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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. president donald trump is taken to hospital less than 2a hours after testing positive for coronavirus — he shared a video message before being admitted. i'm going to walter reed hospital. i think i'm doing very well, but we are going to make sure that things work out. the first lady is doing very well. so, thank you very much. i appreciate it. i will never forget it. thank you. more aides to the president test positive, including longtime adviser kellyanne conway and his campaign manager, bill stepien. the president has received a number of treatments to slow the progress of the virus — including one not yet approved by regulators. today's other news — in the uk, liverpool, warrington,
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hartlepool and middlesbrough face new coronavirus restrictions from today — including a ban on households mixing indoors. and crunch talks on a trade deal — borisjohnson will hold a video meeting today with the president of the european commission, after the final round of post—brexit talks ended without agreement. hello and welcome if you're watching in the uk or around the world — and stay with us for the latest news and analysis from here and across the globe. a month away from the us presidential election, donald trump has spent the night at a military hospital after testing positive for coronavirus. let's cross live to washington and my colleague laura trevelyan.
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an extraordinary 2a hours. thanks geeta. welcome to washington where president donald trump remains in charge of the united states, despite being admitted to the walter reid medical center. the white house has said airlifting him there was done out of an "abundance of caution" and his doctor has said he is doing "doing very well". world leaders have been wishing him well — in the last hour, the chinese president, xijinping, has wished mr trump and his wife milania a speedy recovery, and british prime minister boris johnson, who has had covid—19 himself, has described the american president as a "resilient character". here's more from our north america editor, jon sopel. news anchor: all right, the breaking news is that president trump was hospitalised tonight for coronavirus..., where he will spend the next few days... ..a precautionary measure after testing positive... the walter reed medical centre... an extraordinary moment in an extraordinary day. the president leaves by marine one
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from the south lawn, destination walter reed military hospital. i think i'm doing very well, but we're going to make sure that things work out. the first lady is doing very well. so, thank you very much, i appreciate it, i will never forget it. thank you. but if the symptoms are mild, why is he having to go to hospital — particularly when the white house has its own medical unit with a team of doctors and nurses and a well—equipped surgery? as you know, tonight's al smith dinner... on thursday night, in what now appears to be grim irony, the president made a speech from the white house about the pandemic. the worst was behind us, he said. i just want to say that the end of the pandemic is in sight and next year will be one of the greatest years in the history of our country. the ripples of concern will reach everyone who's been in close contact with the president, not leastjoe biden, who shared a debate stage with him for a shouty 90 minutes on tuesday night.
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a debate where the president ripped into the democratic candidate for his mask wearing. i don't wear masks like him, every time you see him he's got a mask. he could be speaking 200 feet away from you, and he shows up with the biggest mask i've ever seen. biden chuckles. and it was noticeable that none of the trump entourage wore face coverings. that actually violated the rules of the cleveland clinic, which was in charge of all the safety issues inside the hall, which were that everybody except for the president, the vice president and i were not supposed to wear masks — i mean, were supposed to wear masks. messages of support have come in from around the world. this from borisjohnson, who's been where the president is now. obviously, i think we all want to send our best wishes to the president and the first lady, and i'm sure they will both stage a very strong recovery. wishing the president and first lady best wishes. we've seen several world leaders affected and i stand with others in wishing all the best because this
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is obviously a virus that has had a globally devastating impact. and messages of support, too, from political rivals. this from joe biden, who's tested negative. my wife jill and i pray that they will make a full and quick recovery. this is not a matter of politics. it's a bracing reminder to all of us that we have to take this virus seriously. but another leading democrat, the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, comes very close to saying to the president, "serves you right." this is tragic, it's very sad. but it also is something that again, going into crowds, unmasked and all the rest, was sort of a brazen invitation for something like this to happen. the president has now left the white house and is in the care of the medical teams at walter reed medical centre, to the north of washington. it is an unbelievable series of developments that have taken place. no—one could have imagined this.
