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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 11, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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hello this is bbc news the headlines... a new system of coronavirus restrictions will be announced in england tomorrow —
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with the strictest measures expected in the north. labour says the support being offered isn't enough. people feel that they haven't just been abandoned by the government, they now feel that the government is actively working against us. there is nothing that we would ever do that penalises one part of the country over another. margaret ferrier — the scottish mp who took public transport knowing she had coronavirus — says she acted out of character and refuses to stand down. shelling kills civilians, amid fresh fighting between armenia and azerbaijan, despite a ceasefire being called just hours before. now on bbc news it's time for sports‘day. hello, good evening, welcome to sportsday with me chetan pathak, coming up on tonight's programme...
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the schumacher family pay homage to lewis hamilton as he equals michael's record of 91 formula one wins. making history too — rafa nadal wins a 13th french open title to move level with roger federer‘s all time record of 20 grand slams. and england come from behind to lead level against belgium in the nations league. hello and welcome to sportsday, welcome to the programme, thanks forjoining us. we've seen two incredible sporting records equalled today — we'll talk about nadal in a moment but we'll start with lewis hamilton who has now matched michael schumacher‘s 91 formula one victories. in winning the eifel grand prix hamilton also
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extended his championship lead over his mercedez teammate valtteri bottas — as he targets matching schumacher‘s other big record of seven world titles. joe wilson reports. down there on germany's favourite circuit, michael schumacher was equal, lewis hamilton retreat a record f1 thought would never be caught. the victory 91. he had to get past his team—mate both mercedes ca i’s get past his team—mate both mercedes cars push the opening corner beyond its limits. barthes stayed in the lead. how within 20 minutes did hamilton get past like that? some driver ever bye—bye task by mechanicalfailure. listen driver ever bye—bye task by mechanical failure. listen for the dreaded word. out of the grand prix and hamilton was now free another display of concentration, control his mastery of motor racing. this has significance everywhere but he isa has significance everywhere but he is a british leader of a global sporting industry. the record is
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equal to! schumacher and sporting industry. the record is equalto! schumacher and hamilton. he does make it look a bit easy. it isn't easy. he is one of the legends of the sports. i would go further than that, i would say he's one of the greatest sportsman this country has ever produced. to mark the record nick schumacher in aspiring f1 driver presented one of his father's racing helmets. driver to driver. equaled. joe wilson, bbc news. like lewis hamilton, rafa nadal‘s made history today too. at the french open, he's beaten the world number one novak djokovic to win his 13th singles title there. astonishing in itself — but all the more significant beacuse it now moves him level with roger federer on 20 grand slam titles each. with more on a remarkable final at rolland garros, here's jim lumsden. so, who's the greatest of all time? rogers fans would insist he's the
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goat with 20 grand slam titles rafael nicked at his heels with 19, novak at both 17. by the way, this duel is always one of sports most desirable fixtures. enclave nadal has long been king and before long djokovic found himself to serve down. as the syrup struggled so the spaniard soared. taken us at six love. the standard of tennis was as high as expected. but try as djokovic might to reach them the played on a high level. it was sg into leaving some front an was winning the points second set six games to two. the world number one tried to make a contest of it but it was too late. he won a record extended 13 french open title bostock he moves level with vetiver on 20 slams, what a context then could be. it's a busy sunday with all the home nations in football action — we'll talk about that in a moment —
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but off the pitch there's a big story breaking today concering radical proporals to reshape the finances in english fooball, and part of that could involve cutting the number of teams in the premier league from 20 to 18. our sport reporter adam wild joins me now. what are these proposals and where are they coming from? yeah, this is project big picture. it's a hugely detailed proposal we could be here all night going through the finer points. key points, worth noting this has been put forward by two clubs liverpool and manchester united. as you say, could reduce the number of teams in the primary leak from 2218. promotion would also change from the championship. so the top two from being promoted third fourth and fifth would go into a playoff along with interestingly, the team the 16th in the premier league. so promotion would be change significantly. finances, this is a big driver of this proposal, we all know about the perilous state of
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many efl clubs given the global pandemic over the last six or seven months. they will now be given 25%, a quarter of premier league revenue under these proposals. they'll also be given in the short term but not term £250 million to help keep them sustainable. the fa also get 100 million. huge figures being bounded about. finally, voting system is set to change his wealth was up this is really raising some eyebrows. the power balance will change. that will be in the hands ofjust nine premier la ke clu bs. be in the hands ofjust nine premier lake clubs. those have been in the primate live the longest without raising eyebrows today. the chair of the file, he's come out very much in support of these proposals. he said he's demonstrably in the best interest of the football pyramid for some here's what he's been saying. this isn't something that'sjust been cobbled together at random. it actually does address each of the issues that i've highlighted. and
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therefore, it's a plan that's actually worth for. this isn't an attempt to get a better short—term solution. passionately believe this is actually the right term future for the game and therefore, deserves serious consideration. and beyond serious consideration. and beyond serious consideration. and beyond serious consideration it actually deserves implementation. rick perry supported adam but safe to say not eve ryo ne supported adam but safe to say not everyone does. indeed, the premier leg it's fair to say broadly disappointed. they essentially say they'd rather football work together asa they'd rather football work together as a whole to count amongst these problems it currently faces. and the football support association they say they have grave concerns, they say they have grave concerns, they say plans appear to be stitched up behind our backs by billionaire club owners who continue to treat football as their personal fiefdom. very strong on what's being proposed will stop as i say, these are just proposal. but they could represent one of the biggest shifts in football in england for a
