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this is bbc news, the headlines: president macron of france has paid tribute to a teacher beheaded by a knifeman in a suburb of paris, saying he was killed for "advocating freedom of expression." the president called him a victim of an islamist terror attack and declared that deception and violence would not win. armenian missiles have again struck azerbaijan's second biggest city, ganja, as fighting continues over the disputed region of nagorno—karabakh. the missiles are reported to have hit a residential block, destroying more than 20 homes. authorities said more than 30 people had been wounded and at least six people killed. britain's prime minister borisjohnson has said the country should prepare for ending the brexit transition period without a trade deal at the end of this year. he said this could only be avoided if the european union fundamentally changed its negotiating position.
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now on bbc news, it's time for click. this week: how technology is being used as a tool of abuse. and how it can help survivors. the latest offering from apple. in the next generation of games consoles is here... nearly. welcome to click. for many of us, 2020 has been the year we have all been stuck at home more than we would have liked. now for some, spending more time with our partners has been great. for some, it time with our partners has been great. forsome, it has time with our partners has been great. for some, it has started to grate. there are those for
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whom being locked down with someone whom being locked down with someone else has been nojoke at all. we have heard a lot about how mental health issues have been on the rise because of the pandemic, so has domestic abuse. and sadly, some technology can make it easier to abuse a partner or even ex— partner who has been trying to break away. the abuse in my relationship is a kind of emotional abuse. things being said rather than physical. nothing really being done that was obviously tangible but that changed very quickly. compounded by a lot of issues during the lockdown, a lot of stress, financial stress as well. i have realised, you know, it was a lot of financial control, control of how often i could work, i realise actually how much he was limiting my ability to work. meet kate and sue. all those other names we have given to protect their anonymity for their own safety. their stories are some of many
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experienced during lockdown. in the first few weeks, the police received a domestic statements call almost every 30 seconds. in 2019 in the uk alone, there we re in 2019 in the uk alone, there were almost 2.5 million domestic abuse cases reported, and many still go unrecorded. when i was trying to leave, i found that he was monitoring my location on my phone, monitoring my screen time, that was being shared with him. increasingly, technology has become a tool for abuse. survivors often reporting beings talked —— being stalked through tracking apps on their phones, key logging apps on their computers or their lives being controlled through smart devices in their homes. when he left the house, that is when i
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started to realise he was using the ring doorbell camera to track me. i could take the battery out i wanted to because ididn't battery out i wanted to because i didn't feel like i could do that because he would say to me "you are compromising your children's safety". "you are compromising your child ren's safety". i "you are compromising your children's safety". i was worried he would go to the police and try to suggest i was a bad mother. kate sought help from womenposmac‘s domestic —— domestic violence charity refuge. although domestic abuse can happen to anyone, women are still three times more likely to experience violence and harassment. and the charity says over 70% of those contacting it have experienced some technological abuse, one of the things it specialises in dealing with. and the law is finally catching up. the uk recently passed a landmark domestic abuse bill recognising that tech abuse is part of the problem. it will make it illegal to use modern technology to track or spy on a partner or ex— partner. but
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beyond the legislation, there isa beyond the legislation, there is a wider debate around the products themselves, and whether they should be designed to offer better protection in these scenarios. it is really important to recognise that we are moving away from a personal device, that is why it is called pc, personal computer, and to an environment where we have collected devices that are shared in the household. 0ften the perpetrator who tends very often to be mail is the person that purchases the device, maintains the device, and also disposes of the device. and that gives that person a lot of control over both the environment they are in but also the device and its settings. so a small team of employees at ibm have decided to try and solve the problem. they have devised a new set of design principles for tech companies to build on. right at the beginning of our research, we saw that there is help and guidance available to people
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who are facing this kind of abuse. but the bulk of it focuses on keeping safe by educating yourself in the technology. we believe that the burden of safety should not fall solely on the shoulders of the end user, and we felt it was important to shift at least some of that onus onto thoughtful design. the list ibm has devised is long but they do have some interesting points. take for example a box like this that looks pretty harmless also a place where you might leave a nice gift message to somebody, or when it comes to online banking, somewhere where you may make a note of a reference. but they are also being used for more sinister purposes. a place where perpetrators can continue their abuse. 0ne suggested solution is to make them smart board to —— automatically monitoring for abusive language patterns of behaviour to potentially spot and stop them happening. but some changes suggested are hard
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to implement and need a bigger rethink. if the device is -- if the devices in our home had obvious alerts when they are remotely activated and kept a digital record of who did what, when, this would make it difficult for abuses to obscure and distort the truth. furthermore, having a manual override on the device is —— devices would return some of the power to the local user. with smart devices becoming more commonplace, this issue has become more urgent to tackle. everything i had was like hand—me—down phones, hand—me—down laptops, so he would set up all the accounts, he would set up family sharing oi'i he would set up family sharing on things, there was various alexa devices all over the property, he could go to someone's house and ring the alexa when we were at home.