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but now the president has coronavirus and he is in hospital — and who knows how the election will unfold? jon sopel, bbc news, at the white house. we know how president trump likes to keep his followers updated on social media. but there've been very few tweets from the president since his condition was made public. however, since arriving at the hospital the president has published one tweet. it said, simply... the president announced positive test results for himself and his wife, melania, in a tweet on friday. it followed a confirmed diagnosis for his close aide, hope hicks. several of the cases have been linked to an event in the white house rose garden last saturday where mr trump announced he was nominating amy coney barrett to the supreme court. so, who else has tested positive for the virus in recent days? the president's longtime counsellor kellyanne conway is one. she attended that white house event. also there was utah
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senator mike lee. he's confirmed he has coronavirus. as was senator thom tillis of north carolina, who's also tested positive. bill stepien, the president's campaign manager, is another close trump aide who's caught the virus. i'm joined now by our correspondent lebo diseko who's outside walter reed national military medical center in bethesda. the medical center in bethesda. last statement we got 11:30pm the last statement we got was at 11:30pm last night. what did it say about the president was my condition? the white house said he is in good spirits. he was tweeting last night, certainly an attempt to reassure americans, it is something people will be quite worried about, certainly from the experience in the uk when boris johnson certainly from the experience in the uk when borisjohnson was sick, it
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isa uk when borisjohnson was sick, it is a very frightening time when the leader of the country is hospitalised. the line, really, is to reassure people. donald trump certainly taking that tone in the tweet that you mentioned. as jon sopel said, what a number of people will be asking is why he has had to be hospitalised when he has access to medicalfacilities at be hospitalised when he has access to medical facilities at the white house. what is the atmosphere like that are outside the medical centre with the world's press in attendance? as you can imagine, a lot of media here. there were some trump supporters earlier. i haven't seen any since arriving this morning. certainly concerned. people wishing him well and trying to work out what might be next for the president. thank you forjoining us.
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president trump's infection has raised concerns because of his age — 7a — and his weight — 244 pounds — which means that he is clinically obese. he's also not known to take regular exercise, and is not thought to follow a healthy diet — two more factors which could count against him during his illness. to help him, doctors have already begun a series of treatments. the white house physician, sean conley, has confirmed that mr trump has been given a first dose of remdesivir. it's an experimental anti—viral drug made by the american company gilead. it says on its own website that while the drug is not approved anywhere globally for use trials have shown it can shorten hospital stays of people being treated for coronavirus. mr trump has also been given another experimental treatment, known as regn cov 2. it's an artificial cocktail of antibodies, and is intended to boost the body's resistance to the virus. it's also been confirmed that the president is taking several
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other readily available substances — zinc, vitamin d, famotidine, melatonin and aspirin. taking them in order... zinc is a trace element which is essential for regulating our immune systems. vitamin d is thought by some people to help ward off respiratory infections — but there's no scientific proof of this. famotidine is a medication which decreases stomach acid production. melatonin is a hormone which helps control our sleep cycles. and aspirin is an anti—inflammatory pain killer. we have one other item of medical information about the president — his team of doctors have confirmed he is not being treated with oxygen. details have emerged of the treatments which are being used to help the president. let's take a look at what they are, and what it's hoped they can achieve. i'm joined by amitava banerjee — an epidemiologist at university college london. thank you forjoining us. as an epidemiologist what do you make of the number of people close to the president who have tested positive
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for coronavirus? i am an epidemiologist and a clinical doctor. this tells us that the spread that has happened is happening and that can happen anywhere and still the best treatment against the viruses to reduce the spread, particularly among those who are most vulnerable. what about this wide range of treatments that the president is receiving? encoding this new experimental cocktail and also remdesivir. what do you conclude about his possible condition?” think it is difficult to say about his condition. the fact that the reports are saying he is not an oxygen and obviously not ventilated
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are good at this stage although we know that things can change. these are experimental drugs and i would hope as part of the trial is going on around the world of these drugs and obviously being the president of the united states he will have access to that. what do you make of the fact that in the last 2a hours the fact that in the last 2a hours the president has gone from being reportedly in good spirits to being hospitalised? would reportedly in good spirits to being hospitalised ? would you reportedly in good spirits to being hospitalised? would you think this is precautionary because he an important figure or what does that speak to? it is hard to say. what we know is that we have two treatments which are promising in the context of hospitalised coronavirus but most of the advances that have been made in the last few
