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welcome to bbc news, i'm lewis vaughan jones. our top stories: back on the campaign trail: president trump will make a public appearance on saturday with a speech from the white house. his opponent, joe biden, is also out looking for votes — but the second debate between the two men is
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cancelled. azerbaijan and armenia agree to a temporary ceasefire in their conflict over nagorno—karabakh — and talks between them will now begin. hurricane delta makes landfall on the us gulf coast with winds of more than 100 miles per hour. and meet the many maestro, a six—year—old french prodigy who certainly knows his way around the piano. —— mini maestro. hello and welcome. the commission on presidential debates has cancelled the second debate between president trump and democratic nomineejoe biden, scheduled for 15 october. it comes ahead of president trump preparing to appear on stage at a campaign rally
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in the key swing state of florida. he announced on twitter that he'll be in sanford, florida, on monday, for what he says will be a very big rally. before that, on saturday, mrtrump will take part in an event at the white house, his first in—person appearance since he contracted the virus, which has killed more than 213,000 americans. let's speak to our washington correspondent nomia iqbal. good to see you, lots to get through. before we get onto the bait, let's start on the issue of president donald trump's health and how he is doing. he has just appeared on health and how he is doing. he hasjust appeared on fox news, we we re hasjust appeared on fox news, we were expecting it to be a live interview but it was not, it was pre—recorded, and in fa ct fox news it was pre—recorded, and in fact fox news said that they had to rely on the white house to provide the camera crew, so
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i think they will be lots of questions asked by his critics over why he couldn't appear live, but you know, it gives donald trump the control over the narrative, fox news is already very supportive of him anyway. in the interview he appeared to look very reassured, he was confident and spokein reassured, he was confident and spoke in a measured tone, he kept insisting he was healthy and he said he is medication free. he was asked when he did last test negative, this is a question that still isn't being answered, and unsurprisingly it wasn't answered, in fact donald trump said" he is being tested, he is bottom of the scale or free", i am he is bottom of the scale or free", iam not he is bottom of the scale or free", i am not quite sure what that means, it is pretty evasive. he says he is doing another test tomorrow and he again blamed china in his interview, he is saying that they will pay for what they have done, but you know, i think they will be lots of questions asked considering donald trump is holding a couple of events in person while he still
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has the virus. whether or not this administration is taking the pandemic seriously enough. let's get to the rest of the campaign, 25 days or so away from election day. a couple of events announced by donald trump, but no presidential debate next week. the miami debate next week. the miami debate that was due to happen on the 15th has been called off because both men, joe biden and donald trump had in the end decided that they were not going to attend. donald trump was the one who did not want to go because the debates commission wanted to do it virtually to keep everyone safe, but donald trump is now insisting that he wants to go ahead with that debate, and his campaign team released a statement, very bullish statement, very bullish statement accusing the debates commission trying to" be more favourable to joe commission trying to" be more favourable tojoe biden" even though it is a non—partisan organisation. so that is definitely not happening because the debates to commission says they are now focusing on the next debate on
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22nd of october. instead donald trump is having this white house event tomorrow and then he is having a rally in florida on monday. joe biden is also doing his own events, holding a town hall event on thursday, so both men hitting the campaign trail and this is what donald trump wants to do, i imagine, you know, this is a president who doesn't like being cooped up who doesn't like being cooped up in the white house, he wants to be out there speaking to his supporters and trying to make up supporters and trying to make upfor supporters and trying to make up for the gaps that he is experiencing at the moment with the poles at the moment that do favourjoe biden. the poles at the moment that do favourjoe biden. 0k, thank you. meanwhile joe biden has been out campaigning in nevada. at a socially distanced event he stuck to two issues that seem to be central to his campaign — the president's record on dealing with the pandemic and urging as many americans as possible to get out and vote. mr biden said the us needed a landslide democratic victory to counter any "phoney challenges" that donald trump might raise in the aftermath of the poll.
