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this is bbc news. i'm lewis vaughan jones with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. donald trump tweets from hospital that he's "feeling well" but officials give contradictory reports about his health. at this time the team and i are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. thursday he had a mild cough with some nasal congestion and fatigue, all of which are now resolving and improving. but despite that upbeat assessment, the president's chief of staff tells reporters mr trump is not yet on "a clear path to recovery". as more senior republicans test positive — was last week's unveiling of trump's supreme court nominee at the white house a super—spreader event? and in other news, civilian
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areas come under fire as the conflict in the disputed region of nagorno kara bakh intensifies. donald trump has tweeted that he is "feeling well" on a day when officials have given contradictory reports about his health after his first night in hospital for coronavirus treatment. doctors at the walter reed national military medical centre outside washington said the president was breathing and walking normally and they were extremely happy with his progress. but a white house official told reporters mr trump's condition had been a cause for concern and the next 48 hours would be critical. it also emerged that he'd been given oxygen before he was taken to hospital. with the latest, our north
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america editor, jon sopel. this presidency hasn't wanted for astonishing drama but nothing like this. just hours after the president confirming that he is tested positive for covid, he's on his way to a military hospital for treatment, suggesting the situation is a whole lot more serious than the white house has admitted. from the president, a video designed to calm nerves. i want to thank everybody for the tremendous support. i'm going to walter reed hospital. i think i'm doing very well. but we are going to make sure that things work out. the first lady is doing very well. so, thank you very much. i appreciate it and i will never forget it. thank you. today, a briefing from the presidential physician at the medical centre, and the news appears good... this morning the president is doing very well. at this time, the team and i are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. thursday he had a mild cough and some nasal congestion and fatigue,
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all of which are now resolving and improving. but then the president's chief of staff mark meadows gathered reporters to admit that the situation on friday was a lot more serious and that the next 48 hours would be critical. and this wasn't an exercise in openness. listen to the response over whether the president has received oxygen... has he ever been on supplemental oxygen? right now he is not on... i know you keep saying right now but should we read into the fact that he had been previously? yesterday and today, he was not on oxygen. so he has not been on it during his covid treatment? he's not on oxygen right now. sean conley sounded more like a lawyer than a doctor. one other crucial thing, he said "we are 72 hours into this diagnosis" which suggested the president's condition was covered up for two days, but then hours later he had to issue a correction, underlining how unclear the communication has been. a lot of attention is now being given to what looks
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like a super spreader event last saturday at the white house, to announce amy coney barrett as his pick for the supreme court. it is a very proud moment indeed. in the last day, three republican senators who were there have tested positive, as well as his former close aide kellyanne conway, the head of the republican party, his campaign manager, former governor chris christie, three white house correspondents and a number awaiting test results. though in hospital, the president's ability to tweet seems unaffected, writing today... the latest bulletin will be a relief to many americans but that will be tempered by concern over what they are not being told. to say the least, it is pretty extraordinary the president's chief of staff is saying one
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thing about his health and the position of donald trump is saying something different, much more positive. we have learned more about the medicine the president is being given but the pill the american people are being asked to swallow seems overly sugar coated. jon sopel, bbc news, washington. in the last few minutes — president trump has tweeted a video from the hospital where he's being treated. i want to thank all the incredible medical professionals, the doctors and nurses and everybody at walter reed medical centre. ithink nurses and everybody at walter reed medical centre. i think it is the finest in the world for the incredible job they have been doing. i came here, wasn't feeling so well, i feel much better now, they are working ha rd to better now, they are working hard to get me all the way back. i have to be back because we still have to make america great again. we have done an awfully good job of that, but we still have steps to go and we still have steps to go and we have to finish thatjob. i
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will be back, i will be back soon and i look forward to finishing the campaign the way it started and the kind of numbers we have been doing, we have been so proud of it. but this is something that has happened and it has happened to millions of people all over the world. iam millions of people all over the world. i am fighting for them, not just world. i am fighting for them, notjust in the us. we are going to beat this coronavirus, oi’ going to beat this coronavirus, or whatever you want to call it, and we will beat it soundly. so many things have happened, if you look at the therapeutics i am taking right now, some of them and others that are coming out soon, they look like they are miracles, if you want to know the truth, they are miracles. people criticise me when i say that but we have things happening that look like they are miracles coming down from god. ijust want miracles coming down from god. i just want to tell you that i am starting to feel good. you don't know over the next period ofa don't know over the next period of a few days, i guess that is the real test so we will see what happens over the next