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family apps are another area of concern, something that many of us concern, something that many of us used to monitor our children's safety, but in an abusive relationship they are also the apps that are most open to misuse, because they are all about sharing information. even though location data is central to the app's function, most don't notify users when they have been tracked, or constantly push users to turn location settings on, even when they have been actively disabled. there are better designs out there. for example the online banking at monzo, has a share with us feature which allows customers to message the bank directly, leaving no trace behind that a conversation has even taken place. as our digital lives become more intertwined with our home lives, these issues will only become more prevalent.” lives, these issues will only become more prevalent. i think the companies should know what the companies should know what the products could be used for,
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and when you are in a couple and when you are in a couple and the account is going to be registered to one e—mail address, and something goes wrong, the person can't rectify anything or change details, you are stuck. he locked me out of our shared amazon account which had my credit card details for all the payments. i rang up amazon and i said i can't take my card from this account, they said sorry, you just have to cancel your bankcards. my mobile phone was registered to his apple id and i didn't even realise the significance of an apple id. i do now, i have been on the phone to apple three times and it got to the point where they said he has to give you the code. designs to better protect against controlling and stalking behaviour can improve privacy and security for all of us. privacy and security for all of us. but for the hundreds of millions effect by domestic abuse every year, change cannot come soon enough. abuse every year, change cannot come soon enough. ijust suddenly realised, i am in this situation and i am in this bubble and i have got no idea
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how i am going to get out of it. he has got all the money, he has stopped me working, the kids are at home now because he is worried about covid, we are all in the house, and likes, even when i leave he can see my location through my watch or my phone or my ipad stop anything, ijust phone or my ipad stop anything, i just realised how phone or my ipad stop anything, ijust realised how little control i had over mine and the kids' life, and how much he had, and yeah, once i realised, i was like oh my god, i need to get us out. domestic abuse of course knows no geographical boundaries. and during lockdown, many countries reported seeing an increase. south africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women in the world. in the number of sexual offences including rape is rising. it has been reported that a woman is murdered every three hours, and 51% of south african women
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have experienced violence at the hands of someone that they are ina the hands of someone that they are in a relationship with. and what is more, attitudes towards abuse in many countries like south africa means that the women can actually end up being blamed and shamed, even by those whose job is to help. now, a chat what called rainbow, aimed at south african users is trying to turn this tide. abuse is an isolating experience. victims often feel uncomfortable talking to friends or family. it invites users to take part in quizzes and stories in order to help them better understand what is and isn't abuse. the ai element is trained to learn people's behaviour and detect nuance in the language of the user that could indicate they are in an abusive relationship. survivors are then guided to areas of health and actions open to them. i was date raped twice
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andi them. i was date raped twice and i think that happened because i didn't know my rights. i didn't see the red lines that would make me recognise that i was in danger. that made me recognise that my boundaries were being crossed. ijust boundaries were being crossed. i just assumed only boundaries were being crossed. ijust assumed only initially thought that i am the one that red the signs wrong. this woman is not alone. last year, 42,000 women in south africa reported being raped. when we were out and having drinks, they were spending all this money on me andi spending all this money on me and i was feeling like i was special, so when it happened i blamed myself because i thought ijust spent all of blamed myself because i thought i just spent all of this man's money on me. i did not stand up for myself. that is the case with many girls here in south africa. using the rainbow
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chatbot has now helped tuli to recognise her rights. what looking through it did for me and can do for others is that a person needs to consent before a person touches you, you need to be ok with that. had i known that i would have known that people had crossed boundaries and maybe i would have been able to stop it. after levels of abuse rose around the globe during lockdown, numerous celebrity and social media influences decided to help raise awareness of the issue. —— influencers. in south africa, this actor, star of the netflix film cookoff, decided to add her support to the rainbow chatbot which now has some 18,000 users. i had an rainbow chatbot which now has some18,000 users. i had an ex- partner who was stalking me and
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cyber bullying me online. you mentioned that you had an awakening, and that seemed to be the point where you realise that this is not ok in the relationship i am in. i did not see relationship i am in. i did not see it as abuse until i started getting depressed and was not myself anymore, and i remember speaking to an aunt and she literally said to me, oh my gosh, this man really loves you because you know, he kept pursuing me, but it was a toxic kind of pursuing, and so that was really bad. it was terrible really, the feeling of it, i had been getting depressed, i was not eating properly anymore andi was not eating properly anymore and i found that rainbow is just a platform that allows women to speak to a friendly nonjudgemental chat box, and how innovative is that? would there have been anything on the chatbot that would have been releva nt to chatbot that would have been relevant to you 7 chatbot that would have been relevant to you? to be honest, ifi relevant to you? to be honest, if i had known about rainbow before i probably would have utilised their platform even