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speaking in las vegas a short time ago, mr biden attacked what he sees as president trump's inability to bring demorats and republicans together in order to break the impasse on a stimulus bill to help the world's largest economy recover from the damage done by the covid—19 pandemic. i've served with a lot of presidents. never, no matter how good or bad you thought they were, did they fail to try to bring the parties together in the white house to reach a settlement. you know why? he's spent so much time hiding in the bunker in the white house or on the bunker of his golf course, playing hundreds of rounds of golf, and then this tuesday, what'd he do? he said, "end the discussions." he wasn't even starting them. no more negotiations, no more negotiations. and now, today, he says, "well, i'm back." one thing for sure,
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donald trump shows no urgency to deliver to ha rd—working americans — like the family i grew up in, like all of you — what they need now desperately. there are just 25 days to go before the presidential election — and you can keep up to date with all of the developments and get the background on the issues, plus find out what our reality check team make of what the candidates have been saying — on our website. just log on to let's bring you some breaking news now: the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has announced that azerbaijan and armenia have agreed to a temporary ceasefire in their conflict over nagorno—karabakh. the breakthrough came after ten hours of direct talks between the foreign ministers of the two countries in moscow, mediated by mr lavrov. with me is our news reporter mark lobel. talk us through what we know. a big development announced by
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the foreign minister of russia, survey lavrov. mediating these talks between azerbaijan and armenia about this enclave. a ceasefire of sorts, we have the prospect of an exchange of both prisoners and of deceased bodies is meant to start at midday noon on the 10th of 0ctober, local time. an agreement was reached at around 4am at around —— after around ten or 11 hours of talks, and this is what they are calling a humanitarian ceasefire, mediated by... she says she saw a different sergei lavrov that she had seen before. let's have a listen to what he said at the end of this marathon meeting. translation: after
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lengthy negotiations between russia, armenia and azerbaijan, the policies —— parties have agreed on the following steps. first a ceasefire is announced, declared from midday on october ten, 2020, humanitarian purposes, the exchange of prisoners of war and other detained persons, and the bodies of the dead. mediated and in accordance with the criteria of the international committee of the red cross. second, the specific parameters of the ceasefire regime will be agreed upon additionally. third the republic of azerbaijan and the republic of azerbaijan and the republic of armenia are starting substantive negotiations with the aim of achieving a peaceful settlement as soon as possible. so it is safe to presume that they will bea safe to presume that they will be a halt in fighting to allow this exchange but as you heard the second point there from the russian foreign minister, they will be specific parameters of the ceasefire to be agreed additionally. so we don't know how long the fighting will stop for, which is obviously a key question. these were the first
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direct talks though since the conflict began on 27th of september, and over 300 people have died so far and thousands have died so far and thousands have been displaced. so they are significant, there was pressure on russia to do something about it, this is definitely a first step. fascinating stuff and a significant development, thank you marco talking to us about that. michael carpenter is managing director of the penn biden centre for diplomacy and global engagement. michael, during the obama administration i know you were director for russia at the national security council. so you know what thing or two about this, thank you for coming on the programme. what is your reaction to the announcements? i think it is a very positive development at the ceasefire has been announced, we will see whether it holds in the coming days. russia had an incentive to reach this ceasefire because it was really facing a bit of a conundrum. on the one hand if russia intervened militarily to defend its treaty ally
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armenia it would have severed its bilateral relationship with azerbaijan forever. and russia sells a lot of weapons, hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to azerbaijan every year. and so that relationship would have been toast. on the other hand, if moscow continued to stay out of this conflict militarily, as scores and scores of armenians were being killed with azerbaijani artillery, then armenians on oui’ artillery, then armenians on our part would have started to question the value of the alliance and my‘s credibility would have been damaged —— moscow's credibility would have been damaged. so hence the robust calamity by moscow and they must be congratulated. what i think is unfortunate is the utter absence of senior us engagement on this issue. the three cochairing countries are france, russia and the united states. russia and france have been involved, the us not so
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much. why does that matter so much. why does that matter so much if we have a ceasefire after ten hours of talks? it a lwa ys after ten hours of talks? it always helps to have the three co—chair countries because in addition to russia which is seen as addition to russia which is seen as being very close to armenia because of their treaty alliances as i just armenia because of their treaty alliances as ijust mentioned, it helps to have the americans involved too. we have leveraged over the parties as well and we have a very large armenian american diaspora in the united states who care very deeply about what happens in nagorno—karabakh. about what happens in nagorno-karabakh. and what do you think, where do we stand now on longer term talks and the chance of long—term settle m e nt the chance of long—term settlement here? unfortunately i think this latest round of fighting which comes four years after the last significant intense round of fighting in 2016 destroys what was on the table, the plan that was being proposed by the co—chair countries which would have seen the gradual reoccu pation countries which would have seen the gradual reoccupation of the seven regions, azerbaijani regions that surround nagorno—karabakh, in return for concessions from azerbaijan
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regarding nagorno—kara bakh's status. i don't think that is possible anymore given that this intense hostility and distrust now on both sides. so the mediators will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with something entirely new now. a slightly depressing note to leave it on but we really appreciate your insight and expertise, thank you very much for coming on, mike carpenter. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: voices of the hong kong protests. we speak to students shot by live rounds at point blank range who now face imprisonment. this was a celebration by people who were relishing their freedom. they believe everything's going to be different from now on. they think their country will be respected in the world once more, as it used to be, before slobodan milosevic took power.