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months have been because of earlier monitoring and various measures in intensive care so i presume it's far more intensive monitoring that his tea m more intensive monitoring that his team ta ken into more intensive monitoring that his team taken into the hospital but i would stress that the best defence that we have, again, is reducing the spread, so those who have been in potential contact should be vigilant about symptoms and also think about having testing and isolating and also it tells us about managing the underlying conditions such as his obesity. we cannot do anything about age and so that is something we can all do. obviously we wish for a quick recovery. we do indeed. thank you so much forjoining us. meg kinnard is a politics reporter for the news agency ap. shejoins me from south carolina. it is an anxious morning for
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america. so many uncertainties. what are your reflections about what this means? our president hospitalised for coronavirus. yes, it certainly isa for coronavirus. yes, it certainly is a moment of uncertainty for a nation who, along with the world, has been dealing with the consequences of this pandemic for quite some time. it has been noted already there are many who are wishing the president well but it is somewhat unsettling for americans to be seeing their president, regardless of their politics he as their president, and so to see him ina their president, and so to see him in a hospital battling what has been the top news story for all of us for some months now, to be actually afflicted with this disease, that is something that obviously everyone is watching very closely and on pins and needles to see what the next couple of days old for him. it is exactly couple of days old for him. it is exa ctly o ne couple of days old for him. it is exactly one month until the american election. the president cannot
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campaign obviously at this moment. what does this mean for the selection which has been so fraught even up until now? that is right. for a president who has spent many, many months of his presidency and the campaign that preceded it on the road in large events holding large scale rallies with thousands of attendees this is obviously something that calls an immediate halt to that, so for his campaign style of really being out among the american people there is not going to be any of that while the president is recuperating from there so president is recuperating from there so that is certainly a big change. the other side of this, the campaign ofjoe biden the democrat is also forced to perhaps take some considerations. they have built their negative advertising out of respect for what the president is going through —— pulled down negative advertising. clearly this is the biggest surprise that has
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happened in this year yet and it is going to be very interesting to observe the changes that president trump campaign is going to be having to make on the effects that some of that could be having onjoe biden's campaign as well. what does it say that the president, who downplayed the virus, now has it himself? at a time when infections are rising in many time when infections are rising in ma ny states time when infections are rising in many states across america. it is a bit of a tricky situation when you juxtapose many of the president's previous comments and statements about the pandemic, about really how serious it is, about how long it is going to last, with the current situation. the president said months ago he thought we were through the worst of us and he has reiterated that recently and clearly it is continuing and now is affecting him directly so yes, that is something thatis directly so yes, that is something that is certainly important to observe and take note of. clearly
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there have been many things happening with this pandemic that continued to change and we'll continued to change and we'll continue to adapt to but when someone continue to adapt to but when someone is personally affected with this, not of mayhem but also his wife, who has also been diagnosed, i would imagine that is something of a wake—up call. would imagine that is something of a wa ke—up call. maybe would imagine that is something of a wake—up call. maybe not to change his previous perspectives or comments but also to just put a personal lens on something that, for him, was something that was obviously one of the biggest that his administration had been dealing with but now he is with personally. thank you forjoining us. in the past half an hour, the uk prime minister borisjohnson has given his reaction to the news of president trump's hospitalisation. here's he what he had to say. i rang the family last night. i didn't talk to the president. i think obviously everybody is wishing him and melania the very best and hoping that they recover speedily
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and i have no doubt that he will, he will make a very strong recovery. i think he will be doing exactly what the doctors tell him to do and iam sure what the doctors tell him to do and i am sure he will be having the best ca re i am sure he will be having the best care he can possibly get. naturally he has a very resilient character andi he has a very resilient character and i am sure he will come through it very well. and our viewers can keep right up to date on this story on our website. there, you'll find the latest developments and the background analysis — including a look at what would happen if mr trump became too ill to be president, and what that would mean for the upcoming election. just log on to now back to geeta in the studio. great to see you, as ever. it is an enormous day and an enormous weekend. is there confidence amongst the press that the white house can and will be fully transparent about the president's health?”