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couple of days. ijust want what happens over the next couple of days. i just want to be so thankful for all of the support i have seen, whether it is on television or reading about it. i most of all appreciate what has been said by the american people, by almost a bipartisan consensus of american people. it is a beautiful thing to see and i very much appreciate it and i won't forget it, i promise you that. i want to thank the leaders of the world for their condolences and they know what we are going through, they know, as your leader, what i have to go through. but i had no choice, i didn't want to stay in the white house. i was given that alternative, stay in the white house, don't leave, don't even go to the oval office. stay upstairs, enjoy it and then see people or talk to people and just be done with it. i cannot do that, i have to be out front. this is america,
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the united states, this is the greatest country in the world, the most powerful country in the most powerful country in the world and i cannot be locked up in a room totally safe. just say, whatever happens, happens. icannot safe. just say, whatever happens, happens. i cannot do that. we have to confront problems, as a leader you have to co nfro nt problems, as a leader you have to confront problems. there has never been a great leader who would have done that. that is where it is, i am doing well. i wa nt to where it is, i am doing well. i want to thank everybody. our first lady is doing well, lani asked me to say something as to the respect she has for our country, the love she has for oui’ country, the love she has for our country and we are both doing well. milani is really handling it very nicely, and as you have probably read, she is slightly younger than me, just a tiny little bit. therefore, we know the disease, we know the situation with age versus younger people and she is
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handling it, statistically, like it is supposed to be handled and that makes me very happy, it makes the country very happy. i am also doing well and i think we are going to have a good result. over the next few days we will probably know for sure. i want to thank everybody out there, everybody. all over the world, specifically the united states, the outpouring of love has been incredible. i will never forget. thank you very much. donald trump, said that video out in the last few minutes. let's speak to our north america correspondent, peter bowes. it has been an extraordinary day in the us? it has been an extraordinary couple of days. now we see this video and there isa now we see this video and there is a lot to unpack and frankly, try to understand what the president is saying. i think the most interesting section, a little bit difficult to
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understand, when he says he was given the option to stay at the white house, to stay upstairs and not to see anyone and not to go into the oval office. but he said he didn't want to do that, he wanted to be out front and confront the problem is, presumably he was facing. the implication is, it wasn't a medical necessity to go to the hospital if he had been told he could have stayed in the white house. i think we need a little bit more clarification on what he was saying there. as far as saying the president is concerned, which is what a lot of americans would have been waiting for, further from the video he released a couple of days ago. he didn't look too bad, he was open necked in his suit and he looked a bit tired and rundown. but for somebody fighting a serious disease like this, he seemed to be ok. he acknowledged the next couple of days are still going to be crucial for days are still going to be crucialfor him,
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days are still going to be crucial for him, perhaps days are still going to be crucialfor him, perhaps he is not out of the woods yet and we will wait and see what happens, which does reflect from the white house and what some of his doctors have been saying. on that point, we have had this confusion about the upbeat state m e nts confusion about the upbeat statements from his doctors outside the hospital and then the briefings from the white house that actually, things we re house that actually, things were perhaps a little bit more serious. but fundamentally, we know enough about covid—i9 that actually, the real danger period is roughly seven to ten days after infection. so really, it is too early to say whether he is doing well or not doing well, it is impossible to know at this stage? yes, it is impossible to know. he is in a high—risk group, nothing has changed there, he overweight and therefore been given the attention someone in that age group would be given. he is being given various drugs, experimental drugs, and he talks about the drugs he was
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receiving. he described them as therapeutic miracles coming down from god. everyone will respond in a different way to those drugs and it is unknown when a drug is experimental, in terms of the course of progress. you are right, we need to wait and see and perhaps more than the next 48 hours, it will be the next week or ten days before we can know for certain the course of the disease. he wants to get back out there, back on the campaign trail and as he puts it, make america greater game. a man as determined as we always know him to be. peter bowes, thank you very much. let's get some of the day's other news. the british prime minister, borisjohnson and the european commission president, ursula von der leyen, have acknowledged significant disagreements must be overcome before the two can agree a post—brexit trade deal.