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the dalai lama, the exiled spiritual leader of tibet, has won this year's nobel peace prize. as the parade was reaching its climax, two grenades exploded and a group of soldiersjumped from a military truck taking part in the parade, and ran towards the president, firing from kalashnikov automatic rifles. after 437 years, the skeletal ribs of henry viii's tragic warship emerged. but even as divers worked to buoy her up, the mary rose went through another heart—stopping drama. i want to be the people's governor. i want to represent everybody. i believe in the people of california. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: back on the campaign trail: president trump will make
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a public appearance on saturday with a speech from the white house. his opponentjoe biden is also out looking for votes, but the second debate between the two men is cancelled. hurricane delta has made landfall as a category 2 storm in south—west louisiana in the united states. winds are blowing around a hundred miles per hour, with concerns over a potentially life—threatening storm surge. delta is expected to produce heavy rainfall leading to significant flash flooding on saturday, hitting the same areas battered by hurricane laura in august. tanya dendrinos reports. rushing past the texas coast on its way to louisiana. and eye—openerfor some. its way to louisiana. and eye-opener for some. they get to see exactly what can happen, what hurricane is like, and we are on the back of this, we are not even in the major path. in
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louisiana, the storm has made la ndfall louisiana, the storm has made landfall with conditions worsening. residents are bracing themselves as —— less than two months after the list —— last devastating storm here made its mark. in this new o rlea ns made its mark. in this new orleans neighbourhood flooding ahead of warnings of winds up to 175 kilometres an hour and a life—threatening storm surge. there is going to be a window of time where public safety cannot respond to you, though they may want to and though it is in their dna to respond, there is going to be a period where it is just not safe to get out on the roads. new arrivals in san diego as dog shelters are emptied in louisiana to make space therefore any new casualties of therefore any new casualties of the storm. oil facilities therefore any new casualties of the storm. oilfacilities have already shut across the coast, limiting the damage onshore is now the priority as the 10th named storm to make landfall in the us this
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year gears up. hong kong has seen more than a thousand underage protestors arrested since anti—government demonstrations began last year. close to 700 of these young people have been charged with rioting. our correspondent in hong kong, danny vincent, spoke to students shot by live rounds who now face imprisonment. a warning, viewers may find some of these images distressing. translation: i want to cry when i look in the mirror. he pointed the gun at me. i didn't even know he'd fired the gun. ijust heard a very loud sound, bang! this is the moment patrick, a 21—year—old student, was shot by a police officer at point—blank range. he was unarmed, arrested and is now facing trial for illegal assembly. the bullet pierced through his kidneys, his liver
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and he survived. translation: during that time, i didn't think the police would fire at anyone or even fire up into the sky. we had no weapons. we didn't even have bottles in our hands. i thought they just wanted to scare us or take us back to the police station. a year ago, these images of an unarmed protester shot with a live bullet plunged the city into the depths of violent division. on the same day, protesters set this man alight in a dispute. it was violence like this that prompted beijing to react. it was here at this busy intersection that the unarmed protester was shot at point—blank range. it was streamed live on social media. today, many young hong kongers feel their were victims of a political crisis that was forced to play on the streets. a year ago, hong kong saw huge street battles erupt across the