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and will be fully transparent about the president's health? i think there are some questions about the kind of briefings or lack of that we are receiving. the only on the record briefing has been from the president's chief of staff mark meadows not wearing a mask yesterday, someone who has been in close contact with the president and is apparently not quarantining despite the fact so many people in and around the white house seem to be infected. we have not had an on the record briefing from the president's doctor. we have had state m e nts president's doctor. we have had statements from tweets but there has been no opportunity to ask why the president was moved to walter reed, why he is being given these treatments, remdesivir, the experimental cocktail, so all one can do is speculate and doctors are speculating that either of these are precautionary medical treatments or the president was that condition is more serious than is being disclosed. it is very unclear but
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from the white house point of view they wanted that uptake of him walking to the helicopter yesterday before he was taken to walter reed but that as well has raised questions about why it was necessary for him to leave the white house, so more questions than answers. many thanks indeed. other news now, and new coronavirus restrictions have come into force across parts of northern england. from today, people living in liverpool, warrington, hartlepool and middlesbrough can no longer meet up indoors with anyone they don't live with. this includes bars and restaurants. 16.8 million people — or around one in four of the entire uk population — are now living under some form of increased measures. it comes as 770 students have tested positive for the virus at northumbria university in the north east of england. this report from greg mckenzie. hi, becca! hello.
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a student house in a student street in newcastle. coughs. all the people in this room have tested positive for covid, and are now isolating. the neighbours have had it too. we thought we were, like, some dangerous household, "we've got covid, stay away." but they were like, "we've already had it." you think it's already widespread in student houses in the street? absolutely, oh, it's widespread completely. also with everybody going back out on the night out scene, or whatever's left of it. some in their second year only returned to newcastle a week ago. now, 770 students there have tested positive for coronavirus. it has left some questioning why they were allowed back so soon. i think that they definitely had a lot of time, the planning, i think, some precautions are not quite as good as they could have been, like, students coming back to the halls. they were all just thrown back in there and it has shot back up. i don't regret it at the moment, we're still having a good time in the household and we're working through it quite well. with many of the isolating students
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miles away from friends and family, the universities themselves are having to step in and send out supplies. it's becoming a huge operation. we are working with partners in the students' union and the city council to make sure those students have supplies. young people have been increasingly blamed for the spike in covid infections. these were the scenes last weekend in liverpool, as pubs and bars were forced to close at 10:00pm. but as of today the city is one of many places facing even tougher measures. in merseyside, warrington, hartlepool and middlesborough, it's now illegal for people to mix with anyone from another household. also on the latest watchlist for possible new restrictions in england, rotherham has been added. sheffield has moved to a higher level of support. cheshire west and chester
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and cheshire east have been added, along with barrow—in—furness. wakefield joins others in west yorkshire on the list. back in newcastle, these students have another week left in isolation ahead of them — and the hope that student life can at least return to some sense of normality, whatever that normal may look like. greg mckenzie, bbc news. police are investigating the actions of mp margaret ferrier, who travelled from glasgow to london with coronavirus symptoms and then returned home after testing positive. scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon says she's made it crystal clear to ms ferrier that she should stand down as an mp. she has already been suspended from the snp. the uk prime minister and the president of the european commission, ursula von der leyen, will hold a video call later to try and break the deadlock over a brexit trade deal. borisjohnson said the chances of getting a deal are "very good"