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the two leaders said they'd instructed their chief negotiators to work intensively to try to bridge the gaps. a powerful storm has caused what are being called the worst floods in living memory in south—east france. eight people are missing. several rivers burst their banks as two and a half months worth of rain fell in twenty—four hours. elsewhere at least three people have died and more than 20 are missing after big storms in northern italy. guatemala says it has deported more than 2,000 migrants who entered the country illegally in the past few days as part of a caravan heading north towards the us border. local media reported that hundreds of hondurans agreed to leave, and others were put on military trucks and sent back. a peace deal has been signed between the government of sudan and an alliance of rebel groups aimed at ending decades of conflict which have left hundreds of thousands of people dead. several heads of state attended the ceremony which took place injuba, the capital of neighbouring south sudan.
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the prime minister of armenia says his country is facing a "decisive moment", as it battles azerbaijan for control of the disputed region of nagorno karabakh. clashes have intensified despite international calls for calm. azerbaijan says it will continue the offensive until the region is under its control. our correspondentjonah fisher sent this report from the region's capital stepanakert, which has come under heavy shelling. one of the world's oldest conflicts... explosions. very much alive. we are being shelled here in nagorno—karabakh, in an ethnic armenian town that under international law belongs to azerbaijan. the reality of life in nagorno karabakh for the last few days, under assault from the air. it sounds like artillery
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but there have been drone strikes, as well. those azeri shells hit this residential building near our hotel. killing one and destroying the homes of dozens of others, like 78—year—old rita who once had azeris as neighbours. we had many friends from azerbaijan here but now we are enemies. great enemies. i, personally, don't want to live with them and don't want to speak to them. this first week of war has been marked by azerbaijan's use of military drones, striking at will. nearly three decades after losing nagorno karabakh, the azeris appear intent on claiming it back. they are trying to invade and they do everything to invade, to terrorise the people and civilians here.
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that is why they are using drones and aerial strikes in this way? for sure. some have seen enough and are leaving to find safety. anoush tells us her husband has gone to the front line and she must get out with their children. but the aerial threat is never far away. this soldier is warning that drones have been spotted. and shortly afterwards there is an explosion nearby. everybody is scrambling to come in here. a real reminder, as they were fleeing, as to why this place is increasingly dangerous for people. under attack, day and night. jonah fisher, bbc news, stepa na kert. this is bbc news. our top story... donald trump tweets
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a video from hospital saying he's doing well — but still expects to remain at the walter reed medical centre for a few more days. so, ijust so, i just want to tell you that i am starting to feel good. you don't know over the next period of a few days, i guess that is the real test so we will be seen what happens over the next couple of days. president trump has been given two treatments to try to slow the impact of the virus. our health editor hugh pym looks at how effective they might be. as the president walked across the white house lawn to the helicopter which would take him to hospital, it wasn't clear what sort of treatment or care he'd require. today, doctors revealed they'd carried out extensive monitoring of donald trump's condition, and the state of his health. we have monitored his cardiac function, his kidney function, his liverfunction, all of those are normal. and the president this morning is not on oxygen,
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not having difficulty breathing or walking around the white house medical unit upstairs. the president is getting two experimental therapies which are not routinely available to patients, and are still being assessed by clinicians. the first involves antibodies, produced in laboratories to boost covid patients' immune systems. scientists say early results are encouraging, but there are still questions. it's reduced the amount of virus that those patients then carry. what we don't know yet is whether that strong signal, strong effect on the virus, translate into benefits for the patients. so, for example, does it reduce the time that people need to be in hospital, or reduce the need for a mechanical ventilator, or improve survival? experts say the other drug, remdesivir, is an existing antiviral treatment which has shown positive results in one trial. the length of stay in