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city. a 19—year—old student was shot in a street battle with the police. his shooting marked a new escalation in the cycle of violence that gripped the city. the police said he was the aggressor. he wears the scars of that day on his chest. translation: i feel that hong kong has already become a battlefield. it's a war. the people fighting for freedom and equality are trying to compete with the authorities. the war was not initiated by the protesters, but by the authorities who tried to exploit the rights of the people. and now, they even escalate their suppression and further restrict our freedom. so, i think that it's a war initiated by the government. they are just two of more than 10,000 protesters arrested since last year. authorities say young activists must face up to the consequences of violent protest. a new national security law has upped the risks of taking to the streets, but the division here remains. danny
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vincent, bbc news, hong kong. let us take you now live to the north korean capital, pyongyang. let us look at these pictures you can see obviously it isa pictures you can see obviously it is a military parade. not just any military parade this year. this marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the workers party in north korea. a hugely symbolic and significant day there. thousands and thousands of soldiers will have been practising their routines for months. this in a display, as every year, and adoration of the leader, kim jong—un, every year, and adoration of the leader, kimjong—un, and it is also a chance to show off the country's new military hardware and north korea watches and, in fact, what is right around the world will be waiting to see exactly what military hardware is on display asa
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military hardware is on display as a signal, a sign of exactly where the country is at the moment —— watchers. you may remember those peace talks between kim jong—un and donald trump collapsed, they started in 2018 and have since collapsed and north korea struggling not just with problems like covid—19, but also extreme weather at the moment. but those watching around the world will watch with interest these events in pyongyang to get a sense of where the country is at the moment. we will be marking this when we get our corresponded and when we get some more feedback on exactly what we are seeing. we will keep across these pictures and bring you these pictures and bring you the analysis ofjust exactly what they all mean. we can say, at this stage, this is marking the 75th anniversary of the workers party in pyongyang there in north korea. we will keep monitoring it and bring you more pictures and analysis when we have it. new coronavirus infections in europe have passed 100,000 in a single day
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for the first time. more restrictions have been brought in in several countries in an attempt to control the spread. this graph shows the number of cases per 100,000 people. the uk, france, and spain all have more than 100, while german and italy have fewer cases, but numbers there are also rising. in spain, there is disagreement over how to get the virus back under control. the government has imposed a two—week state of emergency in madrid to try to contain the outbreak, over—riding a court decision that previous restrictions were illegal. guy hedgecoe reports from madrid. it's the beginning of a bank holiday weekend, but with the police stopping many people from leaving madrid, it's not a typical one. the central government has announced a state of emergency in the madrid region, preventing all non—essential travel in and out of the capital and eight nearby cities. these restrictions were already in place for several days until a court struck them down on thursday, saying they violated the rights of madrid's inhabitants.