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more when i was going through what i was going through, because i would have wanted to know, cannot report to the police, get involved with a lawyer, what other legal available to me? this chap box is not designed to judge you, it is not designed to even tell you to leave your partner, it is designed to offer solutions and to trigger action. hello, and welcome to the weak intact. it was the week a rocket designed to launch and return humans to earth safely touchdown in texas, thanks to geoff bayes us and his aerospace firm blue origin. facebook band posts that distort or deny the holocaust. the chinese city of shenzhen has handed out 10 million yuan ina has handed out 10 million yuan in a pilot of its mobile first
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currency. 50,000 citizens receive the equivalent of around £20 to spend in local stores. it is the magra bit, the pocket sized computer by millions of children worldwide has announced its first major tech upgrade. initially rolled out in 2016, the device now comes with a speaker, a microphone, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. scientists have about your pods that can monitor muscle movements to translate facial expressions. —— your pods. researchers say these could turn important facial cues into emergency, avatars “— turn important facial cues into emergency, avatars —— emoji. and scientists have shown how robert swan can follow instructions to create art in real—time. —— robot swarms. it's a new tool in what remains a largely manual craft. it looks like a brush with
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greatness! we are fully in the grip of tech launch season and following on from google and amazon, this week it is apple's turn, so let's see what they announce. first up is a new smart speaker, this is the home pod mini. this is the first new home pod they have announced since the original came out in 2018, whereas google and amazon have had several iterations of this. the homepod mini mini looks like the amazonian echo, it's spherical. and a new feature is you can now send intercom messages between homepods and other apple products, like amazon echo. we're let's go. hey,, reply. on the iphone 12, we're let's go. hey,, reply. on the iphone12, which they say has an all—new design. although, one that i think has taken a lot of design cues from the iphone 4. these will be the
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first five gi phones, just like samsung, google and others are adding 5g connectivity to their flagship handsets. 5g coverage is quite patchy still and not many of us are going out and about and doing stuff, so this is an investment for the future, with not many of us taking advantage of 5g just yet. this feature would only use 5g where necessary, to co nse rve use 5g where necessary, to conserve battery life as 5g can consume more power. and the screen has a ceramic shield, making it oh times more likely to survive a drop. that's great news, because i am forever smashing my screen protector. this is interesting. the first smartphone to have a five nanometre processor chip. what that means you are packing and billions more transistors onto the processor, that us more brainpower and can make it more energy efficient. they say we will be able to use this for 4k
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video editing and console video games. they bringing out an iphone 12 many with all the same features, it is just smaller to cover all the bases. there are two new pro models as well, like you might find in a self driving car, that can help the phone sense of depth, it can be useful for photography and auto focusing and augmented reality applications. i think a lot of people were hoping they would get rid of the lightning bought from the iphone and replace it with usb sea, a common standard now. they have a ready done it for the ipad pro, the macbook pro, that means you can use any us c charger, even from an android phone, but they haven't done it this year. and that was it, nothing too surprising there was not a bit of a refresh for the iphone 12. was not a bit of a refresh for the iphone12. i think people we re the iphone12. i think people were hoping for more flashy features, but the introduction of the five nanometres chip and the sg of the five nanometres chip and the 5g connectivity could prove very significant and we will
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have to see what kind of experiences they enable in the future. anyway. those were the latest next gen smartphones from apple, we are also about to see two nexgen games consoles, the pierce five, and the xbox series x, the xbox will be first out of the traps launching on november ten. ahead of a full review next month, marches like has been one of the lucky few to get his hands on a series x, to be able to give us a preview. here i am playing a nexgen game on a nexgen machine, the xbox series x. but this is really only a taster of the next gen experience, rather than the full three courses. you see, the consul i've been using the last couple of weeks is prerelease, that means a lot of things from the user interface to its overall performance will be tweaked and changed by the time people get their hands on
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the finished machine. for the purposes of a preview, we can only really talk about a limited number of its features. the first next gen games we get to preview are certainly an odd couple. japanese rpg yakuza: like a dragon, and daytona, are two completely different games that demonstrate the next generation looking like the current generation with a bit more policy. an in a game like you cues are, it's perhaps not the best title to show the new machine's new ability. a slice of life on life as a japanese gangster, it looks all right, but it's not what you would call a poster child for next gen. never fear, part-time hero is here! for a game with a bit more visually razzle—dazzle, which is where raising titles usually shine. off—road racing across a huge variety of tracks ina across a huge variety of tracks in a variety of weathers is the