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if both sides "exercise some common sense". the ninth and final round of trade talks broke up yesterday without agreement with disagreements remaining overfishing rights and state aid. speaking ahead of the start of the conservative party conference, mrjohnson said a trade deal would benefit both sides. i think there is a good deal to be done and everybody knows what we want to do. there is an eu summit deal with canada which is a long way away, a big country but some way away. here we are — we are the biggest trading partner with the eu, their biggest export market, plus we've been a member for 45 years. we want a deal like canada's. we want that one. if that's not possible, and that wouldn't be our call, that would be their call, then the alternative is to have a deal like australia, which is another big country, further away, but it would work well, and we can make it work very well. we are resolved on either course. we are prepared for either course
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and we will make it work, but it's very much up to our friends and partners. the uk is always, always happy to do a great free trade deal with our friends and partners and that's what we are offering and never forget that the balance of trade is overwhelmingly on the side of the eu in the sense that they export much more to us than we do to them, certainly in manufacturing goods, and so we think there is a big opportunity for both sides to do well. officials say two people have died and eight people are missing in south—east france after a powerful storm caused what is being called the worst flooding in living memory. several rivers burst their banks as two and a half month's worth of rain fell in 2a hours. bridges and power lines were swept away, while landslides damaged roads and buildings.
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meterologists called the flooding a once—in—a—century event. now it's time for a look at the weather. hello there. we have got a lot of rain to come this weekend across a good part of the uk. rain that is likely to lead to some localised flooding. some transport disruption and the rain accompanied by strong winds for some of us as well. now, take a look at the satellite picture. this is storm alex, that brought strong winds to france and severe flooding actually across south—east france. we are getting rain clouds now moving in from europe and you can see the rain has been gathering really across england and wales and scotland over recent hours. a few showers for northern ireland, but it is of course the far west of the uk that we have the best chance of at least
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keeping some dry weather. we have got met office amber weather warnings, though, for wales, the west midlands, south—west england and also across eastern areas of scotland. it is these areas that could see about 120 millimetres of rain up over the higher ground and that really is cause for concern. it is an awful lot of rain. the problem with this rain band is once it has moved in it really isn't going to move very far very fast, with the rain persistent in scotland, england and wales. northern ireland brighter skies for much of the day, maybe an odd isolated shower. temperatures with the cloud and rain about 12—14 degrees, but as the rain shifts away from the south—east we could see some brighter weather here and temperatures maybe around 15 or 16 degrees, but for most of us it is cool, wet and increasingly really windy as well. overnight, we have got more rain to come, the rain turns heavier across eastern scotland, with easterly wind strengthening and really shoving the rain into the mountains around the grampians and aberdeenshire, we could see some flooding impacts overnight as the rain slowly pushes its way across into northern ireland. here's sunday's weather forecast. you can see we have got more rain around as well. in the centre of the low pressure we have got sunshine
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and a few heavy showers, so not exactly dry, but around the area of low pressure we have still got our band of rain and increasingly strong gales of wind into sunday. let's take a look at the forecast for monday now, and the same area of low pressure still on the charts. in fact it is going to be loitering across the british isles as we head through monday, tuesday and even into wednesday as well, so it stays unsettled. monday sees further outbreaks of rain. yes, there will be some sunshine in between these bands of rain, but it stays on the cool side and of course any extra rain could just exacerbate any flooding that we do have that develops through the course of the weekend. so, heavy rain this weekend.
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this is bbc world news, the headlines: president donald trump is taken to hospital less than 2a hours after testing positive for coronavirus. the president has tweeted since being admitted — he says things are ‘going well‘. more aides to the president test positive, including longtime adviser kellyanne conway and his campaign manager, bill stepien. the president has received a number of treatments for the virus — including one not yet approved by regulators. parts of northern england face new coronavirus restrictions from today — including a ban on households mixing indoors. borisjohnson will hold a video meeting with the president of the european commission, after the final round of post—brexit talks ended without agreement. at least eight people are missing in south—east france after a powerful storm caused what is being called the worst flooding in living memory.


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