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generation. it would be huge if it happen. going to move onto football matters on the pitch. all for playing on sunday. whales we re all for playing on sunday. whales were first in action but couldn't find a goal against ireland and dublin. go along the ireland and dublin. go along the ireland team and the may be some surprising starters when seven are forced to sit out from covid rules. the last thing you need is more close contact. this is long getting on in the eyes. and giving the irish even more headaches. luckily, randolph provided some pain relief keeping wilson at bay. he may have made the heart skip a beat minutes later when he clashed with emperor do. just how much contacted to make with the ball? enough according to the referee. brady's hopes of easing the referee. brady's hopes of easing the nerves worldwide of the mark. shane longs for well over it. this was again lacking intensity, quality and james maclean‘s case lacking
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control. minutes after being booked, he did this. adding to ireland's number problems. zeroes on the scoresheet all that mattered in the end with whales unable to capitalise their numerical advantage for a dour draw in dublin. we have had goals in english game against belgium they currently lead to goes to want. two penalties in the first half. romelu lukaku scoring for belgium. marcus rashford equalising for england. 7 minutes left at wembley stadium. tonight we've got northern ireland in action against australia, scotla nd in action against australia, scotland against slovakia. both those seven. austria, i should say. kick off. there are four games taking place in women's super league today — arsenal thrashed brighton 5—nil in the early kick—off. dutch striker vivianne miedema was on target twice in the match as arsenal maintained their perfect start to the wsl season...
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which has seen them win all four of their matches so far. in the day's other games everton have also kept up their 100% start to the season with a 3—1win over west ham. elsewhere reading beat birmingham and the big game of the day between last season's top two saw chelsea beat manchester city 3—1. what a year england's tyrrell hatton‘s having, he's now won the bmw pga championship at wentworth. on a course close to his family home and one he's walked around since he was a child — he took victory by 4 shots. it's his fifth european tour win and moves him to the brink of the world's top 10 for the first time in his career. i've been getting the thoughts of our golf correspondent ian carter who was watching the action earlier: he did it in fine style, really. a67 when you're leading in the final round is fantastic scoring. especially at such a big event. won that he's dreamt of winning. he was nervous early on, you can that he's dreamt of winning. he was
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nervous early on, you can see that he's dreamt of winning. he was nervous early on, you can see that in his approach play but his short game held up beautifully. it was only one blip, that was at the 13th when he missed a very short pot. otherwise it was immaculate stuff and he pressed the accelerator around the turn and was really in control throughout the back nine. an incredible round from hatton who's been criticised for wearing his heart honestly. he's a great character see on the golf course. what's the next target for him? surely have to be going after major. he's headed towards the world top ten if not in it as a result of this victory. he is someone that people should look at as a potential major winner when he tees it up. obviously, the next when is the masters in november. he is a world —class masters in november. he is a world—class talent. and at the age of 28 heat will have huge confidence. he has a knack of winning big events. this is the biggest he's won so far but he could go way bigger. finally, another englishman had a great round andy sullivan. he's really got it going on the front nine. just one on the way home when he bogeyed the 15 but
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he was really pressing and pressing it and he knew he needed to post a very low target. to have any chance of catching up having started the day seven shots behind. he really did give it a very, very good go for that went for the green into on the 18th but couldn't quite make the eagle part. nonetheless, 65 on the final day. a big check and a really good effort. a big check and a really good effort. sei young kim leads the women's pga championship by five shots with only a few holes left to play. the south korean has been flawless so far today with no bogeys and six birdies as she looks for her first major title. england's charley hull is in the top ten but is 11 shots off the leader. we're totally out of time, that's all from sportsday, thanks for watching. now on bbc news. the uk ceo of youtube meets the bbc media editor amol rajan.
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ben mee kelvin wilson, thank you for speaking to bbc news. we are sitting in the council chamber at broadcasting house, surrounded by portraits of former bbc director general, lord reith by the fireplace there. educate, inform and entertain, what you think lord reith would make of youtube? very good question. thank you for having me, so going to be here, great to have got out on public transport for the first time in many months and got into central london. i hope someone would like lord reith would look at youtube and think that many of the founding fundamentals of the bbc are exactly what youtube has enabled in a modern age. i think inform, educate and entertain in the 2020 begins to look a lot like what youtube does as a platform. public service is what reith was getting at, and you don't have a big public service moments during lockdown, not leastjoe wicks
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enters pe classes. back, everyone! today's work—out is another wheel of fortune work—out. huge amounts of euros to his youtube channel, it must of been a crazy time? i think what we saw, whether it was with joe in the morning or in the evenings with things like national theatre at home livestreaming, the cultural institutions of the uk were closed down and so many turn to youtube to keep their digital doors open. and similar viewing figures, weak in week out. what's confirmed and what they impact the pandemic confirmed and for us is something we have known for a long period of time, which is youtube where the nation comes to watch content that they love. what happened during the pandemic would some of those things came much more into the public sphere than the private sphere. what your talking about really of a whole new economy, your talking about a huge number of people, individuals,


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