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people who have severe coronavirus infection is less. and so, when you have indicators of severe infection, whether that's risk factors or whether it's observed low oxygen rates, the thinking is that the earlier you can get it into the patients, the better. president trump has had the drugs early on. in fact, doctors were taking pre—emptive action to try to reduce the risk of the virus doing more damage. but these are not cures for coronavirus. hugh pym, bbc news. now for a round up of all today's sports news. hello, welcome to the bbc sports centre. we start with football and everton are top of the english premier league after making their best start to a top—flight season since 1969. carlo ancelotti's side beat brighton 4—2 with dominic calvert—lewin scoring in the same week he got his first england call—up. two goals from james rodriguez and another from yerry mina
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sealed a fourth straight win for everton. last time they did that in the top—flight, they won the league. i think we managed well, the situation of the game because they had possession and we had composure defensively. we had opportunity to score on the counter attack, we were good on set pieces, our usual. so the performance was complete and this is the reason why we deserved to win. the season hasn't started as well for pep guardiola's manchester city side. they have dropped more points, this time at leeds as their record signing, roderigo, cancelled out raheem sterling's opener. 1—1 the final score at elland road. leeds are fifth while city have just one win from their opening three games. of course, we are far away from the top of the league. we have to start winning games and if we don't it won't be possible. now it's coming a marathon with us and the champions league. all the teams have this situation, but, yeah,
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heads up for everyone. it was emotionalfrom the touchline, the way we played the last ten to 15 minutes and everybody runs and fights. so i am so delighted with the performance they have done. chelsea beat crystal palace with four second—half goals as frank lampard appealed for chelsea's fans to be patient as his new look side take shape. summer signing, ben chilwell, scored their opening goal, kurt zouma added a second before georginio converted two penalties to make it 4—0. elsewhere, newcastle beat burnley. transfer news and manchester united are set to sign the uruguayan striker, edinson cavani. the 33—year—old is due to fly to england on sunday to complete the move. the deal is yet to be finalised, although it is expected he will sign a two—year contract. cavani is a free agent after leaving paris saint jermaine at the end of last season. in italy, the local health minister has told napoli they cannot travel to turin for sunday's match against juventus after two players and one staff member tested positive for coronavirus.
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juventus say cristiano ronaldo and co will be on the pitch for kick—off regardless and that the club is ready to play the match. that's despite two members of the club testing positive for the virus. problems also in the nfl as the new england patriots game against kansas city chiefs was postponed after multiple positive tests. the patriots quarterback, cam newton is one of the players to contract the virus. the game will be rescheduled to monday or tuesday after there have been more tests. world number one in tennis, novak djokovic has eased into round four of the french open. he beat colombian qualifier daniel elahi galan in straight sets, dropping just five games on the way to victory. next up for the world number one is the 15th seed, karen khachanov for a place in the quarterfinals. there were wins too for the greek fifth seed stefan tsitsipas and two—time wimbledon champion, petra kvitova in the women's singles. finally, to one of cycling's grand tours the giro d'italia, where britain's geraint thomas
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finished fourth in the opening stage. the time trial was won by his team—mate, who claimed the leader's pinkjersey. thomas, who won the tour de france in 2018 was 26 seconds ahead of british rival, simon yates. and that is all from the bbc sports centre for now. the cruise ship industry has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. those giant vessels acted almost like incubators for covid—i9 earlier this year. and now few people want to travel while the virus is still circulating. but for one company in turkey, it's not all bad news, as the bbc‘s tim allman explains. this is where cruise ships go to die. lined up in a row, five huge vessels, victims in their own way of the coronavirus pandemic. this huge wrecking yard
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in turkey a hive of activity, proof that for every cloud there is, in some way, a silver lining. translation: before the pandemic cruise ships hadn't been coming to our ship breaking yards. usually we had been dismantling cargo ships and container ships but now a serious amount of cruise ships have changed their course. the scale of the problem facing the industry is immense. according to the cruise lines international association the business generates more than $150 billion in economic activity. it's estimated the covid pandemic will lead to $50 billion in lost revenue. and more than 330,000 jobs may be lost. here at the wrecking yard that is an economic opportunity. it's still tough work, though. translation: dismantling a ship takes six months. 100 people work on each ship.
