dangerous break of the rules.
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are you in a position to say whether that is your position as well? that she should resign as an mp? what i would ask is i would expect the member to consider what they have done, the reckless behaviour and how that looks to the rest of the country. we are in a very, very... this sends all of the wrong messages and the fact that we have put so much emphasis on trying to get the house in the right place, making sure that we are covid—secure. all that has been put at risk. people have really got to consider their position on that. it is now with the snp and in fairness to the snp, they also only got told late wednesday afternoon, and straightaway they came to my office, they let the speaker's secretary know and within 20 minutes we were into full swing to put everything in place to be expected to. to put everything in place we expected to. a real problem that i don't want to open up into too many details, as we know,
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this is a police matter for police scotland and the metropolitan police as well. it is an ongoing investigation. as i say, in fairness to the member of parliament concerned, they have reported themselves to standards as well. but this is now a police investigation. we just heard from nicola sturgeon, saying that she understood the house of commons initially wanted to put out a statement first on learning of what had happened here and that position changed. was there a reason for that? we have got to learn from this and of course we will be going back over this on monday. we have got to learn. how could somebody put us at risk? we cannot allow for that. the fact is, we advise people what to do, how to behave, if you show symptoms, please stay away, if you do need a test, going to get a taste, but whatever you do do not come a test, go and get a test, but whatever you do do not come a into the house of commons, and that message is loud and clear.
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we have got to make got to keep getting that message out. what i cannot allow for if somebody feels ill, goes and have a test, does not wait for the result, turn up in parliament and then get a result to say you are positive but then disappear. worse than that, not to be told until wednesday is not acceptable. we were hearing different stories, different messages that made it even more difficult for us to deal with. so what i would say is of course we will be going over this, over and over again. i believe we have the right measures in place but what we cannot do is sit on our laurels. we will always be looking to upgrade where we need to and if we need to change things, of course we will. what i will say is we have got very good staff who work very hard. i have had staff working through the night on this and they should not have been put in this position either. so, just to be clear, you said we have heard different stories, is that from the mp involved as well as the snp leadership? not the snp leadership, but from the member concerned. there was not a clear line coming out about what happened.
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that made it more difficult and, as i say, if we had been told on monday, we would have been acting on monday rather than on wednesday. that puts everybody at greater risk. the fact is, we worked very hard to ensure that... the one good thing is that we have a very secure regime in parliament. you cannot come in without a pass so we know who comes and to the building. we make sure that we have checked all of the movements, you have got to swipe your card on a log on the doors, even if you use the till, because it is cashless within there. we can check where you have been, if you have been for a cup of tea. we have done all of that. the fact that this member spoke in the chamber, we have been checking all of the camera footage to make sure nobody was sat there beyond the two metres. we are very careful that the chamber is very, very secure in the sense that we do not allow more mps in than what has been agreed with public health england. we keep the two metre rule and all that has been checked.
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so we are very lucky that we do have the coverage and footage to check back. now, what really also worries me is that the member of parliament went on public transport. that was a whole different set of people at risk as well. we have great concerns there. the house has been working with west coast main line to try to ensure that we can point let me say, what happened in our view, what i don't want to do is get into the details because that would be wrong during a police inquiry, but we are working with other parties involved. let's bring you more on the fact that president trump has tested positive for coronavirus. his rival in the election has just tweeted this.
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that just in from joe thatjust in from joe biden, democrat presidential contender, sending good wishes to president trump, his rival, and the first lady, melania trump. much more on that coming up in the news at tpm. first, let's have a look at the weather. hello. the worst of the weather so far has been across southern parts of the uk but as storm alex weakens so the winds will ease and by evening light winds for the eastern channel towards the south west and channel islands still gusting gale force, more rain around as well. moving slowly northwards, so dry this evening across scotland and northern ireland but eastern scotland turns wetter overnight and across a good part of england we will see rain. we have dry weather further west and clearer skies in western scotland and northern ireland and it could turn chilly with early sunshine on saturday.
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but for many cloud and rain on the way, rain developing more widely across england and wales and scotland, gales in the far south west. some sunshine in the afternoon in the south east giving temperatures a boost but underneath the rain it is a cool 11—13 celsius. that rain will be particularly heavy in the north east of scotland, wales and west country especially over the hills. we have amber warnings from the met office leading to some flooding.
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positive for coronavirus and are self—isolating. it comes after one of his closest aides, hope hicks, also tested positive for covid—19. we'll have the latest on how global markets have reacted diagnosis has up ended the presidential election a month before polling day, it has sparked concerns about how far the disease has spread within the administration. i am live in washington where the president is quarantining, his doctor says he is well at this time.


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