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the state of emergency overcomes that legal obstacle, but it has further inflamed the dispute between madrid's regional authorities and the central government, which worry that the spread of the virus in the capital was out of control. translation: the president of the region of madrid has decided to do nothing. look, last week, 63 people died from covid—19 in the madrid region. right now, there are 3,361 people hospitalized in madrid. there are 490 people in the icu fighting between life and death, fighting for their lives. we can either cross our arms or we can stop the virus. the local government disagrees, insisting that existing measures had already started to improve the infection rate, making the state of emergency unnecessary. some locals take
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a similar view. in the world of classical music, prodigies are nothing new. mozart was composing by the age of four and beethoven was only seven when he gave his first public performance. the latest precocious musical talent is a young boy from france, who certainly knows his way round a piano. the bbc‘s tim allman has more. meet the maestro. the mini maestro. guillaume benoliel is six years old and has an extraordinary gift. he has been playing piano since he was a toddler, picking out keys sat on his mother's lap. remarkable young man, though he fairly blase about it all. translation: a reader she is, the notes, he says, then i'd
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try to play several times without mistakes with the right fingering. -- i read the sheets. maestro began piano lessons at the age of four. his music teacher has never seen anything like it. translation: maestro has a rare talent. i have met talented people in my career, but not like him. in fact, when i'd talk about talent it's a mix of things, a mix of mind, heart, and hands. he may be something special, but he is still a six—year—old boy. both his pa rents a re six—year—old boy. both his parents are amateur musicians and say they will support him in anything he chooses to do. translation: i live with him and his adventures. every day is full of music. maestro has progressed fast and well and every day, every night we have concerts, new
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melodies. —— guillaume. not content with a piano, guillaume wants to learn to play the violin. his ambition, like his talent, seems endless. tim allman, bbc news. that is it from me. you can get me any time online on twitter. i'm @lvaughanjones. i'm lewis vaughan jones i'm lewis vaughanjones and you are watching bbc news. thanks for your company. bye—bye. hello there. during friday, we saw colder air sweep down across the whole of the uk. accompanied by a fair number of showers as well. this weekend, it remains on the chilly side. again, a mixture of sunshine and showers. the showers much more widespread, though, on saturday.
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we have the colder air because the winds are coming in from the north or north—west. and that is because we have lower pressure sitting to the east of the uk and higher pressure towards the west. during the second half of the weekend, that high pressure moves a little bit closer, so the winds will not be as strong and the showers will be few and far between. saturday could start dry, sunny and cold across southern england, but the winds are blowing down these bands of showers which could be heavy at times and pushing them southwards. the showers continue to rattle into northern scotland. sheltered central, southern scotland seeing fewer showers and more sunshine. and the afternoon may well be drier across northern england. it may not be too many showers for the south—west of england. 1a degrees likely here. for many, it is 11—13 degrees again and feeling colder in those blustery winds, especially when the showers come along. the winds will gradually ease after dark. the showers continue to run into some coastal areas. for many inland parts, it becomes dry and clear and cold. those temperatures will be down to 5—6 degrees in some towns and cities, but easily 2—3 in some rural
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areas. on sunday, we have one or two showers first thing for northern ireland, wales and the south—west. those won't last long. the showers there are will be running into eastern scotland and down those north sea coasts of england where the winds are still rather keen. elsewhere, the winds will be much lighter, we will see a build—up of cloud developing, but it should be dry with sunny spells and temperatures very similaragain,12,13, maybe 1a degrees on sunday. the weather starts to change as we move into early next week. instead of those northerly winds, we look to the atlantic, and we have weather fronts coming in from the west. so, much more cloud around on monday. we have outbreaks of rain steadily pushing its way eastwards. it does mean for some western areas in the afternoon we see sunshine, giving temperatures a boost, but after a dull, damp day and a cold start across eastern areas of uk, temperatures may struggle to get into double figures. and there is more wet weather around as we head into tuesday as well. we end up with low pressure sitting across more south—eastern parts of the uk, bringing wind and rain. further north—west, higher pressure, so it should be drier and
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this is bbc news — the headlines: president trump will make an outdoor speech from the white house on saturday as he seeks to dispel lingering doubts about his recovery from coronavirus. several hundred supporters have been invited to hear him speak from a balcony. he's also planning to attend a rally in florida on monday. the us commission on presidential debates has announced that next week's second presidential debate has been cancelled. the commission had proposed a virtual debate between the two candidates but that idea had been dismissed by president trump.
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the fate of the third presidential debate still remains unclear. the russian foreign minister, sergei lavrov, has announced that azerbaijan and armenia have agreed to a temporary ceasefire in their conflict over nagorno—karabakh. the breakthrough came after ten hours of direct talks between the foreign ministers of the two countries in moscow, mediated by mr lavrov. hurricane delta has dropped the coast of louisiana, bringing a storm surge, the 10th such a storm surge, the 10th such a storm to make landfall in the united states this year. now on bbc news, the week in parliament. hello, and welcome to the week in parliament. a week when borisjohnson faces mutiny in the ranks.
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