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it's notjust the steel of the cruise ship but also the furniture, sofas, chairs, kitchen equipment. they are all being sold so we add value to our economy. ships have arrived from britain, italy and the united states and more are on their way. hard times for some, a different story for others. tim allman, bbc news. a reminder of our top story: donald trump has tweeted a video from hospital saying he's doing well — but says he still expects to remain at the walter reed medical centre for a few more days. released a short time ago he said: "i feel much better," and will "be back soon". you can keep up to date with donald trump's condition by heading to our website. there's also analysis on how these events may affect
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the us presidential election. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter — i'm @lvaughanjones. it has been a thoroughly wet night up and down the country. we continue with more heavy rain through this morning, mainly across western and southern areas and it is here we will see some transport disruptions and flooding in places. it is here where the winds will be strongest as well. tied in with this area of low pressure, you can see where the isobars are closer together in south—western areas and this is where we will have the weather fronts bringing the heavy and persistent rain. the amber warning across the country is likely to persist until midday. we could see further flooding through the morning period. further north, the amber warning across eastern scotland
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should expire this morning as the rain pushes towards the west. we should see a bit of brightness appearing here. as the day wears on, the heaviest of the rain will be across northern ireland, down into wales, south—west england and across the south and south—east as well. even here, the rain should start to move away as we head into the afternoon. lighter winds and some sunshine around and we will see some slow—moving showers as temperatures reach 15 or 16 degrees but feeling chilly across the south—east. on to sunday night, the rain band spreads away from the uk but we will continue to see lots of shower spiralling around the centre. lengthy, clear spells in between and when that happens it could turn chilly in one or two spots and eight to 10 degrees generally for most. low pressure still with us as we head into the new working week on monday. it will be gradually weakening, so conditions should slowly improve through the week. but from monday, we should see scattered showers around, the wind not quite as strong.
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some of the showers could be heavy and some could merge together to produce longer spells of rain. in the sunshine we could see 15 or 16 degrees and that is where we can see some of the heaviest showers. as we move out of monday, low—pressure drifts northwards and it opens and north—westerly wind across the uk, which will drive in a few showers. but we should see some good spells of sunshine as well. it is a slow improvement as we move through the week, the low pressure moving away. but by the end of the week, high pressure should move in and that will settle things down.
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this is bbc news. the headlines.
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on his second day in hospital donald trump has tweeted a video thanking well—wishers, and says he's making progress — but admits he still expects to remain at the walter reed medical centre for a few more days to come. just want to tell you that i am i just want to tell you that i am starting to feel good. you do not know over the next feud of days, i guess that is the real test so we will be seen what happens over those next couple of days was a —— the next few couple of days. despite international calls for calm — fighting has intensified in the disputed region of nagorno karabakh with reports of civilians being targeted. armenia's president says the country is facing a "decisive moment" as it battle azerbaijan for control of the region. now on bbc news — players, managers, officials and executives from across football discuss their experiences of racism in the sport and what must be done


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