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order of the day here. but again, apartfrom order of the day here. but again, apart from good, not amazing visuals, we are yet to get any of the next gen feels from any of these games. much has been made of the series x's ability to drastically reduce load times. this is in part thanks to it and be any ssd and the velocity architecture which joins up all of the consul‘s new hardware to some smart software. there are still low times, but they are much shorter. when we compare it to the machine in places, you can see the machine in places, you can see the differences appear. when you are playing no man's sky it takes about a minute and a half to it is 20 seconds, much faster! and we see some stability improvements in the visuals as well. then quick resume. 0n current generation machines if you want to play different game to the you have a ready played, loading up the next title can take several minutes. now it is just seconds. 0n series x, quick
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resume drastically reduces the time it takes to switch between titles and games pick up right where you left them. so far i have tested this to be able to resume five games at any one time, but that could change with the finished machine. lots has been made about backwards compatibility on this generation of consoles, and there is a very large backwards compatible catalogue for the series x. it has also been suggested next gen games could cost £70 a pop and the launch line—up the titles isn't exactly stellar. a catalogue of older, well—regarded games helps bolster the preposition. —— proposition. there are games from the xbox 360, xbox one and original machine. the series x
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ta kes a original machine. the series x takes a commanding presence, towering next to the tv, it looks like the monolith from 2001: a space 0dyssey, but, like most of us during lockdown, it seems to have powered on the pounds. it is a big bit of kit and doesn't slot easily under the tv. the console visually takes up a fair bit of real estate but is whisper quiet. when i stand over the top of it, i can hear almost nothing. i'm right on top of the van. if this were a human being, i would be sticking a mirror under its nose to check its breathing. we are now in the final stretch. we will bring you reviews of the next gen consoles, as well as the new xbox's less powerful sibling and the newest pss soon. sibling and the newest pss soon. that was marked reviewing what may be the last of physical games consoles. streaming and tv have shaken up
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gaming, so who knows what may be next? that is it for this week. as ever, you can find him throughout the week on youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter on bbc click. thanks for watching, and we will see you soon. watching, and we will see you soon. bye bye! hello there, the weather is set to change in a big way next week. but before then, essentially we've got more of the same. and probably skies looking a bit like this across many parts of the country. there will be a lot of cloud around this weekend. for many places, it may well be dry, but for all of us, it's going to be on the cool side. we've still got this nose of high pressure sitting across the uk.
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keeping this area of low pressure away, but threatening with some showers in the far south—west. also we've got cooler air coming down from the north, bringing all this cloud into scotland, into northern england and into northern ireland and there may be a bit of drizzle in that quite low cloud as well, so quite grey and gloomy. further south, still fairly cloudy out there but there may be a little sunshine at times, the odd shower more especially towards the far south—west of england. for many of us, temperatures like they were on friday, 12 or 13 degrees. that cloud still around into the evening and the cloudier skies continue to move across the northern half of the uk overnight. and again, a few pockets of light rain or drizzle further south. some breaks in the cloud, perhaps. the cloud certainly thinner here, so temperatures could be a bit lower than those sort of numbers suggest. but for many, we're looking at sixes and sevens on saturday night into sunday morning and a lot of cloud again on sunday. and again, we've got a few pockets of light rain or drizzle here and there. the showers should be moving away from the south—west over more southern parts of england and wales. there will be a better chance
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of seeing some sunshine, giving the temperatures a bit of a boost, 14 or 15 degrees, contrast that with the eight or nine that we're struggling up to the north—east of scotland and perhaps the north—east of england. high pressure over the weekend, doesn't last into next week. instead, we've got areas of low pressure coming in steadily from the atlantic, and that means the weather is changing. so, we've got some rain on the way on monday. at the moment, it looks like it's mainly going to be across northern ireland and into scotland, some heavier rain over the hills. england and wales with a little bit of sunshine at times. there will be a stronger wind from the south at this time. and that means temperatures are going to be higher, perhaps as high as 15 or 16 in the south—east of the uk. next week, though, looks very different from what we've seen just recently. it will be a bit milder but the winds will be strengthening with showers or longer spells of rain.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm james reynolds. our top stories: a teacher who showed pupils cartoons of the prophet muhammad is decapitated north of paris. france's president condemns it as a cowardly attack. translation: our fellow citizen was attacked in a cowardly way. he was the victim of an islamic terrorist attack. armenian missiles hit azerbaijan's second—biggest city for the second time in a week, as fighting over the disputed region of nagorno—karabakh intensifies. police in the united states have arrested mexico's former defence minister for helping one of the world's most notorious drug cartels launder money and narcotics. disney reissues warnings for viewers on some of its most famous films like dumbo and the jungle book.


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